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  1. Neveragain

    S07.E18: End of an Era

    Ugh her mother is the worst
  2. Neveragain

    S33.E10: To All the Partners I've Loved Before

    Could it be I’m falling in love with Wes a little? Everything he says is golden and his intelligence is very sexy and what I used to read as arrogance I’m now reading as confidence and what is happening here?? Girl, every word of this. Especially the bolded. But really, every word
  3. Neveragain

    S07.E18: End of an Era

    I couldn’t agree more. Give me a wolf in wolf’s clothing, like Jax or Lala or Kristen, so even if I despise them at least I know what to expect because I know who I’m dealing with. A wolf in sheep’s clothing like Beau really makes me uncomfortable. Though he acts like a bowtied excited puppy, he’s actually quite manipulative and sly. It feels to me like their relationship is based on “whew, at least Beau doesn’t cheat, so smile, Stassi and be grateful”
  4. Neveragain

    S33.E09: American Psycho

    I am so confused about Kyle. I figured he didn’t care about Cara at all anymore, maybe he never really did, but Cara is so hung up on him and Kyle is way over it. That’s the way it seemed this season and last season. Now all of a sudden Kyle is “not doing well” and in a funk, because Cara and Paulie are rubbing their relationship in his face? And he can’t stand it. So does he actually have feelings for her? That’s a surprise to me but if that’s the case they should get back together because he’s definitely the one she’s in love with. Paulie looks like a moron being with this girl who’s obviously obsessed with her ex, and Paulie is obsessed by her obsession. Meanwhile Paulie threw out a girl that apparently was truly in love with him so that he can be with Cara. I don’t get it, she’s repulsive to me, especially lately, but not for me to judge their feelings for each other. Still I’m surprised by Kyle coming in at the last minute all miserable over this.
  5. Neveragain

    S07.E17: FOMO in Mexico

    Lol I’m the exact opposite, and so are my family and friends, so I guess that’s why I am so turned off by him squealing that way over a movie coming out. It sounded so juvenile to me. And yes, fan-girlish. Not what I like in a man but to each their own
  6. Neveragain

    S07.E17: FOMO in Mexico

    Here’s a tweet from last week. Is it from my 14 year old niece? No. My 17 year old niece? No. My 23 year old daughter? No, she’s far too old and would be mortified to sound like a tween. This tweet is from a person currently seen on VPR. Can you guess who? No need to guess, I’ll send it with the name. That’s right, this tweet is from one week ago, and it is 39 year old Beau. Yeah I like a sensitive man too, to a degree. This is not the degree. This is way way past the degree. Between the crying in the hotel room, the tweets, all the emo, the attention-seeking bits...the word extra is not enough to describe him. Is this Beau’s first relationship? It feels to me like it is
  7. Neveragain


    I have literally zero sympathy for Khloe for all the many reasons you have all stated. I just want to put out there that I have always felt that Khloe and Scott would have been a better couple than all her other matches, and all Scott’s other ones too. Of course because of Kourtney and the kids it would never and should never happen, but the two of them seem so natural and lighthearted together and seem to really care about each other. And have been there for each other through the tough times too. He always seems sad and she always seems desperate or on the brink of despair, but together they are so pleasant. Missed opportunity, in my mind at least
  8. Neveragain

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    I am not going to even bother giving my own take on this episode because I agree with literally every word of your comment! Liked Nadine a lot last week, this week she was awful. That poor model! Agree on Hester agree on Sebastian agree on Kovid
  9. Neveragain

    S07.E16: I Don't Like the Sound of Your Voice

    Ah, @LibertarianSlut, my soul sister, you gave the perfect essence of Beau in four words! Exactly! Also I didn’t know he was 38, which makes the whole thing even more icky. I saw in the preview for next week where he is sobbing and can’t catch his breath “sniffle sob how are we going to have a future sob if you don’t trust me sniffle”, and the way he was saying it was like a high school boyfriend. Being 38 and raised by a relationship expert, I would hope he had a more mature way of dealing with issues. He is just so affected. Ugh. I do appreciate that he’s apparently a good guy, and Patrick was such a douche. I think you’re right, her fans are so relieved by the apparent upgrade and Stassi’s happiness that that’s all that matters. And his affectations only bother a few of us. I guess others find him charming. But I think he’s fake AF, same as you feel about the facial hair, it’s all part of this character of “Beau”. i don’t understand why he has all these talking heads. Is he a cast member? You don’t see Raquel or Carter talking much to the camera and they’ve been on this show a lot longer.
  10. Neveragain

    S07.E16: I Don't Like the Sound of Your Voice

    Literally left such a similar comment earlier, hadn't read the comments yet, just reading them now...even used the same word twee! Great minds thinking alike, @Sun-Bun. And yes I feel the same, you’re right quirky is a perfect definition as well, he is just too over the top while making sure he’s getting screen time...But in my case, it prevents me from being a fan. I feel he might be using Stassi to get on the show
  11. Neveragain

    S07.E16: I Don't Like the Sound of Your Voice

    Haven’t read all the comments yet but regardless am pretty sure I’m all alone in this, but I don’t really like Beau. I know he’s apparently trustworthy and loves Stassi for herself, which is what matters. And different people obviously are attracted to different things. But he’s way too twee for me, with the bow tie and hair and shaggy dog behavior... and he’s way too camera hoggy for a brand new cast member. Why does he get all these TH? The dinosaur thing, ok, not my thing but it makes Stassi happy, I get it. But it feels to me like he’s playing a character. I can’t shake the feeling this big old “lovable teddy bear” was just looking for a way to be on camera, and single-looking-for-a-decent-guy Stassi was his ticket.
  12. Neveragain

    S33.E08: Liar, Liar

    I just read somewhere on insta written by the ex Gf that she didn’t know it was recorded and then people said well you have to sign a release so you had to know. According to several responses, since they never said her name or showed her face the recording was allowable, as long as they had her voice dubbed by someone else, who repeated her exact words. That may be why it sounded fake to you
  13. Neveragain

    S33.E07: This Means War

    Jenna you’re an idiot. Shockingly, Wes, you are, too. Why would you put in a team comprised of two Americans when the UK alliance is so strong and you just made them stronger. Get rid of them first and then when they’re gone you can go after each other. Cara is such a moron too, rooting for Americans to lose. I don’t care who wins now. Wes was the last of my favorites left but his reason for putting in Josh and Amanda was ridiculous and he is smart enough to know better. Only Nany was making any sense but no one would listen. Jenna is so obsessed with her relationship with Zach that nothing else matters to her. Stupid. Now the UK will pick you off. I guess being upset by Amanda and putting her in is worth losing a million dollars to you
  14. Neveragain

    S17.E01: Premiere

    Totally agree. Like her or not, Cavanagh just had her PR dream ended, on the first challenge no less, and had the right to be upset, yet Frankie is on her knees bawling hysterically and sucking up all the air out of the moment. She should have thanked the judges and given some brief consolation to Cavanagh and saved her breakdown for the back room. I am very sympathetic to her personal story but this was ridiculous. And rude as hell.
  15. Neveragain

    S17.E01: Premiere

    I’ll have to disagree, I found the unconventional fun because it showed me how a creative mind can really work. I have zero creativity myself so it’s always kind of mind blowing for me to see what they can make out of nothing. And I would wear Dmitry’s candy dress if I could! Or maybe Ven’s. I would miss this challenge If they discontinued it