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  1. Wow @ Sharon nailing ‘em! She’s good.
  2. Omg I cheered so loud. Well played Denise!!
  3. I’m only watching Clare’s season for Matt and if the next Bachelor is out of this selection, I hope it’s him because I’m all Myler, they’re just so cuuute!😍 I don’t know any of these people personally, but based on what they showed us on tv and sm, it’s a night and day difference between Tyler and Peter as well their moms and Tyler’s mom’s farewell IG really made me cry. So yeah, hope to see him again to support his bff.
  4. Is anyone surprised? 😏 The body language when she broke up in the outback and at ATFR didn’t show any love there. And she was so vehement about the sex being a deal breaker, it made no sense that she did a 180 and came back. I was wondering how long they’d play it out. I also find this contract difficult to believe. Colton jumped a fence and went MIA in the middle of filming and came up with his own self serving ending that was successful which is what this should be about and at the same time way more entertaining than anything they could have scripted. I’d believe it if she got paid extra for coming back but not that it was in the contract, that’s bs. ETA: I thought you meant Madi gave that as her reason on Instagram, and that if she did, that’s what I was calling bs but I hadn’t read her message at the time, so sorry, no offense meant. As far as mom, she seems incapable of not voicing or facially expressing her opinion to all and sundry and maybe production encouraged her to star in the Barb show for ratings. Because ultimately, that’s all they care about and they got what they wanted. And that would have been a deal that would be so appealing to her even if she didn’t get paid to do so because she became an instant internet sensation, like someone online said their Twitter feed was full of the virus, the Democratic primaries and someone named Barb. And as they say, any publicity is good publicity. She got her more than 15 minutes and we watched and now hopefully it’s all over and we’ll move on to the next train wreck.
  5. Tyler’s mom passed away 😔 I didn’t know about this and didn’t see it posted here.
  6. Well I got to say, that was a dramatic finale, almost Mesick level.
  7. Should have known mom would make this a 1st. 😁
  8. Wow, mom just rolled her eyes at Maddie.
  9. He’s just not getting it! No one forced him to propose if he wasn’t ready. If this somehow ends happily for him, I’ll be 😠
  10. These staged houses are fancy. And wtg HA. So who is the ex that Chris mentioned in the audience at the beginning?
  11. There’s a reason Mr. Lane is in the audience with his briefcase. Please say it ain’t so!
  12. Probably some mama drama, she has yet to bawl her eyes out tonight. And we have to be reintroduced to Clare and probably a few of her guys.
  13. I have never heard a proposal I believed any less.
  14. She forgot to iron his shirts for this episode.
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