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  1. I get the impression that Martin works from a home office.
  2. I am currently prescribed insulin via vial and syringe. Maybe because I am on an 'old' insulin type, available over the counter, due to a another medical condition. Even before that change, I was using the same with levemir insulin. It is as easy as another family member's pen, at least for me.
  3. I thought Cap Sandy (bleh) and Malia (groan) are both American?
  4. Mrs Konkowski? I also have a nickname as my 'official' (BC) name and Mrs K insisted on calling me the 'proper' name (even though the attendance roster showed my name as Connie), Mom laid into her at open house 🙂
  5. They actually were very comfortable to me...and much better than 'earth shoes'. 😁
  6. I am so sad to hear about your chi. They are pretty neat dogs
  7. Given the bleach incident, it is safe to relegate Elizabeth to the laundry? 😂
  8. Did you all notice the editing/continuity error? When Lennie came to Whitney's townhouse, the picture on the wall near her is the one that was on the floor when she and Buddy came in earlier in the show, I think returning from the dog park.
  9. At least a year before her MBFFL 'career' started, she posted a positive pregnancy test on the page of the GSO radio station she was working at. She knew full well that she tests positive, even when not pregnant.
  10. Where I grew up is not too far from Hill Cumorah, where Joseph Smith supposedly found the tablets. I remember every year, there would be commercials for the pageant where the 'finding' was celebrated. same commercial, year after year 😞
  11. Not specifically to quoted poster, but ... I was brought up calling my parent' friends Mr and Mrs Smith. As an adult, I don't feel comfortable enough to call them John and Jane, so we talked and they are Uncle John and Aunt Jane. It works for us, at least. My daughters call them Mr John and Ms Jane, even though my daughters are also adults now.
  12. The credential being sold are probably Q, of QAnon fame
  13. I add my own sweet...raw sugar, honey, agave, or pureed berries
  14. Agreed, I eat my steak very rare, but like my fish cooked med well.
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