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  1. Even though the girls have the power of three back now, the show feels like it's spinning its wheels. Yeah, yeah, the witches and demons are apparently in some kind of truce and they hate it. Yes, we know there are humans creating weird reanimated monsters. Yes, Abi is bad but she's also a little good. The darklighter is waiting in his bottle. Jordan has to find and help some witches. Macy is conflicted about Julian because she has feelings for Harry or his dark side or whatever. We've known all of this for several episodes now. Let's get on with it, please! I caught up on Motherland: For Salem's first three episodes recently and I gotta say, if I could only watch one current show about witches, it'd be that one, hands down. The worldbuilding is intriguing, the plot is building at a good speed, and the writers are doling out important information a bit at a time rather than infodumping. If you're into shows about witches, I'd recommend giving it a try.
  2. Those "After The Storm" episode roundups are worth watching. I'm not sure we were explicitly told some of those things in the actual show -- for example, that witches have an extra set of vocal cords they use to make sounds normal humans can't make (that also explains why their voices echo when they get angry and yell, I guess). Or that it's illegal to use any of the military magic techniques before you get conscripted. Or that the biddies only last in the position for five or six years before dying. Or that not all witch armies use vocalizations; some use mainly gestures, while others have different methods (I assume we'll see these eventually).
  3. This interview is the usual vague fluff but the ending was interesting. Taylor: Don't latch onto any Easter eggs that are left throughout the series, because you're wrong- Ashley: You know, WE were wrong. Jessica: It's unpredictable. You don't really know where the show's going. Ashley: You really don't. Jessica: We were surprised. And how many times in life are you surprised? Taylor: It really threw me for a loop. At the same time I was like, "I KNEW IT!" and I was like, "I had no idea." But I like to tell myself, yeah, I totally saw that coming. Ashley: We laughed, we cried... Taylor: Reading the finale... we were all bawling at the table, sharing a box of Cartems donuts... crying into the box of donuts...
  4. I caught up last night and I'm liking this so far. The worldbuilding is interesting (I also want to know more, but I think it's probably better that we're learning a bit of a time instead of having everything dumped on us at once) and I like the main characters. I'm glad it looks like Raelle will be questioning Scylla's motives in the next episode. I don't like it when people are oblivious or too quick to write off shady behavior from their friends or love interests. Raelle has been the right amount of wary about Scylla all along -- she cares about her, but acknowledges that she's cagey and a little weird -- and Scylla's ex jumping to his death hours after spilling her secrets is too big of a coincidence to ignore. I do get the feeling the writers will go for a redemption storyline with Scylla, though. Considering how shady the general seems, I wouldn't be surprised if the overarching good guys vs. bad guys situation isn't as black and white as it appears, either (although considering The Spree is killing innocent civilians, that'll be a hard sell). In any case, I'm interested enough to keep watching and see where they go with all this.
  5. Real classy, Riverdale writers. Guess they can't handle valid criticism.
  6. Back April 9! One week from today.
  7. Airdate: April 2, 2020 "Saying Goodbye" featurette and promo:
  8. We're going to unvault the forum very soon, so we'll have separate topics for the upcoming season. I definitely prefer that, too!
  9. Full trailer and new premiere date: April 12, two weeks easier than promised!
  10. The Circle US has been renewed for two more seasons, although it'll be a while until they can film them due to the virus shutting down production on basically everything. https://www.vulture.com/2020/03/love-is-blind-season-2-renewed-the-circle-season-2-renewed.html
  11. I'm on the older end but technically a millennial, and I don't buy it at all. Just for "fun," I even did that full chart with your exact place and time of birth, down to the minute, which is supposed to be the most accurate. I sent it to a friend who knows me very well, and she said it was remarkable how wrong it was in almost every way. The idea that someone would write me off based on a chart that doesn't even describe me pisses me off. The conversion therapy topic is definitely continuing, yeah. Hopefully they continue to handle it well. I actually could have handled a bit more talk about the common techniques used by those places, because I think a lot of people still don't understand what exactly goes on there.
  12. Yeah, I'm 100% on Ryan's side in this one. Evan -- who he wanted to get along with because it's so important to Jane -- asked him to keep a secret, and this secret wasn't one that would harm Jane in any way. It wasn't his place to tell her and it would have put him on Evan's bad side if he had. She actually seemed to understand that part but was more upset that it was "easy" for him to lie to her, which no, it clearly wasn't; he looked uncomfortable and acted shifty when she asked him about his evening with Evan. I don't really care whether she forgives him for cheating and lying or not, but if she's going to claim she has, she needs to mean it and not keep bringing it up as an example of his untrustworthy nature forever. No way Sutton's leaving (at least not for more than an episode). I wonder whether she and Richard will break up or whether he'll magically get a perfect job in NYC. The former would give Meghann Fahy more dramatic material to work with, but would the writers upset the many "Suttard" (awful portmanteau, btw) shippers in that way? Well, they backtracked on Adena's biphobia pretty quickly, didn't they? I'm not mad, though; I didn't buy that coming from her in the first place. I thought the writers handled the conversion therapy topic pretty well. Astrology is garbage and I'm annoyed that everyone but Alex seemed to believe in it. That smug astrologer at the end, twisting it around so that her predictions were actually correct because Jacqueline was supposed to do the opposite all along (a win for the astrologer no matter what Jacqueline did)... I hate her. I could go on a big rant about how people (especially in the lesbian community) are using astrology as a lesser form of discrimination, refusing to date or even be friends with people with the "wrong" sign, but this isn't the place so I'll spare you. But ugh, show. A more balanced perspective at the very least would have been nice.
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