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  1. parrotlover

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Betheny would definitely squash them. From time to time I've also read that Alana Stewart (Hamilton) was being considered for Beverly Hills....I don't really know much about her except that she was married to George Hamilton and Rod Stewart, but I remember George Hamilton having a reality show about 4 years ago on E! and she was in it along with his and their grown kids. It only lasted one season and I think maybe I watched one episode. She might be interesting. They definitely need to look for new blood. Don't bring back anyone from the past.
  2. parrotlover

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    Well I did watch it last week and had already forgetten - you're right - that was a dull hour as well! I don't get why some of the franchises get 3 episode reunions and some get 2 - popularity maybe? I know Dallas and lately New Jersey have only gotten 2, and maybe Potomac too - I don't watch that one. But all the rest get 3 episodes. Honestly, I'm fine with 2 episodes if Andy would just ask the right questions.
  3. parrotlover

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    I am celebrating - lol - my 10th year of watching most of the various Housewives franchises, and I swear on everything holy that was the most boring reunion in the history of Housewives reunions, that has ever been seen. I wait for these reunions all season long - what a dud that hour was. Camille did inject the only sparks into it, and I'm not a fan of her, but at least there was that. For the life of me, I cannot even begin to fathom how on earth this shitfest can be stretched into 3 episodes. And if I was in charge - they would all be gone next season except Denise and maybe Kyle - since before this season, I liked her. That talk last night about Nicolette Sheridan and Rinna saying people on Twitter wanted the show to make her a housewive next season. I would so be on board with that to drive Rinna crazy.
  4. parrotlover

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    I just can't even fathom what a 3 part reunion for this shitshow of a season will look like without LVP there. To me if she's not there, they shouldn't discuss her - which leaves them with what? I'm guessing: Denise talking about sex with her husband and saying Charlie Sheen's name so many times that if it was a drinking game you'd be dead of alcohol poisoning; Dorit and Beverly Beach, Rinna talking about her spawn, Erika about herself, Teddi inserting herself into everyone's conversations because she's so fucking boring, and Kyle assuming the queen mantle or arm wrestling Rinna for it, because those two are beyond thirsty. I know that Luann was in rehab for last year's RHONY reunion, and I think she was still discussed so I fully expect that LVP will be too, and yes, as someone said up thread, these bitches will act like they wish she was there so they could have closure - LOL - when it would just be to rip her a new one. I'm not saying LVP is completely innocent, but again, as someone upthread said so eloquently, Dorit dumped the dog at a kill shelter - she is ground zero for the shitstorm, but no one in this group will ever address that because she thought she was giving it to a loving home, despite the fact she signed a fucking contract with Vanderpump Dogs - poor Dorit she didn't do anything wrong. UGH! I'm not saying I won't return next season, but unless they seriously look for someone who is going to stand up to these bitches I'm not interested in watching the current coven . It's like an alternate universe for me when I'm wishing for the return of: Brandi, Kim, Carlton, Taylor or Adrienne.
  5. parrotlover

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    That 6 months later lunch was beyond contrived. Well I saw LvP at a parking garage and I saw her in a store. JFC you bitches hate her so much and your lives are so exciting but let’s all talk about when we ran into LVP. And I don’t believe Rinnas bullshit story even happened. The reunion is going to suck and unless they bring in someone next season, not Camille, who will go after Rinna, Dorit, etc. I’m done. The love fest among them now that they have bonded over getting rid of LVP is boring and not something I’m interested in watching.
  6. parrotlover

    S02.E03: Nightmare on Bourbon Street

    Thanks red12 and Rlb8031. I feel like a total idiot for not realizing her ethnicity, but anyway I totally agree about the wet look, which is what is so unflattering. And also the lighter color not helping either. There is a congresswoman from Florida, Debbie Wasserman Schultz - I see her on cable news a lot, and she has had this same exact look as Kelsey for years but her hair is longer, and I keep wishing someone on her staff or whatever would suggest to her how much better she would look with a darker color, and a different/lighter weight gel or mousse.
  7. parrotlover

    S02.E03: Nightmare on Bourbon Street

    I'm sorry - I honestly did not realize she was African American, and thought she was caucasian and just had a very outdated hairstyle. I think she would look completely different and so much better with straighter hair and a darker color, but yes I have naturally wavy/curly hair and I deal with the humidity which is year round in La., so I get it.
  8. parrotlover

    S02.E03: Nightmare on Bourbon Street

    At this point, I really can't stand Reagan or Tamica. I have lived in La., 60 miles from N.O., all my life, so I know Tamica from local TV and have never liked her. If you guys could only see the show she hosts now, which is not news, despite what she calls it, It's an entertainment way more than news show, where they go to local festivals, talk about restaurants, music, etc. She is so self-absorbed, I can only watch a few minutes before turning the channel. Regan and Reece totally deserve each other. I hope she enjoyed watching him pee in the horse stall. Keep it Klassy Reece. I love Roux and wish he had more screen time. I like Kelsey, but that 1984 bad perm needs to go. I'm not an advocate of plastic surgery, but she seriously needs to think about a nose job. Every time she's on screen all I can think of is nose/bad perm. And Jeff - I feel badly for him. He seems to be a kind person, and in need of counseling of some kind, but I really think he should be very grateful he dodged a bullet.
  9. parrotlover

    S09.E13: Grilling Me Softly

    This show is so boring without LVP who I have read is not going to be seen much in the remaining episodes. What a shitty season. Only thing to look forward to is Kim Richards getting into it with Rinna and the hope that they all start turning on each other soon.
  10. parrotlover

    S09.E12: The Ultimate Ultimatum

    LVP calling Dorit a dumb cow was a dream come true.
  11. parrotlover

    S17.E16 : Top 8

    I watched Idol from day one, every season, and only quit about 5 years ago when I couldn't take JLo's making it all about herself, and some of the other judges and judging that I was annoyed with. Felt like after Simon left, so did any real criticism. Anyway, couldn't find anything to watch last night and tuned in for a few minutes. Oh Lord - I thought JLo was an attention whore, but Katy Perry definitely has her beat. I read that her last album and/or tour was a bomb so I'm sure that's the only reason she's sitting there collecting a big fat check, and as my daddy used to say, "Acting like a damn fool". I admire you people who are still watching and can put up with her twice a week. Also as luck would have it, my few minutes included Wade "singing". When I heard all three judges praise this guy, for what to my ears sounded like talking, confirmed for me that I made the right decision 5 years ago.
  12. If she clashes with Rinna, Dorito, and Teddi, I would be in favor of it.
  13. I won’t be surprised if LVP doesn’t return. Between the restaurants, the dog rescue stuff, and Vanderpump Rules, she doesn’t need it. Plus Luann from NYC has just moved to L.A. and rumor is she’s going to be a RHOBH.
  14. Does the infamous striped bunny count? It’s still there and actually Easter night, it was the bartender. Andy played the clip from that reunion when Kim gave it back to her and the one phony tear was rolling down her cheek. Ugh.
  15. Yes I need to rewatch that moment.