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  1. The thing that makes me thing Carole is not just a wackdoo and may be as bad as the rest of them albeit differently is the rabbit picture. There is no justifiable reason for a picture to be taken of three grown women holding rabbits that have just been killed, with grins on their faces. I hear Carole’s explanation that they were happy that their cats had food. But no true animal lover would be happy about the death of those rabbits, much less smile about it and take a picture of it. That was the most disturbing thing about Carole’s place to me. Yes I understand that big cats have to eat meat,
  2. I’m really glad this show is ending. I feel compelled to tune in every week just because I enjoyed the first two seasons so much and I feel I must see it through, but it’s torture for me. The jokes are not as smart, the characters have become caricatures of themselves and I’m bored of the whole Eleanor-Chidi star crossed lovers storyline. Watching this season actually feels like I’m in Season 1 Good Place. Everyone is trying to convince me that it’s great but it’s really a pit of hell.
  3. Haha. I didn’t even think about that part. Yes that’s very true. An all day long party with a drumline and all the other noise, I would definitely be one of the people calling the police.
  4. Exactly. Summer break is only three months long at the most. And that’s a full grown belly there. I wish they didn’t do this. I kind of found most of the episode intolerable actually. Too much suspension of believe. A whole drum line and all that hired for a house party? In college? Not to mention the house, even if Vivek is a drug dealer and Nomi and Zoe have wealthy parents. I hope Nomi didn’t decide to have a baby with creepy predator professor lady. I hope it’s not that Nomi agreed to have her child before they broke up. I also can’t comprehend Zoe being great at her job
  5. I’m mad at all y’all. I watched the first two episodes of season 1, then I came here to read what you guys had to say and see if I should continue watching. I read every single page in this topic. And none of you guys could even mention how hot bearded rebel Troy is. I was not prepared. I was not feeling him at all in the first season, but give that boy a little facial hair and woweeee. (I’m hoping that’s why he’s hot to me now and not some secret bad boy desires) And then the amazing sight of that butt in the fountain. I could be his mama but that was a thing of beauty. I’m glad I kept
  6. Everything about Juan leads me to believe that it’s not. He seems too selfish and lazy to be any good at sex
  7. If I looked like Gizelle there would be no way in hell I’m dating Sherman. I’m not sure what Sherman has going for him....he’s not attractive, doesn’t treat her well and came with a lot of baggage. There must be some more eligible bachelors in the DMV area. So I agree with all who say that Chris’ vows were stupid, but the absolute glee and delight on Candy-ass’ face while he said them made it okay by me. I’m not the one who he’s professing love for, so if it works for them, then so be it.
  8. Gizelle looked awesome. I would never think of wearing pants to a wedding but she slayed! Robyn said something like “it doesn’t matter if Juan and I are late, what matters is that we’re together.” Ahmm no Robyn no. It does matter that you were so late that you completely missed the ceremony. That’s just rude. I’m tired of Ashley. She’s messy and she tried too hard to manufacture drama.
  9. Same here. She seems like a good mom. But she also strikes me as a sancti-mommy. If she was in the movie Bad Moms, she definitely would be hanging with the judgy Christina Applegate and Jada Pinkett-Smith crew
  10. Methinks they’re going at it “like bunny rabbits” because for whatever reason, he no longer has his side chick. Once he finds another, things will go back to how they were. Robyn needs to get a clue. And I agree about the hair, I hate it too.
  11. Yup. He seems like the type to feel like she’s beholden to him if he was the sole breadwinner. Nope for that. I really enjoyed how Jasmin was so determined to get in the pool. She needed to show off her bikini bod no matter how cold it was. I don’t hold it against her though, her body really is amazing.
  12. Oh it can be. I completely agree. But it’s not always. I’m not sure Nene knows the difference, and also may be confusing the two because she’s Nene. If he did admit to verbal abuse then I missed it and I apologize. It seems that some of you may have more information than was presented on the show. I still think that because someone is mean and acts like an asshole does not make them verbally abusive. My opinion may differ from others. So happy for you Stats Queen. 🤗
  13. Being an asshole is not verbal abuse. Being demanding is not verbal abuse. Being grumpy and difficult is not verbal abuse. Greg may be all of those things but they do not make him verbally abusive. We have seen no evidence of that. And just because Nene said it does not make it true. Similarly Porsha and Kordell. Just because Porsha, the woman who had just been publicly humiliated, intimated that Kordell is gay, doesn’t make it true.
  14. I’m glad she said the negotiations got hot, to me that shows they’re taking it seriously. While Dennis apparently has a lot of money, Porsha herself has a considerable amount of income that should be protected. She did not have that with Kordell, with Kordell there was a much more significant financial imbalance. I’m not a Porsha fan though I do find her amusing at times. I don’t think she is after Dennis’ money (though it doesn’t hurt). I think she was after his sperm
  15. Nene’s current reunion strategy is no fun to watch. I really wish she was the Nene of reunions past, owning the stuff she did and then going into attack mode.
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