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  1. I really liked this show in season 1. They helped homeowners make modest improvements and get the the homes sold for a nice profit. And the homes were average priced homes for the area. I hope they are not going the way of the other shows by taking on high priced homes where peope are looking to sell for close to 1,000,000.
  2. I can see that the elevator in Sonja"s town house is still out of service.
  3. She is probably thinking thank God she has a job and I don't have to use any of my trust fund money to support her, YET!
  4. I was wondering where this picture was taken. There is a large wood cross, balloons, a garden bench, a hoop with something that looks like a fitted sheet draped over it and a religious banner.
  5. Who knows? She seems pretty dim. But even if she did know about the investigation that wouldn't have stopped her.
  6. She is so gross. She wears a bathing suit and a short romper leaves the tags on and returns them without laundering them after she has sweated in places that I don't won't mention. Does she think the stores should put them back on the racks and resell them just because she left the tags on? Don't for a minute think that she would not do this,
  7. Didn't she say something akin to the pandemic made her do it?
  8. Sonja said her company took a hit on sewing machines and luxury fabrics. I thought the clothes that she was selling were ordered ready made from a company in China and she just put her name on them, She made it sound like she was designing the clothes and she had a company sewing them.
  9. Oh Sonja telling your intern that if she is getting a masters she needs to learn how to do things like turn on a tub faucet. Is she studying to be a master plumber? If so that would be a step up from whatever Sonja is teaching. And then to follow it up with there's something magical about her interns. There are things that she knows that you just can't learn in a classromm. I bet there are Sonja, I bet there are.
  10. Love Lu's apartment. So happy to see pops of color instead of everything being white.
  11. I am rewatching this now because I fell asleep during the show. First scene Leah walks into the gym and takes her dirty mask off and tosses it on the counter. Disgusting. She really thinks she is special.
  12. I don't understand why anyone would feel sorry for Anna.
  13. She won't. She will continue to live with this creep and pop out baby after baby no matter wht he has done. She is in my opinion as disgusting as he is.
  14. I do not have a shread of sympathy for Anna. She was an idiot for continuing to live with and procreate with this pervert. I do however feel for the children.
  15. There is something seriously wrong with an adult woman who makes these faces and posts them over and over.
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