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  1. Mariah has not received a contract for next season. She's also saying that she's being left out of board meetings that as creator & executive producer she should be included in. The production company she's having a problem with is the same one Gabrielle Union has a grievance with for discrimination.
  2. Queens of the Desert Season 2, Episode 9 The Palm Springs weekend continues as the ladies hit the town for a social cycle, but Kendra and Jazmin's fitness relationship threatens everyone's good time. Lia throws a designer labels themed dinner, but Shanique takes the opportunity to air her grievances. Imani takes the spotlight at a drag show. Later, Shanique has doubts about her new career choice and Kendra makes a bold decision that could affect her marriage. Airs July 5, 2020
  3. Nancy Volpe from last season of PR. Cute idea, right?
  4. Nancy Volpe from the most recent season was featured on local Philadelphia news. She's making face masks with a clear panel in the middle, so you can see facial expressions. Seems like a good idea! https://www.fox29.com/video/735957 ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿพ with this link. Ugh, I don't think it's working properly. Let's try the 'Gram: Cute, right!?
  5. S7/Ep09 (2020) features NFL player Marshawn Lynch's family run restaurant, Rob Ben's, named in tribute to his friend that passed away. He seems like a great guy, his Aunties running the restaurant are hard working & the other family members quickly got their shit together. I'm rooting for them! Mostly they benefitted from the financial advice. Once they saw how much money they were losing from over-pouring & foods costs (~13 large prawns on 1 entree! Good gracious!) they were all ready to do better. A very deserving remodel. I was also touched by the tribute to Rob Ben: shown in silhouette cheering on his friend.
  6. I wonder why it took 5 years for arrests to be made. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8475829/Ex-husband-Real-Housewives-star-charged-assault.html
  7. Of all people, Imani should have taken the party bus & turned up with the girls. All those silly gifties--- they should have brought her her share of the weed. Her body is just as good as Jazmin's with the rock hard abs, but without the obsessive diet. Her husband Phil sucks. It's like he left her & didn't tell her. She just had to catch the hint when he refused to come home or let her visit him; like a boyfriend that wants to break up with you, but instead of saying so he just treats you increasingly like shit until you have no choice but to break up with him.
  8. Some charters get a much better food experience than others & this one was off the chain! Cheeses & figs & prosciutto platters right away, a caviar appetizer, filet mignon & truffle lunch, & mussels for a snack---- they had only been on the boat 4 hours at that point! Lobster, prawns, squid ink pasta & lamb chops for dinner?! Yum! The guests were all nice enough--- just the oyster guy was a jerk & sucked the air out of the room with his bad attitude. See, me? I would stop inviting him places because he makes the whole group look bad. Although, he was much nicer to Bugsy, so maybe he just didn't care for Hannah. I was very impressed with this group's ability to party! My, God, they drank & ate & socialized for 16 hours straight. Then they were up pretty early the next day--- they couldn't have had more than 3-4 hours sleep. & the one girl went to exercise? Ah, to be young again.... (Who am I kidding? I couldn't party that hard back in the day either.)
  9. The Marques Houston engagement creeps me out because she's nineteen. https://toofab.com/2020/06/19/sister-sister-marques-houston-fiancee-miya-dickey/
  10. I'm checking it out because you guys mentioned it. Popped in mid-episode when they were eating a capybara pepperpot in Guyana. Next episode, Gordon's in Louisiana & they're hunting nutria. What the rodent is going on!?
  11. Soo... am I the only one who found those no neck monsters insufferable? Just me? I'll show myself out........
  12. ^^^Yep, @druzy. This was back in February this year. My jaw dropped when I was watching this. The cameras flashed to the audience looking horrified. Anybody can say something stupid when talking off the cuff, but she had to have thought about this beforehand in order to formulate this "joke." Smh.
  13. Note to self: always ask before touching @Rlb8031 's food. No problem.
  14. Some of those are truly awful. They forgot at least one: when she made that tasteless "come on down" joke about the Price Is Right host's ex-fiancรฉ falling to her death off a balcony.
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