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  1. So this was episode 8 and they had 19 episode done before halting production although wikipedia says 20. It's actually too bad they are so earlier in the airings because I thought this episode would've made a decent finale.
  2. I found Julian being Mr. White Knight absolutely cringe. So gross. I could barely look it was just awful. I have no idea who is writing him, but stop. Stop it. It's every man who never listens and thinks they know better. Ugh. Still keep thinking Brando is Lucas. It was literally when Carly asked about Gladys that I realized it wasn't Lucas.
  3. Chase/Willow/Michael/Sasha is giving me Ned/Alexis/Jax/Chloe flashbacks. Although the old school one had an even stupidier premise (Chloe had to marry to keep her company and chose marrying her cousin over her boyfriend lol), I actually had a lot of fun watching it. This one ... I don't think is going to be all that fun.
  4. I LOVED this. Sick burn from the lawyer. I'd like to see more of her if we get more of that lol.
  5. I was really hoping it was faked too, but I feel like showing Trina sitting with him really took that idea away.
  6. These "events" Jazz plans look like things the show has told her to try and do, but she has no connections or even relative fame to make it happen so they always look like garage sale level. A fundraiser people want to see doesn't involve your family members lipsyncing. I mean WTF. Noelle is the person I tune in to see on this show. I want good things for her.
  7. I kept expecting TJ to be hiding out in Ben's office at the end, no worse for wear.
  8. Kelly dodged a gigantic bullet.
  9. I honestly thought Carly was going in to talk to Lucas, because I mistook Brando for Lucas. The actors look enough alike to be brothers.
  10. That was really great to cast Billie Lourd as Fiona. Her imitation of her grandma was spot on.
  11. Well, that closed out the crappiest January I've ever had in depressing fashion. Good, but man.
  12. I was excited about the LDSK start to the story, but it just went off the rails.
  13. I wondered if Bishop had gone to Odette who took care of it.
  14. As gross as I find the rhinophyma cases surgeries, they are always such a fantastic transformation. I can't even imagine what the patients must feel like before and after.
  15. There's something about the production of this show I just don't like. It's not like other shows don't have filler, but I feel like there's more to why I'm annoyed by this show, but I can't put my finger on why. I don't find either of the doctors interesting personalities. They seem like faceless people. You could have a new doctor every week and trade out and I wouldn't care. Maybe I'm spoiled by Dr. Lee on Dr. Pimple Popper - she has a great personality and I enjoy her talking heads and her bedside manner, but I'm not getting any of that here.
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