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  1. I'm catching up, so just watched this. I guess it's a symptom of why the show was canceled, because the story (in two! replies) isn't being mentioned, but: 1) that aerial shot of Mobile was indeed Mobile - I used to drive that stretch of I-10 yearly, and while I have never seen the skyline, I remember those interstate-speed curves soooo well that I still have nightmares, and 2) it's been19 years, but that was a re-telling of the DC Sniper(s), right down to it being blue car. The story wasn't bad nor badly done, but I knew it was a DC Sniper(s) reboot from the Petty Officer's ki
  2. Isn't he hosting something next Sunday? I think it's the Grammys.
  3. I watch it for free on IMDB.
  4. As I recall (and just verified on IMDB), JS's first television credit was on the pilot for Miami Vice. And in that role, a very young and skinny Jimmy Smits also played the first person to be killed on Miami Vice.
  5. It would have been in Panama City Beach, not Panama City. 300K is not a bad price for beachfront with a view here. And that layout is not for a family of six to live in. It is for six people to vacation in. Its primary usage and way to pay for itself is as a short-term rental. Also, these shows usually lies about the price as well as everything else.
  6. Yes, and when she was a teenager Diana read those books by the bushel. To be fair, so did I. But that was mostly because she published at least 3 every month, and you could always find a Cartland.
  7. She turned 20 four weeks before the wedding, so most of the wedding planning was done by a 19-year-old. The fashion of the time was still heavily influenced by the late 70s (ick ick ick). The fabric for the dress was too easily wrinkled. The train was designed for the main aisle at St. Paul's, arguably the only successful part of the design. As I recall, though, the dress was "too big" because she kept losing weight, to the point that it became impossible to take it in any more. She looked like what she was: a teenager dressed up as a fairy-tale princess. I always thought it was
  8. Today (Aug 1, 2020) CBS All Access has added five channels to its service: BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Smithsonian Channel. I already had access to the others, but Smithsonian is a premium channel on my Xfinity, so this is good news for me!
  9. I always recommend Blue Murder. I'm sure it's on Britbox or Acorn; right now it seems to be on Prime, courtesy of IMDB, which means it should be on IMDB freedive.
  10. Or it's pre-recorded. JP is clearly not working at the studio; the background is too simple.
  11. I was concerned enough to look him up. Apparently it was sort of a mutual decision - contract was mutually not renewed. According to this article, the Brenna A did opies last season, the new ship, the Elinore J was tendering cod under the command of (yes, that) Zack Larson, and the Dwyers' original boat, the Jennifer A, was being TLC'd in Seattle.
  12. If you can watch on the Discovery website, the first hour is usually available within 5 minutes of the beginning of the broadcast. And the third hour is usually available within 5 minutes of the beginning of that broadcast. You don't have to give any ratings points to the middle at all. This is how I've been watching DC for several years now.
  13. FDR gave an absolute stem-winder of a speech to a joint session of Congress on December 8, declaring that the state of war with (only) Japan had existed since the attack began (Congress agreed that afternoon). The Nazi alliance with Japan meant they would automatically be at war if Japan were attacked; what to do if Japan attacked first was not covered, and Hitler was not obligated by treaty to declare war on the U.S. His own nature did obligate him: he thought the U.S. was corrupt, weak militarily, and trying to provoke him anyway, so on December 11, against the limited advice he a
  14. I really loved Kasie when she was so completely unimpressed by the return of Ziva.
  15. Very late to this party, but in reference to people being pissy about a) being a suspect, especially with all the evidence, and b) people who know the "obvious" suspect and have at least a moment of doubt, I submit the original 2-part NCIS backdoor pilot: Meltdown & Ice Queen. Everyone who knew Rabb also knew Singer, and knew how easy it was to dislike her, plus there were witnessed encounters that did not look good. Meltdown especially was written from a POV outside the JAG office. But what I found much more entertaining were the JAG fans. How dare Gibbs suspect Rabb! He was too
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