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  1. It's not just recently. Jeopardy throws us Canadians a bone at least once a week and has for years. I assume it's because either Alex asked for some CanCon or the writers/producers wanted to tip their hat to his Canadian heritage. He would have loved the Rideau Canal question considering part of it runs next to his beloved uOttawa. Being from Ottawa, that was beyond an insta-get for me. You could have just given me the word Rideau and I would have known that it was my hometown. Basically everything in Ottawa is named Rideau something. (Not literally but there's a river, the falls of that
  2. We did it kids! I don't know who was lifting Iman at the end but good for them because he's big. I would have been happy with either of the final two. Both Iman and JoJo grew in different ways. He became a better dancer and she grew in confidence. Lovely journeys.
  3. Oh that's her voice. I listened to Let Me Be Your Star hundreds of times. She sang a lot on Smash. I know that voice.
  4. I was doing that but now she's talking all the time during the judging too. It's unbearable.
  5. My understanding is that it's not a pun. Laundromats are cash businesses with barely any records. Gangsters bought them to make their dirty money clean.
  6. I feel like the mansion/island had to be in the Martha's Vineyard region. If it was just the Hamptons, they wouldn't have needed the planes. The helicopters would have been enough.
  7. How has Cody continuously avoided the bottom? He has no chemistry with Cheryl, makes weird faces when he dances, moves awkwardly for someone who has professional dance experience, I don't care how good he is at riding a bike, that doesn't mean he's a good dancer. I don't get it.
  8. Katie's headbands must be too tight if she thinks her capris would have kept her out of the bottom. She needs to get a job designing costumes for a kid's show. What do pre-schoolers watch besides Paw Patrol?
  9. One thing that I'm not understanding is the focus on Hodges fabricating DNA. He was never the DNA tech in the lab. He did trace materials. Is the theory that he was faking DNA while also working a different department? Busy man.
  10. She absolutely should have told the truth but even if she did it's smart to appear with a lawyer who can protect you and make sure you don't contradict yourself. There's an episode of The West Wing where Charlie is considering an immunity offer and one of the characters (CJ maybe) points out that without immunity he'd need a lawyer for a hundred hours compared to hiring someone for a few. And I tend to think that fictional situation was in part based on this real event because that's how Sorkin rolls. So even if Betty was honest from the start, she'd still have huge legal bills. Clinton d
  11. Can someone just shoot Lex? Just shoot him dead the moment he shows up. A new Lex from a new timeline pops up? Shoot him too. Right away. I get that it's murder and I don't care. I am so sick and tired of Lex Luthor and I cannot believe we're spending time on him again! Lena had the right idea. Just shoot him dead. I feel like Kara is barely a character anymore but lets spend time on Lex. I might not make it to the end.
  12. So I was pretty sure last time but with all the talking in this song, I’m certain the Pepper is Natasha Bedingfield. That’s her voice.
  13. If they hadn't also done the skip over covid time jump I probably would be okay with this but this is one time jump too many. I have no clue where we are in time. Bell not calling the cops so they could track down the serial killer was awful. Also, we finally got back to HODAD and now we're jumping past it. I was already on the fence about continuing after losing Mina and Nic but this makes it even harder to be enthusiastic.
  14. Sasha licking the whipped cream off his face during the judges critique was both disgusting and hilarious. Having the plot of Grease slowly explained to me couple after couple was painful. It's a fairly iconic movie and most people know the plot. I really do wish they'd skipped over some of the better known numbers and used the whole soundtrack to match up songs and dance styles better. Suni and Cheryl both looked like they were about to die by the end of their dances. I know why Cheryl is struggling but I don't get Suni. She's a young athlete. Is there no endurance training in gymna
  15. If Teddy and Bob were both a bit more like each other, they'd probably be better people. Teddy could benefit from reading a room, being a bit more task focused and respectful of other people's time. Bob could benefit from being more open and helpful with other people and developing a willingness to step out of his bubble from time to time. I bet Bob could have shared interesting insights about owning a small business with Bonnie (I think.) Teddy wasn't wrong about that. So even though that much Teddy usually annoys me, I enjoyed this episode.
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