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  1. Nick and James both handled their first Influencer chat so well. James went in there all, "We're gonna do what I wanna do; this guy won't push me around," and Nick had him convinced Daniel was wishy-washy almost immediately. However, James making Nick promise to bring Kai along with them to the finale was smart, and it was even smarter of him to tell Kai that Nick wanted her gone. He basically guaranteed that Nick would vote both of them up without either of them returning the favor. (Of course, then Nick brought them both into a group chat and revealed the promise, which got Kai back on his s
  2. Watching a cat get squished by a microwave is not funny. What a misstep from a show I usually think is near-perfect.
  3. I think you're right. First season the top five (all originals) were pretty tight and carried each other through. Last season the alliances seemed to only be three people each, with nobody even trying to snag a fourth for the numbers advantage. I remember us complaining about the bad strategy!
  4. Just like in previous seasons, some of these people are too concerned with "catfish hunting" when sometimes it would be smarter to keep suspected catfish around. I forget who it was, but someone during the Michelle cloning situation said they didn't care which Michelle was real and would just go with the one they bonded with most, and that's smart! I laughed out loud when James said his girlfriend was a diamond and he was a bus token. He's fun. He successfully identified all the catfish early on, too, which is impressive. Nick was having so much fun playing Ghost Hunter Vince. I love
  5. Cranberry


    I don't have much to say about this, but I've been enjoying it. I've been yelling at Amy to talk to the cook from the beginning.
  6. I'd be surprised if it were manufactured, but only because every former contestant who's been asked about it has said the producers are really hands-off and what the audience sees is what's really happening. I did wonder about Kai, though... everyone pronounces her name as the letter K, whereas I would have rhymed it with "Tie" like I usually see. I guess it makes sense that the producers would brief people on pronunciation so it doesn't get confusing, though.
  7. Real Michelle could possibly have pulled it together if she hadn't been sabotaged -- rankings usually change quite a bit between the first and second ratings. I guess we'll never know! I like some of these people and I'm entertained, but I'm annoyed by how stupid they're being. By this point they've had a ton of Circle seasons to watch and they should be better game-players than this. Like in the Michelle situation, if one person is giving highly specific answers to questions, even knowing what's written on a sweatshirt where half the word is obscured, that person is not "trying too hard"
  8. I think the cloning twist is clever and could have been fun, but ultimately ended up feeling mean-spirited on a show I don't generally think of as being mean-spirited. I know it's a competition and they probably never intended for people to form lasting friendships like they did in season one (those people still hang out!), but most of us don't seem to watch this for the usual "I'm not here to make friends" reality show types. Stuff like "Trevor" flirting with Chloe while struggling with the morality of it is fun. Watching a lesbian pretend to be a straight girl and debate whether or not
  9. Yeah, I felt bad for her once I watched episodes two and three and saw how upset she was -- nobody goes into this expecting to have their real identity repurposed for a catfish (let alone having the fake version accepted as the real one), so I totally get it. Also, the wedding photo didn't seem at all weird to me. We were still transitioning to digital cameras in 2000, and those real film Sears-type portraits were still common. Perms may have been less of a thing, but ladies her age still had them. I thought the fact that "Orange Michelle" knew what exactly was on that sweatshirt in the fishin
  10. I've only watched the first episode of season three so far, but the new clone twist is hilarious. It's smart to do it early before people have really gotten the chance to know each other well enough to trip up a clone with specific questions. That said, I don't have much confidence in the clone being able to pull this off, considering they didn't even seem to understand the assignment at first... Edit: Okay, I've watched episode two now. The ditzy ones always manage to surprise me! That was some pretty good catfishing. Daniel is my favorite. His introduction speech cracked me up. "Be
  11. Cranberry


    Six-part series airing Sundays on BBC One, starting August 29, 2021. Starring Gentleman Jack’s Suranne Jones and Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie, along with Line of Duty’s Martin Compston and Endeavour’s Shaun Evans. Vigil: Suranne Jones’s classy new drama is Sunday night TV at its best Vigil review – Suranne Jones feels the pressure in sharp submarine thriller Vigil: Submarine drama explores 'isolating and tense' life and death at sea
  12. I really liked that finale! So glad we'll get more of Nicte next season; she's a compelling character. I think she's like Scylla in that she's definitely not redeemed, but she's been shaken out of her former mindset and is developing new loyalties. I'm happy to see Scylla finally officially working with the trio, too, and I'm glad Adil and Khalida went with the group. Together, these people can do tons of different magic -- Blaster/Fixer/Knower/Necro stuff, Spree stuff, Dodger creations, Tarim work, Mycelium magic. The only other person I would have wanted in my dream rebel group is Anacostia,
  13. Original air date: August 26, 2021
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