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  1. I enjoyed the Carly/Britt scenes today. That is more what I wanted. Still can't figure out why they couldn't tell Valentin Bailey = Louise. Oh right, DRAMAZ. I'm over here waiting for Things That Actually Make Sense like an idiot.
  2. I am glad Brad is coming back, because it'll be nice to have Brad/Britt scenes again.
  3. They should have recast Jason right away. So many people have died and come back in the recent past that these "deaths" have no meaning. I just don't care because it's not like he'll stay dead.
  4. I wish LW wasn't vaccinated so I wouldn't have to watch Carly on my screen. Seriously hate the character so much. She ruins the whole show. Britt, on the other hand ... Kelly Thibault really hit it out of the park with her expressions. She seemed to just shrink smaller and smaller. I just find her so great to watch.
  5. I am having so much second hand embarrassment watching Wes Ramsey as Snidely Whiplash. I mean, Peter.
  6. I just binged the whole series again, and I just love the S3 finale so much. SO MUCH. Even though I knew it was coming, I still laugh my ass off at the Neverending Story right in the middle of everything. It took me so my surprise the first time I had to pause it to stop laughing. I am super curious how S4 will deal with everyone since there are so many key characters now, and they're in different places.
  7. There were a couple times I did a double take because he sounded just like Gibbs for a split second here and there.
  8. It feels like someone on the writing team is struggling with infertility and using the show to work out their feelings.
  9. When the murdered husband's last name was said to be Kessler I was waiting for a Lady Heather appearance.
  10. The Humboldt Broncos crash also resulted in mixing up two of the victims, one of whom died. The parents spent two days at the bedside of the boy they thought was their son. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/coroner-mixup-humboldt-broncos-fatal-collision-1.4668594 I remember they did this storyline on Nash Bridges. Nash's daughter and friend are in a car crash and misidentified when one dies. (You can probably guess who survived ... ) I liked May and Harry bonding. I think it'd be much easier for a sibling to maintain a more normal vibe while still being open to talk, unlike
  11. I don't know why the writers think rehashing the "who am I" plot with Callen is a good idea. I also don't know why they think every bloody season revolving around Kensi/Deeks/baby is interesting. I also don't know why we are still being inflicted with Joelle. I don't find ANY of this interesting.
  13. My favourite was Bosco and Yokas on Third Watch. They had a very sibling-like relationship, and it rang so true. They were there for each other in major ways, but also had their own lives. It was one of the few relationships I'd seen on TV that I loved that they didn't pair them together romantically.
  14. I'm really enjoying CM as Drew, way more than I did the previous actor. CM seems into it. I also love Liesl and her bloodthirst for Peter - right there with ya, girl. And I'm really glad I PVR the show so I can fast forward through Carly/Sonny stuff. I'm just not in the mood to see the crap-all-over-Nina-show when Carly/Sonny are even more repugnant. I love how no one seems to give a crap Jason killed two people. But no, it's Nina who's done the unforgivable.
  15. I think she's Ryan's daughter. Which I would enjoy greatly. Since the show likes to ret con so much, can we ret con that Ryan still has all his hands?
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