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  1. My younger brother and I spoke Ukrainian and English until we started kindergarten, then over the years forgot most of the Ukrainian we had spoken for so long. These days when I listen to somebody speaking Russian, there are many words that I can understand because they are the same as Ukrainian words. And yes, Ukrainians are very hard working people. And though I also have Irish and German in me, I am not too hard on the eyes, or so I have been told!
  2. Once the kids moved out, my husband took over the basement bathroom and I took the one upstairs, and it works very well for us, since I am neat and organized, and he is not. I don't have to nag about his bathroom being a mess and he doesn't have to keep mine as clean as I like it. Why not have our own bathrooms since the kids have all moved out? When we have company over, they use my spotless bathroom and never have to see his downstairs. Works very well for us!
  3. Well, well, well, he sure does think he is something special by the way he posed in this picture. I have had 2 businesses, and not on either business card did I ever pose like this. You are just not this special Ick, only in your own little mind!
  4. Wow. Poor cow. I wish that poor cow would have just up and kicked JB in his little marble sack, what a pervert to act that way while probably hurting that poor innocent cow. So JB equates the cow as being the same as his wife, wonder how she felt about it at the time!
  5. It began to sicken me the way JB and Michelle would constantly do their PDA's in front of the kids, then tell them that they could act that way but the kids couldn't! What kind of parents act like that, say things like that, to their own kids?? To me, it seemed like they were just taunting those kids by behaving that way! Then punishing any of their kids who were found to be masturbating by tying their hands together and marching them around in public that way! I don't know if the 'public' consisted of only family members, or if this was done in front of the church members. Either way, being p
  6. I would much rather be the Mother of a special needs child that be the Mother of pervy Josh, 1000 times over.
  7. I don't understand why they have to get married. They both have their own money, she has her own house, why not stay together and not get married, keep their own spaces the way that they each like them to be kept? See each other when they want to, still go on trips and the adventures they want to share with each other, but don't get married! There is no way in the world that I would ever get married again-never, ever! You can still love and be loved and spend quality time together, without getting married. That would be the very last thing I would ever do! Getting married will only cause prob
  8. Lol, I also use these but don't have a beard! Yes, she really needs a ton of therapy.
  9. OMG! That is so sad! What a terrible way to die, I just can't believe how horrible of a death this had to be for her. And her poor sister having to find her this way, my heart breaks for her. I have watched every episode of that show. I wonder what the percentage is of people who were helped and then backslid again? Addictions are terrible and so hard to break and get healthy again.
  10. So sorry you had to do the same as me. Saying 'craft store' is more real than 'sewing room'! I bet they would have been great friends, had they known each other:)
  11. When me and my 5 siblings all moved out and got married, Mom had us all take whatever family photos and little childhood memories that we wanted, home with us, to put in our own houses. She kept what she wanted, but the majority we took to our own homes. When she passed away last Mother's Day, we were looking through her Hope Chest and found that she had kept every single card from every holiday and birthday that the 6 of us had mailed to her. Amy just needs to learn how to downsize, now!
  12. Amy had better start to just get rid of things that she never uses or hasn't even seen in years, because what happens if something suddenly happens to her, then it's the kids who are left with dealing with the mess.. My Mom suddenly passed away last Mother's Day. We were expecting my Dad to go first, since he is 9 years older and has been in the hospital with heart issues, but it was Mom who suddenly had a massive heart attack and before we could all even get to the hospital, she was gone. She had a huge commercial seamstress business in their basement, with all kinds of computerized machines,
  13. Yes, you are so right about Michael maybe not just focusing on the one body area, with TLC editing, who knows?! So happy that your Mom finally found her true love! Maybe there is some hope for me yet, thanks for sharing her story, I really needed to hear it:)
  14. If anyone should see those sick and disgusting images, it should be Anna. She will never believe it otherwise.
  15. Most women have 1 breast that is a different size than the other, sometimes a whole cup size different. Rarely are our breasts the exact same size. And yes, why not do the lift at the same time, instead of coming back and being put under again? I did not get that part at all. But then again, I am not a fancy Hollywood doctor, looking for my own show, or at the very least, advertising for more clients.
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