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  1. I spied this article and it detailed some facts about season 3’s ranking that I found interesting, and not at all surprising. Did 'The Handmaid's Tale' Make A Mistake Cutting Nick's Scenes? Personally I didn’t miss Nick, there’s nothing he could have added to this season to improve it, imho. Watching he and June have scenes like they forced during the DC trip would have been hellish; and whatever fighting he’s doing seems to be shit-all effective. However I will be somewhat curious to see if these dismal numbers are reflected come awards season next year. They rode on the coattails of season 2 with their latest acknowledgements, but this season may not end up favoring them. I doubt though that Miller and Littlefield will bend to any pressure to change the show’s trajectory unless they really start to see negative results coming out of tinsel town.
  2. The fact they’ve hinged her arrest on how she forced Nick and June together to make a baby for her totally gives me the inkling they’re going for a redemptive arch. Especially with both Nick and June still trapped in Gilead. They basically want to whitewash her true guilt and crimes with the original deal, and this crime just doesn’t seem like the hill they’re going to have her die on. Miller likes Serena and Yvonne, I foresee neither going anywhere anytime soon. Same same, for me my other guilty pleasure is AHS so I’m tapping out on this one.
  3. Good dear god almighty, that first scene with June’s face flashing in between strobe light lit closeups was the worst yet. I felt like it was the start of a horror flick with a bunch of jump scares, yikes. That scene really served to remind me of what this show used to tell us Gilead was like. Terrifying, hateful, cruel, dark, unforgiving, unsurvivable. Then they flash to June walking side by side with a guard who doesn’t notice every other fucking handmaid thrusting their hands into her bag like it’s Santa's Christmas sack, especially Janine who giggles like her usual looney self while doing so. Whatever, if the guards were even half as competent anymore this entire season wouldn’t exist. And of course Lydia has a hint something is afoot, but does nothing like take June back to the center to be reassigned because “finale!.” So a Martha moved during the daytime and brought her kid early, yet that didn’t totally blow the whole plan because “finale!”. And they traveled from a far distance, through the woods totally undetected? And yet no alarm had been sent up yet? Oh right, because “finale!”. Oh look at June Wick, wielding her big bad gun like a pro. Who the fuck is this character anymore? They’ve ruined her, straight up removed everything and anything redeeming about her. Just so she can be some so called “badass”? What utter bullshit. Clearly they have no fucking clue who Lawrence is or what he’s all about. This idea that June, handmaid extraordinaire, could just take over his home and strip him of his power because Lizzie lowers her voice a little? GTFOOH. Also, are they seriously implying these mf-ers hadn’t even gotten a MAP to chart a safe path to the fucking airport until the evening of???? They had a week! There was no plan! Just pulling shit out of their asses at the last goddamn second and making sure it worked out because “finale!”. Oh fuck you, show. Aw, Lawrence had story time with the 52 kids, who all obviously would not be able to WALK all the way to that airport in time unless they grew wings and battle armor to survive the oncoming onslaught of guards headed straight for them. But sure, because “finale!”. Also also, somehow 52 kids are all missing come nightfall, plus a handful of Marthas and handmaids, and Gilead would not immediately have their airport swarming with guards because that shit should be suspicious as HELL. But gosh golly, of course not because “finale!”. Too bad all those brave women didn’t know June really didn’t need their help because she can’t die, ever, so she truly could have faced off with those guards all alone and been just peachy. I guess none of them brought a pen... Hey, she can avoid any and all bullets that would surely kill her, huzzah, another superpower activated! Praise be! And of course she got the best of an ARMED GUARD, got him to call off any further search of the area, AND then killed him because fine, sure, yep, why not... ...she got carted out of the woods with the help of the other handmaids with nary a guard or patrol in sight despite the very deceased guard laying just mere feet away who you’d think they’d be trying to contact or find or something... So Gilead just stopped caring about everything, great, because so have I. I’m done. Officially done. This entire finale was a pile of fuck you footage to all semblance of logic. A “happy ending” submerged in total bullshit and fuckery to get us there. My brain deserves better.
  4. She can make angry faces at Fred and Serena for a whole 2 minutes and then she'll go find more potatoes to touch tenderly. During her first escape attempt June was going to leave Hannah, so it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility that she could be put into another do or die situation that requires her to save herself and try and go back for Hannah later. I've seen a lot of hopeful ideas coming from those unspoiled in different places. I really do think this finale is going to catch a number of them off guard, and it will truly shock them for that reason.
  5. And what a surprise it'll surely be. I am actually curious about seeing how some handle the truth, that June is getting another reset to stay in Gilead. I have seen quite a few make the statement that if she stays then they're done with the show, so I guess we'll see. Hah! Oh Rita, you held so much promise...
  6. I would guess that's probably what happened. They wanted to "trigger" Serena's anger because, you know, that's the ONLY way they could write a woman becoming enraged, by having her sexually assaulted. Especially in the same season where they already showed her being physically whipped. Miller and Littlefield disgust me, truly. They act as if these sort of tired, sexist, and misogynist ideas make for good drama instead of just writing out realistic human beings with human emotions. The very fact Joe had to fight so hard just to get them to back down is so troubling and awful to me, not to mention it had to be cut at Joe's insistence, where was Yvonne's voice during all of this? This show has become so anti-feminist it's like it has become some ridiculous parody.
  7. I have seen plenty of audience members online who remain unspoiled and they are convinced she has to get out this time. A lot of people are sick of her being stuck in Gilead. The show has really exhausted a lot of the viewers with June's neverending story and resets.
  8. I spied this article and I have two things to say, good on ya, Joe, and seriously, Miller and Littlefield are pathetic creeps. Handmaid's Tale star fought hard to get this "brutal" scene cut from the show I cannot say it surprises me that those talentless losers would want to fall back on their rape lust to push a shitty plot, but Joe had too much integrity to let them bully him into taking that route. This article, for me, really highlights why I am just over and done with this show. These show runners are trash and they have no real respect for females, imho.
  9. Since they are all so "proud" of this season, I highly doubt the so called surprise is anything more than the fact June remains in Gilead, yet again, or that the kids actually manage to fly out unharmed. The spoiler rundown of the episode didn't exactly scream anything mind blowing. Most likely the finale was written in hopes for another season, which they got, so they probably wanted to hedge their bets to make sure they didn't do anything crazy, or competent frankly.
  10. Tell the truth. It wouldn’t shock me in the slightest if Rita started yelling at them: “I thought we were a FAMILY! I MADE Serena a fucking FINGER goddamnit!”. After all she did get so close to Serena while she was her slave...
  11. ‘Maybe she’ll get promoted to Commander status, I mean why not, she’s practically taken over Gilead already, just let her go all the way. Hee, I can’t stop using that since she killed Commander Keller with that pen. It reminded me of the famous John Wick line/scene about him killing 3 men with a “fucking pencil”. I really wouldn’t be surprised to see June use her gun for real in the finale, she’s practically a ninja now.
  12. Yep, that seems to be the general rundown of the episode based on all the spoilers I’ve seen so far. Pretty much we are going to have a nearly identical type of finale as last season. Serena’s crazy and unstable and someone has to take baby Holly away from her. Fred’s his usual bastard self. Instead of Emily escaping with Holly, Rita will escape with 52 kids and get to Canada. June still doesn’t have Hannah, June will stay behind and live to fight another day. I don’t know how many resets this show is planning to have so they can keep June in Gilead, but I have reached my limit. I have no interest to watch another whole season of a “should have been dead a long ass time ago” June Wick running shit.
  13. I got you covered, my lady, I found the Reddit poster’s account and saved it so I could keep going back to it, heh. I really hate searching on that site, it’s so confusing sometimes. It definitely showed us a few different scenes, but none of which were impressive. I really want to see how these mf-ers are going to have this bunch outrun armed guards in cars and make it to safety and they actually get the plane out of there, like...what the ever loving fuck? And June is confronted but not shot dead on sight? Sure, fine, yeah, that’s totally believable... Ofmatthew got blown away in the middle of the store, and was clearly pregnant at the time, but June gets caught out in the fucking woods, obviously apart of some escape attempt or other nefarious plan, and makes it out alive. *sigh* This show can go right to hell.
  14. Just realized you posted about it @mamadrama, heh, I was just coming here to rant about it. Here’s the clip: THT Israeli Trailer E13 So...yeah...June terrorizes a small girl with her gun, fantastic. Did those fucks actually allow Serena the chance to take Holly out of the center? Seriously? They know she’s baby crazy and yet they would allow her to still be alone with her? Ffs, this show man. Also how the hell are they going to have the guards and patrols going apeshit during the escape and yet still they succeed? They have CARS goddamnit! The bullshit will be incredibly heavy with this finale. And I thought last season’s was bad enough.
  15. To take more than 1 or 2 during a rescue attempt could very well be logical, no one thought it was out of bounds to think they could get Emily, June, and Holly out all at once, because you had 2 adults and a tiny baby. At least it could be seen as doable. But to suddenly throw us into the deep end of moving little kids, 52 of them no less, it wouldn't matter to me if Mother Oprah herself was behind the plan, it's just not a feasible endeavor. The issue for me is how the show has written June, period. They're the ones treating her like Captain Marvel with super powers to spare. They didn't have to write her like this, Offred never behaved like June has the past 2 seasons. The showrunners have totally transformed June and I for one hate what they've turned her into. She's rotten, self absorbed, cruel, cold, not at all smart, and she gets people killed, when she herself isn't doing the killing or watching someone die while she does nothing. Personally I find her actions and behavior indefensible. Miller and Littlefield decided to go all in with June Wick: BOSS edition, and they can keep her ass for all I care. I can't take her seriously anymore, her or her impossible plans.
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