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  1. I like new Vokai. New Lairo can just go ahead and Pagong themselves and leave Kellie for the merge. The rest of them are too stupid to play with the other fun team. That was a good reward.
  2. dizzyd

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    That was quite enjoyable. So glad Noura was made to sit out, her tribe would have lost by a landslide with her as caller. And I love seeing the tribal dynamics.
  3. You may suck at puzzles but you’re great at blindsides. And you may be good at stealth enough to earn a HII, but stupid enough to leave with it in your water bottle. Karishma was annoying today. Mediocre episode.
  4. I’d like to see someone ask what happens if they don’t accept the idol challenge. I also wonder if Chelsea could have beaten BR at 🔥 making. I’m quite interested to see what the other challenges will be; 🏊, 🎣, eating something gross, puzzles, endurance? I won’t mention the one they talked about in the preview, but I’m excited for next Wednesday. Something I could not say last season 😉
  5. WTG, Kellee and Chelsea on the idols! Lot of props to Jason for his patience with Noura. Damn, TC was good and 2nd blindside in a row. I mean even BR and S were impressed. 2 episodes in and I’m liking it. BR and S are not overwhelming the game and so far I’m liking the concept.
  6. I think they’re in one of the huts on the TC set facing the cast behind where the jury will later be sitting so they can properly view the proceedings. She can’t. She specifically had to pull the name of someone from the other tribe to visit next. It was a stupid lie. If IOTI is a success this season, I’d like to see my favorite Cirie as a future mentor.
  7. I think every season was better than EoE, May that never happen again! I’m cool with BR and S if for nothing else but their snark. I liked that the puzzle was the TC set, nice set. And I liked that Ronnie’s gone and Elaine didn’t even get a vote.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.etonline.com/tyler-cameron-teams-up-with-former-bachelorette-andi-dorfman-for-nyc-marathon-prep-130577%3famp Before the season ended, I was so rooting for TC as the next Bachelor. I am so happy for him not to be it now. He continues to impress me and Im thrilled to see him applying his season in the spotlight to good use. He really seems cut from a different mold than the usual fodder that gets cast on this franchise. Good for you, Tyler!
  9. Guess that’s all folks. I’m passing on BiP. So see y’all next year. 🥰
  10. I pray they’re bringing him out later to offer him TB gig and not to renew their relationship. I’m worried now.
  11. All I can hope is Tyler is not convinced to give her a 2nd chance.
  12. I think it’s very important for all future leads to be able to articulate. Why was she chosen for crying out loud!
  13. The tone of this conversation is way too civil. Looks like she’s going to forgive him. So where are they? Is this AL?
  14. She’s still wearing his ring though.
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