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  1. That is true. We always mock the Americans going over and shitting all over their culture.
  2. Yeah, I know what you mean about fat shaming and commenting on looks in general. I have done both. I'll draw the line when it comes to an actual disorder like Ed's Klippel Feil syndrome (KFS). Comment on his greasy hair, his face, his grossness but having a bone disorder that he was probably made fun of growing up I can't do. Then again, if I go through my comments, I've probably made fun of things no one can help, so I should shut it. 🙂
  3. I remember when the dancing in the airport scene happened and there were several on this board that thought she was rude. I remember thinking I would have died of embarrassment. I think Asuelu was that exotic guy she fucked and got pregnant on an exotic location. He was the star of the show there with his cultural dances. If she hadn't gotten pregnant, she probably never would've seen him again. Maybe she has love for this simpleton. Maybe she excuses his dimness from him thinking things get lost in the translation? Or that it's a cultural thing? I'm hoping second baby wasn
  4. For example, here's a pic of her as she is. And here's where I cropped that photo
  5. She does look smaller, but the photo is really cropped and could mask whether she was really that much lighter.
  6. Although the guy had that slimy look and the philanthropy question was stupid, I thought Larissa's blind date was charming.
  7. I think any item that doesn't have her boobs fully exposed, Libby thinks is modest. It's her best asset so she shows them as often as she can. To her that probably was a very conservative dress, as tacky as it was! Larissa was cute before doing the the procedures. And the toning machine she is using looks like that would take a helluva lot longer to work than cool sculpting. Meanwhile, how would anyone date her knowing she's here and her kids are still in Brazil.
  8. I know the context. I saw the way she responded. I heard her words. She had a "oh yuck, gross" and added she didn't even know any black guys. I understand a partner preference. But the way she said it, the way she acted told me all I need to know about her when it comes to race.
  9. “I don’t like black guys" is not subtle. It's in your face racism.
  10. I said the same thing the other day about the tiny homes that are being built. They cost a shit ton of money, they are so small there's barely any room for one person, much less a family. And likely the same people that buy them are the same people that would turn their nose up at a trailer park. I think unless you are in an area where trailers are very normal (Fla, Delaware) that they get a bad name b/c of the trailer parks that aren't nice and are run-down. I live in the country and there's a trailer park about 15 miles up the road. There's been a murder there and the police are t
  11. YES! And I lol'd at hiring Beyonce! I love Andrei. His "Do not terrorize me with your pregnancy" goes down as one of the best reality TV quotes ever.
  12. I'm with you. When my kid was 13 months old, we were on a 12 hour plane ride. 'Longest 12 hours of my life. I don't think Karine is getting her looks back. I don't think she ever had them. She was maybe kind of cute in the beginning but she takes after her dad. Paul doesn't help for sure, but I think she was heading down that haggard path before he came around.
  13. I can't remember if it was this episode of the first one, but Angela getting upset at the ring tone was funny. In the talking head she talks about how it's really hard to regain her trust once you lie...then she said "and Michael's done that several times..." How hard can it be if he's been busted several times now? She keeps taking him back!
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