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  1. Arkay

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Matthew seemed like a intelligent and good guy, but James is just too quick and very knowledgeable. I know looks don't matter, but something about his grin has a vaguely menacing air. Can't figure it out...the teeth, or the lips, or just his practiced poker face. Something.
  2. Arkay

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    Renees's outfit looked like a walking junkyard. I understand it was functional, but I don't think it was fashion. The judges loved Hester's even though it wasn't very functional, so I never understand what they want. I don't think they do, either. I really liked Afa and I wish he could have stayed, rather than Kovid. I feel for Kovid, that he had a rough background, but he's too manic pixie dream boy, and I've never liked anything he's done, Was that Bishme who started the chant about gloves and heat and something to eat? I thought that was cute, and the designers do seem to be getting along.
  3. Arkay

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    I don't know if I just imagined it, but did anyone else think that Nadine gave the judges the finger? It looked to me that when she was told she was out, for a brief moment she moved her hand near her earring, and I did think I saw her gesture with the finger. That was right before she stomped out. Rakan is delusional but I'm happy that Nadine was out, just because of how she dissed the model throughout. Renee can follow for the same reason. I'm rooting for Sebastian. He's the most sophisticated and talented designer there, and certainly is sacrificing for his art.
  4. Found this episode to be way too far-fetched, even for H50. The storyline meandered too much, Jerry's skills seemed too over the top, the whole thing felt too disjointed. The part with Junior's father felt too tacked on. Oh, yes, of course, a Nicaraguan politician is going to know who Steve is when he appears on camera in Hawaii and says 5-0. Just a boring episode.
  5. Arkay

    S23.E12: After the Final Rose

    Chris Harrison's life would be complete if only Colton could somehow have lost his virginity in the act of jumping the fence. I have not heard the words "virgin, virginity, fence" so often in my life. This season has been so entirely staged, it's nauseating. For one thing, on the Finale Part 1, Hannah G. Repeatedly told Colton that she was happy for him, so the jig was up at that point. Even though I avoided spoilers all season, she gave it away. It didn't much matter, though, because it was obvious that Part 2 would be Cassie returning. From the moment she answered Colton's knock on the door, everything afterward seemed entirely scripted. Hannah B. Is okay in her dorky way, but only in small doses. I don't want to watch her for an entire season.
  6. Arkay

    S23.E09: Week 9

    The female "PA" was played by Jimmy's wife, Molly
  7. Arkay

    S23.E09: Week 9

    Didn't something similar happen with Desiree and Brooks? If I recall, she was totally in love/infatuated with him when she was the Bachelorette, and like Colton, although she was the lead, she begged Brooks to love her and he left the show? I know she didn't hop over a fence, but I think that was the first time that the lead was desperate, said "I love you"before the proposal, and really was uninterested in anyone else (even though she married one of the other contestants). Minus the fence and virginity, it feels like Colton and Cassie are in the same situation.
  8. Arkay

    S23.E07: Week 7: Denver, Colorado

    I'm really unsure about who was lying and who was truthful. I guess time will tell. The one thing I do know for sure is that I cannot listen to another season of "not gonna lie." Tonight's episode seemed like everyone was infected with the Becca virus.
  9. Arkay

    S23.E03: Week 3

    For Caelynn I see something of Britt, (not sure why), and then some Jessa Duggar around the chin. Of course we don't know what is real vs. Reality TV real, but so far Colton seems to be sensitive and patient in dealing with the women. The ending with the kids asking "can I steal Colton for a sec" was cute.
  10. Arkay

    S23.E02: Week 2

    We comment, snarkily, on the contestants' appearance and personalities. As have you.
  11. Arkay

    S02.E10: After the Fall

    It was Immediately apparent that since Saint Doc is so good-looking, he was cast to stir things up between Conrad and Nicole. Don't mess with my Matt Czuchry! Saint Doc is too much; I'm already annoyed with his character. I've never seen Bruce Greenwood in anything else, but he's a superlatively nuanced actor.
  12. Arkay

    S23.E02: Week 2

    Elyse is beautiful. I don't see Lauren Bacall, but I do see Christina Hendricks. I know it's all producer shenanigans, but really, I'm too old to sit through the tropes of Demi and Traci. I'd like to see them gone sooner rather than later. Alex B., who was sent home, had a very masculine voice and affect. I like Nicole and her spunk, but was disappointed with the immediate crying over Colton. She hadn't struck me as the type. The airhorn girl, please leave. I hope we get to hear more from Cassie. So far she's seemed level-headed.
  13. Arkay

    S37.E13: Finale

    Wow! I hadn't heard about this. She really is an evil genius. Hope it doesn't give Angelina any ideas!
  14. That was a lot of fun. I understand that Steve was dreaming and therefore we had an alternate reality, in which the grandfather was a detective and did not die on the Arizona. How, though, did Steve know about Whitmore once he'd awoken? Was that mentioned earlier? Or it was all in the file, I suppose. I am willing to make allowances for period details that embellish the gumshoe genre, such as the accents. However, even in the 40s, would a Hawaiian cop really wear a trenchcoat? Especially before air-conditioning was common? As a retired teacher of English, I was irked by the misspelling of "adventure" in Tani's yearbook (I forgot the name of her 40s character).
  15. Arkay

    S44.E05: Liev Schreiber / Lil Wayne

    I thought it was magnanimous of Lt. Cl. Dan Crenshaw to do the bit with Pete. He's seen a lot as a veteran, left behind an exploded eye in Afghanistan, and has a political career about to begin. He really didn't have to bother with a comedy sketch show, but the uproar was enough that Lorne must have made Pete apologize, and I think apologizing to Crenshaw's face was a nice touch. I admire that Crenshaw reminded the nation that Pete's dad was a hero, but my heart hurt for Pete in that moment because his face---you could see the little boy who 17 years ago was told his father would never come home.