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  1. I don't care if these idiiots want to huilitate themselves by posing like this but did he give one thought to what his children must feel? If he were my father I would seriously consider changing my last name to anything other than Beador. What a disgusting creep he is.
  2. This beautiful restaurant must really need the advertisment if management allowed these dolts to be filmed there. Nothing good ever comes from geeting these fools together with alcohol in public places.
  3. Dr. Will. He was friends with another contestant named Boggie. It seems to me that he has appeared on other reality shows. I must not have been paying attention because I didn't hear his name when he was lasering off the tattoo
  4. I'm talking about the way they stroke the bottom 1/3 of the extensions not their scalp. They pull it forward and run their hands over and over it. I have seen Nene do this, Kim Z. and Erica Jane among others. It's like they are saying look at me and my extensions. I think it started with one of the Kardashians.
  5. And why or why do these women with the long extensions drape them over one shoudler and then paw and stroke it like it is some kind of animal. I don't know why this bothers me but I want to scream yes it's still there now leave it alone! Every Housewives show has a couple of women with this habit.
  6. Yep when Deb was telling the story of who touched her she said that big- and then she caught herself and said that big security guy. He did not appear to be a big man. Have to wonder how many drinks or pills or both she, her daughter and Kelly had to cause a scene at that lame fashion show. When I go out with my friends nothing like this ever happens. These women get so angry and ready to fight over the least little thing. This show is so tiresome.
  7. But she is not claiming to have Epilepsy. She said she has panic attacks. If this is correct it must have lasted from the moment she walked on the boat until they carted her off in the kyack from the beach the next day.
  8. My husband had panic attacks a few years ago. At no time did he speak incoherently writhe around, hyperventilate, amd moan like Brandy did. If she is having panic attacks she needs to leave off the alcohol while on anxiety meds. She is trying to white wash the alcohol stupor that she was in by calling it a panic attack. Not buying it.
  9. Panic attack? She couldn't speak coherently. Writhing around hyperventilating moanng and acting like she was in extreme pain does not indicate a panic attack. She didn't even admit to excessive alcohol consumption. She most likely was mixing her anxiety meds. with alcohol. She made a fool of herself. She is fortunate she didn't fall oerboard.
  10. Thats what I thought when she first got on the boat last week and was shaking, twitching and moaning. She looked like someone having ths dt's from alcohol withdrawal. She did not appear to be just drunk.
  11. What exactly does Josh do for a living? How does he support a soon be family of 8?
  12. Never ever gonna happen. Like all of the Duggar and Bates women they rely on the old standby of pregnancy and childbirth for attention. A secular or even church affiliated preschool no way.
  13. Kelly alluded to it being for financial reasons in one of her blogs when they first moved back to Knoxville. She mentioned that Gil started out wanting to go full time into ministry but figured out that he needed more income so her started the tree business and preached on the side. Seeing as how this family doesn't believe that moms should have careers Bobby figured out pretty quickly that he needed ot make more money. And the fact that they will get more time on the show so more money from this probably helped seal the deal. And yeah Tori most likey wasn't happy living 2/12 hours away from her family. She couldn't be over at Kelly's house every day.
  14. I fell asleep last night just as the were on the train and licking and sucking on dildos YUK! After reading this forum I won't go back and watch these screeching women making fools of themselves. I bet a group of 14 year old girls on a train ride would behave better. I have one question. Do normal women sit around with their teenage daughters and sons and discuss giving blowjobs and having threesomes? How about with their kid's friends? How about taking theit clothes off and making out with another woman or man in front of a group? If not then why is it OK to talk this way and do these things on a TV show for the entire country to watch including their children and their children's friends? I am convinced these women are high as kites to behave this way. If I ever did or said 1/2 of what these women do and say in front of my kids they would have moved out and changed their names. Reality TV has sunk to new depths with these bimbos.
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