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  1. Ellie is Delilah's sister (who Love killed when she found her in Joe's cage). Joe sent her away and has been sending her cash ever since she left, apparently.
  2. Glad the toileting issue was addressed. I'd wondered about that. It's gotta really stink in there when you're by yourself. I can only imagine the stench when there are two people sharing the cage. Oh, amore!
  3. The thing I concentrated on most during this episode was this: During their last therapy session, Joe claimed Love's business is doing great. Yet, other than the guy who darted out of the bakery in the episode's last minute, I don't think we've ever seen anyone in there that Love and Joe didn't know personally -- correct? They even had time to use the bakery for a leisurely chat to discuss their swingers' contract. Hmm. Maybe Love closed it down for lunch. It still bugs that Joe Goldberg's real ID is known. Unless I missed something during my last (and very recent) rewatch, he w
  4. Both Joe and Love hid keys so that they could get out if their spouse ever locked them in the cage.
  5. Dottie's insane. "I want all the hot sauce." 😅 Love and Forty never stood a chance. Had she been anyone else and taken Henry, that chick would have a knife sticking out of her eye -- courtesy of Love Quinn Goldberg. Glad she brought up Love's first husband. Knowing what Love is capable of, I wondered if he truly died from illness. I figured a few episodes ago that Cary was into Joe (all that too-long staring and close-talking). So kinda non-surprised by him and Sherry being swingers. Matthew is on the case. Guess he figured there is no way his deceased wife was doing Mackenzie
  6. Joe loves the chase. He loves falling in love. The only way poor Marienne will get away alive is if Joe discovers she's a mass murderer. Or if Love falls in love Theo.
  7. In addition to that, despite its hefty price tag, the material looks so cheap. Seriously, why does a three-thousand dollar dress look like a thirty dollar rip off? Hmm. Maybe it depends on who's wearing it? Erika's one of those people who makes expensive clothes look cheap. I wonder if she knows Gizelle (RHOP) and Teresa (RHONJ). They all have that in common. The Kardashians have mastered the art.
  8. My favorite quotes from this episode. Love: "Oh, I'm the psycho!" Love: "No wait! Wait! She's a mom now. I guess I can't slit her throat." Joe: "But now I will be burying bodies until I am 70 years old because if I am not 100 percent into you all of the time, you will keep killing people!" Y'all these crazy kids are perfect for each other. The family that slays together stays together (out of fear and necessity). Love that they make sure Henry can't see them burying bodies. Don't want a Dexter situation happening. Love is sooo gonna have to kill Blogger Mom. I won
  9. Still an insane, hypocritical douche bag, Joe? Glad to see that hasn't changed. I've missed you so, so much! Every time Love or Dot called that kid Forty, I cringed. Forty Senior was ... a lot, so his namesake has plenty to live up to. Suburban hell looks good on our friendly neighborhood psychopath. Edited to add: Why does everyone know his name is Joe Goldberg? What happened to Will Bettelheim?
  10. I recall one saying something like, "Now my outside matches my insides." I thought, "So your insides are a pieced together mess?" The twins have never mentioned therapy, have they? It's probably never occurred to them to actually work on their insides. They believe all their problems can be nipped, tucked, and buffed away. Confession: I don't know how rare I am, but I've probably only seen about seven episodes of 90 Day Fiance. I watch them when I'm visiting my mother. During one of those visits I saw Darcey and Jessie and was fascinated by her (the crying, the histrionics, the
  11. Erika is allowed to do whatever she damn well pleases, whether it's patting her puss, "crying" without tears, or wearing mismatched extensions. How many fucks do I give? None. I'm allowed to believe she's a narcissistic asshole for spinning tales (badly!) to absolve her octogenarian benefactor and herself. I am allowed to believe she's a damn psychopath for seemingly not caring about the people truly hurt by Tom's thievery. Allegedly.
  12. As soon as I saw the shooter standing over the woman being shot, I thought about how monstrously large the boot looked. Later, when several shoe prints were lifted for evidence I figured the shooter was a smaller man or a woman.
  13. The show is lacking, for me at least, precisely for this reason. Watching The Candiace Show has become tiresome, and I wish the other ladies had actual storylines worth a damn. Instead of fighting and worrying about who can keep a man, I'd be interested in learning if Gizelle is trying to get her biz up and running again. Likewise more scenes about Robyn's hat line and Karen's various ventures. And I'd love for Dr. Wendy to use some of that education to develop a business plan to sell her home decor line. Mia pretending to run her husband's biz and Ashley pulling out her titties just
  14. Even in the coming attractions Erika is still crying about what happened to her. This bitch can't even pretend to care about the people her husband defrauded.
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