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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.etonline.com/tyler-cameron-teams-up-with-former-bachelorette-andi-dorfman-for-nyc-marathon-prep-130577%3famp Before the season ended, I was so rooting for TC as the next Bachelor. I am so happy for him not to be it now. He continues to impress me and Im thrilled to see him applying his season in the spotlight to good use. He really seems cut from a different mold than the usual fodder that gets cast on this franchise. Good for you, Tyler!
  2. Guess that’s all folks. I’m passing on BiP. So see y’all next year. 🥰
  3. I pray they’re bringing him out later to offer him TB gig and not to renew their relationship. I’m worried now.
  4. All I can hope is Tyler is not convinced to give her a 2nd chance.
  5. I think it’s very important for all future leads to be able to articulate. Why was she chosen for crying out loud!
  6. The tone of this conversation is way too civil. Looks like she’s going to forgive him. So where are they? Is this AL?
  7. She’s still wearing his ring though.
  8. Now our party begins 😁 This better be good.
  9. Just say it “I didn’t pick you”. It’s that simple. Run Tyler run! You’re free!
  10. No broken nails or heels or rips in the ugly dress?
  11. Yup, that’s what I tuned in for, not the recycled drivel that was shown and which we see every season. It would have been worth a snark attack and sunk his Bachelor audition a few pegs. I sure hope they bring it on for Jed. If not, I don’t see how this beats the fence jump.
  12. So I’m bummed Pete didn’t have some splaining to do. What happened to Harrison not going easy on him? That being said I think Hannah’s gonna listen to Jed’s excuses and forgive his indiscretions. And then I hope to never see or hear from them again.
  13. Remember when the cameras spent 45 minutes trolling Becca after Arie dumped her. They’ll find something to fill the 2h but it will probably be a lot of cringeworthy awkward.
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