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  1. I think how non-working celebrities pay for their expensive lifestyles is often a point of curiosity for us commonfolk. It's not limited to Harry and Meghan, nor even Royals. Though I will say as an American the idea of having billionaires solely through birthright forever and ever Amen makes me ill. There is no question that Harry and Meghan live an expensive lifestyle including travel and staff, all of which is paid for somehow. It wasn't free to move to Canada then LA, nor for them and then Harry to fly home. And somebody's cleaning those mansions - not likely the two of them. So I think there is similar curiosity about how all of it is paid for as it is for say retired actors or singers. Doesn't always speak to ill intent from the curious.
  2. Dont forget Money-ano's (Mariano's). I live downtown so my grocery options are Jewel-Osco, Mariano's, Whole Foods and the two tiniest Targets on earth. The money I save on driving has definitely been poured into groceries. Add the ridiculous taxes (water tax? WATER TAX!) and the only time I miss Atlanta is on grocery day.
  3. I just really want to thank all you guys for posting here. I've been lurking all through the last thread and this one. I live alone and am still vigilant about safety (always masked when I'm out even when I run and at work, limited optional trips, active social distancing, no indoor activities, etc.) which makes me a unicorn amongst my colleagues here in Chicago and my family in Atlanta. I've lost almost all interest in tv so I can't participate in most of the rest of the site anymore. But I feel at home here. So thank you!
  4. Please watch Get Out. Nothing I would consider torture porn. And Jordan Peele continues his master class in the psychological horrors of just existing, especially as a Black American. This. Forget JLo, Lupita Nyong'o is the one who was robbed of acting noms.
  5. Y'all are way more generous than I am. All I can think about this finale is how pissed I am that I paid for a whole month of HBO for that. Just like Issa and Prentiss (and Amanda obvi) seem to think they broke some major ground with 16 minutes of PPD storyline, they don't seem to realize what character-burning damage they've done to Molly. It feels like they don't watch their own show to not realize that Molly's words and actions this season took what could have been from-college-to-real-adults growing pains and morphed it into scorched-earth-on-that-former-friend territory. Molly did not have any balance, not a single real redeemable moment to detract from the destruction she wrought in Issa's life. It was too far and too much. And they didn't leave us anything to root for. At this point even if you could have seen Molly's side before, it's nearly impossible to do so now. I could tell by that ending that Issa and Prentiss don't realize that they probably destroyed the whole character trying to build this friendship growth arc. But no one is rooting for Issa's and Molly's friendship unless we get a New and Improved Molly.
  6. Has it though? They are both at such different and more mature places now. Even wanting to do a post mortem is a big sign of maturity. Sharing their hopes, dreams and recent realizations about themselves with no filter is another. I mean they just turned 30. Their relationship started in college and many of those are difficult to last through the broke-ass-finding-myself 20s. Now that they're both grown and they clearly had a good foundation, would it be terrible for them to try again?
  7. I agree. I was thinking of Toni as a version of Max and Molly as a version of Toni. Max's one-that-got-away was even named Greg! (I had forgotten that.) All three are fashionable, independent, picky about men, and, of course, dark-skinned women. Molly is career-focused like Max and selfish (and bad at relationships) like Toni. Issa is the heart of the group who holds them all together like Joan did for their group. And Molly is her college BFF like Toni was Joan's. I just watched the first episode of Living Single but I can't remember if Khadijah and Max were college friends. I hope the show doesn't go the same route with Issa's and Molly's friendship as Girlfriends did with Joan's and Toni's. But Molly is as self-centered as Toni and both liked when they were in the better place than their BFF.
  8. Mabel Moment: I just started back working out since I packed on this COVID-19 lbs. And today was my 4th day running. When I was finished, I was so proud of myself and I was like, "Day 4!" 👍🏾 And then I thought of Mabel and cracked myself up in the middle of a Chicago sidewalk. Speaking of Regine: I've been watching Living Single reruns on Hulu and a thought occurred. Does Max = Toni Childs = Molly? There is a decided through-line on multiple levels. Hmmm...
  9. It's working. My Mom swears she's getting high off of CBD gummies. And she should know better. She's 62 and actually did smoke pot.
  10. That scene where Molly is in the Ethiopian restaurant waiting for her food, sees Issa getting out of the car and says to herself, "Here we go," I read it differently than many of you do. I thought she was waiting for Issa to come in because she saw Issa was coming in. Not to be petty and wait for Issa to grovel. I thought the "here we go" was a recognition of the fact that this encounter - whatever it may be - was not going to be easy. Not only did they have Molly's blowup between them, but it had been months since they had had anything like a real conversation without simmering resentments and unspoken feelings beneath it. I'm not really sure what Molly should have done instead of wait for Issa to come in. When Molly looked up the first time, Issa was just getting out of the car and not looking at her. She couldn't wave or beckon to her at that point. Then Molly looked down at her phone and by the time she looked back up, Issa was leaving. It was clear that Issa was deliberately avoiding her. Of course, Molly should have called Issa. Then and before then. The one time Molly started to offer an olive branch - at the beginning of Issa's block party - she took so long to get to her words that Issa got pulled away. Of course, Molly's later rude ass comment about Issa running from her like a job was out of hurt. Molly has been shown to express hurt as anger. Every time. Look how angry she was at her father and how long it took her to offer him an olive branch. And she still never said the words. I guess all I'm trying to say is I didn't read Molly's reaction in the restaurant as petty. Just bad timing and her already established reluctance to make the first move. I'm just glad she is finally remembering (with Andrew's gentle, subtle support) that she needs help and is trying to get it.
  11. Oh @AnimeMania. Well then ignore everything I said. As you can see, I do not watch/read trailers in general and this one made me so confused. As you were.
  12. So for real... you guys aren't bored to death with this show at this point? It took me 2 full days to finish washing this 1 hr show. I keep waiting for something (anything!) interesting to happen. But every week is just hero worship of Axe and now Wendy, shluppiness of Chuck, inconsistent character development of my only hope Taylor and all the supporting characters who don't get nearly enough development. At this point, I've only been watching to see Sacher and/or Taylor win without Chuck and/or Axe. And, of course, to see how luminous Lauren looks every week. Her skin, her hair and her wardrobe are....ahmazzzzing.
  13. A-ha @scrb! That explains it. I thought he was just using Economy Plus as a stand-in for any airlines' pay-more-seats. Wasn't aware it was United. I have refused to fly United since they beat down that Asian doctor, made that grandma check her giant pocketbook with her medicine in it, and killed that dog in the overhead bin all in like the space of one month shortly after I moved to Chicago. I almost always fly American. And they have Basic Economy (no checked bag, no picking seats), Main Cabin (pick a seat and check a bag) and Main Cabin Extra (add booze and supposedly legroom). And I always get champagne in MCE or 1C. This older black lady told me my first time in 1C that if you don't make them serve a black woman French bubbly in an overpriced plane seat that they're probably wondering how she can afford, then you're doing it all wrong and wasting everybody's time.
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