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  1. John Potts

    S05.E11: They Did What?

    And we've arrived at the start of the Season Selina has it right - I get that Bruce feels sad about Alfred, but he chose to be there. If you're going to take responsibility for everyone else's choices, you're going to be condemned to a life of being sad & broody... OK, I guess that tracks! I'm getting the impression that TPTB don't have a high impression of the army. Not only do they have o problem mowing down civilians, they seem to follow "Klingon promotion" rules - the guy who kills the one in charge gets to be boss next. So the stealth tech might attract animals? Any particular animals? They might at least have used the distraction to rip off Bane's mask (the canonical means of defeating him). Having him flap at CGI bats just made him look vaguely comical. Badass Babs! Taking down three guys a day(?) after giving birth! As barricades go, I don't think Wayne Towers was much of one - it'd slow them down, but I could climb over that. I wish, just once, if somebody would actually leave when they're asked. Sure, it worked out, but Babs' return should have got her and Baby Babs killed. Edd was on minimum wage at the GCPD? He was a scientist! Was really hoping Selina would slap Bruce before he left. No - not even if they'd kissed and then stabbed each other! Agreed. Though having seen Oswald rise from Fish's umbrella boy to King of the Underground it seems they've rolled back the clock and he's starting from nothing again. Only more pissed off.
  2. John Potts

    S05.E10: I Am Bane

    Maybe, but once a crossing is established, there is inevitably going to be a huge amount of traffic in each direction. I'd far sooner trust my ability to smuggle out a couple of people (and pile of gold!) than a home made submarine to get me out.
  3. John Potts

    S06.E16: Cinco de Mayo

    A quick trip to Memory Alpha reveals you had it right and I had it the wrong way round (Spot became a mommy lizard - her kittens remained baby felines). But I think to say it made sense is giving even more than usual allowance for what Treknobabble can do!
  4. John Potts

    Babylon 5

    I'd never noticed he was called Dexter (though I probably hadn't seen or read Dexter when I watched B5)! I did think the victims' families were way over reacting in what they did - if "death of the personality" isn't enough, then kill the guy (and take the consequences), it seems odd that they would go as far as to resurrect the old personality just to kill him. But maybe I'd feel differently if somebody I cared about had been murdered. My mind would go to Lord of the Rings rather than ice hockey (probably intentional as there are several LotR references in B5). Aww, I like Marcus! When my friends were discussing "If you were a character in B5, who would you be?" I got to be Marcus (primarily because of the beard - see my Avatar - but there are other reasons).
  5. John Potts

    S02.E08: Derek

    OK, I'm fairly sure Michael really is coming round to see the Fab Four as allies. He actually listened (a bit) to Chidi's teaching, even if he was more tempted by Eleanor's "looser" interpretation. Though the doctrine of double effect is frequently used as a justification for doing something that seems immoral for a "good" reason (the classic example is giving terminal patients painkillers to relieve their pain, knowing it will shorten their lives). Agreed - also, how would "Till death do us part" in the Afterlife? Then again, they're definitely in the right place if they need a divorce lawyer... But on the subject of splitting up, did Janet just bury Derek alive? That's one bad break up! Well it is The Bad Place, it's not meant to be fair!
  6. John Potts

    S06.E16: Cinco de Mayo

    Aside from the fact that you'd really hope the NYPD Districts don't take the day off to prank each other, this was great. Everyone got involved (even Kevin! And Cheddar!) even if Hitchcock's role was just to fall asleep in the supply closet next to Scully (and they can apparently produce pillows out of Hammerspace!). Golden King Terry. In fact, Lieutenant Golden King Terry! I love the fact that even after they learned their presents were tasered, they still didn't take them off. That's true love! Ain't that the truth! I remember Data's cat Spot was male (and you'd think, as a scientist, he would check)... until "he" gave birth. To a litter of lizards, IIRC (it was complicated).
  7. John Potts

    S01.E20: Bombshell

    Tom - quit with the (false?) modesty. You're the President! And even if he used to have your job, you don't allow anyone in your Cabinet to shout at you like that. I wanted Tom to find his inner Jack Bauer and say back, "Mr Secretary, I accept that you are upset but you are addressing your President," (probably in a Kiefer whisper). Can everyone stop with the "OMG! You mean it wasn't just Al-Sakr?" from everyone. Even if you believed the official story (and there must be plenty of people who don't), there must have been some insiders involved just to place that many bombs. Or did they think Catalan placed them all single handed!? And on that subject, why would the NATO heads be all up in arms about Tom not being 100% open about the bombing? "Ambassadors are honourable men sent abroad to lie for their country" as the saying goes and that goes double for politicians (well, more lying and less honour perhaps!) so it should not be a surprise to anyone there that Tom hasn't told the whole truth. If the French wanted disarmament, the fact that the US President hasn't given them the whole story on the White House bombing really shouldn't bother them (though there might be some public grandstanding on the issue). While it wasn't a success, our heroes do now know the traitor was inside the West Wing (the Cabinet Office, IIRC). That should leave you with a fairly short list of suspects to who the insider is, assuming even a vaguely competent investigator (though that may be a big assumption). Nikita, probably a good idea to say "There's a bomb in the van!" rather than just standing there. Did like that the bomb had one of those helpful digital timers that all TV bombs have to have, though. Actually, to be UK PM, you don't need to be born in the UK. In theory, any Commonwealth (or Irish) citizen who has leave to stay in the UK (and is over 18) can run for Parliament and if they lead the majority party in the Commons, they become PM. We've actually had one non native PM (Andrew Bonar Law, born in Canada), though he did have the advantage of being white and male. Though I suspect they meant "of Indian ethnic descent", which is more plausible (Sajid Javid - born in the UK and son of two Pakistani immigrants - was one of the candidates for Tory leader and therefore Prime Minister in the recent poll, so it's not outside the realms of possibility). Unlikely, sure, but not actually impossible. Hey, if Jack Bauer can go 24 hours without needing to eat, sleep or pee, Nikita can too! I know! Just when you think you can trust villains, they go and lie to you. Maybe they really believe in efficiency! Though if I was engaged in treason, I certainly wouldn't be contacting my co-conspirators from inside the White House. Could he not take a walk somewhere secluded and discuss the matter there?
  8. John Potts

    S05.E10: I Am Bane

    I'm sorry - did Penguin & Edd not realise Unification was happening? A sub seems excessive when you could just walk off the island now! Gotta say, I love the idea that, "I'm going into labour, there is no pain you can inflict on me that's worse!" So Dr Strange's plan was to begin with the physical improvements and then the mental conditioning? Can't see how that could go wrong. And if the plan was to allow Jim to escape - that's one hell of a risk for Hugo to take. I know Jim's a hero, but even heroes will kill if they have to. And with his new (if, presumably, temporary) super strength, he might just kill you accidentally. I realise the military isn't meant to be heroic in comics - but haven't any of the soldiers heard of illegal orders? And did they just sit around while their General was captured!? They didn't seem any plan to rescue him under way - more like, "Oh, General, good to see you back. Been somewhere nice?" You obviously haven't seen Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars where Aeryn Sun fires off a huge gun while giving birth ("It makes me feel better!"). I mean, what's the occasional murder attempt between friends? ETA: Bruce clearly needs to study up on Briar Patching, because it obviously was torturing him to watch Jim being beaten up. But he's only a Baby Bat and still has much to learn!
  9. Which would make it more like England post the Black Death (which hit England around the mid 14th Century, so pre Wars of the Roses - though it did kill the Black Prince so did help set off the succession crisis that caused all the trouble). Which is reckoned to have ended the Feudal system within England. The English House of Commons was established roughly the same time, though it was a long way from being democratic (more of a wider based oligarchy). ...which doesn't have a lot to do with ASoIaF, but we might see the formalising of some sort of Council of Lords as a ruling council presided over by their God-King Bran as a sort of Chairman of the Board. I really hope we don't end up with a Dune rip off where Bran/Bloodraven/The 3-Eyed Raven end up as the eternal ruler of Westeros (of course that would require the final Book to ever be published!).
  10. I'm not sure who it was who said it (maybe Preston Jacobs? Alt-Shift-X? I forget), but assuming the end point (Bran as King) is the same in the Books, his thesis seems to be that even the most well intentioned leader (Danerys) will ultimately be corrupted by attaining power - unless you're an inhuman tree wizard. Which as a depressing view of human nature, because we don't have any inhuman tree wizards available IRL (that we're aware of, anyway)! Even the downer ending of having Cersei (or worse, Euron) ending up on the throne would at least say something about human nature - it's just a rather depressing message.
  11. John Potts

    S02.E07: Janet and Michael

    Awww, Michael likes Janet and doesn't want to marbelise her! Maybe there's hope he can get into the (real) Good Place after all. Maybe there's some Ineffable plan on the part of God (whoever he/she/it is) to get everyone into the Good Place eventually? Can I just say - Called it! Janet is glitching because she had to lie. OK, I didn't get the root of it, but I was right on the cause. Incidentally, her internal temperature is a few trillion degrees? Given that's a lot hotter than the centre of the sun, her skin must be an incredible insulator (I guess that's divine engineering for you). OK, Big Picture stuff: God's (whoever he/she/it is!) plan is to have everyone (Angels, Humans and Demons) end up in The Good Place. The "Bad" people have to qualify by realising and overcoming their faults. Furthermore Janet is God (maybe) - she is literally the hope in Hell. Except her resistance to being rebooted is purely automatic. It seems to be the equivalent of Microsoft's "Are you sure?" prompt. I mean, presumably Michael is aware that she can't be pregnant with his baby! Maybe you're actually in the Bad Place?
  12. John Potts

    S06.E15: Return of the King

    Come on, that has to be the most believable thing about the episode!
  13. John Potts

    S01.E19: Misalliance

    I get that the President likes to fight for the "little man" but he really should be focusing on big picture stuff or he'll never get anything done. Supposedly Kirkman has (or had) his "100 Days" Agenda, but we've learned nothing about what it was (to my recollection - I know it didn't contain his Gun Control Bill, at least initially). If the Secretary of State is discussing nuclear disarmament, shouldn't he be talking to the UK as well as France? Both are nuclear powers, but the UK is a much more likely to follow the US lead than France is. I'm sure Kimble did speak to members of the Turkish military. I thought she was going to be brought down by not remembering that she had done so, but given how involved the military had been in Turkish politics (less so in recent years), it is doubtful she didn't speak to somebody military. As Clear and Present Danger told us, the correct answer to any direct question of "Did you do X?" is "I have no recollection of doing so" rather than "I did not," because it looks like you may have something to hide if it's shown to be inaccurate. Hey, next week are we going to have Toronto standing in for... Toronto? It's lucky that conspirators are so loose lipped - but unlucky that Catalan is so competent. It would take a miracle for Atwood to survive in that situation, as Catalan seems highly competent, though you can never entirely rule out plot contrivance to save him. That was such a "Hollywood Surveillance" moment - he had absolutely no reason to have got that close. A bit like the way that air (or space) combat is always depicted as taking place at visual range when it would probably involve missiles fired over the horizon. In Spooks (MI:5, in the US) we had a woman using hers as a garotte! It also showed a captured female agent being held naked (using careful angles to prevent it being exploitative), partly to deny her using anything and partly to make her feel more vulnerable (it was also later revealed that she had been raped as part of her interrogation). They (presumably) want to know just what she does know, but if they were going to interrogate her, you'd think they'd deny her food, drink and sleep before trying to question her. For people who are mass murderers, they seem to be remarkably considerate to a captured enemy! He's still alive (he ran out of Hannah's apartment when it got blown up), last we saw him, IIRC. But it didn't seem that he & Atwood were particularly close, although they did both work for the FBI.
  14. John Potts

    S05.E06: The Venue

    As with any wedding on TV, this made little sense, as nobody (certainly not somebody as up tight detail oriented as Amy) would be buying a cake without locking down the venue first (I know she had a verbal agreement, but as Henry Ford once said, A verbal contract is not worth the paper it's written on). I guess The Vulture overbid at the venue to steal it from them? I also didn't understand why Jake & Amy didn't excuse themselves from the meeting with the Vulture ("People are always criming!") and, if their consciences are bothering them, let her know later when they've definitely got the venue (not that that's the important thing, it's about making sure she's fully informed, of course).
  15. John Potts

    S05.E07: Two Turkeys

    If only all crime in NY was restricted to those areas!