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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/06/nyregion/jeffrey-epstein-arrested-sex-trafficking.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage Finally!!!
  2. I must take umbrage with Dorinda and Sonya's Cool Sculpting segment later followed by an actual commercial for Cool Sculpting. That was so tacky. (Although it was a tad more subtle than their movie commercial earlier in the season.) At any rate, the combo of bad acting with the shilling of random products just needs to stop.
  3. Mannahatta

    House Hunters

    This will be my final post on this thread. I would just like to point out that I wasn't presenting the article as "ground breaking news". However, I do think that there's a bit of cognitive dissonance occurring when people say they know the shows are fake but will then comment upon the shows as if they're real. I also am perplexed as to why my posting (or even re-posting) a related article seemed to be a trigger to some. Perhaps such parties should immediately inform "Slate" and "House Beautiful" that articles on this topic already been written about and therefore should no longer be published lest they be commented upon. I am sure they would find such feedback to be very useful. LOL
  4. Mannahatta

    House Hunters

    True, but I think on some level people have a hard time accepting the extent of the fakery. If people truly accepted that the shows' background stories are generally made up - then no one on this board would bother to question the motives, relationships, and financial backgrounds of any of the shows' participants. The only people left to snark would be the producers, who unfortunately don't show us their faces... Anyway, I've read a few articles over the years about how fake these shows are, but each "expose" adds a little bit more insight into how the illusion is created. I liked how this one mentioned how much they got paid. I was always curious about that.
  5. Mannahatta

    House Hunters

    Well I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but here's yet another article (from 6/20/19) about how these house hunting shows are fake - as in really, really fake: https://slate.com/human-interest/2019/06/house-hunters-true-story-of-being-on-the-show.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab The writer of the article was on two HH shows........I watch these shows because I love the combo of real estate voyeurism and travelogue. If the personal stories are all fake - I wish the producers would just drop them. And if they want more drama then surely they can figure out another format that doesn't involve excessive lying to the audience. Lol
  6. Sonja is so full of shit. She was acting as if she were an innocent young thing who was suffering so at the discovery that others suffer in the world. Bring on the vapors. Meanwhile she lives in Manhattan. It doesn't matter what neighborhood you live in Manhattan - you're going to see homeless people, people with substance abuse issues, and people with mental health issues - on the regular. And it's not just when you take the subway. You would have to be willfully ignorant not to see it. Then she muses "What can I do? I can't invite them to live in my townhouse." Well no, no one is expecting you to do that, Sonja. In fact, I wouldn't even expect her to become involved in any social causes. But to use other people's problems as a showcase to prove your delicate sensibilities and to get attention? Wow.
  7. I was really disgusted at how the "ladies" completely dismissed Barbara's quite accurate observation that they were ignoring her. Somehow they managed to both deny that this was happening and yet also blame her "negative energy" for this thing that never happened. Completely gaslighted her. Plus Luann, who clearly views Barbara as having out-lived her usefulness, joins in without a second thought. And then Bethenny, in typical Bethenny fashion, later acts as if she's her confidante, "Don't leave!". Just despicable behavior all around.
  8. Mannahatta

    Pose in the Media

    https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/how-pose-a-groundbreaker-is-changing-awards-season-red-carpets-1215084 7 more days...So looking forward to this show's return.
  9. Mannahatta

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    The thing that gets to me about Luann's house is that it doesn't look like a million dollar house, especially since the area, Port Ewen, isn't an especially expensive place to live (assuming the article below is correct about the location). I think for that kind of money she could have found a more impressive home on the Hudson River. This one has a very awkward layout, it's not that spacious, and overall has a dated look. I forget which housewife compared it to a Frank Lloyd Wright - but that was quite a stretch. I wonder if Luann snapped up this one as an impulse/manic purchase to console herself because she couldn't buy the 6 million dollar house. https://realityblurb.com/2018/11/13/photos-rhonys-luann-de-lesseps-drops-1-million-on-waterfront-home-in-upstate-new-york-see-the-pics/
  10. Here's my take on Bethenny. At her dinner party she was badgering Tinsley to open up under the guise that true friends tell each other everything. But in reality she wants to make Tinsley feel vulnerable, to break her down, and make her cry. So then Bethenny can step in and play her self-appointed role as the strong compassionate woman/wise therapist. It's the worst kind of pseudo-analysis - all in the service of control and hostility. How many times are you going to tell someone - out of the blue, at a party - that they don't seem happy and their relationship isn't healthy? And then act as if this is what a good friend does? Bethenny is the master of head games.
  11. The apartment we saw Dorinda in this last episode is the same one that she's been living in since she started the show. It seems her realtor friend was the one who originally sold it to her. In fact, they were talking about that long ago transaction but the details are blurry to me as I was too distracted by the realtor's appearance. I got the impression that the years 1967 to 1972 had been very good to her, and she is going to do everything she can to hold on to that look - age be damned. Anyway, I digress. So yes, Dorinda does own that apartment and if she is unable to sell it she plans to rent it out. I always thought it looked pretty dismal. Apparently she had hired a designer for her house in the Berkshires but I suspect the apartment's decor is all her own doing. https://townvibe.com/drama-queen/
  12. Mannahatta

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    I don't know which is scarier: that Holmes is a despicable POS who masqueraded as a hard working/ genius/saint, or that there were a lot of people in powerful positions who fell for her shtick. Another thing that struck me is how Tyler Schultz's lawyers charged his parents between $400,000 to $500,00 to represent him, while Erika Cheung simply was told by "a lawyer" that - as a whistle blower talking to a regulatory agency - she was protected! Makes me wonder why Tyler Scultz's lawyers didn't take that route. Hmm. One more thing - I think the dry, haphazardly arranged hair was all part of her "I'm just a humble hard working Einstein too busy to care about superficial things" routine.
  13. Mannahatta

    Unpopular Opinions

    Speaking of impressive Steve Martin performances.... In "All of Me" (1984), his character, a lawyer, spent most of the movie with his right side inhabited by the soul of Lily Tomlin's character, a self-centered, recently deceased millionaire. And he pulled it off! He was great in it and received a couple of prestigious awards for his performance. But I always thought he should have at least been nominated for an Academy award. Comedic performances - especially when it's physical comedy - seem to be generally overlooked by the Academy. Guess they're afraid of not looking classy. Lol
  14. Mannahatta

    Pet Peeves: The Holy Trinity and Beyond

    Thanks for posting this, Auntjess. If this house isn't an object lesson on why one shouldn't blindly follow decorating trends of the moment - I don't know what is! Lol
  15. And let's not forget the driving force behind all these "housewives": narcissism.