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  1. Is Blake the new Nick Viall? Please don’t bring him or her back. I can’t bring myself to feel sorry for either party, they both suck. May they disappear. 🙏
  2. After 40 seasons, I’m not sure why people are so stupid with their idols/advantages/knowledge and expect to go far in this game. It irks me more when the stupid ones are likeable and I don’t like the ones conning them. That said, I’d be the one telling the conners “fuck that, I’m not falling for that shit” and get voted off immediately anyway. Which is another reason why I could never be on Survivor.
  3. Look at how long the text of that advantage is! I’ve zoned out and have no idea what any of them are for.
  4. Damn I was so hoping those stupid phrases would fall by the wayside and the advantage wouldn’t be activated.
  5. He also had sections labeled strategy with brief attributes of former contestants that got them far. Those stairs are too much. Props to Michelle for making it through night 1 with no incident.
  6. Slow thread for premiere night.
  7. They need to move the RC to another location. Takes forever up/down the stairs. Damn, Rick and Brandon survive and I have to continue to listen to Rick’s boring commentary and Brandon’s cockiness. I missed what happened with Joe because I’m at work. Someone please enlighten me. Thanks.
  8. That is so stupid! The head entree is going to stay on his plate like James stayed in his box last season.
  9. Ryan looks like Rachel’s Bryan and he’s already in trouble with his screen time strategy binder. Nayte is HOT! And I love his pooch.
  10. I thought Maddie Prew was dating Mike Porter from the Denver Nuggets. She must like Mike Ps.
  11. JD only has himself to blame. He said he couldn’t be fooled twice. 😏
  12. Suni is so technically perfect and her personality and confidence are improving by the week. CA said exactly what I was thinking.
  13. I just love Melora! She’s my winner. Love her every dance. Deserved the 10
  14. Those lifts from Iman were insane! Have a bad feeling he’s on the chopping block 😔
  15. DE, yes!!! 1 of them had better be BAG. Can the other be Tyra?
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