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  1. Does Jake know who Ryan is? Doesn’t he wonder what this random woman is doing at his daughter’s funeral? You want to be the Walter White of Gotham City? You do know how Breaking Bad ends, right? “One of my daughters was Batwoman while the other ran an underground medical facility.” Way to forget the one that was a gang leader! How has the Commissioner survived this long? Strolling down those steps alone at the dead of night in Gotham - he was begging to be shot! (OK, probably also COVID influenced, but still, you’d think he’d be more security conscious). Not that Black Mask was
  2. I'm wondering if Kate is going to follow the Barbara Gordon route (yes, I know, she was Batgirl rather than Batwoman) and turn her into the show's version of Oracle. It would give her a reason to stick around but keep Ryan in place as Batwoman. Do Desert Roses grow in petrol (as well as lady blood)? The way all those fields went up in seconds suggested they have to! I might have liked the episode better if I could see a damn thing. I know Batman is "the dark knight", but maybe turn the brightness up a little?
  3. I'm impressed that a hallucinating Batwoman managed to drive all the way across town without running into anything. And I'm pretty sure Mary is the better choice to drive the Batmobile than Luke - as a "Funtime Party Girl" she's probably driven more performance cars that Luke has. Is Alice going to get a different (or at least, more complicated) backstory each Season? Season 1, she became who she was from being kidnapped and brought up by Mouse's dad. Now she's been to the Island of the evil Amazons (IotEA) and trained by the Queen (and her brother). Next Season - she knows Ra's al-Ghul?
  4. Jake is going to have to get a counter in his office saying "7 Days without being kidnapped!" that he sadly resets to 0 - that's twice in 2 episodes he's been abducted! Also, not great for the guy who is tasked with protecting the people (well, the rich people) of Gotham from harm if he can't protect himself. Exactly. Call it the Catherine Hamilton Kane Memorial Clinic to honour your wife to make you both feel better and maybe build some bridges with the daughter you still have? Probably true, but underestimating the paranoia of criminals is probably consistent in law enforceme
  5. So we're in Batman (89) continuity with Jack Napier as The Joker? Though, if so, he died in his first encounter with Batman, so not entirely. Pretty ho-hum episode, really. Surprised Alice didn't reveal she'd already got out of her cuffs/bonds and was just faking, because that seems like exactly the sort of thing she would do. Not sure what Ryan is trying to prove there. If you're going to a Doctor for help, tell them the facts. It's not as if she doesn't know it was on Bat-duty (though I'm sure she normally doesn't ask how her patients got their wounds). What I don't unde
  6. I'm glad Batwoman started investigating Missing people rather than drug gangs. Knocking out drug dealers is unlikely to do much (and is something the GCPD & Crows are doing anyway), but chasing up on missing poor kids is exactly the sort of thing she should be doing to make a difference (even without creepy candy lady). There's a great moment in Firefly when one of the characters (Zoe) says "This is something the Captain has to do by himself" only for him to immediately reply, "No it's not!" Yet both Ryan and Jacob walk into traps without telling anyone despite being perfectly capable
  7. Wasn't Kate working on providing cheap housing for the poor of Gotham? Sounds like that would be ideal for Ryan if she needs a home. And I liked Mary actually expecting Ryan to work for her and not just make it a purely ceremonial position (even if she will, presumably, be allowed lots of sudden disappearances from her job). Loved Zzazz! Not as fun as Gotham's Zzazz, but still a hoot. Though using a rocket launcher to shoot Batwoman? If he'd hit her, he'd have been toasted himself. And Mary actually showed sense in dealing with him. She called for backup and ran. Sophie really does s
  8. I'm surprised nobody on Team Bats replied under interrogation - "Enemies? Well let's see - there's that crazy Alice and her gang and the Crows have her under a shoot to kill order. That should give you more than enough suspects!" Though how the Crows are still employed is a mystery - while the GCPD are public servants and so hard to dismiss, the Crows are (I think?) a purely private force. Given they seem utterly incapable of stamping out the Wonderland Gang, wouldn't they have been fired by now? I guess we're going with race (reasonably enough!) as the primary social issue over Gay Right
  9. Hmmm. So having had "Batman is missing, presumed dead" and now we have "Batwoman is missing, presumed dead." I get they probably wanted to leave the door open to Kate being still alive, but maybe come up with a different excuse? Glad it didn't take too long for Team Bats to realise Bruce was a fake. Long term such an impersonation can only succeed if everyone's an idiot (and it makes sense that Luke would be too upset to think clearly). Is Ryan gay? It seemed a big part of Kate's story, so I'm wondering if they're keeping that. Canonically, Kryptonite is radioactive (wearing
  10. Like the Master, he dies a lot, but keeps on trucking!
  11. Granted I'm not the show's target audience, but while I liked early Rory and found her mom annoying, I came to admire Lorelai more. Sure, she could still be annoying (you couldn't even call your daughter to say you were getting married?) but she worked damn hard to go from working as a maid to running her own hotel and earning a degree while bringing up her daughter as a single parent. I had similar feelings toward Paris - sure she was abrasive as hell and came from privilege, but she worked damn hard and never let anything get in the way of what she wanted. I could easily see her being the ne
  12. For those in the UK, it's currently running on BBC4. All the rebroadcast episodes are currently available on catch up at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0318ps9 All the new series is available at https://www.my5.tv/all-creatures-great-and-small/season-1
  13. Finally caught up with the Christmas Special and I am in agreement that there was no way that Helen would have spent the night before her wedding sharing a room with another man. Had they got stuck at the farm, I'm sure she'd have shared the bed with the farmer's wife while the men slept in the lounge(?) - the farmer was already asleep in his chair anyway and it would allow James to keep an eye on the dog. Nor would Helen stay sitting in the pews - the vicar would probably invite her to stay in the vestry until everyone had left. But that aside, I did like how Tristan dealt with the kid w
  14. I was thinking of "I've just been diagnosed with cancer and might drop dead any day", but "It would be really helpful if we could schedule the wedding within the next nine months" would be another reason.
  15. Traditionally, getting married during Lent (run up to Easter) or Advent (run up to Christmas) was discouraged, as it's a time of penance. So Christmas Day would be the first date you could get married for weeks. There were exceptions (and being local lord of the manor would probably make it easy to get an exception). OTOH, asking the local priest/vicar to schedule a wedding one of their busiest days of the year is a bit of a dick move! Unless there was some urgent medical reason or you were about to head off to war, you could always wait a couple of weeks. Also, as a veteran of hundreds o
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