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  1. OK, I'll check down the back of my sofa... Nope, guess I'll have to postpone my dream of having a building named after me (for now).
  2. The problem I had with that was that it was tickets for The Bangles! I actually owned* a Bangles album, but I'm Lorelai's age (well, I'm the same age as Lauren Graham, I assume Lorelai is the same age). I can accept that Rory might be a fan of them because she shares a lot of her mother's tastes, but Madeline & Louise should be all, "How old are you - sixty!?" I don't think he gave enough to pay for the whole building, just enough for it to be a "significant" donation. I'm sure Yale has a sliding scale of rewards for donors (plaque on a bench, listed on a board of significant donors, building named after you, statue erected in the courtyard, etc) and Richard gave enough to make it up to the "building named after you" level. Though that doesn't mean that there was any consistency over R & E's wealth! * I think I still have it (on tape!)
  3. According to this article, February 2020, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's pushed back again.
  4. Nope. The Judge said, "All you have to do is go through there, down the hallway and through the red door at the end... also, everyone, in every room is going to be discussing what they really think about you." Now you can say it was implied that she couldn't go through any of the side doors, but Tahani did go down the corridor and through the red door (just not directly). ETA: That said, Tahani says (to herself) that she has to walk down the corridor without visiting any of the rooms. So she believed (correctly, as it turned out) that was part of the test.
  5. Yes, demons are (supposedly) fallen angels. I see Michael as being the equivalent to Crowley from Good Omens: "A demon who did not so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards" (to quote the book). Like (I guess) Eleanor - or probably most people, if we're honest - he wants what's easiest for him, even if it means inconveniencing others, that doesn't mean he actually wants to hurt people. At least, that's how I see it. (Of course, we were told that Catholicism is only about 5% correct, but it seems consistent with what we've seen onscreen).
  6. It's not - that's why I said pseudo Vulcan. But Vulcans have emotions, they are just trained to repress them (other than in exceptional circumstances). A human who has received the same training for most of their life should not be as emotional as Michael is shown to be, they should seem robotic (to humans at least).
  7. Just got to the end of S1 in re-runs and - Wow, I never realised quite what an asshole Rachel's ex Nick was. OK, he's a Criminal Barrister so he's always going to be something of an antagonist to our heroines (and I'm with Janet here on the likelihood of meeting him in court - there are only so many criminal cases, it was bound to happen eventually) and dumping her in the first episode is scarcely going to endear us to him, but for him to (Spoilers for the end of S1): ...is taking a bad break up a bit far! Obviously we knew that Rachel's using a police database to track his car was going to come back to bite her, but obviously it wasn't going to be the career destroying infraction it should have been (given we know there are more episodes after this).
  8. Yay! Chidi finally made a decision! Hot Diggedy Dog! "Somewhere between a month and a million years" Well, that narrows it down... Wow - Eleanor listened to Chidi. I presume it was Jason that torched the place. Didn't notice any references to Tahani, but I guess they were there somewhere. Liked that back on Earth, they can actually swear (though it was fairly mild). I loved that! So becoming Gene Hunt (spoilers for Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes)? I wondered if we might get a magazine headline saying, "Waitress ruins Kamilah's party". I think he would, if asked. He hates to disappoint people, or he would have told his friend he disliked his red boots.
  9. Wow - Eleanor chose damnation with her friends over heaven! And told them that she failed as well, purely to make them feel better. That's some growth. I thought it was some character assassination of Chidi when he said they should leave without the others, so I'm glad that was just Eleanor's test. I guess Michael is somehow going to get them a reprieve (or at perhaps a retrial)? Loved this exchange: Eleanor: "You understand about 20% of what's going on" Jason: "Aw, thanks" Tahani's test reminded me of Orpheus and Eurydice (and like Orpheus, Tahani failed it). I don't have a problem with the test having secret conditions because so did everyone else's - Eleanor was told she and Chidi could leave without the others (she would presumably have failed had she taken that offer), Chidi's wasn't told there was a time limit on his choice and we have no idea what the conditions of Jason's test were because he didn't wait to hear them. In fact, Jason's test reminded me of this. I thought it might be Mindy, too, though you'd think a case would have arisen before then (particularly as Mindy presumably died sometime around 2000) This goes with my theory that Janet is God. Also, I don't think Sean (Shawn?) is meant to be omnipotent (clearly not, or Janet couldn't throw him around like that), so much as a mid level bureaucrat. If there is a Satan figure in the TGPverse, we haven't met him yet (IMO). But he was wearing a white shirt, so the white hat would match that. Then again, nobody should ever take my opinion on anything fashion related. Whereas I instinctively think of Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars, but I guess they won't have seen that (at least I'd hope not). Doctor Who portrayed "God" (well, the Avatar of a sentient Universe, at any rate) as a bullfrog!
  10. "Is that like stuffing vegans' faces with sausages?" Tahani "Yes... Faces... right." Michael Chidi is revealed to be a Kantian. That fits. And it also fits that Eleanor would be more into situational ethics. "This is hell. Of course there's a Gift Shop!" Michael "I took the form of a 45 year old man, so I can only fail upwards!" Shaun "Whenever I have a problem, I throw a molotov cocktail at it, and boom! I have a different problem." And it actually worked! Only a 3 hour delay for the trains in hell? They need to learn from Virgin Trains! If you destroy the trolley (with you in it), that would prevent anyone else dying. Not actually an option within the scope of the scenario, but it is a reasonable elaboration of it. But she is changing. That's pretty much the point of the series! He might have been tempted, but it would scupper any chance he had of getting into The (real) Good Place. Since evidently even the Neutral Place isn't safe, Michael is committed to becoming a better person (or demon). I'd like that, but then I'm old (given your screen name, I guess a year older than you). I don't know how many of the young 'uns watching would get that.
  11. "I'm going to adopt the solution the Shelstrups have adopted throughout history. Janet - a million bottles of your finest booze!" How very human. Though Michael was right about attempting something futile with a ton of unearned confidence and failing spectacularly. It was surprisingly touching watching "The Good Place" getting demolished into nothingness. I remember that as a Futurama joke (though it wasn't original to that either). I was fully expecting that anyone suggesting they leave the others behind would disqualify them from entering the balloon (but it was apparently just Michael messing with them anyway).
  12. Corruption in the NYPD! I watch Brooklyn 99 for its believability, and they bring up a storyline like this... I know if/when* I get kidnapped, I'm going to yell "Milk!" That was a cute moment. But my favourite line was "I wouldn't wish working with Madeline Wunch on my worst enemy. And my worst enemy IS Madeline Wunch!" But she clearly makes Raymond completely lose his cool (at least as far as he ever does) or he wouldn't keep insulting her when he needs her help. Which is stupid, but it's nice to see he does have some blindspots in his awareness. I assume they'd fill the post with Terry, at least on an interim basis. He's been in charge of the precinct when filling in before, and now he's a Lieutenant, it would make more sense. * Hopefully If!
  13. A rather overstuffed episode to end on, that would really have benefitted from being twice as long. How did Mayor Aubrey get re-elected!? It's 10 years later, there's presumably been a couple of elections in that time and Jim had (apparently) somewhat cleaned house. But they still elect the guy who was both corrupt and useless? I don't blame Penguin for wanting Gordon dead, though he should have learned from Tucco ("When you have to shoot: Shoot, don't talk!"). Did Jim not even speak in his mitigation for defending the barricades last episode? Not surprised Penguin (and Edd) want him dead I'm guessing most of the cast knows who Batman is in this continuity? Gordon certainly would only not know because he doesn't want to; Selina, Nyssa and the Joker seem to know and both the Penguin and Riddler should have worked it out. So we're reusing The Killing Joke again? Also: Baby Babs, SWING! OK, the Joker would probably let go of the rope if you tried to escape, but once Jim caught it, she could swing out from over the vat. Nice to see alternative families represented. And what step parent hasn't tried to kill their bio equivalent (or so I hear)! I wonder what card/present is appropriate for "Baby's First Death Trap"? There must be a huge market for that in Gotham! Not sure it's that iconic. Neither Neil Hamilton (60s TV Jim Gordon) nor Pat Hingle (1989 movie Gordon) had one, it's a more recent development. And at least it meant "10 years older" Jim actually looked different... for about 2 minutes. Other than Barbara dyeing her hair (and I guess Lee put in red streaks), everyone else aged fantastically well - almost as if they were barely a day older...
  14. I knew (well, was pretty sure) Michael was faking and really was on the side of Team Cockroach. Unless he's faking at a higher level, but that way madness lies. The outmanoeuvring of Vicky reminded me of The Prisoner (specifically Hammer Into Anvil) utilising her paranoid nature against her. On that subject: I loved the fact that, even drunk on magnets, Janet faithfully reported exactly what Michael said. When you're immortal, 100 years isn't really any time at all.
  15. Well, that was anticlimactic. Love conquers all? Seriously!? I was hoping that the speech would be aborted by a massive explosion as the Secretary of State gave an evil smile. Now that would be a cliffhanger! Shouldn't they be able to see which was the most recently created access card and revoke that? Or at least circulate Catalan's photo with a "Stop on sight!" instruction. You know, Nikita, it's at times when you're pursuing a suspect that you really need a partner. Or maybe, thousands of agents on your side. that way there's a chance you might take the target alive! He's got Nikita instead! Hey, they need to retain some believability...
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