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  1. I agree. I think Rachel Harris is playing the part so well. She could go so over the top as THE.DEVIL'S.THERAPIST. But she doesn't, she has a patient that happens to be The Devil. (I don't think I'd miss Ella though, and I wouldn't mind if they wrapped up Mother's storyline so we'd see her a bit less either.) I like Trixie as well. I'm calling it now (I'll be wrong): Trixie will be able to bring the sword to full flame. She's the product of a being with God's Blessing. There has to be something that rides along with that. I'd typed out my comment above (about Mother) before
  2. fastiller


    This is from prior to the article that @MissEwa linked. (Edit: I note the timing only because of the title of the io9 article.) The Co-Creator of iZombie Is So Sure It's Going to Be Renewed That He Changed the Finale.
  3. I think Don E. turned drug dealer for himself, not for Robert Knepper. Ever since Chief died (sniff) he hasn't had a friend/coworker/partner in crime.
  4. & Yes. There's something to how he 'helped her' out in Vegas. I like Candy (or whatever her name really is) and want to know what went on in Vegas.
  5. @Maelstrom - KFM is the ultimate in Fan Service.
  6. I think it's getting to be time for a full series re-watch again. I would love to fine a newbie to the show and watch it with him/her to see it again for the first time. Absolutely. When I have done previous (too many to admit) full series re-watches, I frequently focus on one or other character: EG: let's see how S02.E03 (for example) Parker is laying the ground work for S05.E04 Parker. Maybe my next one will be to focus on character interactions (IE: how the team as a whole grew).
  7. They did indeed strike gold, with the cast and crew. I'm trying with The Librarians but I feel like watching The Librarians is a little like eating a cake that was meant to be made with butter but the baker decided to go with margarine. And the commentaries on the DVDs make them 1000% worth the price of admission.
  8. Preceded by the "well, I'll be" from Clive at Ladybird's license, makes the entire scene.
  9. I think Fallon did point out Nile Rodgers during the opening song. I don't think he mentioned him by name, but I seem to recall him enthusiastically pointing at Rodgers in a "look who joined us!" way. But Andy Richter's point does still stand: living legend deserves a name-check mention.
  10. & It's the FG Brainz logo on the side of the packet that gave it away.
  11. Re Tig Notaro: Tig Notaro Seems to Agree That Louis CK's SNL Clown Sketch Might Have Ripped Her Off.
  12. Seems you're not alone in liking Major on teenage girl brain:
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