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  1. I'll mention a fun little detail that hasn't been yet: Josie's alias at the hotel was "Ms. Newmar." As in Catwoman herself! Love it. Otherwise, a bizarre episode, tonally- and continuity-wise. I had to double-check the DVR to make sure I hadn't missed an episode when Jughead was just inexplicably back in Riverdale. And when did this show turn into Glee?
  2. The audience heard her. I noticed she got some really good applause when she pushed back against Bill - whose show it is, after all - and I wondered if he noticed (but probably not). Unlike Bill, she works in academia, and her point about current college-age kids being incredibly sympathetic/empathetic (not sure now of her exact word) is right, in my experience.
  3. I’ve loved him forever, so he’s really the only reason I started watching. I agree that she’s not nearly as good, but it’s working for me overall so far. Years ago, I watched "Chasing Liberty" way more times than an adult woman should, so I get you! Goode as a sexy vampire is a no-brainer. Regarding Teresa Palmer, I thought she was very flat in the first season, but found her much better in season 2. Either she's improving or the period setting just worked for her. Her expressions are excellent so I tend to think she suffers from the "worse acting due to accent," which also app
  4. KJ Apa only appeared in two scenes in this episode, barely had a line...but man, did he bring the Dylan McKay hard in that classroom scene! I did a double take. Someone is clearly clearly watching and appreciating Luke Perry-era 90210! But Lili Reinhart needed MUCH more hair to be young Madchen Amick. I was obsessed with her hair during Twin Peaks. Very enjoyable episode that for once I could 100% follow and not wonder: wait, is Betty's sister dead or alive? Are there actually aliens? How long was this show off the air?!
  5. I've caught Rachel Bitecofer here and there since before the last election. In informative, bite-size doses, she's fine. In fact, Bill had her on about a year ago as the introductory guest, and the appearance was normal and interesting. She was just a mess on the panel. But to be fair, besides the fact that she rambled way too much, she also seemed determined to keep talking when Bill (and sometimes Rob) would talk over her - and it's hard to not get behind that. But it did turn into a cacophony.
  6. Well, Cable died on a bridge. Anything can happen. It's a shame they just didn't leave the DA race open-ended though - that would have been an easy out. Benny had already quit TAC! I'm dying to know why too. I always liked Rodriguez and never read any gossip about him on this show or Six Feet Under.
  7. Melissa Roxburgh (Mick) is 28. Matt Long (Zeke) is almost 41. Not far off.
  8. Yikes, really? When will these shows realize they are not all "Lost?" (And "Lost" couldn't even provide a satisfying conclusion, even WITH a carefully scheduled run.) The current burn-off situation bodes very badly for this show.
  9. Me too. And when she said her name, I first thought she said "Freddie" and I thought, oh, that's interesting! Alas, not to be, at least not yet. Is "Birdie" a common nickname for Elizabeth? When I heard that her name was really Elizabeth, all I could think of was how Don Draper called Betty "Birdie" on Mad Men (her real name was Elizabeth too). Just didn't realize it was common.
  10. YES. The problem I had with this episode is that I agreed with the ADA about everything - that is until the end, when she dropped the case against a murderer whose guilt was in no doubt whatsoever. (Really, no one her office would have overruled her on this?) Plus, no concern from Bull-the-psychologist regarding what the defendant would do once she was released from jail. I was expecting a denouement that revealed she had killed herself as soon as she left prison, but nope, the ADA just gave a speech. This was a weird and disturbing episode.
  11. Not sure if this is a spoiler - it was in an article on Philly website today about how locals are happy with Kate's accent. But just in case. Regarding Mare's son:
  12. I honestly thought that Siobhan was the little boy's mother. Very confusing. So Mare's son had a baby with another girl, whom we haven't seen, and the son (and maybe even the girl) is dead? I hope we find out more about this.
  13. The writing in this one was way worse, and that's saying a lot. Two girls use a rock (!) to dig up a time capsule in a church's front yard and NO ONE sees them or stops them. (And how many separate time capsules were in that yard?! One for every kid in her class?) Zeke needs to reach Michaela but his phone died. So he leaves the room to "figure out how to reach her." Wouldn't any normal person just ask Ben or Saanvi to borrow their phone for a minute? Why do they have to hide Cal at the step-brother's cabin again? Are the Swamp Creatures (heh) psychic? How would they know to loo
  14. Maybe I'm in the minority, but between the son's threats to the detective in the hallway and the detective inexplicably not showing up for the parole hearing, I totally expected the ending. Good episode, though. I hope we see Danny and Chunk flashbacks in part 2. (And maybe Benny, though how he got involved with TAC is not as much of a mystery.) ....and now to figure out where I know that prosecutor from. She reminded me of Parker Posey.
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