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  1. In Harry’s defense, a lot of low budget movies are shot in Canada - not straight to video cheap, but balling on a Hollywood dime.
  2. The awkwardness has nothing to do with body discomfort and everything to do with how parents and stepparents should dress and behave around their children and grandchildren. For example, I swear around my friends, much of my family, even strangers in the proper setting (like a bar). Even as a person in my 40s, I never swear around my parents, my pastor, my boss. That doesn’t make me “ashamed” of swearing. It means I respect my audience.
  3. Candiace’s foray into a music career reminds me of Erika Girardi, except she has a lot more talent and is self-funding her career. I hope she doesn’t invest all her money for zero return, as is the case with Erika. She lost money. Making money in the music industry is extremely difficult. Most artists have to tour to earn a living.
  4. I found Whitney’s interaction with her stepsons, taking shots while in a bikini, awkward. At first, I thought it very unlikely that Meredith would be involved in Jen’s takedown, but after seeing how angry she is at Jen, I suspect she did make an anonymous tip. While I agree that children should be off-limits, when those children inject themselves into the business of the show, this rule no longer applies - especially if the children are grown. Brooks was acting in the same manner as a “friend of the housewives” last season. He had as much screen time as Mary and even sat for a confes
  5. laprin

    Ted Lasso

    I loved this episode. I think Coach Beard is frustrated by Ted’s nonchalance when they lose. Winning matters to him. He vented this frustration in S1. I don’t know how it happened but Coach Beard is my second favorite character. Roy Kent is my favorite. I think because they are both so emotionally honest. I really like Ted, but he hides his emotions. It makes him less genuine.
  6. I like Candiace but her mouth…whew chile! She makes it hard to defend her when people say she deserves to be popped in the mouth. I am always here for dragging Ashley Darby, but going after her looks makes zero sense. The woman is beautiful.
  7. Wow, @BluishGreen! This analysis of Crystal is very thoughtful.
  8. Because Kathy is well known and does not come off as a mean-girl, what she said came off as matter-of-fact to me. I can see where people might think it was a put down of Sutton. However, Crystal co-signing as if anyone knew of her before the show, was both elitist and laughable. Crystal also tries to paint herself as “woke”. You can’t be woke and elitist.
  9. It’s too bad filming ended a few months before “The Housewife and the Hustler” documentary aired. I am curious how much Erika knew about the doc being filmed. I’m sure the filmmakers reached out to her at some point. It is telling that the lawyers who had been advising her while she filmed RHOBH, dropped Erika a day after the documentary citing a breakdown in trust. Doesn’t that imply she lied to them? https://www.insider.com/erika-jaynes-attorneys-dropped-her-after-new-documentary-2021-6
  10. The thing is, this is how it starts. Slowly, their asshole nature reveals itself, and Crystal is starting a bit early for someone I’m sure is not looking to be cast as a villian. I have not completely given up on her, but she needs to step back from the mean-girl precipice.
  11. Medication maybe? I know Erica is all the talk, but I don’t think we’re talking enough about the stealth elitist bitch vibes coming from Crystal. She also really knows how to hold a grudge. Disappointed because when we were introduced to Crystal, I liked her. Glad I learned a while ago not to get too attached to these Housewife biddies because they will change up on you.
  12. I think Garcelle is image conscious and that keeps her in check. She does not want to be edited as the “angry black woman.” I really wanted her to go IN on Dorit.
  13. Robin doesn’t want to work hard and partnering with Macy’s and TJMaxx would mean she would be obligated to put in the work. Maybe some of it is depression, but Robyn has never struck me as a go-getter. She wants to support, not lead.
  14. Think of it this way - how many times have you heard of people being prosecuted for accepting stolen goods? Same concept. If someone was driving around in my stolen car, I would want it back. Auctioning Erika’s things to recoup some money is fair. She should be thankful to have received the benefit of that stolen money over all these years.
  15. Spoken like someone that doesn’t know she needs the ratings to keep her job. Not exactly business savvy. 🙄
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