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  1. If Bravo gives the heave-ho to Kelly they are left with a pretty weak cast Emily, Gina, Shannon, Braunwyn and Elizabeth. When Carole got the ax on NYC there was a strong cast left. The same when Dorinda got the ax. Everytime they fire a housewife in and bring in a new one who has no connection with the current cast things don't usually go too well. I have a feeling that they will stay with what they have now as much as I would like to see Kelly and Braunwyn gone.
  2. I don't care whether Braunwyn was drunk or sober when she sent that text. She should be fired ASAP. Sending this to a minnor offering to help her get an illegal substance should be reported to the police. I know that she is one of Andy's favorites and I believe that he has a lot to say about who goes and who stays but how he can justify keeping her on this show boggles the mind.
  3. I say bring back Meghan King Edmonds with her private detective skills and sic her on Braunwyn. Find out if she has been seen buying alcohol, drinking alcohol or having it delivered to her house.
  4. Either Kelly is stupid or completely brainwashed about Covid. I am quite sure her mother was not hopsitalized in ICU in the midle of a pandemic to get her blood sugar under control. I don't believe that for one second. She continues to parrot that nonsense about masks not working, and her text about Covid being God's way of thinning the herd is inexcusable. She should be fired for that alone. And none of the actions of the previous housewives contributed to the deaths of over 400,000 people no matter how disgusting these actions were.
  5. Andy seems really pissed at Kelly. Especially when he mentioned that fans of the show were suggesting a boycott because of Kelly. She better be careful. Braunwyn is not attractive. That hairdo is ridiculous. She is no Barbara Eden. Why or why do these women with the fake hair have to pull it forward and stoke it? Gina's hair cut looks the best. Kelly had been saying for awhile that she knows Braunwyn is faking the alcoholism Like she has some kind of inside knowledge. She needs to spill.
  6. Yes and before that it was Mila from BD Med. Seems like Bravo thinks they have a winner with this.
  7. It looks like she has chipmunk cheeks because of all of the fillers.
  8. Third time that we have seen a Chef preparing food while complaining about Diarrhea. Ugh. This season of BD has seemed interminable. I guess for me it's because no one on this cast is interesting or fun to watch, well maybe Eddie. They are either incompetent or bitchy. Captain Lee is off this season mainly becasue of the recent death of his son. I can't imagine the pain he is in.
  9. I bet the box on the table is for taking home whatever that stuff is on the plate. This way they can divvy it up for the kids at home and feel good about themselves that they shared their special dinner with their children.
  10. She is not a large woman but rather small bone structure. When she puts on weight it goes straight to her middle up to her neck. Her weight sure seems to fluctuate with her putting on weight during filming and then taking it off. This dress makes her look like a barrel. She must have been going for the 60s look with that dress and hair. At least she wasn't in black like her usual outfit of choice.
  11. I see the server's reflection but I don't see anyone else. Looks like a credit card. Looks like water glasses on the table and then the one with a dark liquid is probably tea or soda. That is unless they are having a cocktail. What am I talking about?
  12. With my luck they would have adhered to the back of my sweat shirt and stayed there until I got home.
  13. Thanks. Don't think that I ever went into my parent's house to fellowship. I looked at her Facebook. I couldn't stomach what I was seeing.
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