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  1. Once again Bethenny was describing what was in the warehouse. I have never heard reporters covering disaster relief ever ask for tampons. I am quite sure the need for feminine hygiene products is listed on many sites-I have just never heard a reporter or disaster relief person mention their cache of tampons or need. Then again I have never heard a charity representative accuse donors of being misinformed and suggesting they may be donating to the Bernie Madoff of charities when other charities are trying to raise awareness for the plight of the survivors. Simply put Bethenny's interview was not appealing to me nor did it move me to donate to her charity. I have donated to the cause but I guess I did take her suggestion and check out worthy charities that are assisting the people affected by the recent natural disasters. They were suppose to go back to court in May.
  2. You asked what Dorinda had missed and I told you. There were comments about Dorinda having to rest. Bethenny said the Miami dinner was on the daily production schedule. Dorinda said, on Heather's show, "the producers suggest nothing, we practically produce our own show," I now don't doubt Dorinda does whatever she wants. Dorinda is a drunk, she misses filming because she has to lay down and sleep it off. I think it is fairly obvious-the woman talks about her "naps" all the time. I was quoting an article. I don't know that Dorinda was asked about Skinnygirl deli-which certainly doesn't have bologna. I don't believe the jeans are even due for release until fall. Maybe it is just a Dorinda witicism. I don't really recall Dorinda's great success in life-I believe she was in the cashmere business with her ex because when she met Richard she was selling real estate. I tried listening to Dorinda but she is a hot mess. I don't think her witicism are all that witty. All I can say is I think the gloves will be off this summer for the Reunion taping and I don't Dorinda has her ducks in a row. I don;t think she will be able to do the talking out of both sides of her mouth thing she has done up until now. To me, Dorinda is about three steps away from the back seat of a squad car. Are the question requests for the Reunion up yet? I figure they should be filming in about three to four weeks.
  3. I read a synopsis of Dorinda on Heather McDonald and that is what was said-I will give it a listen and verify.
  4. My point is lost. Of all the times people local, national or whatever have been on TV when has anyone ever put out the tampon plea? All I was saying is Bethenny is expounding on what they had in the warehouse and after describing how giant it is she throws tampons in the mix. We all know what people need when they lose their homes. Is anyone surprised when babies need diapers or laundry needs to be done? I have never heard disaster workers being interviewed or journalists slip in the plea for tampons or address tampons. That is all I am saying about Bethenny and tampons. She is a pioneer. The bigger point was lost in I was trying to convey given a mainstream media event-Bethenny slammed other charities and held hers above the others-comparing the others to Bernie Madoff. That is irresponsible on Bethenny's part. Bethenny has the money to pay to get to the people with others' donations, she does not have the ability to rebuild infrastructure. All I am saying is she should be more gracious, less lecturing and in others face. I am not the male guest and most people I know I have feminine hygiene products available to guests, usually in a basket with a lid. More importantly they have a waste disposal out of sight for used products. Male or female sometimes people don't like the visual of used product, applicators or wrappers.
  5. zoeysmom

    American Woman

    I believe this is described as a dramedy. It will be interested to see if they use a plot device to get rid of Mr. Bonnie. In real life Bonnie's girls would have been working and Bonnie managing them. I am thinking this show is very loosely based on Kathleen Richards. The youngest child did remind me of Kyle Richards though with the whining and complaining. I was pleasantly surprised at the show. I guess they are trying to show what a bad ass Bonnie can be by getting out of her car and confronting thugs. It is interesting enough to look for a second episode. You can also watch it online on the Paramount Channel website.
  6. Last year in Mexico and Vermont she missed dinners sleeping it off. This year Dorinda claims she was unaware of the production schedule where she was suppose to film the dinner in Miami. She missed the dinner where Bethenny and Carole first mixed it up, she missed the marathon-although invited. All I can say if she keeps up the Bethenny only served bologna at the Skinnygirl Jean launch crap, Bethenny will let it be known how Dorinda and her drinking have mixed with filming.
  7. No she did not point anything out because she wasn't in the warehouse. Which would be why I said she was putting out a visual. She did make comments about people having sex because there was little else to do in Puerto Rico. I just find her trying too hard. In all the years I have heard journalist cover stories, people ask for donations they just never seem to take Bethenny's route. I guess I am at a loss why she needs to do it.
  8. That is not really how it works-the abolition was during the French Revolution since then nobility titles are still used. Nobility and hereditary titles were abolished by the Revolutions of 1789 and 1848, but hereditary titles were restored by decree in 1852 and have not been abolished by any subsequent law. However, since 1875 the President of the Republic neither confers nor confirms French titles (specific foreign titles continued to be authorised for use in France by the office of the President as recently as 1961), but the French state still verifies them; civil courts can protect them; and criminal courts can prosecute their abuse. Noel and his wife can be the next Count de lesseps and Countess de lesseps. Thanks for the explanation. Carole loves to play the princess card and what a totally disrespectful thing to do the memory of her husband who refused to use it. Neither Anthony nor Carole had lengthy journalism careers. Anthony's was obviously cut short by illness and death. Anthony was and ABC sports guy initially, and was assigned the Mendez Brothers trial (in 1993) along with Carole-it is how they met, after Anthony moved over from ABC Sports in 1989. The same year he was diagnosed with cancer. He won a Peabody as part of the team that did the story on the neo-nazism in America. He received another one for a story on cancer. Anthony ended up at HBO as a VP of documentary productions in 1997. Not sure how that worked out with his illness. Carole never really rose above associate producer and that was after giving it better than 10 years. It still makes her a journalist. It never made her all knowing over the 2016 elections.
  9. Dorinda misses entire filming events because she is "napping". I have to go with Bethenny that Dorinda tries to show off how smart she is and it backfires. It was better when they had Dorinda and John on together-not nearly enough John this year or last. Mostly Dorinda is around to spread gossip for RH to RH.
  10. It all comes down to one thing--camera time. That is what 90% of the jealousy is over who is getting the most camera time and it is definitely a competitive thing. The top of the ladder is Bethenny, followed by Luann, Dorinda gets a lot of fan requests but watch her do what exactly? I think it is called fame.
  11. They weren't asking for donations of specific items-Bethenny was rattling off the stuff in the warehouse. When you are creating a descriptive narrative of the items in the warehouse of items like solar generators, water, insulin (I question there was a big pallet of insulin), it creates a vision for the listener. Bethenny need not go before the media and request specific items-her latest gig is cash for cash cards. She has partnered with someone that gets down to the specifics.
  12. Well her jokes are stale and I don't think you would get Ramona and Luann to agree what a hoot she was on Seasons 1 & 2 and 3 for Luann. Bethenny has always been mean it is just that people choose to laugh because it is funny. It reminds me of Season 3 when Bethenny was trying to get people not to film with Kelly and Jill was getting people not to film with Bethenny. Same deal different teams. Once again Luann reverts back to singing and stays out of the fray. Her comment about Adam probably won;t be addressed on the show because of her arrest-but she will pay now. Carole getting into slut shaming again is just boring. I think the biggest problem they had this year is they resolved nothing at last year's Reunion, had no real story lines going forward until BAM, Bethenny did the Houston/Puerto Rico stuff. I always remember the show runner for RHOA and NY are now one in the same and he had RHOA cast down in Houston. Imagine how one would feel if they were trying to dredge up a skin care line, running a marathon for someone else's charity, a break up with a guy who doesn't go away, and an annual party in the Berkshires-where the best the hostess can do is self plant her face into a cake and freaking Mother Teresa of disaster relief is on your cast. Worse she has a jeans launch. Bethenny had a lot of bad acting with the nutcracker thing but this show must bring in new blood every year and I think it is time to kick Ramona out. It seems a little too rehearsed and not fresh.
  13. No I am saying she always has to be edgy-she could have said toilet paper or whatever, it really doesn't take a warehouse the size of Costco to store tampons. We get what people need. I am sure diapers were a big need as well. I guess this would a moment to employ a Bethenny and just say, "get off my jock," it was never about euphemisms it was always about shock value. The interviewer doesn't want to talk about tampons. I am not perturbed but I do feel like Bethenny doesn't always use good judgment. They are getting their donations of specific items for corporations and I guarantee you the very charities she eschews have over the years devised a list of what is needed.
  14. Bethenny does not understand she can do things without having to put others down. I understand the cash cards thing and I think it is wonderful, but there are also government agencies, private and semi-private organizations trying to ge the power up, getting clean water running back to homes. The other thing I thought was totally Bethenny is she is listing the items they have in a warehouse the size of Costco and of course she mentions tampons. There are ways to phrase and list things and she had to go there. I also wanted to ask if she was responsible for 50 planes how come only 7 people needing help were brought back to the mainland? Seems she might have needed to coordinate with some of those agencies t help others reach the mainland to get the help they need.
  15. Well she said, variations of me, we, I, us and partnership many times when she was being interviewed by Craig Melvin on MSNBC. https://www.msnbc.com/craig-melvin/watch/bethenny-frankel-talks-disaster-relief-initiatives-in-puerto-rico-1244704323881 It takes a long time for her to mention Michael. We have been there all about five days. Huge discrepancies between $1.3 million and $40-50 million. Once again she has to knock the other charities. It is frustrating. I am sharing this and I hope it helps. I just don;t think Bethenny needs to lecture and her being referred to as a one woman Red Cross is ridiculous.