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  1. https://deadline.com/2020/02/the-good-fight-season-4-premiere-date-christine-baranski-cbs-all-access-1202858986/ April 9! Ten episodes.
  2. Sutton and Jane clearly didn't appreciate being lectured for saying "black market" or "woke," and I think the show meant for the "it's all good as long as your heart's in the right place" message to close that type of discussion, for better or for worse. It seems a little too easy, but... that's The Bold Type, heh. Here's what Carmen said about it over on Autostraddle: Someone in the comments had a good response:
  3. https://www.primetimer.com/features/6-reasons-to-stick-with-homelands-through-one-more-season
  4. They did mention it: "See those Green Doors? You can use them to visit any time or place, real or imagined. Just think about where you wanna go, and what you wanna do, and walk on through."
  5. I'm always happy to see Azura Skye. Aside from that... I got nothing. This Harry/Abigael back and forth is boring. Parker still being alive and Macy keeping that fact from Maggie is boring. Abigael taking Macy's fire powers is... not boring, exactly, but completely predictable. Mel has just been boring in general for quite some time. It's like the show doesn't know what to do with her. And once again, the sisters were split up for most of the episode. They need to get their powers back and start working together again, stat. (And they also need to merge Harry and Dark Harry, plus have Maggie find out about Parker and work through her anger at Macy for keeping that from her soon, so they can move on to some less-predictable stories.)
  6. Macy Vaughn is "dead," so I'd assume she's going by a new name now. I can't remember if she told him a full name on screen, though. (Interestingly, Tessa Flores-Cohen was the full name of their temporary Harry Replacement Whitelighter who ended up dying, so perhaps Macy chose her name as a tribute.)
  7. I think this is the first time I've actually really liked Nancy. She seemed to have more of a personality than usual. I enjoyed her exasperation with her own dream world giving her a mystery to solve, and I liked how she dismissed everyone as being figments of her imagination but cared about them anyway. She got a few dryly funny lines, too. It was nice actually seeing her relationship with her mom and learning a little more about her history. We have to wait three weeks for the next one!
  8. This article has more background: https://ew.com/tv/2020/02/05/jameela-jamil-tweet-statement-queer-hbo-max-voguing-show/ As a gay person myself, I always get uncomfortable when people say "only gay people should take gay roles," because we really don't know someone's sexuality unless they come out and tell us... and in this case, Jameela came out and told us, and now people are claiming she's lying just to quell the backlash (which is easily disproved as she's confirmed her sexuality when asked on Twitter before). I can't blame her for taking a Twitter break, and I hope her new show is a success.
  9. https://pagesix.com/2020/02/05/jameela-jamil-comes-out-as-queer-after-backlash-over-role-on-voguing-competition-show/ It sucks that she felt forced to come out, and it sucks even more that people choose to believe she's lying about being queer.
  10. Oh wow. I'd been planning to see it, and now I have zero interest. What a tone-deaf ending.
  11. The Abigael/Harry thing was way too sudden, yeah. She went from "ooh, I'd enjoy corrupting that altar boy" to "I need him to love me because he brings out the good in me," and I'm not buying it. It feels more like the writers needed someone for Harry so that he and Macy could make each other jealous, and they can't just shoehorn characters into plots like that. If Abigael needs to be romantically tied to one of our characters, I'd rather it be Mel. Mel is too uptight, so Abigael teasing her and getting under her skin could be fun. I liked their scenes this week.
  12. Airing February 5, 2020.
  13. I've enjoyed the last few episodes. I like that we're getting different characters paired for storylines -- Carson and Ace is a duo I never thought we'd see, but it worked! I thought Ace seemed like a superfluous character back at the beginning of the series, but now he's one of my favorites -- he's affable and laid-back most of the time, but he'll stand his ground when he has to, and he's smart. He saved the day again! It's nice to see Nancy actively asking her pals for help now. I liked the twist with the sanitarium security guard being a patient; it made him prattling on to a supposed reporter about a haunting make a lot more sense. I'm also enjoying the continued hints that George and Nick could end up a thing, because I think they have great chemistry. Amaya seems all right -- she's definitely a jerk, but the kind who respects you when you call her on it, so I'll give her a pass. I liked seeing Bess stand up for herself instead of letting herself get walked all over. If they go the love triangle route here, I won't complain too much (I do hope Bess chooses Lisbeth, but won't Lisbeth be leaving town once the investigation is wrapped up? I remember her saying something along those lines in an earlier episode).
  14. These initial social media reactions for superhero movies are usually positive, but still, this sounds promising: https://editorial.rottentomatoes.com/article/birds-of-prey-reactions-the-colorful-spectacular-action-packed-movie-harley-quinn-deserves/
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