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  1. Betty and Dan met at the Notre Dame/USC game. Shillelagh refers to the trophy. It’s fitting that the episode in which she kills Dan references the first time they met. Brings their relationship full circle.
  2. I’m watching a different show. The one I’m watching showed Linda sending Betty nasty notes to mock her weight and refusing to give her back her wedding china just to be petty. The changing of the voicemail and stealing her journal also speak to the fact that Linda was no angel, and enjoyed being an irritant to Betty. Amanda Peet is no Meredith Baxter, but she admirably shows us a Betty who quite possibly is bi-polar and clearly suffers from a personality disorder. My one quibble is that I wish she had put on some weight. They could have at least had her wear a body suit to give her a plumper figure. Betty gained more than 60 pounds throughout this. Her weight gain was why both Dan and Linda fat-shamed her. I think it played a great deal in how she viewed herself. After all, she was very pretty and in her words tried to keep herself “perfect” for Dan until he left her.
  3. I suspect that the Epstein credits played a role in Betty not hiring a good lawyer. Every expense paid on Betty's behalf since their separation, which I assume would include legal fees, would be deducted from the lump sum settlement. That's how Betty ended up with a measly $28k as a lump sum. All of Dan's payments to Linda to cover her bills were deducted from what may have originally been an $800k settlement. No doubt a good lawyer could have managed to get her a bigger settlement, but how much of that would be eaten up by legal fees? I guess that's a risk Betty did not want to take. This show has taken me on a emotional roller-coaster where Betty is concerned. One minute I think she's a nutcase and get why Dan left her, and the next I think Dan's an asshole sociopath and I get (but don't condone) why Betty killed him. I suspect this is what the real Betty engenders in people - love/hate.
  4. Century 21 is the name of a well-known real estate brokerage firm. It’s a terrible name for a clothing store.
  5. I think they are always jealous when a woman can afford to walk away from the show. They debase themselves weekly to keep that apple. Lu, Dorinda and Ramona don’t have better options that can pay their bills.
  6. So what’s Lars’s excuse for being a bitch to Kiko and Jessica? If she’s running into assholes all day maybe she’s the asshole.
  7. Of course, Luann would marry the wealthiest of the housewives. That’s on brand for the Countess. Why won’t Tinsley just admit Scott does not want to be discussed on the show? It would put Dorinda and the rest of us out of our misery. Another thing I wish all of the housewives would admit - most of the gossip from a “mutual friend” is coming from a crew member of the show. 🙄
  8. Fire all of them except Leah and Tinsley. Ramona commenting on the way anyone acts as if she has an ounce of class is peak delusional. I’ve been over skanky Sonja for two seasons now. Really, it’s time for a new cast.
  9. I used to find Dorinda entertaining, but she’s morphed into a miserable biddy. If that’s her idea of growing, no thanks.
  10. This guy did more than distribute child porn. As he admitted, he did a number of awful things. I care less about whether he “paid his debt to society” (which is meaningless given the wild variances in sentencing these days) than whether he is truly reformed. Only time will tell. https://patch.com/new-jersey/baskingridge/bedminster-man-sentenced-to-7-years-for-child-porn-rebba73ba59f
  11. Sarah, live up to girl power and vote out Ben!
  12. Sarah now owes Nat and Michelle because she did not need to make fire. Could they get together and vote off Tony then Ben? That would be fun to watch.
  13. Oh, Sarah! 😂. She really does think Natalie is naive or just dumb.
  14. Dorinda is jealous that Tinsley is living the lifestyle she used to have. Dorinda, Sonja, LuAnne and Ramona lost social standing and experienced financial loss without their husbands. Tinsley gets divorced and, though she lost social standing, is still able to live a lavish lifestyle. Dorinda thinks making Tinsley out to be a kept woman diminishes Tinsley and elevates Dorinda. They’ve all been kept women. I sometimes think Dorinda misses the lifestyle with Richard more than Richard.
  15. Average check refers to the whole table. That is quite reasonable for a table, which usually consists of at least 2 people. That’s two people for lunch where I live.
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