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  1. I was a regular listener the radio program she was on before this show. She was referred to as Producer Whitney, whereas the interns are referred to as Intern 'name'.
  2. She seems to also be doing voice over ads, at least for local businesses. I hear her voice occasionally when listening to the radio. She does have a nice voice when not shouting or braying.
  3. Regarding the electrolyte discussion, I thought the issue is that 'acceptable ' food is now disgusting to them. Remember that the dad was nauseated at the turkey sandwich. Still doesn't explain why they all seem to drink alcohol with no issue, but ...?
  4. Well, this episode was a whole pile of nothing.
  5. I thought it was Courtney who said that about her college days, but could be wrong.
  6. MY experience was different. Base housing was not available because higher ranked persons had preference. It was VERY hard to make ends meet, even purchasing 99% of our food on base (and I was nursing the children, so their food cost was low). It depends on the rank, the location, and the availability of base housing. A sergeant with a spouse but no children would get housing before an airman with a spouse and 3 children.
  7. I got mine a while back, I think pre pandemic. No side effects that I can remember.
  8. It *seems*the show is back with its tail between its legs. The promos for the new season mention it on both Discovery+ and TLC😁
  9. I get the impression that Martin works from a home office.
  10. I am currently prescribed insulin via vial and syringe. Maybe because I am on an 'old' insulin type, available over the counter, due to a another medical condition. Even before that change, I was using the same with levemir insulin. It is as easy as another family member's pen, at least for me.
  11. I thought Cap Sandy (bleh) and Malia (groan) are both American?
  12. Mrs Konkowski? I also have a nickname as my 'official' (BC) name and Mrs K insisted on calling me the 'proper' name (even though the attendance roster showed my name as Connie), Mom laid into her at open house 🙂
  13. They actually were very comfortable to me...and much better than 'earth shoes'. 😁
  14. I am so sad to hear about your chi. They are pretty neat dogs
  15. Given the bleach incident, it is safe to relegate Elizabeth to the laundry? 😂
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