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  1. Thank you...yes, I will download the app. My nephew-in-law works for Discovery and yet I don't think I've ever watched this channel until now.
  2. Thanks. I set those all to tape. I don't have any streaming services, and I'm upset that I apparently missed the series on The Secret. Sounds like I would have enjoyed that.
  3. Thank you...yes, I have zero interest in the paranormal stuff but do love the historical. Part Two of the Dead Sea Scrolls was also so interesting to me. For that alone, I'm grateful to have found this show during this very traumatic time of the pandemic. After I watched the second part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which focused on the Copper Scroll, I started googling it...I wasn't very familiar with the Copper Scroll at all. That led me to a fictional book called "The Copper Scroll," by Joel C. Rosenberg, apparently a very successful author with whom I was also unfamiliar. Once the libraries here open up again (I'm a lifelong NYC girl, we have no idea when things will be safe), I intend to read that and his other books. So that's a side benefit to me as a newbie to this show and forum. ETA: @Tammee..thanks also...I did see the news about Fenn's treasure. Having not read this whole forum, I don't know what's been discussed about that. I'm not a believer! My personal opinion has always been that, since he is a self-admitted art forger, this was all a publicity stunt. I think he just wanted to sell his books and to glory in his fame. I'd love to be proven wrong, though. The thought that people sacrificed their lives, their time, their money and their relationships for a hoax is appalling. I do understand that many people feel they gained an appreciation for nature and enjoyed the adventure, so that's good. I also understand that if someone ACTUALLY found the treasure chest, he or she would wish to remain anonymous. However, if no location or picture are released, I will maintain that it was all a scam. The only picture released has been the stock photo of the chest from earlier. I don't believe the chest ever existed...I believe it's not even legal to keep ownership of pre-Colombian and ancient Asian artifacts. Will be thrilled if I'm wrong!
  4. Thanks...my interests are the historical ones, Biblical ones, or historical stories that morphed into legends, like Robin Hood and King Arthur. I found those two to be disappointing, though. The characters who are obsessed with those figures are interesting, and certainly I loved seeing the rural parts of England. However, the euphoria when using sonar equipment, wriggling through caves and so on kept ending up in nothing. The Dead Sea Scrolls episode was fun and also had actual artifacts found. I see from this forum that Josh had a show on The Travel Channel, which I've never watched. The reruns I'm seeing now are on Discovery, and while I have no interest in whatever ghost things he did, I'm sure I'll find other episodes that fascinate me. Josh is a very gregarious and quick-witted host, so that makes it enjoyable.
  5. As someone who was forced to search for unfamiliar TV fare, due to the pandemic shutting down new production of the shows I typically watch, I had come across this show. They're all reruns, but new to me. I was having trouble getting into it because the few shows I've seen have been very underwhelming. For example, searching for King Alaric's treasure and the ecstatic reaction to finding, instead, just a pin-sized piece of metal. Today, though, I watched part one of the Dead Sea Scrolls. That was fascinating. I haven't yet seen part two, and I doubt it will end with a discovery of new Dead Sea Scrolls (it would have been all over the media), but what they found so far has been amazing. Just seeing the labyrinthine caves beneath the ancient Israeli town of Beit Lehi, wow. All that hand carving from 2000 years ago, the Menorah and the dovecotes, that was so interesting. Then Josh and the Israeli archaeologist finding actual pottery that had been undiscovered until now felt like something that was genuinely an exciting discovery.
  6. Don't know if anyone is till reading this, but I need a break from all the awful news that's been on. So I started to think about dangling threads from this show. One thought that I had---in the penultimate episode, when Dasha said she had a son who'd hold her hand when she died, I figured that it's true she has a son, and she was giving a double dig to Villanelle. One, that Villanelle is set to die alone. And two, that the embattled relationship between Dasha and Villanelle has that hint of parent/child, and this was intended to hurt Villanelle. However, when Dasha was in the hospital bed, begging Konstantin to come back and saying she wished she could be with her son, Konstantin told her to forget about that, she was going to die in that bed. That her son was brought up a second time has me pondering. Someone we know? Maybe Paul? Or just a loose thread that will never again be mentioned?
  7. What's everyone's interpretation of the title, now that we've seen all three seasons? When I first saw the pilot, I naturally took it very literally---this crazy Villanelle lady assassin was going to hunt down Eve, the title character, and try to kill her. Well, that would have ended the show quickly, so I figured the fun would be in the back-and-forth, who's the hunter and who's the prey kind of thing. By now, (long before now), it's obvious that Villanelle has metaphorically killed the Eve who existed at the beginning of the show. I like that the show is twisted and not a cops and robbers kind of thing, but I really do hate seeing Eve's life so subsumed by Villanelle. It's like there really isn't an Eve anymore. Eve reminds me of an abused wife who constantly forgives the most atrocious, heinous acts just to be near the one she thinks will make her life more exciting. I think their relationship is very inequitable. For all Villanelle's hair-sniffing and lingering glances, it's she who pulls all the strings. Eve may have had a quirky marriage and an unhappy career at MI5, but she's been turned inside out by Villanelle. She's really lost everything. Villanelle's psychotic nature doesn't allow her to "love" Eve. Eve is just another thing Villanelle desires to play with and possess for awhile. She's commanded Eve from the beginning, sending her clothes to dress Eve as Villanelle does, distancing Eve from Niko, all the way to the last scene where she tells Eve how to separate from her. So I see how Eve has been "killed" so far, but it's "The Villanelle Show," with Eve as the sidekick. ETA: I always liked the title graphic, with the drop of blood rolling down a letter. Now I wonder if it's a tear. I know I'm overthinking, because I've been stuck in my apartment for nearly three months due to the pandemic.
  8. I think that was it! Bless you. I knew it was something specific but again, my brain is on quarantine and I couldn't recall. I wasn't really disappointed with this season until the finale. The first season was so scintillating, because Villanelle was such a unique character. Totally remorseless. The gorgeous and/or outlandish clothing. The locations. Her physical beauty. The efforts to track her down. It was all so intriguing. Season two was kind of meh, but held my interest. So did this season until the finale, because (here at my table for one), the bridge scene played out for me like a Hallmark movie or something. Kind of trite with the inevitable backward glance on both Eve's and Villanelle's parts. Also, Carolyn and Villanelle, just nonchalantly having a job interview at the theater. I know Carolyn had that secret meeting with her in the first season, but there's no frisson of fear in Carolyn's demeanor. I know Carolyn doesn't reveal her emotions, but she didn't seem concerned that Villanelle would toss her from the balcony or anything. Wasn't the initial point to capture Villanelle? Now it's just ho-hum, hi, Villanelle. I'm not enjoying Villanelle's vulnerabilities, her tenderness toward Eve, or her reluctance to kill. I don't want to see growth. I adored the crazy Villanelle. That's what made this show fun for me. I also want to see more Eve, but the badass Eve. Not the Eve who dances with her crush like at an 8th-grade prom, even though her crush shot her, killed Bill, etc. My favorite character is still Konstantin. I think Kim Bodnia is amazing. His strangled voice begging Villanelle to rescue him, then reverting immediately upon his reprieve to "I'm out of here," taking his package but not running screaming out the door in fear. I liked that Villanelle didn't help him, either, even though she's somewhat bonded to him. That's the cold-hearted Villanelle I enjoy. ETA: Bear's a techie, right? I get it that his Tangfastic (?) wasn't being pilfered any longer, so he didn't feel the urgency to check the tapes. However, he knew that the tapes had been focused on that area of the office, so he ought to have immediately thought of it as a possible piece of evidence for who may have visited the day of Kenny's death. The way it played out was too Deus Ex Machina. A contrivance to quickly dispose of what had been a driving plot point.
  9. Thank you, @SVNBob. That's a very comprehensive answer. I am interested in Boudica. Boris Johnson had written a book about the history of England, which began with her story, and I loved that. I'll have to research when these reruns are broadcast and find that episode. If I find a few where the subject interests me, I'll watch those. It wasn't what I expected, as I mentioned, but at least now I'll go into it with a better understanding of its purpose.
  10. My brain is on quarantine. I truly cannot recall what it was, but it was something specific at the time that made it seem like it was Konstantin. Maybe something with the timing, but I just don't remember. Kenny had to know Konstantin to some degree since he was able to call him and ask if Konstantin was his father. Oh, another underwhelming thing that many of you mentioned...how this extensive investigation into Kenny's murder, on the part of Eve and Bitter Pill, just went POOF! Oops, Bear neglected to look at his footage. Hasn't it been awhile since Kenny died? It seems very out of character for Bear to do all this fancy high-tech sifting through phone records and all this other evidence, only to have the evidence all along in the most obvious place. That's a lazy TV trope. As much as many viewers seem to like the final bridge scene, I think that's also a tired TV trope. "Don't look back," and then they do. I adored the Russia episode with Villanelle's family. Now having seen the finale, much of this season seemed so pointless. Niko--dead, but not really. Konstantin-about to die several times, but not really. Rhian-- what's the point? To sharpen up Villanelle? Well, she's gone, Dasha's gone (although we learned a lot about V. So there was a point to that). What was the point of Villanelle's' wedding ceremony? We know there was no reason for Geraldine, unless to highlight Carolyn's coldness. Sad that Carolyn could tell Konstantin that she had cared for him, but couldn't say that to her daughter. Mercy for him but not for Geraldine.
  11. I loved the scene where Eve and Villanelle plopped onto the couch simultaneously, and then, as many of you have said, acted like two stunned children watching the grown-ups fight. I did like that Villanelle showed Rhian what a true assassin is all about. I like that Villanelle had a season 1 sense of humor, menace, and smashing clothing. I know I'm very much in the minority; but other than that, I was disappointed. I can't recall now what it was, but at the time Kenny was killed there was something that made it obvious that it was Konstantin. That part wasn't a surprise. Unlike almost everyone else, I am absolutely NOT in favor of this romance between Eve and Villanelle. I've not been on board ever since Villanelle killed Bill, and yet Eve became entranced instead of getting revenge. I much preferred the first season's chase, rather than this giddy stardust of Eve picturing a future with an assassin. I'm also disappointed that Geraldine did in fact turn out to be just a time-suck. I'm confused about The Twelve, Paul, Helene, the reason for The Twelve, their mission and so on. Did Konstantin do something to Dasha when he listened to her pleading and came back and held her hand? I thought she begged him to come back because she had some nefarious way to kill him, but the way he grasped her hand and told her she'd die there, and then she did appear to die, made me wonder.
  12. So, I've never heard of this show before. During the Pandemic, searching for something to watch (since new shows aren't coming), I found this the other day. I've only skimmed this forum, but apparently what I watched were old reruns...Robin Hood and King Arthur. I'm not at all interested in some of the crazy things Josh seems to explore, but I am interested in legendary people and discovering something about their actual origins. It was fun to see him exploring ancient parts of the U.K., but I was pretty disappointed. In both of these shows, he met with locals and experts who are consumed with these legends. In both shows, they used sonar equipment to see if there was any ground disturbance , searching to find the graves of Arthur and Robin Hood. But all the experts could say is "there's something there." Obviously that could be absolutely anything at all. No proof of the burials of either one. What is supposed to be the point of this show? Is it to actually find something worthwhile, or is it just the journey? I mean, 7 hours up and down an ancient cave to see a giant cavern, where for no reason, it's speculated that Arthur and his knights might have gathered? There's a lot of that. Will someone tell me if its always like this? I have one more taped, about King John.
  13. I hoping the finale this Sunday will wrap up some threads on this show. I think Dasha, and Konstantin being in the same ER might get interesting. When Villanelle inevitably finds out somehow that Konstantin is still alive, I don't imagine she'd come visit him in a public place like the hospital. She's botched two assassinations now, Helene can't be too pleased, and Konstantin will want his receipt back from her. But if she were to visit, it would be fascinating for her to see that she didn't manage to kill Dasha. Although if she knows Konstantin lived, she'd probably know that Dasha did, too. It seems rather Evil Spy Tradecraft 101 to NOT leave the key to your villainous lair with a neighbor. I know it was done as an expedient way to have Geraldine waiting for him there, but it was jarringly out of character.
  14. That's an interesting observation. I assumed he was saying it in the usual pejorative sense. I do think it's possible, as I said somewhere above, that the brush-by could have been intentional just because Konstantin remarked on it, but he didn't appear to react as though he felt something sting him. But who knows? @BingeyKohan Maybe we did read the same recap. I don't remember the rule here, if we are allowed to post a link or comment about another site. That's what being homebound for more than two months will do. I REALLY wish this show had more episodes because NYC is doing a lot better as far as Covid goes, but I'm still not going out at all. I NEED an absorbing show right now! But the recap I read mentioned several times that Dasha was always the target, part of the plan with Helene, and that the golf situation was the cover. Which I still don't really see. My impression was much more that after Dasha told V that she had a son to hold her hand when she died and that V would die alone, Villanelle decided not to let that happen. As you said, Bingey, we will find out eventually. I'm not sure why I don't enjoy Helene's character, but I don't. Something about the acting feels forced to me.
  15. I was just reading a recap on the Interwebs, and the recapper said that Dasha was the intended target all along. I missed that completely. So the American golfer was a red herring to lure Dasha? Planned by Helene? I thought Helene had told V to take Dasha so that she, V, wouldn't screw up another murder. Then I thought that V had just decided to kill Dasha instead. So this was all a Helene-approved set-up? I think the location shoots and the set designs are probably 70% of why I love this show. The grand room filled with armor struck me as the right mix of wealth mingled with menace that seems to exemplify Helene's character. It made me miss the Met Museum's Arms and Armor galleries, so when it's safe to leave my apartment and take the subway, I'm planning to hop back over to the Met to see it again.
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