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  1. If the contestants can straight out lie, then what is even the point of trying to guess?
  2. So Bill and Melinda just announced that they’re divorcing. Puts that weird clip in a whole new light.
  3. The other detail is that a female character had left the show. So that rules out TBBT. None of the women ever left that show. Maybe Parks and Rec when Rashida left? I would have said Lost or House but both overlap with her time on ER. But I’m leaning toward The Good Wife. They didn’t want to replace Kalinda with the same “type.”
  4. How many people looked at the graphic that said “Masky’s” and thought it looked right?
  5. Isn't that what he has with Sam? I know Marvel isn't going to go there romantically, but fun, bickery, sometimes flirty shenanigans with emotional intimacy is the Bucky and Sam relationship.
  6. I assume it's for framing. It's not natural but it allows both actors in a conversation to be completely seen.
  7. Seriously. I have no idea why they started with just three women, especially when Caitlyn was so obviously first boot stunt casting. I guess they're hoping we think there's a woman in the Russian Dolls mix but even if that were the case, it's still very lopsided. At this point, I feel like except for Piglet and Robopine (and it could be Jamie Foxx but I'm not sold. I'm also considering Steve Harvey and Laurence Fishburne), the judges have made a correct guess, even if it was just fluffed off. The casual way Robin said Wiz Khalifa with that Golden Globe clue tells me he already knew so I h
  8. Maybe part of her powers is that she never has any hair fall? Still, a toothbrush? A pillowcase with drool? It's just strange to me that between Lena and Brainy they haven't thought of this or explained it away? This was an okay episode. I'm glad they defeated the Phantoms but there was never really any doubt. And I figured either her dad or Nxly was messing with their progress. I actually figured Zor El for it so I guess it was a bit of a surprise. I was relieved not to have Lex or Lillian in this episode. Those are characters I am very much over. I actually don't know what I want
  9. All of that happened in one day? All of that? In one day? I'm sad to lose Mina and I hate that they sprung that party on her when she clearly was in an awful place. AJ's mom being so sick is also so upsetting. His parents are two of the better and more upbeat recurring characters on this show. I am not here for any sort of Cain redemption. He was not good, lied and could have killed that poor girl. He's clearly learned nothing from this ordeal and is still an awful, selfish, egotistical person. Hate! I really hope Devon doesn't start dating his intern. I get he works a lot of ho
  10. When they announced an Edrissa-centric episode I was nervous. I think she's best in smaller doses otherwise it's all too zany. But her part of the story was the strongest. I like that they went in a "Don't F*#k with Cats" direction and gave her people who are also zany to balance her out. And I do like the plot wasn't quite as brutal as the real life inspiration which is horrifying to say considering there was still a body part delivery. Everything happening with Martin and Dr. Catherine Zeta-Jones is bad. I don't understand her, I don't understand her choices and I feel like they are fly
  11. That was the cutest wedding. I also love the Indian Matchmaker. This plot should be good for some fun. I still hate Cain. He will not be humanized by treating one person kindly considering how many people he hurt. AJ and Mina cannot leave. They are the best. I do not accept it.
  12. Zoey needs to tell Simon about her powers and the sooner the better. Max wasn't wrong that there's a power imbalance that's weird, but at least he knew about it and was able to make an informed decision to be in a relationship with Zoey. Simon doesn't get to make that choice and that really sucks for him. Zoey can't control hearing the heart songs but she certainly can control being honest about it. As for the mysteries this week, it does show that Zoey uses her powers as a crutch. She shouldn't need a song to know that someone who implies that their life is joyless and then spends the we
  13. There's a difference in what a third party saw and what Dylan saw. Just because a third party only ever say Woody in bed while dressed doesn't mean that Dylan doesn't have a different experience. The time it was witnessed he was dressed and possibly another time where there were no witnesses, he wasn't. And that alone wouldn't even be strange. As a kid, I crawled into bed with my parents who weren't always fully dressed. And yes, I remember things very clearly from when I was four. A four year old is a school aged child where I live. Not every single moment of my life at four, even three
  14. There wasn't a time jump of weeks or months, right? This took place right after the last episode? Because that trial happened too fast. I get that the writers want Lex out but then have the charges dropped rather than have a criminal trial the next day. I don't expect perfect legal realism from Supergirl but that was so, so, so bad.
  15. Ashanti, Christina Milian and many session vocalists may disagree. I like J Lo. She hustles and performs. I actually think she's a pretty good actor. I have always been bothered by her music career because of things like having other people sing her choruses regularly, stealing that sample from Mariah and using the n-word in one of her songs.
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