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  1. I really enjoyed Trina and Nikolas. They were fun/funny in their scenes. I like when they mix it up and give people who don't usually interact more scenes together. I also think Trina would think Spencer is seriously sad and pathetic to be this against Ava marrying into the family.
  2. That's what happened with me last year. I felt like all the people I liked were kicked out early and it was just super boring and dull. I really hope things are different this year.
  3. Drag Vulcano had some of the best, most creative looks. Arantxa just looked rough on that runway.
  4. Half way through the show I realized all of the contestants could be my children and I just about died. I still think I'm close in age to 20-year-olds lol. I think he should do a challenge later in the season where they have to cook their signature meal again, but elevate it from what he first had to show they're actually learning from him.
  5. I enjoyed Deeks and his Igors tonight lol. I was just glad not to have any "trying to have a baby" drama. Because I'd rather they didn't, the storyline is just ugh for me. Seeing Hetty reminded me of why I loved the show initially - it was about deep cover. It's turned into "just a procedural" instead. I really wish we had more undercover cases like the show was pitched as. Hetty was the magician that turned them into their undercover personas. They kind of stripped away what made it stand out.
  6. Trina is the bright spot in GH for me. I love the actress and the character. I wish they'd give her better friends lol. I was terrified the opening shower scene was going to be some sort of Michael/Willow thing, so thank you Dante.
  7. When they were talking about how good it was, I was in shock. I forget who called them out at the end saying it was awful, but that was the only sane take in the bunch.
  8. One thing I am appreciating is that many different characters are interacting that might not normally, and it's making the show feel a little fresher.
  9. Holy crap Sebastian is annoying.
  10. I always feel sorry when actors come here to shoot in rainy season and then they add rain machines in the script. Insult to injury! lol.
  11. I really loved seeing Ami Foster with Cherie Johnson and Soleil Moon Frye again. I wish Cherie, in particular, was in the episodes more. I really enjoy her.
  12. Why does Maxie's makeup looked like she's been beat up? That's some horrible contouring. Great scene with Cam/Liz today. But I echo the fact this show is bleak as hell. I'm sick of it. I really want some FUN.
  13. I literally turned off the show when I saw Carly standing in that doorway preparing to be all offended her grandson was seeing his other grandmother AT THE WISH OF HIS PARENTS. Oh I hate her so much I couldn't stand to watch the rest of the episode because I didn't want to see it. UGH. Here's to my fanwank version of Carly going batshit cray over Nina and Wiley and getting committed again and leaving us deliciously Sonny and Carly free for awhile. One can dream.
  14. The Bachelor really wasn't focused on diversity, but in finding figureheads to represent that while making no real meaningful change.
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