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  1. Cranberry

    Cats (2019)

    I think regardless of how good or bad the rest of this movie is, Rebel Wilson's shtick will drag it down. I first saw her in Pitch Perfect and I thought she was used well there; she had a few quips and stole a scene or two, but then they expanded her role in Pitch Perfects 2 and 3 and it was just way too much... and in everything else I've seen her in since, it's been way too much. Even her little bit in the trailer didn't seem to match the general tone. I like Taylor Swift fine. Her appeal has always been more in her lyrics than her singing talent, for me. She's fine, just not amazing. Both she and Hudson reportedly have original songs on the soundtrack, and I'm interested to hear those. (I'm not expecting much from Swift's attempt at a British accent, though.)
  2. Cranberry

    Cats (2019)

    Well, this movie is going to be... something. I will say that the small cats/big world thing doesn't look quite as ridiculous as I was imagining.
  3. Cranberry

    S03.E07: Chapter Seven: The Bite

    Someone posted a couple of gifs of Maya and Uma to Tumblr (here) and I can see the resemblance there.
  4. Cranberry

    S07.E08: Miss Understood

    I thought it was fairly clear that Cassie was joking when she said Sherlock was her father. Joan didn't buy it, and Cassie smirked and dropped it because she was just messing with Joan anyway. Also never even considered the idea that Sherlock was in any way attracted to Cassie. He was comparing her intellect (unfavorably) and propensity for "evil" to Moriarty's.
  5. Cranberry

    June / Elisabeth Moss

    By request: A place to discuss the character of June and the woman who plays her. I'm sure there will be some overlap with the "plot holes and plot armor" thread and that's fine, but if you want a place to discuss Moss's character and performance specifically, here it is! This is neither a hate thread nor a fan one; just keep the debate civil, as usual.
  6. Cranberry

    S03.E13: AKA Everything

    The Raft isn't a normal jail, though. They've talked about it before on this show: "There's a special prison built for people with abilities. It's called the Raft." "Yeah. I read about it. Prisoners have no contact with the outside world, and they never return to it." "And just so we're clear, the Raft is completely remote. No visitors. You'd be in solitary confinement 23 hours a day." No one's coming away from that having gotten better. (No one's coming away from it at all, unless they're an Avenger and Steve Rogers himself breaks them out.) That's part of why I hated this storyline so much. Trish is powerful, but she's not so powerful that she needs to be locked in an impenetrable underwater fortress. She's also not the type of evil that should be sentenced to 23 hours of solitary confinement every day. She killed some hideous people while grieving her own mother's brutal murder; she clearly wasn't in her right mind. Damnit, I'm still mad and I finished watching this trainwreck almost a month ago.
  7. I enjoyed the season overall, although despite the fast pace it still somehow felt like it was spinning its wheels for much of it, and people's personalities and motivations changed episode to episode. Sabrina's expelled! No, just kidding, she's back in. Prudence is on Sabrina's side! No, wait, she's on her father's side. No, she's on Sabrina's side again! Harvey still loves Sabrina! No, he actually loves Roz! Theo desperately wants to look more like a cis male, to the point where he'd hack off an arm! No, actually, he's perfectly content in his current body! Make up your mind, show. I also cannot stand how often the characters say each other's names. Once I started noticing it, I couldn't ignore it. Even when only two people are in a room, they say each other's names every second sentence. Kiernan also does this weird pause most of the time right before she says a name. It drives me nuts. Actual dialogue from this ep: "Sabrina, they're mortal." "Don't forget, Nick, so am I." "See what I see, Harvey." "Roz." "Harvey, see what I see." "Roz, what's going on?" "Keep drawin', Harvey. Just keep drawin'." The entire season was like that. The last two episodes pulled everything together, though. I liked Sabrina finally realizing she was a pawn in Lilith's game, I enjoyed Mandrake Sabrina causing trouble, and I liked the show finally changing things up by trapping the Dark Lord, returning the real Wardwell, and putting Zelda in charge of the remaining coven members.
  8. Cranberry

    S03.E07: Chapter Seven: The Bite

    This is neat -- I like seeing how the aired version differs from the script. I think it ended up better.
  9. Cranberry

    Stranger Things: The Game

    I was hoping for an update to the mobile game, but it doesn't look like that's happening. That's a shame, because I really enjoyed it! Looks like there was a(n inferior) season three console game, and for mobile we're getting another entry into the increasingly-crowded AR/GPS-location-based genre. I enjoy a couple of those, but weather and data costs kind of limit how many I can play. https://kotaku.com/stranger-things-3-game-is-a-boring-rehash-of-the-show-1836194297 https://gamepress.gg/stranger-things-season-3-breaks-netflix-records-and-paves-way-mobile-ar-game
  10. Looks like our old hate thread was lost in a forum glitch that randomly deleted a number of topics across multiple forums. This is the new thread! If anyone has a suggestion for a catchier title, I'd be happy to change it. If you're discussing an episode and you find yourself swerving away from the topic of that episode to complain about the show in general, bring that here!
  11. Cranberry

    S03.E07: Under His Eye

    This is a reminder to keep your discussion and debate to the show and not to how you think other posters should watch or post. Also, if you see a problem post, please report it without engaging -- we had to hide some posts today that were fine aside from the fact that they quoted a removed post. Thanks!
  12. Cranberry

    S03.E07: Chapter Seven: The Bite

    Hawke's Hollywood reporter interview was good, too (contains spoilers for the finale, so don't click if you haven't watched). No spoilers in this excerpt:
  13. Cranberry

    S03.E07: Chapter Seven: The Bite

    Not saying anyone here is doing this, but I'm seeing a fair bit of talk online about how Robin should be bisexual so she can be with Steve, and how Steve "deserves" to get the girl because he's been so unlucky in that department, and I think that sucks. No one "deserves" for someone to be their romantic partner just because they develop feelings for them, and strong friendships are not somehow worse or worth less than romantic relationships. I think it's awesome that Steve has an age-appropriate BFF and that she's a girl who likes him for who he is and not because she's attracted to him. Anyway, I thought that coming out scene was sweet. This was the 80s, in a small Midwestern town, and she was romantically rejecting him. That could have gone so wrong, but his response was absolutely perfect. I can't believe how much I love Steve now; he's come so far since he called Jonathan a queer in season one.
  14. I believe she's safe from stuff like that, at least. The Financial Times says this: People says this: That People article is pretty good in general. So is this image set:
  15. So, apparently on iTunes now, some of the details on Taylor's albums have been changed (reputation has become Reputation, RED has become Red, the genre on all her country albums has been changed to pop, stuff like that). And because of that, people who previously bought the albums can't access their downloads anymore. Here's Apple's response to one of them who wrote to support: Click the tweet to read through the thread. This person cannot find the music anywhere (not even in the "hidden purchases" folder) and can't download the music anymore unless they re-buy it. Hopefully this is just a glitch or misunderstanding... but the fact that all of a sudden, minor details on Swift's albums are changing is fishy.