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  1. Dr. Wendy is a proud wife, mother, and professor quick to gather anyone she deems unworthy. Mother Kern might not know this loquacious AKA, but some Potomac fans are diagnosing this proud lady -- she of the verbose reads -- as a tad insecure, despite her impressive accomplishments. However you feel about this opinionated, highly educated go-getter, most will admit this: since Wendy's joined the show, Potomac's prognosis has been upgraded to a case of Chronic Drama. Yes, honey, the doctor is in!
  2. With Peter's exit, my first thought was, "One weird beard down...."
  3. Thanks for the info. Even though it's a reality show, I'd think the people being served (even if they're actors receiving a free meal) would hesitate to eat there, especially since everyone can see the chefs as they prepare the meals. It's just gross at this point.
  4. I thought I would enjoy Marc and Declan going at it, but I was wrong. Declan should just ignore Marc and maybe the lil troll would shut the hell up. I'm never gonna stop complaining about those weird beards -- yeah, I'm talking about you Adam and Peter! Adam can literally braid that thing. Perhaps he should. Are there hairnets for beards? I notice they seem to not be wasting as much food at they did in the past. They chucked the flat bread because they had to, but I seem to recall a time when even raw steak would still be thrown in the trash. Last night, Ramsey just had them put the
  5. Marc (yep, finally learned his name) seemed to have been taught to go after the biggest motherfucker in the place to flex and show dominance. I'm am soooo here for it. Looking forward to watching him and Declan go at it. I love watching gnats get swatted. Adam's beard still frightens me. It just doesn't look safe. That beard shouldn't be allowed to be around food. Or small children.
  6. Other than Syann and Declan, I don't recall anyone's name. There's the purple-wigged chick and the teeny, yelpy dude who is in constant need of attention, strange beard guy...but I don't know their names. Don't know what's missing for me this season. Since this was filmed before Covid, I can't blame that. I'm just not connecting with the cheftestants. Declan looks like taking a few steps leaves him winded. Whoever said he's not long for the season is probably right. Pity because I kinda like him.
  7. When I first saw the dude with the foot-long beard I retched a little bit due to my concern for the food's safety.
  8. Y'all, I love anything Lizzie Borden, lol. Would you drop a link to that podcast? Would appreciate it. Regarding Ashley, Prince is actually the case that made me think of her state of affairs. I had no idea he didn't do up a will on purpose. I just figured that he, like most people, either assumed he had more time ... or simply didn't want to think about it. Such a shame. He had to know that people get nuts where money is concerned. It's legit scary the lengths some people will go to. As Michael's wife, Ashley would be in line to get whatever assets he has if he died without a will,
  9. Been thinking a lot about Ashley lately now that she's baking her second kid. Her prenups/postnups with Michael have been interesting storylines--watching her negotiate her marriage contracts has been eyeopening. Yet I keep wondering about Michael's will. Doesn't he have a few kids around Ashley's age? First families can get real crunk after the death of a wealthy parent. They often don't care about a second/third marriage and the offspring that comes with it. Ashley is so busy negotiating her marital agreements that I wonder if she's ever mentioned Michael's will. Is she mentio
  10. Michael is the type to start a fight with a black person, then scream trigger words (aggressive, angry, menacing, etc.) when they get a response. I'm so happy the husbands seems to know this. I peeped Michael a while ago. I noticed he seems to only take issue with Ray and Chris B - the two men he's shown the least sexual attraction for, in my opinion. If you aren't a former athlete or perceived as manly in a stereotypical way, Michael doesn't seem to have time for you. Ray is a senior citizen who ain't about the shits. Chris B. also loses out because he has no cash or influence. Michael d
  11. Despite his lack of funds, Chris Bassett has the privilege of rolling up on Michael in ways the other husbands simply do not. Imagine Michael threatening to call the police on Juan, Chris S., or even Ray (who lived through the Jim Crow era). Despite online social justice warrior-ing, memes, and catchphrases galore, race still informs these types of interactions. I appreciate the other husbands having sense enough to realize dealing with Michael would probably be a futile effort. He's not worth all they could lose dealing with his foolishness. Here's to White Chris continuing to get Michae
  12. Michael's devastation was palpable. He genuinely didn't believe Juan would pop the question to Robin. His meltdown simply could not be helped. Wonder if Ashley has noticed her husband never looks at her the way he looks at Juan (at least when cameras are rolling).
  13. Just checked into a random Season 2 episode on Netflix this morning to see if I might change my original opinion, but nothing has changed. These women are not friends. In the episode (in truth, only a few minutes) I watched, Toni is engaged to a man Joan couldn't get a commitment from and Joan is angry. Despite Joan originally claiming she was okay with the relationship, she finally admits that it's not cool that Toni is with this guy. They start bickering. Maya gets involved (threatening to beat Toni's ass). Lynn attempts to play peacemaker... Seriously, these women go at each
  14. I last stopped watching this show in Season 7, year of the Leviathan and Cas-God. I have such awesome memories of Seasons 1-5 that I had to watch the show's finale and give my boys a proper sendoff. I liked that it reminded me of an early episode at first -- the boys fighting a Monster-of-the-Week. I liked that there were no angels or demons present (elements that actually drove me away from the show). I wish Dean's death (and later Sam's) had had more of an effect on me, but I think I've watched the guys die way too many times for it to mean anything, even if these were true deaths.
  15. eXiled


    Last week I watched the first two episodes and haven't decided whether or not to continue. I only watched AHS's first season (loved Murder House!) but by episode two of Asylum, I was pretty much out. Looked in again at the first episode of AHS: Hotel, but was instantly turned off by gold dildo rape/murder. Haven't been back to that series. Dunno what happened to me as I've grown older. I used to love slashers and gore. Now, I just find it unnecessary, especially when the plot surrounding it isn't strong enough to support all the bleeding. I think if I do continue watching Ratched, I'll be
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