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  1. fastiller

    S02.E15: Deceptive Little Parasite

    I agree. I think Rachel Harris is playing the part so well. She could go so over the top as THE.DEVIL'S.THERAPIST. But she doesn't, she has a patient that happens to be The Devil. (I don't think I'd miss Ella though, and I wouldn't mind if they wrapped up Mother's storyline so we'd see her a bit less either.) I like Trixie as well. I'm calling it now (I'll be wrong): Trixie will be able to bring the sword to full flame. She's the product of a being with God's Blessing. There has to be something that rides along with that. I'd typed out my comment above (about Mother) before fully reading your comment, so: SNAP!
  2. fastiller


    This is from prior to the article that @MissEwa linked. (Edit: I note the timing only because of the title of the io9 article.) The Co-Creator of iZombie Is So Sure It's Going to Be Renewed That He Changed the Finale.
  3. fastiller

    S03.E05: Spanking the Zombie

    I think Don E. turned drug dealer for himself, not for Robert Knepper. Ever since Chief died (sniff) he hasn't had a friend/coworker/partner in crime.
  4. fastiller

    S02.E14: Candy Morningstar

    & Yes. There's something to how he 'helped her' out in Vegas. I like Candy (or whatever her name really is) and want to know what went on in Vegas.
  5. fastiller

    S03.E04: Wag the Tongue Slowly

  6. fastiller


    @Maelstrom - KFM is the ultimate in Fan Service.
  7. fastiller


    I think it's getting to be time for a full series re-watch again. I would love to fine a newbie to the show and watch it with him/her to see it again for the first time. Absolutely. When I have done previous (too many to admit) full series re-watches, I frequently focus on one or other character: EG: let's see how S02.E03 (for example) Parker is laying the ground work for S05.E04 Parker. Maybe my next one will be to focus on character interactions (IE: how the team as a whole grew).
  8. fastiller


    They did indeed strike gold, with the cast and crew. I'm trying with The Librarians but I feel like watching The Librarians is a little like eating a cake that was meant to be made with butter but the baker decided to go with margarine. And the commentaries on the DVDs make them 1000% worth the price of admission.
  9. fastiller


  10. fastiller

    iQuotes: Would You Like Brains With That?

    Preceded by the "well, I'll be" from Clive at Ladybird's license, makes the entire scene.
  11. fastiller

    S42.E18: Jimmy Fallon / Harry Styles

    I think Fallon did point out Nile Rodgers during the opening song. I don't think he mentioned him by name, but I seem to recall him enthusiastically pointing at Rodgers in a "look who joined us!" way. But Andy Richter's point does still stand: living legend deserves a name-check mention.
  12. fastiller

    S03.E02: Zombie Knows Best

    & It's the FG Brainz logo on the side of the packet that gave it away.
  13. fastiller

    S03.E02: Zombie Knows Best

    Sally Pressman
  14. fastiller

    S42.E17: Louis C.K. / The Chainsmokers

    Re Tig Notaro: Tig Notaro Seems to Agree That Louis CK's SNL Clown Sketch Might Have Ripped Her Off.
  15. fastiller

    S03.E02: Zombie Knows Best

    Seems you're not alone in liking Major on teenage girl brain: