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  1. I am surprised they are portraying a Taliban leader in such a positive light. He was literally martyring himself to save his followers, as well as (apparently) sincerely wanting peace OK, I get why Carrie is sabotaging her career to prove her point (she has little to lose at this point), but why is Yevgeny doing so? And what he said about how the Russians are rebuilding their influence in Afghanistan is probably true. But Carrie shows her usual grace to those sticking their own necks out for her. I see President Newbie is adopting the "La La La - Not listening!" approach to foreign policy OK, while ISI are right that the USA is decidedly only a fair weather friend, Saul was right that chaos/civil war on their border is not good for Pakistan. Is President Gullam really that naive to believe that executing Haqqani will make things more stable? And even for a show trial, that was pretty half assed. At least hear a few witnesses talk about how he had their husbands/brothers killed (etc) first before ordering his execution. Maybe they're the "mountains of Kansas" that appeared on Smallville?
  2. Loved Amy the NARC ("You've been Chaper-OWNED!"), but also that Jake knows how to get around his wife ("The future of binders!"). And I'm glad Jake & Amy had a (relatively) mature discussion about having kids. Wow, Holt is a terrible subordinate. I mean, obviously he didn't deserve his demotion and it must be had taking orders from people he used to order around, but he was still terrible at taking orders.
  3. Wow, Georgie really shows he knows how people tick in getting Sheldon to help him (and nice to see an unusual pairing really click). Missy showed an interesting approach to prayer: "Pray now while he's not busy!" And Missy even realises that she's being selfish, but still shows her manners ("I just hung up, I don't wanna call him back") Do Baptists (the Coopers are Baptists, I think) commonly wear crosses? In my experience it's more of a Catholic thing. Maybe God is a Pats fan?
  4. What a surprise - everyone's rushing to say what a great President Warner was - now that he's dead. Though did he pick Hayes as VP not out of bipartisanship but because he's a ****ing idiot!? If so, WTF were they worried about him running against them? They should have been cheering! Buzzfeed is saying it was a Palace coup? That sounds plausible. I guess it's a good use of an incoming President's time to surf the web? It's not like he'd have anything else to do. Carrie - it's not all about you. Saul was right (and noble) to claim ultimate responsibility. Hell, Yevgeny was right that you were asking for a favour for nothing in return. Even as an asset, she'd be of extremely limited value, given how compromised she now is. Wow - Carrie was 100% honest in her initial FBI interview! That's gotta be the first time. Saul - who would imagine that relying on a mentally unstable woman might cause problems!? Maybe Saul wants Carrie to escape? If he thinks she's right about the Taliban not being responsible, it might be the only way to prove it. He's almost certainly out soon anyway, at least this way he achieves something positive first. I thought so too, but maybe that's a myth?
  5. Liked Meemaw's conversation with Pop-pop. And she gets another potential suitor! Go Missy! I'm sure Sheldon would claim victory by rules lawyering, so it only fair that she did, too. Gotta respect Dr Sturgis for rolling with the insults, outdoing Dale at fishing (and snarking him because of it) and then leaving when it was no longer fun. Glad he had no trouble getting home (and didn't lose his traditional bonhomie in the process). Some great lines, too: George: It's a boys weekend Missy: So why isn't Sheldon going? Meemaw: Do you hear yourself? Meemaw: Isn't that going to be a bit awkward? Dr Sturgis: No more than any other social occasion!
  6. It's famously described as being a show that (younger) children would watch from "behind the sofa", so there's always been an element of horror to Doctor Who. I can confirm this from personal experience of watching at age 7 or so!
  7. Whether it was true or not (and maybe he/she really is from Earth?), Time Lords can clearly survive a large amount of damage and live. Jodie fell from a great height and landed in/on a train (as did David Tennant, though he did end up regenerating) and survived. So it's possible for him/her to fall a long way and not have to Regenerate. OTOH, Tom Baker (Four) fell from the relatively short distance of around 100 feet (from the Jodrell Bank telescope) and did have to Regenerate. So it might have been possible to fall that distance and remain in the same body (it would entirely depend on the writer!).
  8. It does seem weird the way that they were happy to show the President's corpse but not his face. Did they just not want to pay Beau Bridges for another episode? It also seems a bit pointless (in Universe) to lie to the Afghani (Vice) President - everyone's going to know in a few minutes, I don't see how pissing off the Afghans & Pakistanis helps (even if you think they're complicit - in fact, in that case it's pointless as they already know what happened). Shouldn't Carrie be wearing a flak jacket to confront a possible traitor (who probably wasn't, but they didn't know that)? Except it looks like that isn't what happened - the chopper (probably) went down due to inadequate maintenance. Everyone (the US, Vice President Gulom, the ISI, Haqqani) seemed surprised by events. But that's not going to stop everyone putting their own spin on events and insist that they know who is responsible. To me, it looks like he's just overwhelmed in the moment (not exactly a good sign, particularly when he did manage to get his stuff moved into the Oval office and have time to say "I said it was a bad idea from the start"). But they certainly could go the evil route. And isn't he still "Mr Vice President" until he's sworn in (which would happen pretty fast, I'd imagine, but not instantly)?
  9. Georgie showing his budding capitalist skills! Though I loved him saying "I tried to pay him $2 but he only wanted $1!" so while he has an eye for the dollar, he still knows not to take (too much of an) advantage of Billy's simple mindedness. All the family discussions felt very real. And Sheldon was actually sensitive! Loved Missy asking Paige to marry her. Not for 3 decades (and definitely not in Texas)...! Maybe she has a future as a trophy wife? She'd fit right in!
  10. Aww, that's the kind President you kind of wish was real - honouring a debt because it's the right thing to do. Still think it was stupid to go personally to Afghanistan, (even before his chopper went down), but honourable. Oh well, that's where honour gets you, I suppose. How did the escort miss Marine-1 going down!!?? Even for Homeland, that's an unbelievable level of incompetence. And even if you couldn't land, wouldn't you drop troops to render immediate aid? That's the President - and the troops are (ultimately) expendable to protect him. Am I wrong in hoping the Pakistanis "win"? They may be working for the side of "Evil", but they're logical and competent. It would be even better if it was just a random accident (unlikely with the troops on the ground around the crash site) - it would be fitting with all these secret (and not so secret) agendas clashing if it was dumb luck that played the largest hand. Max, you should have got out when you had the chance. Now you're going to be stuck in Afghanistan forever! Yes, that's what the soldiers were questioning him about ("Probably some General - what, One Star, Two?" "Higher") Pretty sure he's not either, unless he has his own intelligence operation that's better than the CIA (though given how incompetent and/or disloyal they have proved to be over past seasons, that's not that hard!)
  11. Yes, while I wouldn't expect a VP to challenge a President of his own party, it doesn't seem that unlikely that a VP from the opposing party might do so. Unless the (Republican?) VP promised not to do so (and you know what a political promise is worth), I would expect nothing else. And would it actually be so bad anyway? He may have insight into your weaknesses, but you've got insight into his. And any politically damaging things he knows, he's already complicit in. But then trying to apply real world politics to TV Presidents is probably futile!
  12. Can I just say, how much I hate that no wedding can be shown on TV without it being a bank busting affair*? I guess they wanted to show Mary was disappointed that her wedding was "unavoidably rushed" and was trying to compensate by making Pastor Jeff's "special" (ie. expensive) but he did ask for a small wedding (he was right to sack Mary as his wedding planner). Also, I get that Pastor Jeff is eager, but doesn't his church (Baptist, I think?) have a waiting period to get married? In the Catholic church you have to commit to a year in advance (at least you did in the 90s in England - speaking from experience there) to prove you weren't taking lightly a (theoretically) lifetime commitment. I'm sure that goes double if you are a Minister in the church in question. You can't even legally marry in England at all in less than a month (though I understand that will vary state to state in the US). Even better was him saying that if he had to have "the talk", he'd rather get it from dad than Meemaw! * One of the reasons why one of my favourite TV Weddings is from Suburgatory which actually addresses the fact that most people can't run to Grand Halls and hundreds of guests. The wedding actually looked like it was put together on a limited budget (though probably still more than the couple could actually afford)
  13. I'm sure the optics of firing a man while he's a hostage are pretty bad (glad the President could see that). Though I can't believe the Taliban would release Saul for nothing (even if they knew he was honest). "Yeah, it's complicated - I lost 6 months of my life!" How about - "Let's hear what he has to say, it could be important (even if it's a pack lies)?" Not everything is about you Carrie! OK, still like the ISI lady - she's competent and calm under pressure. If only her agent was a patch on her. Can't believe she picked him up - what use is he to you now (I thought she'd shoot him). Carrie think you can recruit Yevgeny? What about the other way round? I'd love it if Carrie told her Mini Me - "I'm going to sleep with him - that's sure to ruin his life!" Callback to S4(?) with Carrie trying to drown Frannie - I'm impressed. Is it really so surprising that the VP would be running for President? Particularly if he's from the opposition. But maybe the President would have more support among the military if he mentioned he used to run the SGC! I thought Haqqani would order his men to do it It wouldn't surprise me if the VP sabotages the peace talks to promote his own candidacy. Good contracts! "The Vice Presidency is not worth a bucket of warm piss" - VP John Garner
  14. Weird thought, but given the unlimited backstory we now have for the Doctor, I wonder if this will open up the possibility of the Doctor really having been Merlin (admittedly, a pretty obscure bit of Old-Who Canon to address)?
  15. OK, so I guess the Doctor really is immortal then? Granted, he/she was never actually going to die and we only have the Master's word for it that any of what he said was true (the Matrix has lied before - also with the Master's involvement, in fact) and there's still the possibility that instead of a pre-Season 1 Doctor we have a Season 6b situation (that I'd prefer - it explains why Ruth's TARDIS is also a Police Box, for one thing). Would the Cybermen really confirm whether somebody really was a Cyberman by sight? You'd think they'd have some sort of wireless confirmation. Then again, you'd also think they'd have some sort of targeting system so they can hit their targets occassionally! Though I did like that the Cyber-Lords had their traditional Time Lord headdresses - evidently the Master is a fan. Overall though, one of the better finales and we even end on a good old fashioned cliffhanger! Also, kinda liked that The Master would be OK with The Doctor killing him. I think there is often along with the meglomaniacal aspect to his personality (or personalities) a desire for self destruction (which might account for how many times he's died!*) Not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords (as was actually mentioned in this episode) - in fact, not all Time Lords are Gallifreyan (eg River Song). If what was revealed is taken as true (and as I said, I have my doubts - especially if a future Showrunner wants to RetCon it!) then The Doctor's Genes for Regenration (and possibly double heartedness) were spliced into the Time Lord genetic code by Tecteun. I doubt it. The Doctor has always been prepared to sacrifice him/herself. I think she doesn't like the idea of killing what was left of her people (until they next come back anyway), however much she isn't a fan of Time Lord culture in general. And The Master has always been portrayed as a Frenemy, who'd be dying with the rest of them. ETA: And did we really need to rename the CIA (Celestial Intervention Agency, of course)? Or is this a UNIT/Torchwood (or Section 31/Starfleet Intelligence, to switch fandoms) situation where there are two organisations doing essentially the same job? I can't believe the real CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) would complain about how they're portrayed by a BBC show (although I wouldn't have thought the UN would complain about UNIT, but allegedly they did). * And this time I'm sure it will be permanent, honest!
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