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  1. How is no one commenting on the final finale cameo by Robin Ellis as Rev. Halse? The meta was glorious!
  2. It was the locker room (presumably the ladies'), and she was changing back into her own clothes and hijab.
  3. On the other hand, it is frequently lightly raining when it shouldn't be - happens all the time on shows shot in Vancouver. If you look carefully you can see it in lots of night shoots.
  4. Wha? Churchill, born in 1874, was first elected to Parliament in 1900, mere months before Victoria died? a PBS special claimed this????
  5. The first (Decoy) and third (Hail Mary) episodes of this season were filmed at the end of season 10. NCIS Los Angeles has done this kind of production scheduling before (and so has JAG). So Barrett's availability is based on filming done last April (at the end of shooting for season 10), not July (the beginning of shooting for season 11). And he wouldn't have let them know he was unavailable; if he was under contract (I assume he is), he would have negotiated the time. "Letting" the show know about unavailability is something that happens with issues that can't be re-scheduled, like pregnancy (DR), serious/terminal illness (Miguel Ferrar, Linda Hunt), funerals, arrests, and so on.
  6. TheFutonCritic.com tells me "Hail Mary" was the 26th episode of season 10 (i.e. #LA1026). So yes, a filler episode that theoretically plugs in anywhere. The fact that these filler episodes never fit in anywhere (see the "bonus" episodes of Lucifer season 3) is a lesson that seems to be unlearnable in SoCal.
  7. Actually Jeri Ryan played Rebecca Chase, Gibbs' third wife and second divorce.
  8. I will be good god dammed. A cut scene with Peter Kirk, and a pretty good one too, from the dialogue. And here I've spent 50+ years thinking I knew this show.
  9. The title of Princess Royal had been available since the death of Princess Mary in 1965. Anne resisted it possibly for the same reasons that her husband and children didn't / don't have titles - something like how unnecessary it is, who can say, they don't exactly do revealing interviews. It was pointed out, a bit snidely but also reasonably, that taking the title (in 1987, while on the road to divorce) changed her name from "Her Royal Highness The Princess Anne, Mrs. Mark Philips" to "Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal".
  10. My capacity to store comprehensive knowledge of All Things Trek maxed out about 25 years ago, so I can't remember: is this the first Gilbert & Sullivan in the franchise?
  11. Wow. Just, Wow. 😮 Season 2 is on Xfinity until mid January. Guess I'll be doing a binge re-watch over the holidays.
  12. I gave up on it at the literal end of the pilot and didn't watch the second episode which was airing the same night. BUT, I was spoiled on the end of the first season, which makes it interesting enough that I will watch the full series. Someday. When it's all on Netflix.
  13. Chi is the last regular in the title sequence, but it's the "and" credit. The "and" and "with" credits appear at the end, and are generally a bigger deal then all the other credits except the top-billing. It is an acknowledgement that that actor has a bigger career and an agent who knows how to make a deal.
  14. Richard Brooks, who I first remember as Robinette in the first three seasons of Law & Order.
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