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  1. I loved Andrew Sullivan's segment. So real and genuine. For many years, he was one of my favorite guests, even when I disagreed with him, because his passion is always compelling. He's had some bad moments in recent years, though, for sure. I do have a question though - he mentioned that he was single now. I remember when he and his husband married and he's referred to their life together on Real Time appearances over the years. Does anyone know what happened? That part made me sad. At least he did say that his famous dogs are with him in isolation. Also: would it kill Bill to add a woman to these shows? The only woman who's appeared on the "home" shows was Nikki Glaser, last week. That's 1 female out of 12 guests in 3 weeks.
  2. Maybe they can fold folks like Koale and Rath into Magnum as regulars, or use 5-0 characters/actors in more guest spots.
  3. I hope they knew about the show ending internally long before now, and had enough time to plan a decent finale. EW 's article mentions that Wo Fat, Pop McGarrett, and Victor Hesse will all be in it, so that's a good sign. https://ew.com/tv/cbs-hawaii-five-0-ending/
  4. THIS. There is no real punishment here. That's why it continues. Like it was a big mystery when all the "nonaffiliated," or whatever the term was, not-Russian athletes got to form a freaking TEAM for the group skating event at the 2018 Olympics. At the very least, they should not be permitted to compete in events like that. There would be more change if unaffected athletes had to find another country to represent because if they stayed in Russia, they would be barred entirely. I also feel that the ISU should be more vigilant about what enables the prepubescent, interchangeable "Tiny Tot Quad Parade" (LOL!) emerging from Russia, but that's an adjacent issue.
  5. One question I had was: what time of night did this happen? The pizza shop was closed up. Nobody was around. We didn't see anyone who lived above the pizza shop look outside when they heard the noise on the roof. To me, it felt like the middle of the night - or let's say, even 11 or 12, obviously some late hour when a city street would be deserted. Why was this 14-year-old kid out wandering with his friends at that time? I get that Benny wasn't trying to be an ass to the mom, but maybe asking why he was out alone could have gotten something out of the mom that would have shown the kid didn't listen to her, wasn't an angel, etc. I didn't mind the eventual settlement because it seemed clear that it would go to the mom, who had to quit her job, had substantial medical expenses, needed to refit the house, and buy a special vehicle. Maybe the bad parenting case could have been stressed more, but she was the only person I really felt for.
  6. I'm so glad to read this same reaction by multiple people on this thread. During her long explanation to the pizzeria couple about why they wouldn't pay, I thought "They're trying to make her seem like a bitch, but she's totally in the right." I'd even argue that she was in the right about not wanting to set a precedent AND leaving immediately when it was revealed that the couple had lied WHEN EXPRESSLY ASKED by the insurance company about any accidents. I don't think it's bad faith if an insuree lies during the application process, is it? There's a pretty good argument to be made that when the concrete pepperoni fell on that guy, the couple should have taken down the sign because it was clearly a hazard. They WERE negligent - just not responsible for what the kid did. Anyway: pretty impressive when a show makes me sympathize with an insurance company! I also thought the voir dire was crap, at least for me. I would have been the guy who grabbed the photo albums in an emergency. But I was definitely on the side of the insurance company through the whole episode. Just because you value irreplaceable memories doesn't mean you lack a sense of fairness. Fail, Dr. Bull. The awful kid reminded me of Max from Parenthood. I was only glad that the poor suffering mother got some compensation. On the plus side, this episode and the last one with the sociopath kid (are horrible kids on Bull a new trend?) both held my interest throughout, which not every show does.
  7. I didn't find "Cecily on the dock without a chaperone" confusing. Her father wrote her off. He said, "You have little value to me now." Remember, he still thinks she slept with GC - and not only was Cecily alone with him before the wedding, but for multiple days with the Poldarks. He has no reason to believe she's a virgin, and for all he knows, she has a word-of-mouth reputation in London now too. His only revenge is that he will keep them apart - he promises her that if they stay together, he will kill GC. That's what he believes will "get back" at her, to separate them. Otherwise, I don't think he cares what she does anymore. Hence: no chaperone. But yes - for the first few episodes this season, Cecily was very practical, and even at one point, told GC that she didn't want to get married. I think she fell for him, and saw GC as a way to escape marriage to George. But otherwise, she's perfectly happy being independent. I actually liked the ending to this story. I just wish they would have taken a scene or two to establish Cecily and Kitty as friends so we could feel they were heading out there together. THANK GOD HORACE IS OK. One more episode. Horace and Garrick both better make it to the end! I don't know how old these dogs are, and I don't care.
  8. Thanks so much for the link. I was wondering if it was just me. This quote says it all about why I dread seeing wingnuts in the guest list: "Far from exposing alt-right and far-right trolls, Maher rarely pushes back against their ludicrous claims and occasionally agrees, thereby legitimizing their pernicious views in the eyes of his more gullible viewers." That was totally on display this week, both with the doctor and Prager. I couldn't take much of Prager, and totally gave up when Bill started defending Prager's belief that Kavanaugh was treated unfairly by the media. Bill caves to these people just so they keep coming on his show.
  9. I totally, totally concur. Thankfully, guests like Prager are few and far between these days. Bill used to bring them on far more often. (He actually has Phyllis Schafly on once.) I know to tune out during the annual Ann Coulter appearance and now I can add Prager to that list, as well as that guy who was on a month or so ago. (Buck something?) It is on next week - the guest list didn't seem too bad from what I remember. I know that Steve Schmidt was listed so if he's the token (not-)Republican, that's not too bad. Bill's season usually ends sometime in mid-November.
  10. Great job, Mariah! Only a few points more and she would have beaten Zagitova for silver. Who would have thought that, only last year?! I love seeing skaters improve.
  11. Allston was so jaded and burnt out by the end. I think you can deduce how he would have felt about current Times Square in his car scene with Gene. He would have thought clean Times Square was just fine, but he would have known that all the dirt had just moved elsewhere. He was at the "you can't win no matter what you do" phase of his career.
  12. Anyone know why we never saw Vince's kids again? Has Simon ever addressed this? Even when he and his ex hung out, they never talked about the two boys. I always wondered what happened to them. We saw plenty (more than enough) of Bobby's kid!
  13. I laughed today when I realized that Bobby was the only person in Vincent's vision whom we didn't already know or assume was dead - aside from minor characters like Ralph Macchio and Officer "Flanaga," or Tommy, whose path seemed obvious - and yet no one cares! I guess we all just assumed Bobby wouldn't make it to 2019. He looked so much better without the rug though.
  14. Nor did I say she was. I said that the obit didn't mention anyone else, and that made me sad. We did not leave Eileen on a good note - she had broken up with a decent boyfriend and had a fight with Harvey. No business partners or long-term romantic partners were mentioned in the obit. And I said that in my head, I chose to believe she had friends and lovers. But Eileen COULD have been single and alone. I know plenty of single women who do not have amazing lives with a fab set of friends and relatives and activities, but rather normal, average ones. Single does not equal alone. But it can. All we know in this case is what is in the obit. Thank you for stating that more accurately than I did. 🙂
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