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  1. I have an uncle with Down syndrome and while he is less fortunate than Ansel (he can't speak), he is caring, he enjoys jokes, and his memory is amazing -- if you give him a calendar, he will write the birthdays of everyone in the extended family on the proper dates. I also appreciate that Ansel is a realistic character and not a prop. I'm still entertained, although I thought Banks flipped to the good side way too quickly. Surely he's screwed over at least one other young mom in all his years of not giving a shit. I do enjoy his dynamic with Dex, though, so if he sticks around as a recurring character/reluctant sometimes-partner, I'm okay with that.
  2. Reviews have begun rolling in, and it's looking good... His Dark Materials review: an adaption worth waiting for His Dark Materials, episode 1, first-look review: a faithful adaptation full of strangeness and childlike wonder His Dark Materials is definitely a better TV show than a movie 'His Dark Materials' stays faithful to the book in strong opening episode His Dark Materials Season 1 Episode 1 Review I actually couldn't find a single bad review.
  3. I'm cautiously optimistic. I like that the show dumped all the dead weight characters and kept just our core four. I like the format change where we'll get to see them travel all over the place rather than have demons come to their small town all the time. The command center is kind of silly, but at least it's simpler than the previous council bureaucracy. I like that the girls will (at least for a little while) have to solve problems without using their powers. Not so sure about a Harry doppelganger, especially if they tie the Harry/Macy romance in with that, but we'll see how it goes. Overall I found the episode kept my attention and that it didn't feel rushed like so many season one episodes did.
  4. The fact that she's apparently living out of a van (and working at a diner) makes me think she's lying about being rich. I'll probably keep watching this at least for a couple more episodes, but so far it's nothing special. Nancy's supposed to be such a good detective that she shows up the police, but the pilot didn't sell that idea as well as, say, the Veronica Mars pilot did -- here, George told us that Nancy did the cops' job for them; the writers didn't show us. Most people could roll under a garage door. Most people could open a locked desk drawer using a screwdriver and brute force. Give us more! I'm not big on this whole grimdark thing where Nancy's closed-off and scarred by her mom's recent death and she has no friends and an adversarial relationship with her father. "Nick" being an ex-con and George (apparently) boning the murder victim's husband is just... bleh. Edge for the sake of edge. George in the new comics is a lesbian, which would have been preferable to this weird overeager, barely-legal "other woman" (and where I thought the show was going when she was angry with Nancy for laughing at the rumors spread about her in high school). I am mildly interested in the mystery and especially in Bess having that ring, so I'll keep watching for now. However, I definitely don't have the patience for another convoluted, grim Riverdale-type show, so if we don't get some satisfying resolutions, I'm out.
  5. I've seen the fourth episode now and I appreciate that although this show is basically a grown-up Pretty Little Liars (where they actually know who "A" is), for the most part, the women aren't being stupid. They've gone to the cops twice; they've just been told that nothing can be done until there's proof of a crime and that they should keep a log of every interaction with the stalker. Sad, but accurate. Also, I was distracted by the sound of parakeets in a few scenes, and I kept thinking, "What is that noise? Does this character own birds?" Nope, the show's filmed in Australia, and all the birds I think of as somewhat exotic are just normal background noise there!
  6. I don't think there's a chance in hell she would have told Steve had they not just been through an insane life-changing experience together, and even then she was afraid to tell him. It's still a huge secret; she's not shouting anything from the rooftops.
  7. ‘Secret Bridesmaids’ Business’ director Tori Garrett calls for braver Aussie TV
  8. The daemons look so much better than I expected (and it looks like we'll see a lot of them!), and it appears the show is following the book's plot pretty faithfully. What an excellent trailer. I hope this show ends up being everything I wanted back in 2007.
  9. Season 2B dropped yesterday and I've already watched all of it, so here be (semi-vague) spoilers. This show is so dumb. It's enjoyable, but it's so dumb. Various characters had to hold the idiot ball this season to advance the plot, and it just left me shaking my head. Sure, let a nurse escort you out the hospital wing when you know another character was just about to tell you extremely important information! Sure, conveniently forget that your psychic artist friend literally labeled one of his drawings with the name of the dead curse-originator, and take the long route to finding her via manipulating a jailed ex and threatening a priest! Sure, you know you're predicted to die by crushing, so place yourself between a wall and a heavy automatic gate that's stuck halfway open! Sure, choose letting your trapped (but ultimately safe) friends out of a barn vs. chasing the psycho carrying the only thing you need to end the curse! Speaking of the curse, I loved that it originated in 1988. The way they were talking about it, with this old witch-related game and demon possession and exorcisms and family farm cemetery plots, I assumed it had started 100+ years ago, but nope, 1988! It kinda makes sense with the Satanic Panic going on around that time, but it was still so amusing when the kids found that (VHS!) taped confession from the late '80s. So vintage. I'm surprised they knew how to play it! I thought the acting was pretty solid, for the most part. Sometimes I'd think the actress playing McKenna was weak, but then she'd switch to Jennie and slightly change her voice, use different facial expressions, and even carry herself in a completely different way, and I remembered she was good. McKenna herself is a sad-sack "final girl"; the actress is fine. Character development was probably the best aspect of the whole show. I went from hating Violet in season one to liking her more than any other character by the end of season two. I was also delighted that two of the characters who hated each other the most -- Violet and Alex -- were two of the closest by about 3/4 of the way through 2B, and it felt natural. I was almost shipping them by that point. Nobody felt shoehorned into the group, not even Sammi or Peri, who were appropriately arms-length with various other characters, choosing to prioritize their safety and the safety of their love interest over the safety of the other people they didn't know as well. The ending was satisfying enough, I guess. I figured four of the characters would make it out okay, but a fifth one surprised me by slipping through. The final scene was... well, it was setting up season three. I wonder how long they can keep this franchise going with this group of characters, or if keeping the entire core group of five is even their plan.
  10. The first three episodes have aired (on the 29th, 30th, and today) and are available here (if you live in Australia or have a VPN, anyway). It's pretty much what I expected, which is fun, dramatic trash. Two affairs right off the bat. A crazy stalker with seemingly nothing better to do than menace Abbie Cornish 24/7. Georgina Haig running frantically through the city in a wedding dress. Katie McGrath shagging randoms to distract herself from the fact that she's in unrequited love with her best friend. Shady investments, multiple dramatic confrontations, flash-forwards to an apparent murder... and that's just episode one! The fourth episode airs next Tuesday.
  11. On PC/Mac and Switch. This is one of the cutest, most joyful games I've ever played. How can you go wrong with a dedicated honk button? You can't. It's basically a funny puzzle game in a sandbox environment... and you're an annoying goose. There's something so satisfying about waddling around causing chaos.
  12. Casper will be 10 in February. He's still an asshole! I love him, but I won't have another klee kai. Crystal just turned 13 this month. She's doing well in general -- still happy to do multiple-hour walks and then come home and throw her stuffed bunny around -- but she's been having some minor seizure-like episodes the vet and I are keeping an eye on. I don't have recent pics of the red cats, but they're also doing well!
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