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  1. I don’t think that’s far fetched. Most guys on this show are exhibitionists. Ugh, don’t know why I’m commenting when I stopped watching 2 weeks ago. I still like to visit with y’all.
  2. So are the teams just for this week or is this like survivor with tribes that can be swapped or merged?
  3. Sorry to kill the mood but I tuned out before Julie’s pearls of wisdom and didn’t even know it was a thing. What did she say?
  4. Glad we’re back. Was a great 1st night so far.
  5. That went well. I like frenchie and Derek f and suck it Christian and co.
  6. The same spot won on all 4 rounds.
  7. I’m ready for Michelle. I hope she gets some good guys and I hope she doesn’t let me down on my feeling that she’ll be a great lead.
  8. Christian for the next bachelor please. Need that cute face back.
  9. I don’t like Thomas and he is a very sweet talker, but she had already given him a rose after he expressed his reasons for being on the show in the truth date.
  10. So this whole 2h has been 1 group date and a dash of Blake and Thomas before the RC! Wow this has really gotten sad 😔
  11. I’m sure they’ll start dumping on Blake after he’s in. Right now they don’t know. He better not be her F1 or the next B.
  12. Yup he said what she wanted to hear and this is the guy who made a big deal out of Clare leaving and not wanting to stay for Tayshia and then being all in with her. So yeah, I’m not buying what she is.
  13. I notice she’s loves compliments and keeps guys that compliment her. So I don’t see Blake being tossed right out like Matt did Heather last season.
  14. Thomas is such a deflector. So difficult to answer questions!
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