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  1. I haven't seen the late night food runs to McDonalds, or Domino's. I did see Alyssa and one of her sisters go out for ice cream late at night. I thoutht the fast food runs were for the actual meals not to supplement the meal. None of Alyssa's children look malnourished. I doubt seriously that they are going hungry.
  2. The only reason why I watch this show is to see the gorgeous snowy senery. It is so different from the other Housewives locations. Whitney must be desperate for something to keep her on this show if she has to talk about her sex life. It's not interesting and not funny. I hope to never hear this again from her.
  3. Warden and some of the other brothers probably love going to Alyssa's house in Florida. They get to hang out in a house with a pool, go swimming in a regular bathing suit and experience what normal people get to do without mom and dad watching their every move.
  4. And how many of those tracts ended up in the nearest trash can? And the 4 souls being led to Christ most likely were just trying to get away from the Rods. ASAP.
  5. The questions that I want Andy to ask Erika at the reunion are how much of the $25,000,000 that Tom Girardi transferred to your LLC is left and what did you spend this money on? And how will you repay the money to the law firm if and when you are ordered by the court to do so?
  6. I'm waiting for Erika to say because of Mr. Girardi's advanced dementia we had to hire a chauffeur. He drives for Mr. Girardi and for my son when he is off duty. I've never met him and of course I' m not allowed to speak to him but I believe his name is Mr. Toonces.
  7. Yep. Have you ever heard of the saying "she'll climb a tree to tell a lie?" I don't get the point of these crazy stories unless she is trying to come off like she has mental problems and is delusional. Doesn't Tom have grown children? Why weren't they called and why was Erika's son called. It's a little concerning that I have to go back and rewatch a housewives show to get a grasp on what the hell is going on.
  8. I think Lexi has a personality disorder. Who does she get aong with? I guess she feels like she is so far superior to everyone that she is entitled to sit around and not pull her weight on the job. When she get called on her attitude and behavior she explodes. People like that are miserable thoughout their entire life because they have a me against everyone else outlook on life.
  9. Katie is probably the hardest working chief stew but that's on her. She seemed incapable of managing Lexi and if Malia had not given Sandy the straight story on Lexi's behavior Sandy would not have fired her. None of the Below Deck shows has brought on a 4th stew because of one of the original stews would not pull their weight. That was a mistake because it gave Lexi the idea that she could slack off and get away with not doing her job. Then Katie fires Delaney and they are right back to square 1. Then Sandy fires Lexi and there are only two of them left to do all of the interior work for the
  10. Mob mentality? Lexi should have been fired after that night in the hot tub, rubbing her boobs in Lloyd's face and calling him a sexist and derogatory name, trying to slap Mzi and screaming in Malia's face and having no respect for her immediate supervisor. And she got away with this by claiming not to remember what she did. While Matt also has a nasty way about him I don't remember him assaulting anyone and he does his job charter after charter turning out great food that the quests seem to love. Sandy know that she can't replace him at this point in the season.
  11. Rinna's clothes may still be on QVC at bargain basement prices but she is not. Not only did she diss her customer base she went after QVC.
  12. I can't decide if she needs the money or she is trying to project an image that she has no money or assets to turn over to the firm's bankruptcy attorney. But whether she needs the money or not should not be a factor in keeping her on the show or firing her.
  13. Andy will commiserate with Erika and ask how she is holding up under the pressure. No way will he go for the jugular. He'll lob softball questions to her. Nothing will be mentioned about the victims and survivors and how she benefited from their money that Tom stole from them. Then he'll turn on Sutton and grill her about being innapropriate and socially awkward. Andy is completely tone deaf when it come to his favorites. Season after season he let Bethenny and Dorinda rip into other cast members all the while gushing over those 2. If I were a betting woman I'd bet that Erika will be given a
  14. I'm convinced that they have the producers teling them that when the fights start keep it going. The louder and more outrageous the better. Don't stop until we yell cut! That's why they drug Denise back last season when she wanted to leave. And that's why the other housewives chase after the ones that want to leave.
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