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  1. Or it's pre-recorded. JP is clearly not working at the studio; the background is too simple.
  2. I was concerned enough to look him up. Apparently it was sort of a mutual decision - contract was mutually not renewed. According to this article, the Brenna A did opies last season, the new ship, the Elinore J was tendering cod under the command of (yes, that) Zack Larson, and the Dwyers' original boat, the Jennifer A, was being TLC'd in Seattle.
  3. If you can watch on the Discovery website, the first hour is usually available within 5 minutes of the beginning of the broadcast. And the third hour is usually available within 5 minutes of the beginning of that broadcast. You don't have to give any ratings points to the middle at all. This is how I've been watching DC for several years now.
  4. FDR gave an absolute stem-winder of a speech to a joint session of Congress on December 8, declaring that the state of war with (only) Japan had existed since the attack began (Congress agreed that afternoon). The Nazi alliance with Japan meant they would automatically be at war if Japan were attacked; what to do if Japan attacked first was not covered, and Hitler was not obligated by treaty to declare war on the U.S. His own nature did obligate him: he thought the U.S. was corrupt, weak militarily, and trying to provoke him anyway, so on December 11, against the limited advice he allowed to be given to him, he declared war on the U.S. That is what brought us in.
  5. I really loved Kasie when she was so completely unimpressed by the return of Ziva.
  6. Very late to this party, but in reference to people being pissy about a) being a suspect, especially with all the evidence, and b) people who know the "obvious" suspect and have at least a moment of doubt, I submit the original 2-part NCIS backdoor pilot: Meltdown & Ice Queen. Everyone who knew Rabb also knew Singer, and knew how easy it was to dislike her, plus there were witnessed encounters that did not look good. Meltdown especially was written from a POV outside the JAG office. But what I found much more entertaining were the JAG fans. How dare Gibbs suspect Rabb! He was too perfect!
  7. Dowager is a designation for a widow, whether her husband's successor is married or not. Princess Marina was the daughter of a Greek (and Danish) prince and a Russian Grand Duchess. She was an HRH from birth.
  8. I believe Dowager is reserved for the widow of the title holder, but yeah, her courtesy title is viscountess. Since her son is now a marquess, she could be granted the style and precedence of the widow of a marquess, but not the actual title. Example: in Downton Abbey (a show that really liked getting this right), when Bertie became the Marquess of Hexum, his mother was still Mrs. Pelham (sp?). She had a lot of privilege in that household, but would only have become a Marchioness if her husband had lived long enough to inherit the title.
  9. I think it is a parlor trick, because not that many years ago when he did a week of shows from Iraq (this was The Colber' Repor'), and Obama (present via satellite) ordered the General onstage to give Steven a buzz cut. That was definitely a full head of hair, and we got to watch it grow out.
  10. As I recall, Junior was always a jerk. He was ALWAYS talking about establishing his "legend". As for his back, it got as bad as it did because he refused to recognize the problem. All he had to do was power through it. If I'm remembering rightly, his gf/wife was a nurse and he wouldn't believe her. It wasn't until a doctor showed him the pictures and absolutely refused to endorse his happy talk that he finally quit fishing. In some ways I considered him dumber then Elliott.
  11. As I recall part of the problem with Diana's dress was that she kept losing weight, far past the point where they could take it in any further. Another problem is that the design was simply awful, although the length of the train was deliberate because of the size of St. Paul's. The designers were newbies, which did show in the overall effect. The choice of material was tragic, because they could not stop the wrinkles. Mostly, though, I think that like the rest of us, Diana was much younger (19) and had the same unformed taste that the rest of us had. I have always wondered if her floppy hair style was a deliberate choice, to go with the sleeves.
  12. I realize this aired a few weeks ago, and once something has aired spoilers aren't required, but I've been avoiding the H50 forum as I was saving the last several episodes to binge watch over my birthday. 😐
  13. This week was previously scheduled off; Seth announced it at the end of last Thursday's episode.
  14. Reelgood.com is pretty good.
  15. I thought it was an 8-track - which is continuous play, no ejecting required.
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