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  1. I’m a Dr. Joe fan and I want him to “find love.” I don’t like that he’s bros with Brendan, but he may not have known the extent of Brendan’s plot. He certainly didn’t know how Brendan talked about Natasha, since it hadn’t aired yet. Maybe Brendan has been pulling his good guy act on his friends, too. Joe doesn’t know Natasha and it was unfair that he was put in the middle like that. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt unless I see otherwise. I hate how smug Becca is, as though she wasn’t dumped by her Bachelor and then her Bachelorette romance didn’t last. Thomas is goi
  2. Well, I’m stupid and don’t know how to insert a link, but I just read an article in Us Weekly titled “Pieper James Wants to Make Things Right” and she further declares “I’m not an extension of Brendan.” The really disingenuous part is where she says she was excited to see “ a guy that I had connected with” before the show, and “was looking forward to see if that connection could grow into something more.” That sounds exactly the reverse of when she scolded Brendan for downplaying that they were fully boyfriend and girlfriend already. Also that they congratulated each other on what they t
  3. “Pieper and I had misunderstandings going into Paradise” = “we misunderstood that our mics were on all that time.”
  4. This was a very unsatisfying episode. Four hours this week and no rose ceremony. Chris and Alana hounded off the beach, but nothing said to the far worse Brendan and Pieper. It’s true that at the time this was filmed, the contestants didn’t know the extent of the heist that Brendon and Pieper were pulling on this show, but they did know the rumors that Brendan and Pieper had a relationship. Alana comes, goes straight for Chris, Chris immediately jilts Jessenia. How is that different than Pieper arriving, going straight for Brendan, and Brendan immediately jilting Natasha? Even w
  5. That’s true, but they knew they were being filmed on their “first date,” when they were sitting at the table discussing their relationship. Yet Brendan went on to discuss how he had to create a certain “narrative” in order to last until Pieper arrived, and Pieper said “thanks for playing the game,” with the two of them in mustache-twirling mode. They knew that would be televised; I can’t imagine how they thought this would be received by their fans. I’m old and don’t have Instagram but I do understand that X amount of followers translates into commercial opportunities. I sincerely hop
  6. Okay I already don’t remember….was there a host this week? I don’t recall anyone greeting Pieper when she came to the beach, and there was no rose ceremony, so I truly don’t know. I liked Brendan so much when he was a contestant. I think he’s cute and I THOUGHT he was humble and sincere. What a jerk he is, and Pieper too. It’s awesome that the show aired their conversation about followers and publicity. I hope it backfires completely and that they are embarrassed in front of their families. The absolute nerve of Brendan to sit there and tell Natasha he doesn’t have the “gift” of bein
  7. I always give the side eye to anyone who claims to miss someone and wants to reconnect, but only manages to do that on TV. Kendall said she and Joe had been broken up for a year—-she had all that time to contact him privately. So she’s here for TV, followers, fame and the drama. I like Abigail and Noah but I do think there wasn’t much passion. Hoping they do give it a chance. Happy to see Chasen and Karl go. I don’t like Deandra’s hair, it’s too much, but I love how she didn’t get swept away by the jewelry and sweet talk. Smart girl. Ugh Demi. She declares she’s there to st
  8. Really, I cannot understand how Mari did not see how hypocritical she was being toward Aaron. She honestly acted like she just did not get the ramifications of what she said to Kenny. It seemed very deliberate on Tammy’s part to go off with Thomas. She purposefully took Aaron’s enemy and marched right in front of Aaron to make out with Thomas, pretending not to notice what he was doing and then asking Thomas if Aaron was staring at them. I hadn’t noticed any relationship with Tammy and Thomas at all and I think she just wants to be some kind of femme fatale. She’s acting as though she’s u
  9. And the audio. There wasn’t as much moaning as we’ve been subjected to in other cases (was it Kaitlyn on her season? I can’t recall) but there were some preliminary sighs and moans. Maybe it was added in post-production because aren’t the mike packs attached to their backs or something? I’m certainly aware that BIP is a different level than the pretense on the regular show, but I just can’t imagine how anyone would want to be filmed this way, when they aren’t seeking careers in porn.
  10. I attribute this to it’s being Year One of Katie and her vibrator. So 2021, yeah.
  11. I get this, but I find it so exasperating that while she claims to have never been taken on a genuine date, apparently many men found her appealing enough to have sex with her, despite being 80 lbs overweight. But not good enough to take her out in public. Riley selected her, apparently not knowing any of this, but I did find it suspicious that he zeroed in on her insecurities immediately. This is Paradise; how will she feel when new women come in and Riley may or may not drop her? JMO.
  12. I had the same impression of him, although I vaguely recall him from his bachelorette season. I agree that he said all the right things to a woman who has a lot of insecurities and desperately craves reassurance. I know very few bodybuilders who are really okay with a woman gaining 80 pounds. He sounded disingenuous saying “oh you were beautiful then too, who cares” because gym rats REALLY care about bodily looks. SJP are the initials of a well-known actress who is often slammed for her looks and has been compared to a horse. Personally I think that’s very insulting so I’ll leave out t
  13. I either don’t remember Victoria P. or just don’t recognize her. What kind of face is that? She had that gruesome Joker smile and a totally contorted look. James’ style is not to my taste, but he seems intelligent and I’m sorry he was suckered in by that faker. That was a nasty twisted grin when she admitted she had someone at home. Personally I think all Bachelor Nation shows should place a moratorium on all aspiring country singers or country singer-adjacent contestants. No good has come of it thus far!
  14. The team may have won some money, but I was embarrassed for all of them. The first two players were rotten and that guy was a coward to go with the lowest offer. The other girl was okay. Ken looked stupid. Really did not enjoy this episode at all.
  15. Wow, what a mess this Brittany is. We didn’t get to see this Billy and what could possibly be so desirable about him, but the wife is the wife. Brittany is the interloper. The husband is a cheater and liar. Kami said something about Brittany being 22. That’s still old enough to know right from wrong. Even though it was Bobbi behind this nonsense, just the idea that Brittany was willing to go up to their house at what she thought was Billy’s command is really disrespectful. Bobbi also, if she’s this deep into ensuring her husband doesn’t cheat again, maybe they should get some marriage c
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