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  1. I finished the other three episodes. Lee/"River" is my favorite. I love that he cries at the drop of a hat. I also love that pretty much nobody else cares about Lance Bass while he's over in his corner fangirling and trying to play it cool. I like Courtney, too; he so unabashedly loves the drama, and it's fun. Interested to see what this Inner Circle thing is. I liked Savannah and Terilisha at the start, but they really messed it up with the drama so early on. It seemed mostly like a misunderstanding that got blown out of proportion. Savannah said some more stuff about it here that's pret
  2. I watched the first one and I already hate Bryant's... everything. I'm surprised more of them don't find him annoying, although he did wind up in last place, so maybe they do and they're just not saying so. Terilisha is fun and I can believe that her students love her! Lee is adorable, but his lack of knowledge of current slang is gonna bite him in the ass. Savannah seems pretty nice; she's kind of this season's Sammie for me, so far. Chloe is way too much. I was amused that nobody even questioned whether or not she was a catfish. Jack/"Emily" is awful and I hope he doesn't last too long.
  3. I don't really understand how Jordan's curse got lifted by a witch inside a spell, but the writers weren't doing anything with that storyline anyway, so whatever. Also, saw this on Tumblr: "i saw twitter say charmed is readying jordan to take on the role of whitelighter and i’ve never felt like such a dummy for not realizing something so obvious!" Which makes a lot of sense. New cousin is all right. I don't mind her sticking around. I assume she'll get her magic eventually! Supergirl did a similar storyline with a trans woman inheriting superpowers passed down from mother t
  4. It was a good finale. This show was always at its best when it focused on the characters and didn't attempt to pull off some big complicated plot. The haunted wedding dress was fun, and the wedding was lovely. I'm glad everyone got a happy/hopeful ending.
  5. This show is just fun. I look forward to it every week! I didn't expect that back when it first went all ghostly and we thought it was going to be Riverdale-esque nonsense. Nick's poor truck took quite a bit of damage this week, and that's after being submerged in (and magically filled with) seawater in previous episodes. I'm surprised it still runs! It's cute that Nancy, Carson, and Ryan are comfortable enough to have "family meetings" now. I'm interested to see how Nancy will sell herself to (and I assume eventually screw over) Everett. The notes on the board were amusing. Nan
  6. Every time this topic has new replies I hope that Netflix or someone else has resurrected the show. This is the cancellation I've been saddest about in a long time.
  7. I'm actually seeing an increase in social media activity this season (Tumblr especially seems to have many Nancy/Ace shippers popping up). A lot of people are streaming it on HBO Max. I'm not too worried about it... people, especially younger people, aren't watching stuff live on TV anymore.
  8. That was amusing! I liked how Nancy saw all the guys moving in slow motion. Ace's hair blowing in the wind was great. So was Nick standing there looking confused during his "sexy" shot. George and Nancy's struggle was fun, as was Nancy wanting to "wrestle" with Ace (and running her hands through his glorious hair). I forget exactly how much Tamura knows about the supernatural. He doesn't believe in it but is just humoring Nancy, right? It's like a reverse Mulder and Scully. I like their (work) partnership. The romance stuff I could do without, and I don't think his broken engagement was h
  9. This show doesn't really do "subtle," but the "Karen" plot didn't bother me. I've seen far more egregious things in the news in the past couple years, so it was completely believable to me that some clueless white PR person would bungle things this badly and lash out when called on it. I'm surprised she didn't flat-out say that an "angry Black woman" was threatening her when she called security. I'm sure she doesn't consider herself the least bit racist, either. The warring witches stuff was resolved a little too quickly (another Charmed trademark), but it was a good enough story. I like
  10. Really expecting Ace to be a Hardy Boy, yeah. It's interesting that the writers chose to make Odette a lesbian and then put her in the (presumably) straight girl's body. How is this going to pay off? Are we going to get some Bess/Odette shenanigans while she's still in George's body? That brings up some real consent issues. (Also, being a lesbian ghost trapped in a straight girl's body would be pretty uncomfortable, so Odette's meanness makes sense to me. I do hope she grows to care for everyone in the Drew Crew, though.) I'm not sure I could remain attracted to someone who planned t
  11. Ruby Rose on Batwoman's Kate Kane Recast: 'I Am Stoked' for Wallis Day
  12. There was a TV show that ran from 1998-2000 (filmed here on PEI), but I didn't feel it did the books justice. I'd love to see a miniseries that covered all of the books. While I have grown to love Anne as an adult (hated her as a kid because she and related merchandise were inescapable around here), the Emily books were always my favorite.
  13. ‘Batwoman’ Showrunner on Recasting Kate Kane and What It Means for Ryan Wilder Like I said earlier, Camrus started following Wallis Day on Twitter in late May (around the 26th, I think). If the casting decision hadn't already been made at that point, that's quite a coincidence! He didn't start following anyone else who'd expressed interest in the job. Edit: Batwoman boss breaks down that Kate Kane shocker and recasting
  14. Camrus started following Wallis Day on Twitter back in late May. Think the whole cast has known since then? Caroline Dries did an interview with TV Line where she talks about the twist and what's next: Batwoman Boss Breaks Down Those Kate Kane and Ryan Wilder Twists, Teases a 'Sadistic' New Big Bad
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