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  1. This is a very real thing that happens to Black actors and actresses, models, performers etc all the time. Willow is not the first person to speak on it and what she says is absolutely true. Professional stylists often have no training with Black hair and the Black performer is often left to do their own hair. I get not liking Willow Smith. I think she's annoying but there are so many stories about this particular issue that I'm sure she's telling the truth in this instance. Hollywood’s Black Hair Problem on Set: “We’ve All Cried in Our Trailers” Black actors speak out on hair mistre
  2. And here I thought the accents weren't strong enough and weren't quite right either. It's similar to an Irish accent but also very distinct.
  3. That is exactly correct. Buy cheaper properties so you can buy houses early and max out at four to create a housing shortage. Never move to hotels. I like to buy up the corner around the jail. Someone should tell Richards that if you have to explain a joke, you're probably told it wrong. That Bob Hope joke was very clear and did not need extra tacked on. Only three more games! It's not that he's bad at hosting, just that he's only got two modes. Either smarmy or a complete void of personality.
  4. I ran the reality TV category. More of that and less wild west.
  5. The one good thing about Mayim is that she has a lifetime of experience taking notes from directors so if she's still giggling when she comes back, it's clear its what the producers and directors want from her and I won't hold that against her.
  6. Sandra Oh and Alanis Morissette in one category. I have to feel like two Ottawa celebrities was a bit of a shout out to Alex.
  7. If she was allowed to pay for the ring then I consider that a positive since she wasn't even allowed to pay for new kitchen cabinets before her appearance in court a few months ago. Sam seems hot and uncomplicated and she deserves to be happy in whatever way she wants. She has 9 albums worth of music streaming out there (with maybe a tenth of B-Sides on the way based on what was recently registered with ASCAP), a very successful perfume line and several other sources of passive income. Even if she never performs again, she's always going to have money coming in. She has a trust set up for
  8. I always assumed that Jack peed when Kim was fighting off cougars or whatever dumb plot they gave poor Elisha Cuthbert. Also, if you barely eat and drink all day, you don't need to use the washroom too often.
  9. But why would she go to dinner with unaccompanied children? Or have them in her dressing room alone? Her complete and total lack of boundaries go unexplained and they are the part that worries me. She is absolutely minimizing what she did and it seems like all these women who were children at the time have the receipts to prove it. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a teenager who never crushed on an adult in their life which is why it is always on adults to maintain boundaries and shut that shit down. You shouldn't be texting with random teens or seeing them alone or inviting them to
  10. Nice to see Heidi supporting Gary:
  11. The Housekeeper was absolutely hired by Jamie. In the Ronan Farrow article he spoke to the old housekeeper who was replaced once the conservatorship was in place. Britney's money pays for her employees but Jamie picks and manages them. I'm of the opinion that we don't know enough to form an opinion at this point. It's possible Britney lashed out in a fight and it's possible someone in Jamie's employ is making up a story to make her look bad before they go back to court. Or a little from both options. We don't have anywhere near enough information to know.
  12. I think Silky did redeem herself from her shitty reputation, but I also think that ultimately, Eureka should come back as she was clearly stronger in that last lip sync. Stunts are well and good but they're not the be all end all. Sometimes you get rose petals out your wig and sometimes nearly dead butterflies limping on the stage. That Barbie Girl lip sync will go down as the stuff of legends. I know that half man/half woman drag isn't new but it was well executed and came with Silky asking to lip sync when she didn't have to because she took the assignment seriously and wanted to show h
  13. I don't know any spoliers but between Holt's frustration at dealing with the union and Jake's response to being with Mac when he pulled himself up for the first time, I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't at least one other departure from the department before the series ends. Andre Braugher needs an Emmy for this role. I worry because it'll be in the distant past when the nominations happen next year but he has been so perfect this season. Every scene with him and Rosa was gold but digital phallus portrait is the best combination of words this show has ever had.
  14. I don't love the way his guest stint and hiring was handled (he wasn't entirely truthful about why he had to step in) but my real issue with him are the lawsuits against him when he was with The Price is Right.
  15. It might be legal for Jamie to pay himself $16,000 a month while limiting Britney, the person earning the money, to half that but that doesn't change the fact that it's fucking shameful in my eyes. I have so many questions about her money and other property but if it turns out everything is above board legally, it won't change my opinion about whether it was the right thing morally. I know that his being held legally responsible will depend on what, if anything, is turned up by the forensic accountant but it won't change the fact that I think he took advantage of Britney at a vulnerable t
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