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  1. I heard Robyn saying that some of the older boys were jerks about Kody. What did she say they were being jerks about? Was it because he wanted more children?
  2. The deck crew boys and I do mean boys simply have not evolved beyond 6th grade. They treat women as objects not to be respected. Their locker room talk is disgusting. Along with the chef they are 4 nasty sorry excuses for men. Now on to Rhylee. She has. an explosive temper and a huge chip on her shoulder. She has in for Kate now that Kate saw her in action at the market and called her on it. I get that she has been treated horribly by Ashton and the crew and she was treated badly by last season's bosun. But there are ways to handle this. Losing your temper and screaming F U and getting up in the face of your boss isn't a good thing. I can't imagine anyone seeing her in action would would hire her. Same with Ashton and his boys. Interesting that Bravo is showing season one of Below Deck Med. and the deck hand Jen had to put up with a lot of the same things from her bosun. She managed to hold her tongue until the end of the charter season and then she calmly destroyed him by telling him just what she thought of him. Oh and If I had been stitting at that table when Rhylee asked them to move over so that she could sit down I would have said hey people could someone move over so that Rylee can sit and eat. But no Courtney and Simone said nothing. I guess they were afraid to piss off their boyfriends.
  3. So now we know that Robyn and Kody might not be finished with having babies. Interesting. And Christine and Janelle both stating in the couch scenes that they have children who didn't want to move and they have not adjusted well. Robyn sitting there with her bitch face on. Then when she goes into the spiel about there might be another little sweet soul in heaven waiting to come down you know what this means. Robyn is trying to place the entire blame for the move on Kody when we all remember she slipped up last season and said that she and Kody had been talking about the move to Flagstaff for some time. She wanted to move to be near Dayton. So as Kody said where one goes we all go. And they did.
  4. Christine can take a seat. If Koty wants to build the house and some bank is foolish enough to loan the millons it would take to build it he will do it. All of thsse women will go right along with him. After all Christine refers to him as wonderful man, gag!
  5. I have a feeling that Production is renting these huge homes for the purpose of filming. They have to find places where this is allowed and it might not be easy to tie up streets months on end when they film. I lived on Wilmington Island GA and way back before Paula Deen got into trouble and her show was very popular they filmed it at her beautiful waterfront home. Problem was they brought in huge trucks and blocked the dirt road and the neighbors were pissed off and made a stink. So she bought even more property further down the island and built an ever bigger and better compound complete with guest houses and filmed her show there. There is a large private drive up to the house and no problem getting the filming trucks in and out without bothering the neighbors. Most areas have either HOA covenants that do not allow businesses to be run out of a home or at the least the municipalities have zonning restrictions against this.
  6. I still don't know who the snake is.
  7. NeNe is disgusting. What's up with her coming in and exposing her breasts? At one point she deliberately pulled over her robe to expose her breasts. No one wants to see them. I think Andy Cohen would love nothing better than to see NeNe get into a knock down drag out fight. Bravo is really reaching in the gutter with these housewives shows.
  8. 65mickey


    Why does this ugly kaftan have to besmirch the name of my beautiful beloved hometown? It's really gross looking.
  9. When Kody. was giving that synopsis, he mentioned that Christine came from polygamy royalty. She added in something like, "Apparently I was a big dill." I can't get this out of my mind. Gonna have to figure out a way to work this into a conversation.
  10. I am confused about the time line. Didn't the Browns move to AZ in the summer of 2018?So the filming for "Kicked Out" was done when? It shows them moving into the AZ houses. As far as Kicked out goes as suspected Meri and Janelle's homes were in areas that did not allow filming. That's why Meri packed up and left. Oh as to why Meri is still there I assume she wants her share of the money paid by TLC to the Brown family. Otherwise if she did not film the rest of the family wouldn't give her the time of day let alone any money. Yeah Robin looked pregnant in a later scene when they were sitting around the table bemoaning the fact that the Vegas homes had not sold. Her face was full and when she got up she looked heavy. However this had to have been filmed sometime in the summer of 2019. If she was heavily pregnant then she would have had the baby by now so I am guessing it is just weight gain. She looked even heavier in her talking head shots.
  11. I dont know what is more disturbing, Kody in his underwear or grown people playing in this water. Do they have any idea what is in this ? Porbably not.
  12. Some of these girls have nice life styles that they did not have growing up. Alyssa, Josie and Whitney have their own homes. I don't know about Carlin. They manage to take weekend trips with their spouses and Alyssa talks about date night and girl's night out. They have stylish clothes and are able to dress their children well. They are smart enough to know that if the babies continue to come every year or two a lot of what they are enjoying now could go away. Especially since none of these women plan on working at anything other than some home based project. They are pretty much competely financially dependent on their spouses. So I have a feeling that after 3 or 4 babies they'll decide to limit the size of the family. Erin might not.
  13. Shannon was selling her frozen dinners. on QVC. She hasn't been on in months. The web site has 2 differnt products and they have been reduced in price. Also not too many good reviews. Once people figured out they were paying $13 for a frozen dinner the sales probably dropped off.
  14. They were not full size beds. Kate said they were Queen beds so a little larger. Whatever she was told once she got on the boat and saw how many rooms and how many beds there were it was unreasonabe for her to insist that she have her own room when another woman had to sleep on a sofa to accommodate her demands. Goodness it was 2 nights. Is Jamie that delicate and special that she cannot sleep in a queen size bed for 2 nights with another woman? Yes it is awakward so what. Grow up and stop acting like a spoiled child. Like I said before unless she paid for a private room I woud have sent her packing.
  15. It was a queen bed. Ok I gte it. Not ideal to share with another woman that you don't know but come on . It was for 2 nights. She was fine with letting the other woman sleep in the salon with no bathroom while she had an entire room room to herself. Just selfish and entitled. Please tell me who here could not put up with the sleeping arrangements for 2 lousy nights? If I had been the primary I would have put her ass off of the boat. That is unless she paid for a private room. Why is she so entitled?
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