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  1. Isn't that interesting! I completely disagree - I think Abby looks about the same (though her hair is WAY better) and Eileen looks just older enough for someone who's now doing well in her career. You are absolutely right about Allston and his flashback - "call me Ruby"! That was a lovely and sad moment.
  2. I may be in the minority but I thought this episode was a marked improvement over last week's. At least it had a good resolution that challenged the defendant and tied together the string of the conservative investor juror who was highlighted during voir dire. And the actress playing the defendant was good. My one quibble? No way Chunk would have gotten into an NYC dorm by himself. I guess we can speculate that another student let him in, but security is tight at even non-city college buildings these days. And I suppose we're meant to be tantalized by "what is Chunk's daughter's problem?" the same way we're supposed to be curious about "what did the doctor tell Marissa's husband?" But honestly, by the time they get back to these storylines, I will have forgotten about them. More Dani and Taylor please. Two characters I like and we barely see them.
  3. Maybe someone can explain the condom scene to me. Why did Lori take the condom as such an affront when just two weeks ago, she had insisted on her porn costar wearing it for the anal sex scene? Did people just think it was needed for anal sex? Or was she offended because she felt Vincent knew her personally? Even if that was the case, Vincent would have been out of his mind to not use it, and she should have realized that too. He knew her, yeah - as CC's prostitute for years, and then again for years as a porn actress. Not exactly someone who hadn't been exposed to many, many partners. I just didn't get that scene. She works in that business, she certainly would have known about AIDS (not to mention other diseases). Emily Meade is doing a wonderful job portraying Lori as someone who looks at least 20 years older than first-season Lori (only 2 "real" years prior!) Some of it is hair and makeup, but much is also her demeanor. (Compare that to the twins, who seem exactly the same age as the first season.) I also thought her singing was fantastic and was disappointed at the ending, but we've all been in that situation when nothing seems to work out, no matter what you try, so I got her, too. I'm still hopeful that she will end the series as some type of moderately-popular Tori Amos-type musician who does a set at Lilith Fair 10+ years later.
  4. The sea lion was cute! And I couldn't help but think of the Brandon/Emily San Francisco episode, when they watched the sea lions in the bay.
  5. IIRC from "Tori and Dean," her husband Dean grew up in a average, even lower-middle-class environment. (They visited his family's house or apartment in Canada in one episode.) Given that they've been together for so long now, I have a hard time still understanding why they are still always in debt and living beyond their means - and why Tori's money problems and issues are all that seem to matter. Along the same lines, the treatment of "Dean" in this show seems a little passive-aggressive to me! And I'm wondering what he thinks of how he's being portrayed, given that Tori is largely the driving force behind the show. It's obvious that the Priestley, Ziering, and Carteris spouses are supposed to be mostly fictional (although Mr. Gabby comes off well), and "Megan Fox" is being written sympathetically. But Ivan Sergei's character is basically Dean. I would love if we got at least one line that referred to Facinelli as a "famous vampire" or something similar!
  6. How could the opening nightmare have run through so many of Kelly's traumas, but omit COKE KELLY? Donna: Tara's stalking you! Brandon: Diet pills, Kel! Steve: Don't go that frat party, you'll get in a fire! Andrea: The New Evolution is a cult! David: Kelly was shot at LAX! But no CokeKelly! Very bad, show!
  7. The AV Club review said that Garth's daughter plays her show daughter (quoted from review): Other stunt casting is just as stellar, like Garth’s daughter Luca Bella playing her aspiring actress daughter (and promising said daughter a role on the reboot—sometimes it’s all meta enough to make your head spin) Source: https://tv.avclub.com/a-clever-90210-revival-is-in-on-the-joke-1837011446 Anyone know for sure? I thought that showJennie's daughter looked a lot like Jennie.
  8. She also is a shopaholic and hoarder. I remember one "Tori and Dean" episode where she was trying to put her stuff in storage, and the storage facility was HUGE - she had so much dang stuff! She also opened a store at one point to try to sell some of it.
  9. Just FYI - I believe that the girl playing Jennie's daughter (whom we saw briefly sitting outside the pool at their house) is Jennie's real daughter, and will appear in future episodes as well.
  10. Oh, that was pretty funny....but It all got meta-meta for me when show-Tori mentioned trying desperately to figure out new hooks for reality shows for her family....and it dawned on me that THIS SHOW is REAL-Tori's new hook. She doesn't mind using real-life stuff like the hibachi incident because basically, this show IS her new reality show. (I think I just hurt my brain.)
  11. Towards the end of the original show, someone on the directing or writing staff apparently thought it was funny for TS to give these over-the-top line deliveries. One example: in "Brandon Leaves," someone buys a top during Now Wear This's launch party, and TS says in this weird voice, "Oh yeah!!! Steeeep right up!!!" And Steve laughs hysterically like Donna is just the funniest person ever. Between that and the Noah-whispering, Donna is really hard to take in the last few seasons.
  12. Didn't Jimmy Fallon get TAT, Berkeley, Lopez, and Gosselaar together to do a SBTB skit on his show, a year or two ago? They might be able to corral the four of them. I'd rather see TAT show up on this, though.
  13. YES!!!! Good old days - Teen, Seventeen and Young Miss:) YES! OMG, I can't believe someone else remembers that. I was addicted to Teen (in elementary school, go figure!) The other Tiffany was blonde and didn't have a hyphen. This was BEFORE Saved by the Bell and I recognized her right away when that show began airing. TAT always had a memorable look about her.
  14. If you check out the other "90210 reboot" thread, there is a recent pic of them with "Reek." On a related note, is Joe E. Tata still alive? He was in the CW 90210 reboot. I can't imagine they wouldn't try to get Nat into this show somehow if he were still around.
  15. She has said that her first four kids came in pairs, so she feels the fifth one needs his/her partner as well. I watched the Tori and Dean shows on and off over the years, so Tori's appearance wasn't shocking. Also, her house/kids/life strongly resemble the reality show - so the digs at Dean really make me wonder! One thing I could never understand about Tori, IRL or on this show, is why they continue to live in such a big, beautiful house (pool, property, etc.) when they always have money problems? (I would love if someone said that to Tori on the show.) I LOVED the in-jokes and clips because it was obvious someone put more research into this than anyone did during the last few seasons of the REAL show. JP was spot-on with his dialogue about how he left after doing four episodes of season 9. Just compare that accuracy with the absolutely horrible school-bus/Greg Louganis story that he and IZ suffered through during Brandon's departure episode (which aired on Pop yesterday, so it's fresh in my head).
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