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  1. John Potts

    S05.E06: 13 Stitches

    Jim - you really need to learn who to trust. As barbara said, if she'd wanted to, she could have already killed him. Wow! That was one impressive throw of a cleaver Edd! That was so perfectly Harvey! And yes, I thought that was a bit quick (it seemed like the egg wouldn't even have implanted in the uterus give the time that seemed to have passed), but in a world where people routinely return from the dead, I suppose an instant pregnancy test isn't that implausible. Except, based on the premises of the riddle, he was wrong. Edd said, "Starting with four birds..." and on that basis the answer would be... lots. You have to take the premise of the riddle as valid (midgets that don't carry a stick to press buttons out of reach, metre high blocks of ice, etc), however unbelievable. So in the terms of the riddle, the birds aren't extinct. Now I'm picturing a remake of Three's Company (With blackjack! And hookers!... or at least gangsters and guns). Not just a multi disciplinary scientist, but a brain surgeon too! That's one seriously talented 40 year old (assuming he's the same age as his actor).
  2. John Potts

    The Veronica Mars Movie

    I finally got around to watching the DVD of this (because my internet was down!) and it was... OK. I did think some of the cameos were rather pointless (I never cared about Piz... and apparently Veronica didn't either and what were the odds that Weevil would run into Celeste?) but overall, the whole metaphor of "PI'ing is Veronica's addiction!" actually worked for me. I was reminded of Veronica walking out of her exam (and losing out on the Kane scholarship as a result) because she just had to hear Aaron's verdict. One thing that didn't work for me was the way the murderer was tipped off that Veronica was onto him by a set of highly contrived circumstances. I mean, not only was (Spoiled for those who haven't seen the movie) I thought so too. I don't ship them particularly, but I had no problem seeing them together and was wondering if I was meant to! ETA: I also didn't mind that Vinnie was no longer Sheriff. Don Lamb was corrupt but also cunning - Vinnie was just corrupt. I figure he'd either get caught doing something TPTB couldn't overlook or just ask too much money for his "services" and lose the support of his paymasters.
  3. John Potts

    S05.E05: Pena Dura

    Yeah, I was imagining the Initiative, with the mind control and soldiers with sinister motives (and I've now edited my post to finish that sentence!).
  4. John Potts

    S05.E05: Pena Dura

    I guess this is the break ups episode (Edd/Penguin, Bruce/Selina, Jim/Army buddy)? Or at least relationships under strain. Though at least we get the closest thing to a declaration of love from the Ed & Oswald ("If I kill you, I'll look you in the eye while I do it!") You see, they do care. I guess the writers have watched Buffy, Season 4, what with the chip in Edd's head and the evil government troops. Yeah, that was pretty dumb (Eduardo actually turned away when he had the guy in his sights). But we got a good old fashioned death trap! And a suitably Riddler-esque solution. As always, the real monsters are in the government... in fiction, at least. And Bruce did the "Stealth Bye" on him! As I recall, men were allowed in for "recreational" purposes, within certain hours. We already know (from Season 1, I think?) that Venom* exists in Gotham. * The drug, not the Spider-man villain.
  5. John Potts

    S02.E03: Dance Dance Resolution

    So I guess Janet really does get memory wiped (and doesn't want to) when you press the big red button. Does that mean she has to go through the whole reboot process we saw before? I guess that means she really can't lie. When they showed up in the Neutral (Medium?) Place, I thought, "They're lucky she's not naked and/or masturbating", but it makes sense if they keep showing up (shame they never remember to bring cocaine, though). I guess she waits until they're gone? Although she did state that they had walked in on her a couple of times, so maybe she just doesn't care (especially as they won't remember). I would have LOVED to see how that happened! Particularly given how he seemed to think he was in the Good Place even after he'd been told he was in The Bad Place. Or he's just the sort who always see the best in any situation. I don't understand how Michael has kept it going so far. Surely somebody would have ratted on him by now. Maybe it really is Michael's torture? Or maybe it's deeper than even that and that it's hell for everyone, demons included. If we're going with Christian Theology, they did rebel against Heaven, after all. Though I don't quite understand why Michael doesn't just let his underlings have their head and go nuts with the biting and the red hot pokers (obviously, we wouldn't see that particular iteration). You know, just as a fun break for the demons! You're saying Michael is Crowley? It probably is (experience has taught me there are some things I'm happier not knowing)! "Heavenly clothing at hellishly good prices!" Or send her some of the free porn they get in The (Not) Good Place!
  6. John Potts

    S01.E15: One Hundred Days

    Wow, way to read a room, Nikita. I get that you're obsessively hunting the Bad Guys (TM), but you're really exploiting your friend's feelings for you there. And then you nearly get his house blown up and both of you killed! And how did you miss the camera at Miss Evill's house? Shouldn't that have tipped you off the house wasn't abandoned? First Lady - you have to know that was a red flag. She's not wrong, she has to know that her words are seen differently now she's married to the President. That public meeting was way too supportive. All the Tom offered were some bland platitudes and they're all applauding? Were they a carefully chosen audience of cheerleaders? Was anyone else interested how Kirkman would answer the porn question? I can accept him coming out on the side of either free speech or public morality, but I'd like to know where he stands on something because Kirkman seems to be almost free of any agenda. And while I get Kirkman was the bottom rung on the political ladder, he should have some idea of how the system works - you have to build support for your agenda and push it through Congress (as Housing & Urban Development, it was probably more about getting anyone to care about his policies, now he has some real political capital to trade). I agree - there needs to be some forward momentum on the conspiracy plot (and no, I don't consider, "They really don't like iconic buildings!" to be forward progress). So of course, they kill off another of the people that might have given them some answers. And boy did two experienced Agents screw up that scene - if you don't have any cuffs on you, have Atwood sit on her until you find some way of keeping her restrained (he's got to outweigh her by at least 50 pounds). More like three - there's the "Kirkman family drama" as well that I thought they'd dropped, but seems to be coming back into the picture. I guess there must be somebody that's interested in it! Not to mention he was just shot! If there was ever a time when there was a chance for a gun control bill to make it through Congress, you'd think it would be then. I understand that he may prefer to pick other battles, but with (probably) a big sympathy vote and a non entrenched Congress (weren't about a third of its new members Independents - which is totally unbelievable, but established on screen - so there's no definitive majority for anything?) it would probably be the best time to attempt some form of Gun Law reform. Also, one thing they haven't revealed - was the gun that shot the President licensed? I would guess not (the Conspiracy probably wouldn't want any trail that might lead back to them) which would be another lever the President could pull to possibly enact reforms. Yes, it would probably dominate any other agenda he might have - it rather depends on whether he wants his Presidency to be remembered for one big thing or several little things (other than how he came into it, obviously!). Except it can't just be about money. Nobody in it for the money would take the insane risks of blowing up the government unless they were absolutely certain they could profit from it. If you're prepared to resort to terrorist acts, it would be far cheaper (and less treasonous!) to sabotage your rivals so you're the ones who gain. I don't doubt that plenty of the Faceless minions involved probably do have mundane motives, but those at the top must have a political agenda for their actions to make any sense (of course, there is the possibility that their actions don't make any sense, but I live in hope). Which is why the fact that whenever our heroes find anyone involved in the coup (so far) they have immediately died is so frustrating. Hell, have it be a crew of disgruntled architects who want to rebuild the Statue of Liberty in marble, just give us something!
  7. John Potts

    Our Favorite GOT Moments: It Is Known

    The whole episode Battle of the Blackwater. I love Stannis (the Mannis!) correcting his advisor - not Davos - saying, "It'll cost hundreds of men!" "Thousands." Tywin schooling Joffrey: Love Tywin's unspoken "You stupid little shit!" when he says "We can arrange to have you carried". Although interesting that it was Joffrey who was taking Danny seriously and Tywin who (apparently) wasn't.
  8. John Potts

    The Durrells In Corfu

    Having watched the final episode and finished the Corfu Trilogy, it's notable how the focus of the show differs from that of the book - on the show, you'd say Louisa is the central character, but the book is entirely from Gerry's perspective (Margot is barely a character and Larry is completely insufferable). The world outside the island barely exists (the only mention of the war is in the epilogue to Birds, Beasts and Relatives) and Basil isn't mentioned at all (which makes me wonder if he wasn't invented for the series). And while Spiro is regularly mentioned, there is no suggestion of anything between him and "Mother" in the Book (he's also portrayed as being rather older, though that may be just the child's perspective - though even the first Book was published in the 50s so there's probably some revisionism). Still, even if it wasn't true to the Book (or possibly real life, though how true Gerry's account of events is also open to debate), I did find the way the series ended with the family leaving to be moving. (And IRL, both Margot and Gerry had their ashes scattered on Corfu, so it clearly had a profound effect on them).
  9. John Potts

    The Speculation Conjecture

    Riffing off @Beetlepoet's idea above: George (Sr) is spending more time with Missy, but won't say what they're doing. Mary is increasingly frustrated at the secrecy and elicits Sheldon and George to find out what they're up to. They fail (Sheldon is especially hopeless as a spy, in spite of being convinced he's a genius at subterfuge - Georgie mainly just isn't interested), making Mary increasingly frustrated. Ultimately, she reveals that their anniversary is coming up and while she can't complain about George spending time with his daughter, he wishes he's remember her needs occasionally. But the reveal is that he did remember and that Missy had helped George plan the perfect anniversary evening for them. [I realise that this would make an episode of Young Sheldon that doesn't have a lot of Sheldon!]
  10. It does seem that Michael isn't trying as hard to torture (NotFake!)Eleanor, but going harder on Jian-Yu and Tahani. Maybe he thinks they were the ones that were responsible for Eleanor working it out, or maybe they're less likely to work it all out so torturing them has fewer consequences (I'm assuming that as a demon, he's all pro-torture)? Or maybe they just got less screen time last pass and so we're seeing more of them now. Though I did love Michael going, "I can give you more if you want it!" and Tahani feeling forced to be humble and turn him down. The fact that she essentially gets to design her own torture makes the psychology of it all the more diabolical. He does seem like a micromanaging boss that has to run everything himself. Then again, his eternal torment is (apparently) on the line, so it does make some sense that he's highly motivated to have things work out right! I do wonder if Michael Schur read Terry Pratchett's Faust Eric, because hell here is similar - most demons are all about pulling fingernails and so on, even when the demon in charge favours more psychological torture. But the demons at the "sharp end" lack the imagination to enact the man in charge's plan. Which just goes to show that one person's heaven is another person's hell. I'm pro Hawaiian pizza and oatmeal cookies. I'm not sure that makes Chaifan my soulmate, but it's definitely an early indicator! That would be a twist that would rival the one at the end of last season. It would be fitting if everyone in hell is there to be tortured. I saw it as 2 half hour episodes. Episode 2 starts with Tahani waking up in "The Good Place" and meeting Michael for the "first" time.
  11. John Potts

    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

    That would be The Odyssey, the Galaxy-class ship that went into the Gamma Quadrant to rescue Commander Sisko in The Search (the finale of Season 2). This was the start of the Federation/Dominion Cold War (the Jem'Hadar claimed they would destroy any ships entering the Gamma Quadrant).
  12. John Potts

    Star Trek: The Next Generation

    I always liked Vash (and was quite surprised at the hate she seems to generate). She pushed Picard out of his comfort zone, which I enjoyed seeing. I don't think I'd want to see her every week, but as a reoccurring character like Q or K'Ehylar (RIP) I thought she was fine. I'm sure if they want to justify an older Data (presumably B4) in the new Picard show, they could argue that one of the bugs in B4 that Soong hadn't yet worked out was that the synthetic skin tended to degrade over time.
  13. John Potts

    Babylon 5

    Since Garibaldi is a reformed alcoholic, I expect a Centauri party is a great trial for him.
  14. John Potts

    S01.E14: Commander-In-Chief

    Did like Pres Kiefer's "25... more than 25 years ago" line (funny how time gets away from you like that) Forward progress on the conspiracy! Amazing. Pres. Moss is so a part of it. And now he's 3rd in line to retaking the Presidency (until we get a new VP, at least). Though I thought what he said to Kirkman, while blunt, was pretty accurate. Aaron - GET A LAWYER! It doesn't mean you can't help, but you really need somebody to cover your ass. I'm sure Agent Jack Bauer Nikita knows which part of that statement can be safely ignored... I do wish that everyone would not be so outraged that they are being investigated for the mass murder and treason that took place only a few weeks ago. Nobody should be above suspicion. And maybe if they were a bit more paranoid, they wouldn't have appointed a VP who was in on it! Yes, but I don't think what they actually showed was possible. If it's a modern enough car, you could probably freeze the steering and lock the throttle to full (which would make you crash eventually), but without cameras inside the car it's doubtful you could deliberately drive it off a bridge. There is an old saying among the more cynical members of the press - one dead American = 10 Europeans = 100 Asians = 1000 Africans. So by that arithmatic, the 15 Americans do outweigh the 100 000 Africans.
  15. John Potts

    The Big Bang Theory

    I don't know - I'm pretty omnivorous in my nerdiness and can bore people exposit on most of those subjects. Admittedly, I don't own any uniforms and I've only been to one convention (because it was organised by friends of mine). But I've never paintballed (have lasertagged, though). It was North Africa ("I have to roll for the weather!" "It's in the desert. I'm guessing it's hot!"). I actually know somebody who owns that game - apparently they gave over one room of their house to play it in because it took months to run. The Periodic Table shower curtain. Practical and informative!