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  1. That bothered Phil Farrand, Nitpicker No. 1 of the ST-TNG Nitpickers Guild too! Essentially, he came to the same conclusion: had it gone off smoothly, Not!Tom Parris expected he'd be let off with a slapped wrist.
  2. I couldn't work out what was wrong with Nana's face - before realising that she's actually human and isn't meant to have a crinkly nose!
  3. I've always felt that the Pagh Wraith/Prophet confrontation feels like they forgot to write a resolution until the day before filming when somebody finally remembered it hadn't been resolved (a bit like Voyager's writers forgetting that Naomi Wildman's mother wasn't actually dead)! It seems incredibly anticlimactic for what should have been an epic showdown, resolving a conflict that was set up in the Pilot (or possibly the beginning of time, given the Prophets non linear nature). And I thought it would have been more fitting if Sisko had won because his friends came with him ("Stronger together!") while Dukat was alone, having betrayed everyone who might have supported him (the Dominion, Cardassia, Winn, etc). It wouldn't need to be an effects-fest (I picture it more like the conflict in The Reckoning, only when Sisko looks like faltering, another of the gang lends him their support) but it would seem to me a more fitting resolution.
  4. Fans of the Durrells might like to check out All Creatures Great and Small, set in the same time period and featuring Callum Woodhouse (Lesley Durrell) as Tristran Farnon. It's a similarly bucolic look at the inter war years and featuring lots of nature (the main characters are vets) - though if they follow the books, just like the Durrells, the war will intrude as the James Herriot does go off to fight in the RAF when war breaks out (Spoiler, I guess - war breaks out in 1939!). It also features the last onscreen appearance of Dame Diana Rigg before she died. It's just finished broadcasting in the UK and it's a co-production with PBS, so it should be available in the US. ETA: D'Oh! Yes, Leslie not Larry Durrell. What parent gives their children two such similar names?
  5. If you needed a Watsonian explanation, you could have swathed her in enough equipment/electrodes/restraints so only her face was visible (and obviously the Doylist explanation is they just swapped out the actress!).
  6. Was very unimpressed with Luke's initial failure to destroy the Kryptonite - he'd only tried chemical attack (three acids, IIRC). Come back when it's survived a pile driver and being dropped into molten tungsten, then you can start complaining about it being hard to destroy! Mary is absolutely right that somebody who thinks they know what they're doing is worse than knowing nothing. She really is the hero Gotham needs and deserves right now. Amazing how sad Alice murdering Mouse was. Gee, if only the Crows had UV goggles (and weren't obsessed with taking down Batwoman), there might be a whole lot more of them alive. I would love it if he admitted that the existence of a vigilante operating to protect citizens for free risked undermining his livelihood. It wouldn't be as justifiable, but it would be a hell of a lot more understandable. Especially as they seem to be diverting resources to kill Batwoman instead of actually protecting people. My guess? It was in the candle, releasing poisonous fumes (which would be why the first sign was a nosebleed). That would need Alice to have taken an antidote first that left her completely immune, but that's plausible in comic book science. 1 Yes! I'm as bleeding heart a liberal as you're likely to find, but shooting a machete wielding maniac who just decapitated somebody in a train full of people is about as justifiable a kill as you're likely to get. 12 Maybe Kate deputises somebody to don the cape while her ribs mend? It would be an unusual admission that broken bones don't instantly fix themselves, but it would be somewhat realistic.
  7. Nice to see Hush respected the rules enough to keep his voice down in the library. He even used silenced pistols! It's probably an oversight in Gotham that they don't have a "no homicides" rule as well. Love Mouse really getting into his "Doc" role! If I was capable of swapping faces, I would have posed as Julia when "persuading" Luke to translate that diary (and faked the shocking, obviously). Beyond the fact that Arkham is really badly designed, why would the ECT (presumably some sort of general treatment) room have a panel that unlocks all the cells? Maybe the Governor (or the Security Office) would have such a button, but the Doctor's office? Could have done without the relationship angst (though loved Parker lapping it up!). That was funny (though Kate could have mentioned it was to save her life). I'm still betting it'll turn out to be a Bat cover identity (or possibly Catwoman, working for the Bat) trying to get dangerous info off the streets.
  8. I thought I'd seen every episode of Forever and didn't remember her, but you clearly meant Forever and not Forever!
  9. I'm glad the demons from The Bad Place do things "just for fun". But Trevor is truly diabolical (appropriately enough). Though I was a little surprised Eleanor didn't comment, "my, you are pleased to see me!" after that hug. Jason - what a gent, sleeping in a dumpster after making sure Tahani got safely to her room. Love that "8 minute sleep" Chidi misspelt Plato! And does he not care about his co-conspirator Janet? Maybe he just plays one on TV?
  10. I'm surprised Eleanor would feel motivated to travel halfway round the world to see some "Do Gooder from Down Under". It didn't seem that her Near Death experience had reformed her enough to decide to fly to Australia. A few great lines: "Pretty enough to be on The Bachelor. And smart enough never to go on The Bachelor!" "Claustrophobic? Why would anyone be afraid of Santa Claus?" "My year started about a year ago..." The more we see of Tahani, the more awful her sister seems. But it was very true to Tahani's nature to monetise living without possessions. Dance Dance Resolution were robbed! Before they went out robbing, at least. Me too! Maybe he slipped by while the Doorman was distracted by the frog on his smoking hot (or was it ice cold?) cup of antimatter? Or the old name for a cleaning product (until they decided to rename it to sound like an STD...)! But I pronounce GIF like, well, "gift" (or graphic, since that's what it stands for). Maybe we'll both end up in the Bad Place where demons mispronounce all sorts of words (like "niche") around us!
  11. I've always thought it best to transport my potential organ donors sedated. That way the transfer goes a lot easier. I mean, if I was running an illegal organ donor ring. Which obviously I'm not. Honest. As soon as we heard the mission was to infiltrate a Bad Guy Bar, I guessed we'd see Mary going in there. Not only does she have the Underworld contacts, she's also the party girl. I understand Kate not wishing to put her in danger, but as she pointed out, she's already been in danger and has (so far) managed to get out of it OK. Tuxedo One? Wouldn't Stiletto One be more appropriate? OK, neither of them were actually wearing stilettos, both Kate and Julia were wearing sensible boots, but it just stuck out to me. I'm guessing Julia is working for Bruce (though if that's true, he's going to be upset she killed someone)? Hey, Danny Messer turned villain! Did like that he displayed enough mook chivalry to not immediately unmask Kate, so at least he has some principles. I love the fact that, even though Arkham is an absolutely horrific throwback to Victorian (and earlier) Nut Houses, they still allow their inmates access to nail polish (isn't that highly flammable?)! It reminded me of this video! I can't see that working. We've seen that the false faces just pull off - surely somebody will examine the body? Maybe once the body is examined, Tommy will retrieve it and Gabriel Mann can appear again? I assumed that was all just to conceal the use of a stunt double instead of Ruby Rose.
  12. OK, I'm liking Julia. More people should go, "Get a hold of yourself!" Less impressed with Luke - he does know Kate is Batmanning because she chooses to. Is she not allowed any time to herself? Though he is working through his own issues, so I'll cut him a little slack. "This was never released to the public, so we know it's not a copycat." I saw the flaw in that as soon as he said it, though I thought it would be somebody who knew the Detonator (agreed, it's a terrible name - why not "Midnight Bomber that Bombs at Midnight" if you're going to be that unoriginal?). The fact that it was never revealed to the public merely means you want to start looking at him first, them at those with a connection to him or the case next. Though I couldn't help wondering if he wasn't a fan of the Saw movies, what with how he leaves a tape that offers his victims a Sadistic Choice. 22 minutes is a long time to defuse a bomb, relatively speaking - apparently enough time to evacuate the buildings under threat. You'd think the mad bomber would say they weren't allowed to do that. Agreed. I don't mind the fact that Kate has killed, but I'm glad it wasn't just brushed off as nothing. I'm sure her PTSD will be unrealistically be resolved before the next episode, but I'm glad it was at least addressed. I assume adverts for Arkham say, "Come work at Arkham Asylum! Low pay. Psychopaths welcome!"
  13. You know, maybe if you didn't spend all that time you had before Control turned up, you might not be in a mad dash to get everything done at the last minute? And maybe you'd have more time if you tried running rather than just sitting around until Control arrived, you'd be ready before you went into battle. But there's no use crying over expended Dilithium, I guess... Of course, even when the Gamma Rays hit the crystallisation chamber, people still stop to emote at each other as the world explodes around them. It was just about acceptable when the party got hit in the corridor (because there they were all in shock) but I loved that it was Reno who came out of it quickest with the, "Hey, people! The battle?" And I guess she's more of a Geordi than a Scottie, when she failed to break the laws of physics to power up the thingamyjig (of course, you could try running to give yourself more time...). But when it came to the ending, I do like a good "closed time loop" solution, so that was a plus (even if they still took time out to have another heart to heart between Michael and Spock). And on a ship full of people, are the best people to defuse a bomb the Captain and an Admiral? It's not as if Admiral Cornwell has a background in Engineering, she's a former Councillor! How about ordering a couple of Engineering grunts to do it? We know that that is (or at least, will be) part of the Bridge Officer's test? Or have the Admiral be trapped there by battle damage so she has to be the one defusing it? Does No 1 even have a name? Even at the Board of Enquiry(?) she gives her name as "Number One"! I guess it's possible she's an alien and her name is Nhombaire Wan, but she looks pretty human. About 57%* apparently! It's the same "Hollywood computing" that means that shooting the screen stops a computer from working! * OK, I didn't actually memorise the actual figure
  14. My small victory was that a category I suggested a few years back ("Most Gratuitous Fanservice") is still a category! I don't think any of my Nominations even made it to the Finals.
  15. All this emoting is all very well, but don't you have a battle to prepare for? Take a page from Pike who hasn't (to our knowledge) spoken to anyone about his being crippled. Man up and get ready for battle, hug it out if you survive! Liked the return of the Queen. At least she had the right sense of urgency by having to eat & talk and just got on with the job at hand. Really glad the Empress responded to "There are no bad ideas" with an idea that everyone agrees is a bad idea (because I've always wanted to do that). I guess it must have been one of those Star Trek supernovas that manage to blow away not just the planets within its solar system but to explode faster than light and blow away a few neighbouring star systems too? But was her plan really so unthinkable? If Leland wins, everyone dies (or at least, is absorbed into whatever gestalt entity Control is). So better dead than red possessed by an all consuming AI, no? It's in the interests of everyone to defeat Control, pretty much at any cost. Given what we saw last week, Control can separate bits of itself. He could probably take a page from Stargate's Replicators and lace his missiles with Nanobots that could infiltrate and co-opt the Discovery's computer systems. Normally, the Enterprise is "the only ship in the sector!" so it's actually an improvement that we actually have two ships to deal with this crisis!
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