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  1. At first Luke was being a dick to his angel. But I think now they’re both enjoying playing games with each other.
  2. Honestly, that hot tub shitshow had to be scripted. Even Nicole couldn’t be horrifying enough to not even acknowledge Sydney was still sitting there while she’s cradling Ashley’s face in her hands. If not, there’s something seriously wrong with that woman.
  3. I think Laurel is having a hard time letting go because Nicole was her first female experience. That’s bigger than just being an ex - it’s someone who was there when you had a life changing revelation about yourself. That’s a hard thing to let go of, even if that person turns out to be an immature ass like Nicole. As much as it hurts to watch Laurel go through that, I am firmly Team Laurel. She needs to let go. But man, Nicole is just a douchenozzle.
  4. I know I’m on the minority, but I genuinely used to love and root for Cara. Ever since Wes dumped soda over her head I’ve been pulling for her. No more. Her relationship with Paulie, who was awful on BB and just has always sucked, has turned Cara into a raging asshole.
  5. I was just coming here to say the same. I grew up in the height of the slasher film era. I loved them. This was just boring. Retread of old tropes and adding nothing new or particularly entertaining. I have loved every season so far, so I’ll give it a few episodes, but this is the worst start of all of them.
  6. I think one of the biggest reasons I don’t doubt that Williams was the killer is that after he was caught, the killings stopped.
  7. And this right here is why I hold the unpopular opinion that I hated the Suzie/Dustin duet. That little bit of bullshit was the 30 seconds that killed Hopper and Billy.
  8. I guess I’m in the minority, but I don’t see this having anything to do with the killing off bi or gay characters. I’m bi, my daughter and best friend are gay - I’m not insensitive to the issues for LGBTQ characters on TV. But I also don’t think you should not kill a character because they fall into that group. I thought the whole Quentin’s death and funeral was very compelling TV. It really made me feel, and I’m kind of a cynic sometimes. But as much as I loved those scenes for the emotional impact, I do think it was an enormous mistake to kill him off.
  9. He didn’t cast a spell. He threw something and broke the frame, which broke the mirror.
  10. But I think he does know. He watched them all throw meaningful things into the fire. Eliot threw in a peach. Quentin would have known that peach (or “a” peach) from the conversation where Eliot turned him down.
  11. But show-wise, it’s the best way to keep Alice relevant and involved. The only reason she was part of the group was her connection to Q. Without that, there’s no reason for them to interact with her anymore. As head librarian, they’ll need her.
  12. I love this show, but I can’t even imagine it without Quentin. He wasn’t even my favorite character, but he’s the glue that held them all together. I’m so sad.
  13. I keep trying to reconcile this Lindsay with the one I used to adore in movies and I can't. The cognitive dissonance is giving me a headache. She's just batshit looney. It seems like she has a good heart, but she's a train wreck.
  14. Until this episode, I always thought Josh was gay. I don't know why, but I just assumed it when he was on Big Brother as well. I couldn't even tell you where or why I got that idea, I just thought it. So I was shocked a little bit when he started hitting on Amanda. His awkward overtures to her were making me super uncomfortable. You could see that Amanda was trying to nicely rebuff him, which kind of tells me that in real life she's probably not as much of an asshole as she is on the show. I genuinely felt for her discomfort at his efforts to "romance" her.
  15. Yeah, as others have said, she completely made that about her inability to understand accents, and not that there was anything wrong with it. I thought it was kind of adorable, her self deprecation.
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