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  1. Kyle thought LVP leaving would allow Kyle to ascend to her rightful place as the show's queen bee, but the other gals ain't having it! Kyle is too easily flustered (as shown by her reaction to Garcelle's sweet dig) and cares too much about other's opinions to rule over this franchise. And while Kyle is good at being catty, she crumbles completely when someone comes for her. Denise and Erika are better suited for the top dog role precisely because I doubt either one of them would want it. Too much drama. Too much work. The cost-benefit analysis shows few benefits. Denise and Erika are smart enough to leave that soul-sucking mess where it belongs -- with Rinna, Kyle, and Dorit -- the Real Housewives of Try-Hard-Dom. Another reason for Kyle seeming shaky this year is Mauricio's. . .vibe. Mauricio's not really there, even when he's there, ya know what I'm saying? Pretty soon he'll be off in Canada camping with Harry Hamlin or some shit.
  2. I'm a huge fan of Meredith Baxter's portrayal of Betty Broderick. I have always been fascinated by the story, so I decided to give this a try. I made it through about twenty-five minutes before shutting if off. I'll just say Amanda Peet is still the same actress she was twenty years ago. I was so looking forward to some "original" programming to watch during this downtime, but this is a no-go for me. I'm deleting it from my DVR list.
  3. Yes to all the bolded! I especially enjoyed your bridge scene comparison to a Hallmark movie. My favorite trashy women's entertainment channel is Lifetime, dammit, and I only watch those to see the heroine outmatch/outpace the villain. You're only supposed to flirt with/sex up the villain to win! While Oh and Comer have tremendous chemistry this push for them to become a truly romantic couple is killing the show for me. I truly wanted Eve to remain in relentless pursuit of this woman because of Bill, Niko, and the loss of Eve's life/career. Watching her pursue V out of attraction .... Erm, nope. Modern television's infatuation with reforming psychopaths is so off the mark. That shit ruined Luther for me (cause his thing with Alice reminds me of this mess!) and I could never take Dexter seriously because of his supposed "code." There is no love here, and I hope Eve is smart enough to know this. The moment she gives herself over to Villanelle, Eve might as well be dead. Villanelle will already be seeking her next challenge. We've already seen V treats her exes.
  4. I did a re-watch of this show last year via someone's Youtube channel and was shocked by what I saw versus how I remembered the show. I recall liking this show during it's run, but I didn't follow it every week. For some reason, I remembered this show as similar to Living Single, but set in LA and a little more upscale and with more adult subject matter. The end of Season One shocked me. Watching Toni slap Joan, then run home to try to sleep with her man, was a surprise. I kept thinking, "Were they ever really friends?" It left a bad taste in my mouth and I only watched a few eps of Season Two before I stopped watching. I wanted to like this show much more, but I've gotten softer as I've gotten older, and that viciousness was hard for me to come back from. It probably wouldn't have bothered me so much in my 20s. That said, I really loved Jill Marie's Toni. She was able to be complex, funny, and dark at the same time. Tracee's Joan character got on my nerves sometimes. I mostly rolled my eyes at Lynn, and I never understood why Maya got to hang.
  5. I noticed when Carolyn asked Geraldine what she wanted to eat, Geraldine basically said, "Anything vegetarian." That caught my attention because she took steaks over to Konstantin. It's probably meaningless because I know several flexi-tarians who sometimes forgo meat for various reasons. When Geraldine dropped the steaks and left, at first I assumed that Konstantin had prepared them and unknowingly poisoned himself -- not the most fast-acting poison, but that's where my weird thoughts took me, when he started showing symptoms when he was with Villanelle. Actually, I would have liked that because I'm one of the viewers who just doesn't quite trust ole Gerry.
  6. Villanelle makes a lovely high-fashion Grinch, doesn't she? Yikes! I didn't particularly like the ensemble, but it met our girls basic requirements: expensive and eye-catching. This episode felt like the Killing Eve I fell in love with during Season One. I really wish I'd enjoyed this season more.
  7. We are definitely on the same page. I watch for vicarious living reasons, ya know? I want to see chicks with long money, long weaves, and long-standing relationships really doing their lives up. I grew up in a hood where I could see chicks throw hands all day. Don't need it on my TV. I'll admit to checking out the RHOA reunions every now and again. The year Porsha and Phaedra tried to portray Kandi as some rapist, I knew I'd made the right decision to stop watching. Those types of accusations are too damn much. They could have had personal, financial, and even criminal consequences for Kandi and her family. I always knew Phaedra was sneaky and that Porsha ain't always the most thought-out chick, but I could never fully reinvest in this show after that. These women be trying to play with each others relationships and money too much for me. That's where it stops being fun and becomes serious. Ugh, I stopped with RHONJ the year Teresa's family showed up. I don't like seeing real family members get down with each other, getting all grimey. That's the same reason I stopped watching Braxton Family Values. Yeah, I know Tamar's a bit much, but by the time Towanda and Traci started circling the wagons to get her together, my heart couldn't take it. I kept yelling at my TV, "You know your baby sister's a mess. Don't treat her like she some bitch out in the street!" I'm down to RHOP and RHOBH (hope Garcelle don't let none of those chicks get in her head!) On Sunday I erased RHONY from my DVR. The New York chicks used to be my absolute favorites, but their drunken shenanigans this season have just become too desperate and sad. I may peek in every once in awhile because I have a soft spot for these crazy chicks. I doubt they'll pull me back in permanently again.
  8. You're right about that. I would never again trust a man like Jamal again, but some people are just more forgiving, I guess. I really hope Gizelle got back with him for a storyline only. If she really allowed herself to fall for his bull again, there may be no hope for her. She's grown enough to know better.
  9. Of course we see her differently. That's what makes these discussions so entertaining! If we all agreed, there would be nothing to discuss. 😊 That would be hella boring. Also, to be quite frank with you, there's only so much energy I'm willing to give to women who don't pay not one of my bills or kiss on any of my lady bits, so I'm always gonna keep it light. As long as they're entertaining me, I'll keep watching. I stopped watching RHOA during Claudia Jordan's season and ain't been back. It's still Bravo's most highly rated HoWife show, but they get down too low for me. Catty is one thing, but the outright cruelty and meanness grew to be too much for me. I know some people absolutely love it.
  10. She'd already won -- as I've written several times. She lost to me when she responded to the bullshit. That's it. But since I don't need any of them to win for me to be entertained, it's all good. I just wanted things to be different for her. That's all.
  11. I actually hope it's not true. No one, no matter how much they've gotten on my nerves, deserves this kind of mess. Gizelle standing by him, so hopefully that means she has evidence that this is made up.
  12. Mo is definitely no worse than the rest. I just wish she'd considered her options before some of her actions. As for winners and losers, I watch all HoWife shows to be entertained. I reps for NO ONE, and care only about who caught and kept my attention throughout the hour. These women are the 21st century version of Roman Gladiators, as far as I'm concerned. Their arena is television. Their swords are words (most of the time anyway). Besides, with all the posing, who got this, who lives where, whose man does this, I'd def say these people care about winning and losing. I'll continue to view them this way.
  13. I really dislike it when shows feel the need to explain a villain/antihero's background to the audience. I much preferred the mystery surrounding Villanelle, and last night's episode did nothing to change my mind. Jodie Comer was great, as always, but I was bored more often than not. The only thing that might have gotten my attention is if Villanelle had left with no blood on her hands. Like, I seriously would have been surprised if she'd been able to end this visit on a pleasant note, with well-wishes, and a promise to visit again soon. I miss the show that used to surprise me. I think about you all the time, Show. Please come back to me.
  14. I like Monique too. In fact, I once posted that she could have won this entire show if she'd simply shown poise in the face of messy chicks who are still striving for what she has. But her mentality screwed her up, in my opinion. You can't change how other people treat you, but you can change how you respond. If you respond at all. I've learned to simply fan myself when mosquitoes start buzzing around me. Swatting at them might kill them, but it could blemish me too. I don't like blemishes. Mo always takes the bait. If she'd simply owned her place on this show, her detractors would have had to fall back. They still would not have liked her, but it wouldn't have been so easy to come for her. She made it too easy.
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