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  1. And for me, it wasn't just that Ross hooked up with the Copy Girl, it was that he lied to Rachel about it while the rest of the gang knew. He made her look like a fool. I would never have forgiven him after that. You pile up Ross showing up at her work when she had an emergency, telling her he was waiting for her to apologize when she got home, leaving as soon as Rachel suggested taking a "break from us," assuming she was with Mark just because he answered her phone, hooking up with another person that night and lying about it the next morning and there is no way that Ross can be someone's partner in that moment. He's just a pile of red flags. So while I can think that they had a miscommunication about what a "break from us" meant and I do understand how Ross thought that meant they were done, I cannot believe he thinks he was in the right in that situation. At no point in that entire run was he in the right.
  2. They never say it, but I would have bet that Jay helped both his adult kids buy their first houses. Also, pay for their education and probably first cars as well. Claire and Mitch probably entered adult life with all the things and no debt which makes it just a little more possible.
  3. I'll Make Love To You by Boyz II Men, a 90s classic. It's the third best performing song on Billboard of the 90s. I actually thought this was a great plot. It's hard to transition into management, especially if its managing friends and people who used to be at the same level as you. Leif isn't incompetent for struggling with this, especially since he didn't really have any upper management support until now with Zoey being off and Joan's focus being so split. I loved that Zoey is starting to mentor Leif and I think we will get to see him get better at managing as he goes. That's normal.
  4. I'm almost certain it was an accident. Martin seemed quite surprised when his roommate started talking after the shock, like he was expecting him to be dead. He just took credit for it after the fact because of how it worked out. If Martin can reach out and shake your hand when you stand on the line of the cell, the line is in the wrong spot!
  5. The only thing I can think is that they're trying to limit who shoots with who as part of Covid protocols so they've siloed her into the house set and she doesn't get to do much else. But I do miss seeing her in court.
  6. vibeology

    The Prom (2020)

    Watched this last week and parts of it were silly fun but the casting held it back. I'll say that I think James Corden was terrible. Any of the drama related to his issues with his family or his teenage years felt so hollow to me. He knew he was supposed to act sad but it didn't seem like he knew why he was supposed to act sad. His character gets the serious storyline so it needs an actor who can pull that off and James didn't for me in the slightest. Plus, he clearly struggled with the accent some of the time. Nicole Kidman is someone I adore but she didn't have the dance skills for that part and her Zazz number was so heavily edited that it sucked the energy out of what clearly would have been an amazing scene in the right hands. Everyone else was good. Jo Ellen Pellman and Ariana DeBose were actually great and it's a shame that they don't get more to do while the adults steal the focus.
  7. And to the point the writers couldn't even keep track of it. During the email hacking, they were talking about emails that could have only existed at a different firm that hadn't been hacked. It was a mess and all to achieve two things to please Juliana. She didn't want to film courtroom scenes because they were long days. It's almost as though if that was a concern, she shouldn't have signed on to a show about a lawyer. That's why the show focused so much more on politics and the in-fighting between the different firms. Less coverage to shoot that way. And the second was to keep Juliana away from Archie. We don't really know why that was but it made a mess of things. You had Alicia in one silo with her family and Eli and whatever supporting cast, Kalinda in a different silo with Carey, but never at work, her supporting cast and then Alicia and Kalinda would dip into firm drama, but never about the same thing or at the same time. You ended up with so many ongoing stories that couldn't really touch and because it was a law show, also court scenes, but rarely with Alicia who was the main character. It was a fucking mess at the end.
  8. This made me sad for Tina and Louise. Gene and Linda have daily named events. When does she spend special time with her other two kids? I get that they're not as co-dependent but on some level it must suck to know that you're not your mother's favourite. The boxing stuff was a delight and Bob especially shone in both plots.
  9. As their proceedings have been made public, that song has just become so very sad. "He never asks for money" is one of those lines that really hits now as he's seeking millions a year in spousal support despite his career only getting better during their marriage. The rumor I read about the cause of the divorce was strong disagreements on BLM. Kelly being pro-BLM and Brandon being anti. But again, just a rumor.
  10. I'm not a fan of Kaitlyn but I'm happy for Artem and happy that neither Nev or Nelly won. Also, I've seen Nelly in concert and that was a slight improvement (mostly because there were no teenage girls for him to drag onstage rather than rap) but he is not at strong performer. I'm sad for Justina. She was the only one who makes me want to dance. That freestyle was joyous. It's what I'll remember in a few years time.
  11. "Got us through the pandemic"? Someone needs to tell Ken we are very much still in the pandemic. Also, that's not a celebrity. Might as well get the "Wonder What's Inside Your Butthole" kid. I loved that song. I figured the Cult Classic movie was This is the End but Edward Scissorhands makes even more sense. I still think that's Nick. Tori Kelly does a mean Britney Spears impression. So I'm still pretty confident she's the Seahorse:
  12. But Mark asked both. When he walked up he said "What the hell is going on Lola? What did you do?" He tacked on that second question because, for a moment, he saw Lola cuffed and assumed that the cops were right.
  13. The kids are responsible for their actions but I also think it was just strange not to let them build or participate in building the statue. They clearly would want to be a part of that and it wasn't as though there was a reason to stop them. They weren't needed to hand out the flyers until the next day. Bob and Linda are good parents who know their kids and know that their kids would love to build some weird statue for a chance at a prize. I get that plot-wise it was needed to get to the rest of the story, but it bugged me. I did love that Gene, Louise and Tina spoke up immediately and were prepared to face consequences while Hugo had to be dragged there and an apology prodded out of him. Shows who is actually mature and who is a brat. It's a cartoon but I do hope Hugo is held accountable.
  14. Nelly does not deserve a 30. He doesn't belong in the finale. I don't understand. Daniella is wonderful and I would like to see her again. I'm thrilled Justina made it through. She makes me want to get up and dance. No one else this year has that quality. It's truly special. If Alan had told Skai to push into the floor ten weeks ago, could we have been spared weak Bambi legs this whole time? She wasn't perfect, but was much improved this week. Imagine if she had more than a few hours to practice. I'm sad Johnny is gone. I do think be and Britt basically did a freestyle here so we won't miss out on much next week. I don't know what else they could do.
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