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  1. The guys have turned into absolute trolls. Trolls are smaller than men, so there should have been plenty of room for Rhylee’s halo.
  2. I took their silence as a form of “keeping their head down” so the bruhs would not turn their disrespect on them. Simone acknowledged how immature the boys were behaving in her TH and still said nothing because women are conditioned to swallow their opinions if it might make them seem difficult. Case in point was Bryan going after Courtney for defending Rhylee. Asston is part of the management team. It’s a piss poor manager that ignores rather than deals with a problem, especially because if he had ever shown one ounce of respect for Rhylee, she would be a much more pleasant person to work with.
  3. It looks like Project Runway will not give Sergio the career boost that he doesn’t need anyway. 🙄 I typically like Victoria’s work, but that blue alien pantsuit was ugly and she did not meet the spirit of the challenge. Marquise and Nancy had much better designs.
  4. I’m sure a lot of women, not just black women, have had condescending bosses of all races. I don’t even know why race is a factor in Kate and Simone’s conversation. I have yet to see any evidence that Kate is racist. Just because Kate thinks Simone is a marginal stew and does not want to hang out with her is not evidence of racism; it’s evidence of standards. I find Simone insufferable - self important, boring and needy. Because it can’t be said enough, the “bruhs” are all assholes.
  5. As someone that has spent 25+ years managing teams of people, I have never had anyone swear or yell at me. I attribute this as much to my treatment of them as I do my position. I would never yell or swear at an employee or put my finger in their face. Rhylee gave what she got.
  6. Maybe Captain Lee has back issues. I would find a couch pretty unbearable with my back issues unless those cushions were very firm. With this episode Asston finally made me #TeamRhylee. And that is no easy feat.
  7. Were you a viewer back when Michael Kors was a judge? How about Isaac Mizrahi on Project Runway Allstars? Now they were mean. Brandon Maxwell is a pretender. His comments sound like someone that is trying too hard to be the next Kors or Mizrahi.
  8. I think her reaction was based on his tone and intent and not because she is ashamed of her husband. Anyone can easily google that. It’s also front and center on her wikipedia page. Tyler meant it as a dig. He knew it. Karlie knew it and by their expressions so did the other designers and judges. Even without the comment, I was over Tyler. He and Sergio are both cocky and dismissive of constructive feedback, but Sergio can somewhat back up his arrogance, Tyler not so much.
  9. There are a few characters I dislike and I believe that is as intended. Without characters to root against there would be zero tension and, therefore, no drama.
  10. As an introvert, I completely related to Courtney. Extraverts have no appreciation for how exhausting it can be for introverts to be "on" all the time. We need quiet time to recharge. The perfect date after working is chilling at home with takeout not going to a noisy restaurant or club. I just had a chance to watch this episode and what I saw from Ashton looked like roid rage. We know he works out a lot and is obsessed with his musclarity based on his Instagram page. I would not put it past him to be on steroids, which don't mix well with alcohol. Captain Sandy gets a lot of flack for being overly involved with the staff and a micro manager. Captain Lee is the opposite. He is completely oblivious to what is going on with his crew when they are not right in front of him and seems to have very little interest in stepping in to resolve issues unless he is called upon to do so. I'm not sure which is a worse quality in a leader.
  11. I hope this show finds an audience because I am definitely intrigued.
  12. There are some that are always in attack mode against any woman that falls outside the "play along to get along, diplomat at all cost" motif that women and only women must subscribe to. All strong women are bitches and bullies. In the meantime, the weak-minded, lazy and incompetent are always the victims of such women through no fault of their own.
  13. This has been posted every season for the past 4 seasons.If they were looking for one they should have found him/her by now. I think Kate let this really immature crew pull her down to their level. I agree that this is the most immature crew I’ve seen and I have been a viewer since Season 1 and also watch BDM. I could not work around people who think not wanting to get shit-faced and instead enjoy quiet time alone means you’re mistreating them. Simone, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. I have zero sympathy for her in this Tanner situation.
  14. As a “boss” and a POC, I would hire someone with your “old school” thinking in a New York minute. I call that “old school” thinking showing initiative and drive - two traits that can’t be “trained” into you.
  15. What role does common sense have in evaluating Simone? I've never been part of a wait staff, but I would know without being told to check on my guests every 15 minutes or so because I would expect that if I was a guest. Add to this that Simone supposedly has experience and it becomes more perplexing why she requires a significant amount of training from Kate. The nature of the work, with the fast turnaround between charters, requires a person that is a quick study.
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