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  1. Oh yeah. I've seen fans complaining that the other cast members haven't released statements, and I've even seen a few people berating them for not going out and helping with the physical search. And I haven't even spent much time reading about this; I've just checked a couple of places for a few minutes each day... so I'm sure I'm just scratching the surface of this circus. I hope Naya's body is found soon so everyone can get some closure.
  2. Some of the fans are going nuts, to put it mildly. First there were all of the people who objected to suspending the water search overnight (standard procedure), claiming the authorities wouldn't have done it if Naya were a white woman. They bombarded the various offices with calls and emails demanding they continue the search. Once the security cam footage of Naya arriving at the lake came out, there were people scrutinizing everything from her parking (slightly crooked! Was she drunk!?!?) to her belongings (she was carrying a sack not found on the boat!!!), to the fact that she wasn't holding her kid's hand (in a big, completely empty parking lot). They were convinced a jetski was following her boat and contacted the authorities demanding they find and interview those people. I saw people asking for them to drain the lake, people saying there's no way she's in the water and it was probably a kidnapping, people saying she's surely somewhere on shore keeping an eye on her kid... there was something about the fans sending the searchers coordinates, too. Now Heather wants to bring a bunch of untrained volunteers in for a land search (although I see she tweeted that they should check in advance and make sure they're wanted/allowed to help, which is more responsible). I understand that a lot of this is denial caused by grief, but this is making it harder for the people trying to find Naya's body and bring her home. Here's a new article with another quote from Buschow:
  3. This People article includes underwater footage showing visibility in the lake (not great) and explains how the search is being conducted. Ventura County Sheriff Sgt. Kevin Donoghue also reiterates that they have no reason to suspect foul play or suicide.
  4. The CNN article is pretty informative. It mentions this previous statement (link is to a YouTube clip) from Capt. Eric Buschow in which he says Josey (then misidentified as a girl) stated he and Naya were both swimming and Josey got back onto the boat while Naya didn't. Of course, Josey is four and likely traumatized, so we may never know exactly what happened. The lake is known for rip currents (dangerous and common where I live; people seem to get caught in them every year), columns of chilly water, and lots of debris under the surface that someone could get tangled in. This article includes another statement from Buschow:
  5. Originally they thought Josey was a girl (likely due to his long hair and name), so the report was "three-year-old girl found alone on boat," but that was corrected to "Naya Rivera's four-year-old son" fairly quickly. I assume by that point they'd notified next of kin. I saw someone local to the area saying they wouldn't swim in that lake because of what they called "brush" on the bottom that one could get easily tangled in. I hope the divers can recover Naya's body soon. Edit: Here's some more info about the lake. It varies widely in depth and there are full-size trees and debris under the water. It has only about 8-10 inches of visibility.
  6. Yeah, it's normal to suspend a search overnight, especially hours after the person went missing in the water. It's not being suspended because she's a POC (a claim I've seen multiple people make), and bombarding local authorities with calls to continue the search isn't going to help. They'll be back out as soon as it's safe. This whole thing is just awful. I don't have the words.
  7. Airdate: July 12, 2020 This is the season finale. Not sure why there's a two-week break between it and episode 7!
  8. Agreed. I mean, the two main "easy" routes are "the white woman teaches the POC to be less judgmental" or "the POC teaches the white woman to be less conservative," which both have a lot of issues, especially in the current real-world climate. I wonder if their plans will change once they can film again.
  9. Changing her mind could be problematic, too, depending on how the show handles it. It's really hard to do that kind of story without making it look like all women really do want kids and just need to get over their issues so they can fulfill their natural purpose or whatever. Kat and Ava has the potential to go very wrong, too. I can't figure out the writers' goal... what lesson are the characters (and by extension, the audience) supposed to learn here?
  10. There's not a ton of info yet, but you control the cat and you befriend (and likely sometimes control) the little droid floating above you in the video. Official description from Steam: Here's a link to one of the devblog entries from 2016 showing early cat movement and collision tests: https://hk-devblog.com/2016/01/10/some-gameplay-work-in-progress/ There are other interesting posts on the devblog as well.
  11. I've been following this game's development for almost five years and I'm excited that soon I'll be able to play it! It'll be on Steam, too.
  12. Let's keep any political discussion to events and political figures as depicted in the show, per Primetimer rules. Thanks!
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