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  1. No kidding. Just make a tube dress (or a crop top and circle skirt maybe to match the silhouette) to show off the coat. Instead the jumpsuit competed for attention. Disaster! Coral's look was constructed better but it was not a good look. The skirt was boring. The jacket with the macramé hanging off of it looked sloppy. And it really didn't match the hair at all. I did love Chasity's look for being dramatic but I wish she'd chosen a different print. As it was, it did look a bit like a costume. Shantall's look was great and very 90s throwback that's currently trendy. I think the
  2. Zora said that she considered her form as the ship to be a part of her identity so they couldn't take her out of the ship without taking her identity away.
  3. Her lawyer engaged a forensic accountant months ago. That's when Jamie was ready to end the conservatorship with no strings.
  4. Also, breasts may change size depending on where the model is in her cycle. Enough that it would throw off a perfect fit.
  5. In addition, a woman with breasts needs support. Prajje had a backless dress with no support built in. He was never going to be able to fit her properly because her breasts weren't going to be in the same place as the form. That was a Prajje error in the initial design. And it's not fair that he has to factor designing a look that would allow for undergarments when Kristina can stick pasties onto her model, but Prajje knew the hand he was being dealt before he designed a single thing and made bad decisions. If the show wants to go forward with models of different sizes, I think they need
  6. He may have been that person in the past but I don't think he's that person now. His business is in steep decline. Over the course of a week or maybe two they went from acquiring GoJo to being acquired by GoJo. And the original plan to acquire GoJo came from Kendall. Logan's most recent idea was to go back to Pierce. They've talked about the decline in the stock price. In 2021 they don't have a streaming platform that works despite being a Disney like company with high quality content. Even HBO has mostly fixed their platform. Logan had no plan for the Shareholder's meeting based on his inabil
  7. Yep. Best case scenario he pops up as a guest for one episode. But even that isn't too likely.
  8. This episode was the equivalent of "this could have been an email." Two hours for two people? I know they use the first hour as recap/filler but even the second hour was way too long. I have no idea why they paced the show this way but it has felt like such a slog this season. Between the wild cards, the way they alternate (or don't) the groups and the baseball break (not their fault but it does mess with the pacing) this was a real struggle. I wonder how many people watching even knew who Todrick was? My mom sure didn't even when I explained it over and over. He's a niche sort of fa
  9. And this is the real kicker for me. They would all be better off, healthier etc if they were free from the company and their dad’s manipulation but they’re also obsessed with coming out on top that they can’t see it.
  10. I think it goes back to Tom knowing that Kendall always gets fucked and Logan never does. Logan wins and Tom decided to be a winner too. Is it weird that I'm proud of Tom? That was so intense from start to finish. I loved it. I loved the kids being honest with each other, looking out for Kendall's well-being and teaming up. And I loved seeing Logan realize that for the first time in his life he couldn't play them off of one another. Of course, he had the winning move anyhow, but losing the power to fuck with their minds still rocked him. At the end of the day, these three asshole ki
  11. Just remember that Kelly Osbourne put on a Southern accent to fool people. Jewel could easily do the same thing. That's her singing voice. She's also a trained opera singer so there's no doubt in my mind she could belt if she wanted to.
  12. This! When Octavio presented the idea of a girl wearing her boyfriend's hoodie, I was so impressed because that is a great jumping off point for a design like this. But then he Octavio-d all over it. Cute bike shorts, normal sleeves, decent fabric and a good shoe (why did so many people use heels?) would have probably given him a win.
  13. I had read it in the press releases but I didn't appreciate how dumb Kincade Sullivan sounds as a name until I heard it spoken. At least her introduction was a positive one rather than Billie being a jerk or Trevor being a boundary pushing creep. Neither character has recovered from their first impressions for me.
  14. Agreed. They way they quickly explained what happened lead me to believe the driver was at least somewhat at fault. If the scaffolding was sticking out into the street, wouldn't any of those cars we saw in front of the mini bus have also hit it? And that's why I thought it was extra shitty that the competitors lost a day of work. For once am happy to see a save used. It's like we just get to write this week off. I just hope Anna is okay because she looked like she was struggling.
  15. This makes sense to me. Shiv is Pinky to Logan. She wouldn't be his baby finger if she wasn't the baby of the family.
  16. Also Lisa asked Kendall if he thought he was smarter than her which of course forced him to answer no. Kendall thinks he's smarter than basically everyone so that hit to his ego was probably the final straw.
  17. It's not just recently. Jeopardy throws us Canadians a bone at least once a week and has for years. I assume it's because either Alex asked for some CanCon or the writers/producers wanted to tip their hat to his Canadian heritage. He would have loved the Rideau Canal question considering part of it runs next to his beloved uOttawa. Being from Ottawa, that was beyond an insta-get for me. You could have just given me the word Rideau and I would have known that it was my hometown. Basically everything in Ottawa is named Rideau something. (Not literally but there's a river, the falls of that
  18. We did it kids! I don't know who was lifting Iman at the end but good for them because he's big. I would have been happy with either of the final two. Both Iman and JoJo grew in different ways. He became a better dancer and she grew in confidence. Lovely journeys.
  19. Oh that's her voice. I listened to Let Me Be Your Star hundreds of times. She sang a lot on Smash. I know that voice.
  20. I was doing that but now she's talking all the time during the judging too. It's unbearable.
  21. My understanding is that it's not a pun. Laundromats are cash businesses with barely any records. Gangsters bought them to make their dirty money clean.
  22. I feel like the mansion/island had to be in the Martha's Vineyard region. If it was just the Hamptons, they wouldn't have needed the planes. The helicopters would have been enough.
  23. How has Cody continuously avoided the bottom? He has no chemistry with Cheryl, makes weird faces when he dances, moves awkwardly for someone who has professional dance experience, I don't care how good he is at riding a bike, that doesn't mean he's a good dancer. I don't get it.
  24. Katie's headbands must be too tight if she thinks her capris would have kept her out of the bottom. She needs to get a job designing costumes for a kid's show. What do pre-schoolers watch besides Paw Patrol?
  25. One thing that I'm not understanding is the focus on Hodges fabricating DNA. He was never the DNA tech in the lab. He did trace materials. Is the theory that he was faking DNA while also working a different department? Busy man.
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