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  1. kassygreene

    S05.E01: Episode 1

    Masterpiece starts broadcasting season 5 at the end of September.
  2. kassygreene

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Black doesn't say baseball, but it does say slimming, which has always been my own personal favorite style effect.
  3. kassygreene

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    With buildings that big even little repairs are huge. BP is costing so much and taking so long (10 years) to fix in no small part due to the ways that upgrades were done over the last century. Apparently they are biting the bullet and fixing everything, including structure, wiring, plumbing, etc. During the Truman administration the White House started to visibly act un-building-like -- chandeliers "stretched" and floors moved beyond creaking to "swaying". A building inspection revealed "that the beams are staying up there from force of habit only." The last condo I lived in spent two years and 1.5 million USD inspecting and repairing the exteriors and roofs of four 18-story, 250-unit, 20-year-old buildings. My point being that the places you and I live are not cheap to rehabilitate - enormous buildings have corresponding enormous budgets, and even larger if they are any variation of historic and/or publicly owned & managed. So, given the history of FC the price seems reasonable.
  4. kassygreene

    S15. E11. Hell Hath No Fury

    These are experienced captains and they generally know what they can push through and what they can't - Casey suspended operations in each of the last two episodes because it was too dangerous. This is all up by the Russian line. The round trip to port would be the better part of a week, and as Josh pointed out in each of the last two episodes, the Coast Guard can't fly that far for a rescue (even if the weather was good). Cornelia Marie went up there on an all-in bet and found the bio-mass. Others in the fleet appear to be following on up the line (Southern Wind and now the Wizard), again to find the bio-mass. Saga went the other way because Jake always starts being independent, and after an extended series of empty pots starts casting about for intel from other boats. Brenna A is still in port?? Poor Sean.
  5. kassygreene

    Blood & Treasure

    It's not Great Art, but it's probably one of the better summer series CBS has done. I love the unabashed Raiders hints? tributes? memes? And I truly adore the maps. As a sixty-something, I am delighted with how much of my old geography knowledge is still there.
  6. kassygreene

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    If Eugenie has the blue hat and Beatrice the yellow beanie (!), then I comment thusly: B's dress wasn't awful, but seemed to show a lack of effort, and that woven and looped straw (?) thing on her head didn't go with it (or anything - did she at least have a matching purse and shoes?); but E's dress and hat seemed to be very much K-mart Kasual (not that there's anything wrong with that, but c'mon, it's Royal Ascot!).
  7. kassygreene

    S01 Talk

    TAR1 learned a lot of lessons during the race. Without a rewatch, off the top of my head: don't put a FF in the departure country (Italy, I think), when the destination is so far away (India) and all the tasks are there and the FF was able to book direct to Mumbai and go straight to the Taj while everyone else had to scramble through Amsterdam and figure out that the clue to the pit stop was divining that a small tschotske of the Taj Mahal meant take a taxi to Agra don't go to India period until you have the exit papers in order - Race spent a few days waiting for permission to leave make sure people understand the penalties - the 24 hour penalty has only been meted out once, and I don't think it exists anymore don't structure legs that can be executed in twelve hours, especially when hours of operation exist - Teams A & B finished that leg and Team C was halfway through it before Team D left the pit stop make use of bunching to prevent the racers from being so out-of-sync TAR1 is probably one of the best to re-watch. It's also part of the 9/10 world. You can't travel like that anymore.
  8. kassygreene

    S15. E10. Curse of the Russian Line

    I seem to remember the Wizard had major seven figure work done two or three years ago. And the Time Bandit had intensive work done in dry dock a few years before that, a trouble-plagued refit that I suspect was not helped by Andy's penchant for cheaper contractors - as an example, the engine room was spray-painted (powder-painted?) so badly they had to scrape it all off and have it re-done.
  9. kassygreene

    S15. E10. Curse of the Russian Line

    Jeez. For an episode with no manufactured drama, I found it pretty gripping. Those guys earn their checks, that's for sure. And I think that's the most talking Norm has done on camera since The Legend Of The Northwestern....
  10. kassygreene

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Nope, he cradled it with his left arm and shoulder (and cast), and balanced it with his right hand.
  11. kassygreene

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    A week or two before his Bar Mitzvah my nephew managed to be in the path of a hot line drive. Hit his left arm just above the elbow. He was casted to the shoulder and there was serious concern as to whether he could carry the Torah (a special one that survived the Holocaust and was the heaviest in the synagogue). But he did, because sometimes you just do.
  12. kassygreene

    Speculation: Our Turn for the Plasma Clicker

    Emily is Fornell's daughter. Ellie Bishop is the agent to whom Ziva sent the note.
  13. kassygreene

    The Enemy Within

    Because even the writers were too fed up to try?
  14. kassygreene

    S15. E07. Winter is Here

    I seem to recall (perhaps from Sig's book?) that the Northwestern has a pretty good crew safety record. In fact, I think the most serious "injury" they have had was SIg's heart attack, and that came as they were coming into the harbor. A bang on the head with loss of consciousness AND seizures? Straight to hospital. There is also the possibility that a slip and fall is really a fall that looks like a slip. I liked Dr. Matt confirming that there is, indeed, a brain in there. That's how you quickly know things aren't dire. And on the Cornelia Marie, I was impressed that Casey was sufficiently impressed with those successive port and starboard waves to basically f it and head into port. Yeah, they were light, but most of that string is still out there soaking, and they seemed to be on good grounds. This year the CM isn't quite so jokey. So far. Jake has a competent crew. Let's see how long he keeps their respect.
  15. Aliʻiōlani Hale (the Palace where H50 is headquartered and in real life the Hawaii State Supreme Court resides - not to be confused with ʻIolani Palace, which was the headquarters for the original H5O and is now a public museum) is from a (Show) security standpoint somewhat porous. In no particular order the entire building has been gassed; it's been taken over by a Mexican drug cartel, I believe a few people have been offed (at least one in interrogation?), and McGarrett, with the full weight of law enforcement coming in to arrest him after the Governor was murdered, was able to escape over the rooftop. Non-metal weapons are a real and yet-to-be-solved problem, and I agree, the kid's backpack would have been searched and the gun held. It certainly would not have been allowed as carry-on in a plane, and really, toy guns need to fade away as A Thing. I loved my cap pistol. I loved the smell of burnt caps. I grew up on Westerns and war movies. If I still had had it in the last thirty years, I would have "given" it to a landfill.