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  1. Tanya is so impressive! I just looked her up and she's amazing. Yep, no wonder NeNe hates her. Tanya is way too good for this show.
  2. i work from home so today, I'm watching old episodes of RHOC. When Shannon first comes on, she is actually too skinny. But skinny fat too. I think she looks so much better now, even though she could do without some fillers.
  3. Rewatching the Hemingway stuff. They are acting. Badly. They want that Tres Amigas spinoff.
  4. You're confusing "want" and "desire" with "need." No one needs to get their breast enlarged because of a physical need; it's cosmetic surgery even for those women who do reconstruction.
  5. I agree. Subtle is everything. I get botox between my brows. It's so subtle no one would ever know but it keeps me from scrunching up my brow. We just tend to see the cartoonish extremes celebrities go to.
  6. I'm enjoying commenting on twitter w/emily tagged "isn't she the same age she's shaming?"
  7. Again, Emily should shut it with her age shaming. Even with all the fillers she's using, she looks the same fucking age she is shaming.
  8. I think the same thing and I don't believe Vicki didn't know either. I think this was their attempt to bring the funny b/c they all want a "Tres Amigas" spin-off.
  9. True but with Tamra as his mother, I doubt this is just a stage.
  10. So it appears that Spencer is just a better educated form of Ryan.
  11. Awww, you are so sweet! Nothing like new romance!
  12. Wow, good memory! I'm talking about my high school crush. We broke up for about 4 months and I dated hockey crush. High school crush and I got back together November 2018. So we have dated over a 2 year period with a 4 month break. Hockey crush and I are still great friends and are playing on the same team again!
  13. The fact she is so paranoid about that already and they haven't even landed in America says it all. What I don't understand is WHY she wasn't paranoid about that before ever getting pregnant with his kid. I continue to be baffled why people glamorize having a child with someone they barely know.
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