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  1. I haven't been here for a while, forgive me if this has been litigated already, but Kevin downsells his food and it irritates me. He insists on coming out and presenting it and micromanaging the presentation, then it's all eyes on Kevin for, 'oh, it's just a slab of meat, and that's just some potatoes. I just thought you'd maybe like it'. No! SELL it to us, Kevin, because it's not all that anyway! He needs to be taken aside and prepped on guest communication. He's done this in front of Cpt Lee at least twice so far. Kevin needs to leave the word 'just' out of all food related guest communications.
  2. Chelsea is giving major 'Princess Anne in the 70s' teas. I want to point out that Shep is heavily invested in being perceived as 'intelligent' and educated. He really needs us to believe that he is operating at an entirely more elevated level intellectually than his cast mates. I'm here to point out that he really does NOT come off as anything other than average. Despite for example, the many books on the Vietnam War he has casually scattered around his living quarters and likes to refer to, they are as much a prop as Craig's pillows. Shep has nothing better to do with his time. Anyone that gets mailbox money and doesn't NEED to work can pick up a hobby and pursue it with more vengeance than us regular folk who have the moral fortitude to not only figure out how to earn enough to live and have hobbies but ALSO have the necessary selflessness to do this whilst ALSO sacrificing selflessly for out relationships and family. I've lived around academics and high achievers all my life. Shep is nothing special. He's not particularly fluent. For someone who seems to cherish being 'unbeatable in a debate, he's not particularly quick on his mental feet and his rejoinders and arguments are never elevated. On top of that, he's started to age physically as fast as TRape did. And his reunion look is just sloppy. Not laid back, not ironic, not preppy, just sloppy. Kathryn looks less like a saloon girl than she has at previous reunions. It's obvious when she's using a stylist. Tonight is one of those nights. Hopefully she'll retire the pleather pants next season. Way WAY too much Cameran. She's not a big enough player on this show to be featured so heavily in this reunion. No Whitney. No surprise. The whole manufactured 'Kathryn and Whitney hooked up ' SL just wouldn't stand up to scrutiny. Whit is hopeless at playing along. I don't get why he can't come out. I don't hold that against him. I DO get irritated having the 'Whitney is hetero' SL being foisted upon us. Especially when Whitney himself cannot play along on camera. This season was hobbled from the git because 1 particular producer could NOT let go of Ashley. According to Tamara Tattles, for example, the cast were forced to film with her if as punishment (Naomi had to do her scene because she flaked out of the cast trip ). There is nothing organic about Ashley's appearances. Hopefully, that producer has worked out that the Ashley /TRape angle is played out and next season we'll see the cast in their more natural environment again. And can we PLEASE stick Austen in his briefs gaslighting Madison into the vault? Every single episode this season, sometimes more than once. I think we've seen enough.
  3. I watch these shows with closed caption and someone is having a lot of fun with writing them. Not just Potomac, all the Bravo shows. During the segue between Monique's boring cpr session and Candiace at the restaurant, the background music was described as 'bombastic' with 'operatic vocalising'. The latter could have been a description of the weird waily sounds Candiace makes randomly though , I'm not sure. I recommend switching on the subtitles, it's quite amusing and occasionally surprising what they actually catch when these shrews are all yammering at once. So far, this episode has been a lot of filler. I don't need to see Monique's CPR lesson with her irritating rugrats sending my blood pressure up. Karen doesn't deserve a sister like Bridget who took care of the Huger parents so Karen could 'spread her wings '. Which, by the way, seems to contradict what Karen said about her folks : I tthought she said she had to move so they could live with her at one stage? Regardless, the woman is an insatiable attention seeker. During the car ride, Karen made sure everything was about her, or reflected on her. She looks a fool in that car with that wig. And Rayven's vocals were unpleasant. What TF was that stupid truck scene supposed to be? Robyn doesn't have 100+k to spend on a truck, I'd be willing to bet. It reminded me of the Gorgas and a similar scene with their 'garbage business '. Too many Sheilas for me to follow. I still get creeped out by Ashley's mother. I really don't want to see more confirmation of Sheila's horrible taste in men. I feel for Ashley but don't need to see any more of her grifter family on screen.
  4. Catch Hannah's low key 'you'll always be a 3rd stew to me ' shade with Anastasia: 'killing animals is something you need to be able to do AS A CHEF'. Hannah is superficially supportive of Anastasia, but in reality, she's slavering in anticipation that Ana fails. That said, watching Anastasia mug and simper and baby talk about having to 'murder ' lobsters? Take a row. She gave Joao his 2nd chance this episode, no, 3rd to show what a manly Zimbabwean he truly is as he butchered the crustaceans for her. Prior to that, he removed the drunken sailor and saved the anchor. Where was Travis when lobsters needed butchering? Also, while I fully believe last season Joao is still present, Travis' reaction to Joao speaking to him where Travis walked of muttering expletives, calling Joao a fking dckhd? Nothing Joao did during that interaction seemed to warrant that response from Travis. But. I'm wondering if Joao's 'redemption' arc is all we're seeing. That, or Travis is really unhinged. I'm wondering if Travis will be the 1 to be fired too. I found his sudden 'appreciation of Anastasia' speech rather weird. The fact that he's also spending time with her in the Galley could give Hannah reason to go at Anastasia, given Hannah probably regards Travis as her territory, even though she turned down his date. The only thing that makes sense to me with respect to June is if she's Conrad's current GF (1 of the rumours) and just not cut out for the kind of intrigue that production are seeking. June throwing up in response to Hannah's 2nd raptor like question about whether she has a boyfriend makes sense if she's really uncomfortable with the idea of Hannah finding out. June constantly whines about how mean Hannah is to her (when she's really not. June is behaving with great incompetence ) possibly because she'll feel better about being outed as Conrad's GF if Hannah is truly a monster in June's eyes. I hope Anders the obgyn comes home to find he's got no patients. He is crass and tacky. The guests of the primary seem to be vying with 1 another (and led in this by the primary's classless wife ) to impress the great Johnny Damon with constant references to his virility. Really not a classy standard of guests, this lot. It's sad how frequently we see this dynamic on these charters. Jackie, the Queen of Versailles, seemed to be barely tolerated by her guests also.
  5. The guests are Bravo whores. They were last seen on Shahs of Sunset when Reza 'cut a lot of cheque' - I think it was 500k - without Adam's knowledge or consent. The Funsches were the people who manufactured Reza's Diamond Champagne Alkaline Silver Seaweed Hair line that is going to fund his and Adam's retirement. Remember them anyone? I remember thinking at the time what a freakin weirdo Mr Funsch is and there was a lot of talk about deserving the lifestyle and a big echoey tacky AF mansion that looked Sheree Whitfield furnished. We all knew that Reza wasn't going to see his 500k back as soon as we met the Funsches. We didn't get to meet tonedeaf daughter Funsch and the doctor son was probably chained up in the basement where he needs to be. For Hannah to run from a single doctor on a Super Yacht, he has to be emitting some weapon grade serial perv vibes. Beyond obsessing over the phenomenon that is The Funsches at their leisure and especially poor Mrs Funsch and the lack of attention she receives, I think Anastasia did beautifully. As a cook, i felt for her and i think I'd have behaved like she did : the nerves, the unfortunate cockiness. Anastasia's response was normal. Mila was unnatural. The woman wasn't just 'not a chef' she is also not even a cook. 'What for to do with this calcium clad oval object i see sitting with 11 identical others, i wonder? '. Sandy remains unimpressive. Mila needed to be told what a time wasting tip jeopardising asshat she truly is.
  6. Jack irritates me. That scene where he does that male thing where they pretend dishes stacked according to size is some absurd unrecognizable system in order to prevent being asked to perform the chore again. ..Jack's whole raison d'etre is work avoidance. I'm sure it'll become an issue once Mila is shitcanned. I've read that she's a plant. I don't know about that, but it's blatantly obvious she's not a chef. She's not menu planning or capable of juggling timings for the buffets she's been skating by on let alone cooking and plating sensational food. Anastasia isn't up to yacht charter standard either otherwise they could demote Mila to 3rd Stew and all would be in balance. I've heard we get Ben back. I'm not averse as long as I don't have to look at his rabbity girlfriend. We saw Hannah's true colors. She had the opportunity to tell Mila just how bad she is with no downside. She could have been bitchier about it and it needed to be said, particularly as the tip relies on the food above all else. Her comment that Mila's attitude either means she's patient or is used to it happening (getting demoted in her own galley ) was very perceptive. Looks like Collie is on another homesick arc. Round 2 and he's still not getting any action. I live for hearing his Mom call him 'Collie'..(this has also been noted in the Watch What Crappens podcast universe!). Hate CPT Sandy's mixed message management style. I also LOATHE that we are getting Joao's sadsack sensitive guy side only of the 'Brooke cheated on me ' break up.
  7. Tinsley did NOT tie up emergency services trying to revive her dead dog. I did NOT just hear that? !! And Ramona's Surprise party for Sonja and Dorinda? I just thought 'why do they need a surprise? '. Then I realised that the cast have mutined against LuAnn who no doubt thought that her Kristmas Kabaret with the Kountess was an obvious dead lock for the finale cast event for the season. So LuAnn has just discovered that she won't be again receiving a big Bravo promotion for her Cabaret because the group nixed it. I BET she promised all her sound people and recording studio and song writers (!) that there'd be huge media via the show. She can't break the 4th Wall and the rest of the 'group text ' conspirators sent Ramona because she's the most oblivious messenger, but Lu was PISSED. Good on them though. It's a power move. If Lu is truly 'receiving ' their messages about her self absorption, she should 'get' that this is what not always being first in line for massages and hair actually feels like. And poor lonely Barbara is the only sap that turns up and she's sat somewhere in the back of the venue. This is how Lu rewards her loyalty? Babs attendance is probably the ONLY reason ANY of Lu's show got any airtime. Lu is not learning a thing. Her narcissism and tone deafness is terminal at this stage. Bethenny. ...your chest in the aerobics gear. .what IS going on with her implants?
  8. @sunshine23 I'd recommend watching this episode because of some of the down low power shifts going on with LVP out of the picture and Camille The Nominated Target absent at the last minute. Notice what a toxic buzzkill Erika is and how Kyle seems to be pushing SLs for the future, like 'Erika isn't fun ' whilst the 3 Amigos (Kyle, Teddi, Dorit ) and Rinna keep oddly chanting what a FUN GROUP we are! Look at us having FUN! While Erika spits out 'I'm good ' between clenched teeth.
  9. @LibertarianSlut i love your work and bow down to the cross franchise and seasonal referencing! Absolutely agree with you concerning Erika's 'migraine' . It's always something with Erika and these group trips. The period at Teddi's beach house last season. She's a foul tempered woman. I think she had a bad hangover from breakfast the day before. The whole group held its collective breath as she sat down to breakfast, waiting to see if Erika was going to be insufferable and aggressive as usual. Production certainly documented their reactions, which later included an eye roll from Kyle when she overtalked Erika at dinner. On the car ride home, Kyle is nudging along the 'Erika doesn't like us' SL as well, with Dorit and Teddi. I really hated the TH where Erika lets us know that woman haven't done shit for her throughout her life. That she's always felt competitive. And therein lies the issue. Erika should be asking herself why she elicits this pattern of reactions from other women and change that shit up. Miss 'it's expensive to be me-hee!'. She contradicts her EJ persona with this lame anti feminist crap and it really burns my bacon. And Rinna electing herself Greek Chorus, telling us when Kyle and Teddi are having a beautiful 'moment ' and giving us repeatedly in her THs the Erika Party Line 'why are we still talking about this? !' when Rinna is the one perpetuating it? Rinna has no natural SL here. Because she hasn't got a personality of her own. She glommed on to Erika 3 seasons ago. It tickles me to keep track of Rinna elbowing everyone aside to sit with the Cool Girl who couldn't give a crap whether Rinna drew air that morning or not. Rinna was the 1 at breakfast to break the stalemate of Erika's c***y mood, and suggest everyone get moving. Leaving Erika to her phone and the breakfast table. And it was all Erika desperately asking for Deep Conversation at dinner imo. Rinna just jumps onto anything Erika wants and promotes it. I really wonder if at some stage off camera Erika has ever snapped on Rinna for bring such a smothering sycophant. The tension on their van ride home when Erika objected to what she perceived was Rinna asking permission to lie down in the back had Rinna look momentarily terrified. I agree that this trip feels darker too. And I see Kyle driving SLs, like the 'Erika doesn't like us ' of the van to the nonsense she insisted over Erika's objection that there WAS a problem between them about Rinna's ass licking EJ performance. Oh, also getting lost in this episode for those of us finding we are warming to Dorit. .Dorit was almost 'Camille! You're a C**t!' level rude to Teddi when they left the table at dinner for the bathroom. Forgetting Teddi's name with arrogance, making certain Teddi remembers where she is on the totem pole. My hatred was instantly restored. Rewatch if you need same, because Dorit is a classless grifter. She hated Kyle's impersonation too and didn't know how to respond. Telling Kyle it was no surprise she hadn't had an 'acting job since you were 7' was pretty heavy. I sincerely hope Dorit was doing coke in the Château bathroom and had Teddi participate! Miss Accountability wouldn't know how to forgive herself the next morning! And because it just can't be said enough : Kyle! STAHP with the smug faced splits routine. That and 'is that a BEEEE??!!' ceased to be of interest in Season 1. Personally, I'd not miss Erika because she's not authentic. We're getting the 'approved message '. And the rest of the cast are too weakwilled to challenge her. Like what's REALLY going on with her and Tom?
  10. Oh hell! What has The Morally Corrupt Faye Renick done to her face! !! WAS that Faye who Kyle was talking about Camille with in the previews? Faye had a very particular look. She had panther eyes (Dinner Party From Hell) now her eyes look like 2 pissholes in the snow. Whatever she's done, she looks smoother but aged.
  11. A poster above mentioned that Erika is learning what it's like to be the target of a Kyle Richards (Kyle 'Bitchards' was a nickname I bet she earned ) mean girl attack. Kyle drunk and doing her 1 trick pony 'signature ' splits? Retire the act, Kyle. At one stage, she had her mike pack doing a Sonja Morgan Snatch Guard circa seasons ago in Atlantic City. But mostly, when Kyle gets shitfaced like this, the big hair 80s inner mean girl is so much more visible. Teddi and Kyle were still wasted from lunch at dinner. Kyle drunkenly speaking over Erika and babbling rubbish (as rubbishy as Teddi's 'i just want things to be greeeat. Wawawa' later) had us on the verge of an EJ meltdown. Also, I thought it was very telling that Erika even let Kyle in to talk the same crap to her AND when Kyle contradicted Erika by insisting that they DID have a problem? To me that sounded like Kyle making a top dog move with LVP out of the way. Kind of 'no, Erika. If I say it's a SL? It's a SL'. If it had been anyone other than Kyle that overtalked EJ, there'd have been an EJ meltdown. I hope to all that's holy that one day EJ pulls that stunt with someone who isn't having it and who snaps back harder and tells her to take a row of seats. What's EJ going to do then? Hit her with her handbag? And Rinna. Everytime she asked 'WHY are we still talking about this? !' in her THs, it was because Rinna herself had brought up or extended the duration of the topic. As someone else said, Rinna wants to be EJ's only friend and ally. I loved how uncomfortable the car ride back was for Rinna, after she'd bagged the solo ride with EJ, she finds herself drunk with sourpuss not wanting to talk to her at all. So Rinna crawls into the back seat with her phone. This is one relationship which means way more to 1 person than the other. Rinna scampering after EJ like a bug eyed Mexican Crested makes me cringe.
  12. Erika should have stayed back in the château. She's one of those people who imposes their mood on the entire group. If Erika isn't happy, she's going to let everyone know. The wine tasting (why go? With a migraine? ) lunch was pretty light and fun, but I still got the feeling that it was eggshells all around for the women, wondering if Erika was going to suddenly take offense at something and do the Excorcist impression she's perfected on Eileen and Teddi . I have some sympathy for Erika. It has to be taxing putting that hairpiece in every outing with Rinna's head lodged permanently up her ass. Rinna makes me cringe the way she's fawned over Erika for the last 3 seasons, running after her in heels on marble floor, sitting in her lap at meal times, alone in the van with her at the end of the tasting, beside her in the helicopter. For those playing the 'does Rinna eat? ' game : nothing at breakfast but 2 teacups. She passed the cheese at the tasting and I saw her make chewing motions during lunch, but I now think these are also part of the charade. There was a picked at pastry on a plate at lunch but I didn't see actual food go into her mouth. Rinna is REALLY going at LVP. She better hope this shot didn't miss because IF LVP comes back (and we know she's not at this point ) she's never going to let the stuff Rinna has said slide. Ever. And so it should be. I'd actually like to see that happen.
  13. Ok, I rewatched the breakfast scene before the market. The spread looks divine : cheeses, croissants, porridge and berries and veges all in individual ramekins. Rinna has on her plate a pain au chocolate, surgically cut in half and doesn't look gnawed upon at all. At this stage, Erika has the same thing, no surprise there. All the women ate. Except Rinna. Because next scene, Pasha walks in and Rinna's plate is completely empty. I smelled a rat immediately because there's no way she'd do more than pick a few flakes off a chocolate croissant. Then there's a brief shot that shows plates at lap height between Rinna and Erika. And THAT is where Rinna's 'breakfast' ended up. I'm going to start playing the 'does Rinna eat ' game. I honestly believe this one would do anything for fame or infamy. Nothing is off limits. Amelia the Anorexic! Amelia the Anorexic Activist! If Rinna could make bucks off tips for the pro Ana community, i would BET she'd write a guide more comprehensive than the tacky sex tips thing she was blaring about a couple of seasons ago. Can't abide this woman
  14. 'Pardon our French ' would be believable if these bitches had any class. I've been meaning to say this forever, and a big call out here to The Countess and Ramona 'turtle time' Singer : SO many of them never say 'please ' when ordering. Kyle 'Can I get another Margarita when you get a chance? ' Rinna 'I want a Vodka Tonic ', Erika 'I will have a cappuccino ' Then Rinna says 'i just wanna say 1 thing..' By this time, I'm hollering 'how about PLEASE you rude entitled sock puppet! !!'
  15. Bless your heart @VagueDisclaimer So glad to hear that. The crew can get back to turning on one another. As long as the guests are fed properly, i can enjoy this shitshow!
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