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  1. Wait - people actually noticed that a crew member died!? They clearly haven't read the Starfleet manual that deaths are to go unremarked (I can think of only two or three exceptions in 50 years if Trekking). Of course, the Galaxy revolves around Michael! But did 10 year old Michael really believe her parents would tell her about the secret project they were involved in? And why exactly was Michael strapped into the chair? Just push her out the airlock, it would have the same effect. It really doesn't make much difference what a Carbon Monoxide atmosphere is laced with - CO is plenty lethal by itself (though it wouldn't inflict those gnarly scars). I don't understand why they didn't simply say it was a Section 31 plan to put Michael in a deadly situation to summon the Angel. It would cause fewer "But I'd know!" problems and they're certainly ruthless enough to do so. Then you could have our heroes rush to rescue her (and if necessary, save the day).
  2. "No sentient life." We only saw a few planets destroyed: it's quite a leap to say the Angel (or whatever) intends to wipe out all sentient life. "Sensors are saying we're upside down"!? Because of course, there's up & down in space! Of course, we got the classic "Let's split up! We can take more damage that way!" on boarding the space station. And I get it's hard to attack a colleague - if only phasers had a stun setting that allowed you incapacitate rather than kill... And when Airiam was shutting down life support, I couldn't help thinking: "If only you were wearing a suit designed to operate in space! Put your helmet back on!" Were they trying to imply Airiam was in love with Tilly (it was her feelings toward Tilly that seemed to get through to her human side)? That might have been some personal history we could have learned in an episode before she died. But it wouldn't be about Michael, so I guess there was no time for it. But the Galaxy revolves around Michael and Nhan has no connection to her!
  3. Go Alice! OK, I get I'm not meant to root for the Bad Guy (or Girl), but she's just so damn Good at being Bad - and she's having fun! Sure, her fun frequently involves killing people, but who hasn't done that from time to time? Wasn't Alice a former Arkham Inmate? Weren't they worried she'd be recognised by the Nurse? Sure, it didn't matter in the end anyway, but wouldn't that be a concern? Damn, that was cold leaving Alice in Arkham like that. Sure, she's bound to be out next week (and mega pissed!) but it was pretty brutal on Kate's part. That's some damn good shooting by Jake to kill somebody with a handgun at that range. I somehow doubt that's how Alice is going to see it! Although maybe it's intended as an indictment of the politics of law & order - no candidate ever promises to reform the justice system, it's always "Lock more people up!"
  4. Did Burnham/Spock cripple the ship before escaping? Because surely a starship can run down a shuttle in about 5 seconds (which I'm pretty sure weren't Warp capable at the time). "Vina's with him in her cave"! But I was getting Star Trek V vibes when they started asking about looking into Spock/Michael's pain - definitely not a good sign. Michael - it's not all about you (However much the writers want it to be)! Glad Spock said as much. Where did Michael learn to be emotionally manipulative like that? It couldn't possibly be on Vulcan. I could get Michael getting mad at Spock, but not doing so for his own good (as we're meant to believe) at that age. Nor could I believe that Spock would still be upset by it years later. Not surprised Hugh broke up with Stamets - I get it's a difficult situation, but before you suggest solutions, maybe ask what your formerly dead husband wants first? And maybe suggest a couple of weeks on Risa (or wherever) rather than just hanging out on the ship? While I'm sure Starfleet doesn't have procedures for dealing with surgically altered Klingons or people who've returned from the dead (a shocking lapse on their part!), I'm pretty sure the Uniform Code does have regulations about Officers hitting each other, Maybe you let them get a couple of swings in first, but call Security as well? Or maybe that's just what they made you think they looked like... THERE! ARE! FOUR! LIGHTS! (Sorry, wrong part of the franchise)
  5. Have the writers been watching their own show? "I haven't spoken to my mother and father in some time"? We've seen Michael do both this Season! I guess it's vague enough to cover that period, but don't a lot of people in Starfleet go months without speaking to their parents? A temporal loop! A Space rift! A probe that upgrades itself! They really brought all the Trek classics here. "As your liaison, you have to tell me..." No. He's Captain, he doesn't have to tell you shit (even if you weren't a Klingon). You may want him to and it might even be helpful if he did, but he's in charge. Was anyone surprised when Pike's vision was not in fact him shooting Ash? Michelle Yeah got to fight! Shame she had to take a dive, but I loved her little shrug at "missing" Michael with her phaser. It reminded me of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, where (Spoilers for a 40 year old movie!) From the way they've been portrayed, you'd expect their general attitude to be, "That's all? Come back when you've destroyed a planet, then we'll pretend to care!" Not to go all "Rule 34" here, but I'm pretty sure Vulcans can mate any time, it's just that they have to mate (or fight) during pon farr. How satisfactory that might be for Amanda given Sarek would presumably just "going through the motions" is another matter, but (as another Captain put it) "technology - it's a wonderful thing" About the only time Star Trek has actually got right the idea about how big their databases must (and so how many results you'd get from any search) was in Star Trek: Generations, when Picard asks what the effect of destroying a star would be - and the computer rattles off about ten effects. Obviously, Picard is able to identify the correct one almost immediately (which I'm fine with) but they should have done the same here.
  6. OK, I'm glad Dr Culber reacted to coming back from the dead as something momentous. I get it happens (or at least, seems to happen) to every Starfleet officer eventually, but it has to be a weird experience. And saying "With a case group of one, it's hard to draw conclusions" is good scientific practice. Ugh. I hate the "You have to let me do this, it's personal!" line of argument. That's exactly why you shouldn't be the one to go on the mission. But of course he does and he only nearly caused a global war. But apparently both sides got their Kumbayayas out and won't kill each other, so yay? And wasn't this a repeat of the ST-TNG episode Transfigurations (not an episode I would chose to redo)? Wow, Kelpians age really well. After 18 years, neither Saru nor Sarana look a day older... I guess the Universal Translator knew to give the Ba'ul a sinister voice. Android Lady (Miriam?) got lines! Who knows, maybe in time the rest of the Bridge crew might even get personalities... Yes, having stated right at the start that it's inadvisable to generalise from a sample set of one, Saru did exactly that by saying he wouldn't start a war, so his people wouldn't either. Even if he was generally right, there should be localised incident of violence (look at how Saru reacts to Pike now compared to before). Now you could argue that it was still the right thing to do but there will be a price to pay. Hell, maybe the Kelpians will turn genocidal and it's Saru that's the odd one out. This is exactly why the Prime Directive exists! Since he's effectively going through puberty, that's hardly surprising...
  7. Amazing how many explosive Nebulae there are in space! "The innocent don't run"? The cry of the fascist through the ages (and even in Trek - see The Drumhead). Loved that Philippa admitted she wasn't innocent though! Disappointed that Michael didn't say "Fall in" and have May go "I know what that means!" Loved Cartwright going "Cut the manly bullshit!" Can't imagine how he got through Starfleet rigorous screening process. Doesn't he know Security are there purely as canon fodder? Just once, I'd love it if they learn they have "Only seven hours to save the ship/world/universe!" - and for them to do it in three. "Bloody Torchwood!"
  8. I see Alice believes in tough love with Mouse! It makes sense given their nightmare upbringing, I guess, but I felt really bad for the pair of them. Will they get back together in the future (after Alice's inevitable escape) or did the Fear Toxin smash their bond? I guess we'll see. Thank you for pointing out that a body double existing is nowhere near the weirdest ting to happen in Gotham. So a Luke/Mary link up looks inevitable, I guess? They do make a nice couple, though. Love that, even after all her years of trauma and having mainlined all that Fear Toxin, it's still Alice who thinks about having to bury the body (she does have more experience there, I suppose). Not sure how I feel about Kate killing August though - for all that he was inciting her to do it, it's still crossing a line. Although you'd think with Kate's military training she'd have been more OK about killing than Bruce was. Loved the intercutting of child Beth with the adult Alice in those scenes. I think they swapped wigs at one point, too. Maybe they could visit Murder Rehab?
  9. Presumably it's a reference to how we prepare for death - which both Saru and the Galactic blob (and possibly Tilly's parasite friend?) were doing.
  10. Now this was classic Trek - meeting new life and new civilisations and having to find a way to communicate. I'm sure Gene would approve ("Sokath, his eyes uncovered!"). No 1! She even looks a bit like a young Majel Barrett. Though I utterly failed to recognised Rebecca Romjin (well she wasn't painted blue!). I for one welcome our new alien overlords like our sarky new Engineer-Doctor. Sure, she's a bit abrasive, but she was living by herself for a year(?) under threat of imminent death which would probably make anyone a bit anti-social. "It is illogical for a virus to kill its patient?" That's a completely unscientific statement. Aside from the fact that assigning intention to something that (almost certainly) possesses none is ridiculous, plenty of viruses do exactly that. All the virus needs to do is for the infected to pass them on to another victim and they will survive. They've been around a lot longer than humanity has (and will quite probably outlive us too). Given our present rate of language destruction, 94 might not be that unreasonable number of Earth languages by 2200 (or whenever this is set). Me neither. And while the second heart to heart took place after the crisis had resolved, the first took place while it was still ongoing. Work on saving everyone before getting all weepy! People still recognise (and in my case, may sing along to) The Messiah - first performed in 1741. And God Save the Queen (later adapted in the USA as My Country 'Tis of Thee) dates from around the same time and gets belted out regularly. She's the new Miles O'Brien! Or the old Miles O'Brien, given he won't be born for another century or so.
  11. Great - more family drama as opposed to actual investigation of the unknown. And the one time they actually find "new life" they immediately rush to get rid of it (contrast this with Picard: he wanted to establish contact with entities even when they had wiped out whole planets). And even if you thought they had to protect Tilly from her fungal parasite, maybe consider the effect of ripping it out of her first given it was apparently threaded through a large part her nervous system? And since we now have reason to break into Spock's quarters given that he is now established to have a connection to the Red Angel. Agreed. It looked like Pike's "everyone sound off your names!" scene was an attempt to establish more of the bridge crew, but now we're back to making it all about Michael. She probably ate them for betraying her (and failing). That'll teach the others not to be incompetent when they betray their mother!
  12. Oh FFS. I really hate the "I could tell you something, but I'll leave it till it's dramatically appropriate". Stamets managed a much less likely admission (but obeyed his orders and did it anyway) in the next scene. At least Michael did come clean in the end. I guess World War III still happened then? For an optimistic vision of the future, Trek seems determined to believe we'll nearly destroy ourselves first (I guess it was canonically established by ST: First Contact). Shouldn't Pike have gone "Those candles are lit - there must be people around here"? Though nice to see that the religious weren't depicted as being fanatics (was half expecting them to execute the engineer as a heretic) or suddenly believing they were angels Was Tilly's "revelation" meant to be a surprise, because it really wasn't. I guess "I was concussed" is as good an excuse as any for seeing visions, though I was reminded that she got "spored" by the magic mushrooms at the end of last season. Kinda like Pike being prepared to break the Prime Directive for a higher purpose, which is much more in keeping with how Kirk approached it, generally speaking. It may well be broadcast through subspace (aka. "As fast as is necessary for the plot") so it can exceed lightspeed. If ships can communicate FTL (which they clearly can), there's no reason the Angel can't, since it seems to have even more advanced tech available to it. They were transported from World War III, roughly around the time Warp Drive was invented. Transporters were new technology at the time the Enterprise (NX-01) was launched, a generation later. Newton was not persecuted (even though he lived through one of Britain's most oppressive regimes, the Protectorate), founding the Royal Society and eventually heading the Royal Mint. Though Galileo certainly did face persecution.
  13. Wow, young Spock was a real jerk. And how has he accrued "months" of leave if he's on a 5 year mission? So if Pike is taking over the Discovery and bringing his senior staff with him, who's left in command of the Enterprise? Yeoman Rand? Of course, safety procedures immediately fail in a disaster. These must be the same people who designed the warp ejection system, which works fine until there's a warp engine failure. "We don't abandon each other". Unless they're total jerks, obviously. I guess Officer "I know what I'm doing" should have realised that you don't argue with a series regular (if you want to live). Loved Tilly's excitement at finding something new. I'm sure it's completely scientifically impossible for Michael to be able to pick up a rock that isn't made up of Baryons (which make up most matter as we know it), but I appreciate the effort of using actual scientific terms rather than Treknobabble. The way it was portrayed, it would have made more sense if Spock was missing. You might reasonably override privacy concerns if you thought they might have left a clue to where they (or their body) might be (which we see in ST-TNG's Aquiel). I think we've had 5 Captains just on the Discovery (Georgiu, Lorca, Cornwell, Saru and now Pike)! That said, it's a fair point that there are no other Captains in Starfleet. It is the same actress as last Season (Mia Kirshner). I remember her as "Naked Mandy" from S1 & 2 of 24 - she also a regular on The L Word.
  14. So Batwoman is getting her very own Joker? "Nobody needs to find out"? Because you've been doing such a bang up job of keeping your identity secret so far! Hey Lady! 911! You had your phone in your hand! Just drop the magic words "and I'm rich" and they should dispatch a squad car. OK, it might not arrive in time, but it at least gives you a shot. Luke bringing the snark - "Dog ate my break up!" Batwoman uses a penlight!? What happened to UV goggles? OK, I've never yet been abducted by a psychopath and suspended over a vat of acid, but I definitely wouldn't ask them to "Let me down" (It's very reminiscent of The Dark Knight's "Let her go"). "Poor choice of words", indeed. That was one dedicated psychiatrist! Shame we (presumably) won't see him again. Did like Alice's "Hey, I'm only stealing what you stole first" attitude and her twisted loyalty toward certain people (I guess she'd see them like pets) - she already allows Kate to stroll into her lair unmolested and it looks like she's extending the same "courtesy" toward Mary. Not a good week for parents all round (and E4 showed it on Father's Day, which has to be a coincidence!), what with Sophie's mom as well. My thought exactly! But I doubt Bats ever put out a press statement saying he was gay (or whatever) so people just assumed. Look at how people reacted to the revelation that Rock Hudson was gay, even (to a lesser extent, because it couldn't be that surprising) Liberace. Couldn't believe Jacob's ingratitude there. He could at least have looked into his case (which would have turned up the irregularities in the arrest) in repayment. But I thought the Crows were all about "Doing what had to be done" and not being bound by the same regulations the GCPD (theoretically) are - now he's surprised his men sometimes act outside the law? We know that's an ironclad defence no facial recognition can penetrate in the DCU! But only complete monsters would do that!
  15. I thought they'd BOTH already worked it out! I figured it was more a case of "I can't officially know this, but so long as you don't actually TELL me I can maintain plausible deniability" (in Sophie's case at least)
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