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  1. Poor Lily Rabe. In every season of AHS, her character is the one my heart breaks for. Every time.
  2. It was very disappointing that Becky hasn’t learned to listen. She was so busy making it all about her and defending herself that she just could not hear what was being said. She really could have learned something. I don’t think Becky’s a racist, but she just doesn’t get it and isn’t willing to entertain other perspectives.
  3. Am I the only one who has gotten vibes all along that there was at the very least an offscreen one-night stand with Serena and Tuello? I'm still thinking that Waterford is infertile and that Serena's baby is Tuello's. I know, it's too soapy to even deal with imagining. But I've gotten the vibe from Tuello and Serena that there's more to them than we've seen since the beginning of the season.
  4. Maybe Martin went out of the house brandishing the gun, to commit suicide by cop.
  5. Martin was out of the house when Jeanette went in, and she found the snowglobe. The recording is potentially evidence that Kate wasn't being held against her will, that she had free reign of the house. It's tenuous, because just because she was able to make a phone call doesn't mean that she wasn't usually locked up somewhere, but if I'm Jeannette I'm grabbing at any possibilities. Theory, but spoilered just in case I'm right:
  6. Pixel

    S01.E08: Proof

    Ah, I didn't really think about that cellphones weren't enough of a thing at this point for Jeannette to have butt-dialed. I was thinking in terms of things that could happen today. Damn you, technological advancements!
  7. Pixel

    S01.E08: Proof

    I don’t see how the snow globe sound on the voicemail is relevant unless it ties Jeannette to Martin’s house. Maybe she was hiding and butt dialed Jamie. She was probably in the closet, holding the snow globe, when it accidentally went off or something.
  8. Claire's emotional manipulation of Eric in this episode was pretty disgusting. When she was talking about all the sex he'd have in college with lots of women, it was clearly designed to pull him closer to her by making him feel like she wasn't fully invested in their relationship. It sparked a feeling of desperation in him that caused his declaration of love, which was exactly what she was looking for.
  9. At first Luke was being a dick to his angel. But I think now they’re both enjoying playing games with each other.
  10. Honestly, that hot tub shitshow had to be scripted. Even Nicole couldn’t be horrifying enough to not even acknowledge Sydney was still sitting there while she’s cradling Ashley’s face in her hands. If not, there’s something seriously wrong with that woman.
  11. I think Laurel is having a hard time letting go because Nicole was her first female experience. That’s bigger than just being an ex - it’s someone who was there when you had a life changing revelation about yourself. That’s a hard thing to let go of, even if that person turns out to be an immature ass like Nicole. As much as it hurts to watch Laurel go through that, I am firmly Team Laurel. She needs to let go. But man, Nicole is just a douchenozzle.
  12. I know I’m on the minority, but I genuinely used to love and root for Cara. Ever since Wes dumped soda over her head I’ve been pulling for her. No more. Her relationship with Paulie, who was awful on BB and just has always sucked, has turned Cara into a raging asshole.
  13. I was just coming here to say the same. I grew up in the height of the slasher film era. I loved them. This was just boring. Retread of old tropes and adding nothing new or particularly entertaining. I have loved every season so far, so I’ll give it a few episodes, but this is the worst start of all of them.
  14. I think one of the biggest reasons I don’t doubt that Williams was the killer is that after he was caught, the killings stopped.
  15. And this right here is why I hold the unpopular opinion that I hated the Suzie/Dustin duet. That little bit of bullshit was the 30 seconds that killed Hopper and Billy.
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