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  1. And all's back right with the world (well, in Yorkshire at least - in Europe things are taking a decidedly grim turn in 1938)! Tristan and Siegfried have patched things up. I'm glad Hugh turned out to be an honourable man (OK, not above wanting to see James humbled a bit, but not vindictively so) and he's even moving on. James and Helen's relationship progresses (she used the "l" word!) and Clock man is back for Mrs Hall. And of course, Mrs Pomfrey couldn't bear to have Tricky "fixed", so even he gets a love interest (with the "music swells as the couple runs towards each other" ending, no les
  2. When I read the episode description ("Secrets come out at a family dinner..." or some such) I was expecting it to be the reveal of James' job offer. So I was glad that it was actually Mrs Hall who let that slip, realised she'd said too much and then when James & Helen actually talked about it, it didn't seem much of a problem. We also got confirmation (as stated above) that Tristan didn't actually need to pass his exams to practice on animals (though it would still probably be fraud to call himself Dr Farnon, FRCVS*, as it claims on his briefcase). I'm wondering if she's meant to b
  3. Can’t believe Siegfried didn’t palm Tricky off onto James (or Tristan) at the first opportunity! Glad Helen & James had a not-quite-argument about their future the farmer’s widow because too often TV couples rush into getting hitched seemingly without ever having had a serious discussion about anything. And it's good to see that James never promised he could save the herd (in fact, ultimately admitted that he couldn't) but they're just hoping for a miracle. I was actually expecting a "village comes together to help out" moment (with money, fodder or access to their grazing land) so it
  4. Good to see we’re back to Stormtroopers that can’t hit a can at five paces! And they completely forgot about the three armed individuals they had been guarding as soon as Chekov’s droid attacked. And I really loved the way IG11 kept flipping his orientation around to protect his charge during his attack. Those assassin droids are really well designed and can take a lot of punishment before going down. Hey - Momma Mando is pretty Badass! Teared up a little at Baby Yoda saying goodbye to “Auntie” and “Uncle” (well, I would if my heart wasn't made of stone). I know it was meant to
  5. Reunions ahoy! Force Choke is a bit… Dark Side-y. Against that, L'il Buddy can Heal, which is definitely Light Side. So I'm guessing he's just got a huge Force Potential (presumably why the Empire wants him), it's just unaligned for now. Still, I’m amazed I'm amazed Mando let Greef hold him. Love me some snarky Mando: “You trust the contact” “Not particularly!” I agree. Hopefully, IG-11 won't have to die this time. Hell, maybe Kuill will turn out to be only mostly dead and help him out. I was totally expecting that to happen (a la Desperado). Hell, maybe our
  6. “Former Imperial Sharpshooter” “That’s not saying much” lol! Good to they’re maintaining the Star Wars traditions of “security you can bypass in seconds” and droids that are "Made of Explodium". And of course, the bad(der) guys adopt the classic “Let’s split up – we can take more damage that way!” strategy. It reminded me of Casino Royale when the terrorist activates his bomb only to realise Bond had attached it to his belt. There's already been one in the films - Bib Fortuna (Jabba's major domo) was a male Twi'lek. Lekku!
  7. 2.02 "When April with her showers sweet, Have pierced the drought of March to the root... Upon the tender shoots. And the young sun, The half course in the Ram has run, Then people long to..." head down to vetin'ry! (How different it might have been if Chaucer had written The Yorkshire Tales instead!) Certainly, everyone was feeling a bit frisky this episode as everyone got a romance sub plot - nice to see even Mrs Hall got a (potential) love interest and Siegfried got his mojo back. I just wish they weren't so desperate to stretch out the "Will They, Won't They"
  8. I guess Mando is really possessive of his catchphrase! I’m surprised Mando doesn’t have a stunner (we know they exist in Star Wars). If bounties are higher for bringing them in alive, you'd think a stunner would be worth the investment. “The Kid” really should have listened to Tuoco (“If you’re going to shoot, shoot, don’t talk!”) - he twice had his target bang to rights but stopped to monologue and lost out. Mando needs to work out some way of keeping tabs on him. He's constantly wondering off when left unattended. A Beskar baby bjorn perhaps? Deb Chen.
  9. I managed to confuse myself by having watched the original series between showings of the revived series and couldn't understand why James didn't take Helen with him up to Glasgow. But, of course, in the revived series they're not married - in fact, she's positively snippy with him (a little unfairly, IMO - you left your fiance at the altar, James didn't ask you to do that). Did love Helen's sister gossiping about what Helen had said about the whole matter, James saying he couldn't listen to gossip and Tristan cheerfully admitting he had no such compunction! Loved Mrs Hall tricking the truth o
  10. Wouldn’t it be easier for Mando to carry his little buddy? Walking alongside him would take forever - Baby Yoda's legs are tiny Wow, two women with speaking roles (three if you include the bar owner from the beginning)!? “You can’t fight an AT-ST.” Just trip it up! You had time to fell at least a couple of trees and we know a couple of swinging trunks will take one out. Or roll tree trunks in its path. You don't need a lone gunslinger Mandalorian, you need a pack of Ewoks! Does Baby Yoda just like eating frogs? I guess it would figure with the original Yoda living in a swamp.
  11. Was anyone else expecting an “ET” cameo when passing through the marketplace? Though there was a (comparatively overdressed) Twi’lek and a Rodian(?) Oh, was there something symbolic about the Imperial markings fading away to make Mandalorian Armour? And still, Stormtroopers are completely useless! But loved that their “Mad scientist” was actually trying to keep Baby Yoda alive. Was a little disappointed our “hero” seemed to have no plan for getting away (pretty sure he didn't call for "back up", they just turned up on their own) Though I was reminded of Lee van Kleef’s char
  12. I do love a multipurpose weapon – quarterstaff, shock stick and disintegrator. Handy, that. I guess our protagonist’s heart didn’t grow that much, given how he was blasting away at those Jawas (even if they were robbing him). Baby Yoda can use the Force! Was not expecting that. Maybe all “Yodas” are naturally Force Sensitive? Though it did seem to take it out of the Child I thought “The Egg” would prove to be a Sarlacc egg (which would be pretty massive, you’d imagine). And I was not expecting the Jawas to just eat it. You can do a lot without ever showing somebody’s fac
  13. Damn Rebellion, they never think of the effect of overthrowing tyrannical regimes has on the small businessmen. A guy just wants to get on with his trade of shooting people and they have to go disrupting his business. It's like they don't even want cold hearted killers to make a living! Clearly, Dave Filoni is a big Sergio Leone/Clint Eastwood fan, even if we are to believe our remorseless hunter's heart grew three sizes that day at the end (probably). Of course, he might have just saved Baby Yoda because he got more credits for bringing him in alive and by killing IG-11 he doesn't need t
  14. Odd, because I hate that episode! Maybe it's because I'm not a baseball fan, or because I don't like people who insist that they want to win and then when they lose go "Well, we were always going to lose anyway and see if we care!" OTOH, I do love Badda Bing, Badda Bang which never pretends it's anything other than a fun romp with (almost) no consequences, equally in the middle of the war.
  15. I kinda liked Garibaldi falling off the wagon and resulting in the fall of Centauri Prime, but yeah, there's not a lot of good episodes in S5.
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