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  1. I actually think this is a good picture of Maddie. I don’t find her to be very attractive.
  2. I don’t know why, but it makes her look dumb so I love it.
  3. I confess I occasionally check on Nene’s tweets because I love seeing her implode. It really is a glorious self take-down. Now, she’s saying if she can’t work, Andy can’t work. What’s preventing her from working except her nasty attitude? Also, every time she discusses an OG being fired, she conveniently omits Vicki G. Vicki is the OG of OGs and was fired. She could rightly argue there would have been no RHOA without the success of RHOC, which Vicki put on the map, But Nene out here acting like the franchise did not exist before her. Girl bye!
  4. This makes it sound like anyone that wants to go to college can afford to go - there’s always a way. That is simply not true. Many people still go who can’t afford it. I have a friend that is in her 40s and still paying on her student loan from an art school. My parents could not send us all to college. I fortunately received an academic scholarship and left to go to an out-of-state school. My sister went to school locally while still applying for scholarships to other schools. Eventually, she received one. Why does there have to be something more to it?
  5. I don’t know of any TV shows that pay a flat salary. All shows are per episode. That’s why you hear about the main cast of The Big Bang Theory getting $1 mil per episode. When you are demoted to friend status you are in less episodes. When Nene was on Tamron Hall’s show she said her salary was not cut. Tamron then asked her to clarify since clearly she was not happy with the contract. She said the number of episodes were cut.
  6. I’m pretty sure the backlash will rival the GoT finale. But unlike HBO, there is little else keeping me tied to being a Disney+ subscriber. They will lose tons of subscribers and will deserve it. I will personally root for their failure. Also, what would be the point of the Armorer making Mando’s sigil a Clan of Two? I thought that had significance.
  7. Before this season, I liked Monique but found her pretty boring. I can’t think of any season where she really brought anything to the show other than this one. I find the scenes of her at home boring and the way Chris speaks to her kind of skeeves me out. He seems controlling and the type that demands sex all the time. I don’t find that adorable.
  8. Agree 100% on the social contract. Because Monique broke it, the other ladies had every right to freeze her out and Bravo may have ended up in a lawsuit if the women no longer felt safe around her. I know I would not want to be around someone who gets triggered because she got bested with words. Most of those women could beat Monique in a contest of words.
  9. I agree. For messaging Kristin gets a 10, but the judges are rating the performance, which was not very good IMO. Was her edit shitty? Yes. Do I think compared to what we saw from others she should have made Show Group? No.
  10. I am assuming that when in their bubble they can take off the mask but when in a public space where outsiders come in they must wear the mask. Similar to if I’m home with family, we don’t wear the mask, but as soon as we step out the door, masks are worn. For the auditions, maybe only the DCC and select CMT crew that were part of the bubble were allowed.
  11. Francesca has given explicit instructions to Elizabeth on numerous occasions, including warning her to take the toxic chemicals outside. Elizabeth claims to have 5 years of experience. This is not rocket science. The bulk her job is serving drinks, folding napkins and laundry. What’s to teach after 5 years? She needs direction and has been given plenty, but fails to follow them. Francesca is checking the work. That’s why she’s so frustrated. If she was oblivious to the work that is not being done, including the small things, she would have nothing to complain to Elizabeth about. As an aside, I don’t know any good employees whose work needs constant checking and who would not be embarrassed to need their boss to check their work. Elizabeth has every right to vent in private - not with a door open or on the deck where other employees, including Francesca, can hear. This is not only rude, but subjects Franscesca to public ridicule and in the real world would get you sent to HR. I once was forced to fire a good employee over a similar instance. I say forced because once it went to HR and attorneys were involved, not much I could do. The employee being talked about was claiming a hostile work environment among other things. It seems Elizabeth is the one critical of Francesca because she does not make her feel warm and special, while Francesca is focused on the work and simply wants to work in a cordial environment with people she can trust. I have yet to see what makes Francesca a terrible leader while Elizabeth is labeled an “okay” employee.
  12. As a black woman, I am grateful for all allyship. I have also always liked Kristin. However, i agree that the solo was not great. If you take away the message and look at it objectively, it really did not hold up well against most of the other performances. I was not moved at all while watching it.
  13. So Francesca is getting the terrible leader label based on what? Seems like if you hold your team to a high standard and aren’t constantly coddling them and passing out compliments for every wee bit of progress, you get labeled a terrible leader - if you’re a woman.
  14. I think Ashley’s coolness during all the Monique/Candiace back and forth is proof she knew Monique would not be back on the show (whether on her own terms or not). When Andy asked Ashley if she believed Candiace regarding Chris and Monique talking shit about her and Michael, Ashley acknowledged it could be true. She did not act suprised by this and Chris and Monique did not really deny it. The relationship between Ashley and Monique was purely transactional. I wondered why Monique was so quick to forgive Ashley making her out to be an alcoholic on national TV, but now we know these rumors go back 2-3 years and Monique needed an ally.
  15. I really need my Grogu fix in the finale episode.
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