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  1. kassygreene

    Speculation: Our Turn for the Plasma Clicker

    Emily is Fornell's daughter. Ellie Bishop is the agent to whom Ziva sent the note.
  2. kassygreene

    The Enemy Within

    Because even the writers were too fed up to try?
  3. kassygreene

    S15. E07. Winter is Here

    I seem to recall (perhaps from Sig's book?) that the Northwestern has a pretty good crew safety record. In fact, I think the most serious "injury" they have had was SIg's heart attack, and that came as they were coming into the harbor. A bang on the head with loss of consciousness AND seizures? Straight to hospital. There is also the possibility that a slip and fall is really a fall that looks like a slip. I liked Dr. Matt confirming that there is, indeed, a brain in there. That's how you quickly know things aren't dire. And on the Cornelia Marie, I was impressed that Casey was sufficiently impressed with those successive port and starboard waves to basically f it and head into port. Yeah, they were light, but most of that string is still out there soaking, and they seemed to be on good grounds. This year the CM isn't quite so jokey. So far. Jake has a competent crew. Let's see how long he keeps their respect.
  4. Aliʻiōlani Hale (the Palace where H50 is headquartered and in real life the Hawaii State Supreme Court resides - not to be confused with ʻIolani Palace, which was the headquarters for the original H5O and is now a public museum) is from a (Show) security standpoint somewhat porous. In no particular order the entire building has been gassed; it's been taken over by a Mexican drug cartel, I believe a few people have been offed (at least one in interrogation?), and McGarrett, with the full weight of law enforcement coming in to arrest him after the Governor was murdered, was able to escape over the rooftop. Non-metal weapons are a real and yet-to-be-solved problem, and I agree, the kid's backpack would have been searched and the gun held. It certainly would not have been allowed as carry-on in a plane, and really, toy guns need to fade away as A Thing. I loved my cap pistol. I loved the smell of burnt caps. I grew up on Westerns and war movies. If I still had had it in the last thirty years, I would have "given" it to a landfill.
  5. kassygreene

    Downton Abbey: The Movie (2019)

    Anna's "uniform" as a lady's maid is a black dress. Always.
  6. kassygreene

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    BTS apparently recorded two numbers: the Beatles thing broadcast whatever night they were on, and the number in Friday's show. Friday is usually a mash-up of stuff recorded as extras during the week.
  7. If it was a plastic or ceramic or 3-D printed gun, it was probably mocked to look like a toy gun - it was in the kid's backpack and she pulled it out as she was pushing him out of the way.
  8. kassygreene

    Late Show With Stephen Colbert

    They very rarely record a show on Fridays anymore. The monologue is usually done on Thursday (thus the snarky references to how it feels like a Friday audience), and the interviews and sketches from guests earlier in the week were recorded when they were on. Stephen's suit and tie will change through the Friday show.
  9. kassygreene

    S16. E22. ...and Executioner

    Caitlin might have known. She knew he'd been married four times, probably from the dossier she would have gotten when she was in the Secret Service. She said it once, and he immediately corrected her to (IIRC) three ex-wives.
  10. kassygreene

    R-rated & X-rated Content on Television

    I remember the original broadcast in the States, and ye gods the screams! I actually covered my head with an afghan because I was sure we were going to see into the room with Claudius. Fortunately for my ability to sleep, we didn't see inside the room. IMDB informs me that:
  11. kassygreene

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    And I forgot to say that if you have CBS All Access they have the complete series.
  12. kassygreene

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    Season 1 was on NBC and I'm sure the network "influenced" the show. Also it was 1995-1996, which was (ulp) a generation ago! It was pretty dreadful, and very sex-charged. They added Andrea Thompson to the cast (she always bugs me) and John M. Jackson (he always charms me), and NBC cancelled it. But CBS picked it up and let DPB do it better, and they got nine more seasons. I've just put together that W.K. Stratton, who was a go-to for all of DPB's pilots, was in the JAG pilot as Ted Lindsey, the JAG lawyer who pulled the stunt of picking up Rabb as he was running on the Mall in a helicopter to immediately send him to a carrier in the Med. Presumably the gag kind of back-fired because POTUS happened to be running on the Mall at the same time with his Secret Service detail. Ramifications were not shown on Show beyond the sick look on Lindsey's face as he realized who that was, but oddly enough in NCIS Show's backdoor pilot it was Ted Lindsey who framed Rabb for what's-her-name's murder. The cold dish of revenge? (why do i remember all of this so clearly?)
  13. kassygreene

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    I know we are in the wrong forum, but I suspect more people interested in this thread are here and not in the JAG forum. Anyhoo, changing specialty is not unheard of (I assume; Bellisario paid attention to his military advisors, unlike the showrunners on The Code). Chegwidden went from SEAL to Surface Warfare to JAG Corps. Rabb's ping-ponging doesn't really fit. Again, Show vs. Life. Just like Gibbs should have retired at 55, which would have been about six years ago as he was 18 at the Bicentennial. And Hetty! She must be civil service, perhaps even SES. Sasha Alexander was interviewed many years ago after she left the series, and said NCIS always seemed cartoonish to her. It applies to the entire franchise, and really to JAG as well. I still watch.
  14. kassygreene

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    How easily we forget... After Mac & Webb went missing in Paraguay, Harm (in his usual mood of being entitled to be read in to any classified op that he felt interested in) failed to get permission to go to P to find them, so he resigned. When they came back, Mac was welcomed (she'd been officially TDY'd) but Harm was "Mr. Rabb" as a) this was the second time he had left JAG, and b) this time he had actually resigned. So he mooned around a bit, got recruited as a CIA pilot (and seemed to have a blast doing it), and managed to get his face live on ZNN after landing a Hercules on an aircraft carrier, so he was out at CIA. Eventually he and Chegwidden reconciled and he rejoined JAG. So, Rabb's Navy career was: Naval aviator who crashed because of an eye condition which exonerated him from blame for the crash while simultaneously grounding him. JAG lawyer. JAG lawyer whose eye condition had been mis-diagnosed and was fixed with a surgical procedure thereby re-qualifying his flight status and leading to his determination to ditch JAG and return to his One True Calling. Old Man Aviator who was flying just fine and had maturity as compared to the (much) younger hotshots, who it turned out was too old to have a viable career as a Navy Aviator. JAG lawyer who "realized JAG was where he belonged" while everyone was supposed to ignore the obvious fact that he'd never catch up in Navy aviation after 10-12 years grounded. Guy with a hero complex who was the only person who could save the day in Paraguay and therefore was good with quitting his job and going all in. Hero who helped save the day and expected to be welcomed back to JAG for a second time only to learn that Chegwidden had read Maya Angelou (paraphrased here as: when someone shows you their true desires, believe them). CIA pilot (and loving it) (In my opinion DJE absolutely nailed it as a real pilot - real pilots love to fly and will meet the challenge to fly anything). Unemployed moody brooder. JAG lawyer who eventually bets it all on a coin toss (and apparently next week we may learn how it landed - I was rooting for on the edge). Naval aviator who somehow in fifteen years did the thing that wasn't going to be possible, perhaps skipped past being CAG and is now XO of an aircraft carrier (and its group?). Future carrier CO? I understand there's significant "office politics" skills required for career advancement at that level, and Harm was always a bridge burner. But this is Show, not Life, so who can say? Of course this also means he's held the rank of Captain for fifteen years, and I thought there were time limits on that - two chances at promotion in something like ten years, and then you must retire. Again, this is Show, not Life.
  15. kassygreene

    TV Tropes You Hate

    My roommate in grad school got a few people (including me) to go with her when she sold her rings from her marriage once the divorce was finalized. We weren't there to support her with the jeweler, or even to help her negotiate the price. In fact, we stayed in the car. We were there to go with her to a celebration lunch afterwards. It was a good party.