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  1. It really is unbelievable that the parents are going along with this. My guess is that Travis is blinded by Katie's pretty looks and sweet temperament. His paretns are in favor of their son getting a very fundy non ambitious girfriend who won't cause trouble. And the Bates are blinded by the Clark's wealth and hope to see Katie fitting in nicely.
  2. So Travis and Katie are 19 years old. Katie acts likes she is 14 maybe and Travis seems more mature but looks like he is 14. Both sets of parents seem to OK if not pushing this relationship to move forwad into what we all know will be an engagement in a few months. Really sad. I guess Ma and Pa Clark will be footing the bill for these 2 kids to play house in a year or so. If Katie were my daughter I would pull her aside and read her the riot act over smearing cake on Travis. She embarrassed herself and her parents with that juvenile act. She giggled and said I just can't help myself. On a more shallow note, ma Clark's denim skirt was longer than Kelly's denim uniform. If it were any longer it would have been sweeping the ground.
  3. And I'm going to guess that Hannah was not fired. Has anyone associated with this show actually come out and said that Hannah was Fired? She was on WWHL a few weeks ago. She seemed perfectly OK. I can't believe that if she were fired that she would be willing to make an appreance on this show. Maybe she quit. Maybe she said to Sandy F.U. I don't have to take this Sandy and Left.
  4. With apologies to Malia "man up" and take the criticism. You deserve it.
  5. I don't get this. Seems like if Tom was planned he would have had his knives. Why would he have his knives if he was not planned? Does he just travel with his knives on the outside chance that he will get a chef's position?
  6. They also kept referring to Valium as a narcotic and it is not a narcotic. Looks like they are doing this on purpose. You know if you say it over and over people will think it must be true.
  7. Malia is not only a snake she is a sneaky snake. I think that she went through Hannah's bags because she was afraid that Hannah may have trashed or hidden the Valium. She wanted and needed proof that Hannah had the Valium in her possession. She was not about to go to Sandy without the proof. She probably thought that Hannah was on the boat while they were off having fun and Hannah had the opportunity to do away with the Valium. Malia had no authority to go through Hannah's bags. She is not law enforcement. And I think she should be punished, sanctioned or whatever they call it for this. And I don't for a minute think Hannah was in on this. They pretty much trashed her professional reputation. She may be through with yachting but if she wants another career this will haunt her.
  8. The chef's girlfriend didn't ask to change cabins she pretty much demanded it. When Hannah didn't give in she hightailed up to Sandy and Sandy gave her what she wanted. Then got on the radio and rubbed it in Hannah's face.
  9. Bravo is getting exactly what they want. All of this attention and talk generates viewship and ratings. They don't care one bit if we hate Sandy and Malia. That's the way all of these reality shows operate. I just hate that when we finally get a female bosun we get one like Malia who has a tantrum, runs to "mommy" and gets her way all because she can't be without her man for 2 weeks.
  10. On the first episode of each season of Below Deck and Below Deck Med, the chief stew is shown assigning cabins.. I have never seen the chef getting to pick his cabin or roommate. And even if this were the case bringing someone in this close to the end of the charter season and allowing him to disrupt others seems a little over the top. Sandy just pulled this out of thin air to justify her actions.
  11. Hannah also said that as chief stew she was given the responsibility of assigning cabins and Sandy took this away from her without a discussion. I assume she was referring to Sandy getting on the radio and announcing that Malia got her way. That was the most outrageous display of unprofessional bahavior by someone in Sandy's position. I hope she gets blasted at the renunion for this.
  12. Hannah said on Twitter that Malia went into their cabin after the fight about changing cabins. Malia went through her bag and took pictures of the prescription bittle and the CBD. If this is true this seems to be a big invasion of privacy. She knew Hannah had Valium and she wanted proof to rat her out to Sandy.
  13. What I heard her say is when people are hired to work on a boat and they are a couple they usually share a cabin. This makes sense. But neither of these couples were hired as a couple. Rob and Jess hooked up after they were hired. This didn't become an issue until Sandy's little pet got her boyfriend a job on the boat ans she pitched a fit and demanded they be given their own cabin. And since no one has brought his up I must say that the scene with Jess and Rob crawling all over each other and her bare ass sticking up in the air was not what I wanted to see. After the sailing yacht show and now this Bravo seems to be going in the direction of less about the charters and more about the gross PDA.
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