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  1. doLLish

    S7: E22 - I'm Not Leaving You

    They try to kill Herman almost every season lol. I don’t think it happens this time either. I thought Ritter was sweet and a nice addition this season but it was obvious his character wasn’t meant to be around long and he would go out in a meaningful way. I’d be shocked if he survived that. The chaplain proposing and Sylvie accepting while Matt looked on was just a bit too soap opera for me. Emily continues to be my highlight of the week lol. “Who wouldn’t want you to jump them? Hell, I want you to jump me!”
  2. doLLish

    S04.E22: With A Brave Heart

    The Chicago shows are sending their characters off in such a strange manner this season. Is that really the last we see of Connor and Ava? I always thought she was crazy, but crazy enough to kill his father so they could “be together?” And no resolution to that? No hint of where she or Connor end up? It was just too weird. Im sad for Maggie. Don’t feel anything for Natalie because we know she’s not dying.
  3. doLLish

    S06.E22: Reckoning

    Very very odd send off for Antonio’s character. I really thought he would turn himself in. Now he’s a possible murderer and back on drugs. Very nice.
  4. doLLish

    The Enemy Within

    Lol right?? When she went to shoot him for the last time I just knew she was gonna shoot him in the head. It didn’t make sense for her not to. When she didn’t I was like “Okay, I’ve seen this movie a thousand times.”
  5. doLLish

    The Enemy Within

    I personally think he’s alive but I also agree with you. I definitely don’t expect him to be the focus of next season if there is one. We’ll get a mention of him or see him pop up around the finale or so. Something like when they finally catch the higher up intelligence officer he’ll allude to it or flat out tell them they aren’t as smart as they think they are and he’s still alive. I’ve watched enough television to know that if there’s no headshot, the person that was shot is more than likely still alive lol
  6. doLLish

    The Enemy Within

    So...literally nothing happened the entire season. There is no difference between the first episode and the last. We all know Tal is still alive. Erica is still a prisoner. We still don’t know what’s going on in her head or what her endgame is. What was this show really about??
  7. doLLish

    For The People

    Jill should have snatched Sandra across that desk and dragged her across that office. I could not believe the nerve. In what world is she comfortable speaking to her superior like that? In what world would the superior take it while trying to hold back tears. That entire scene was obnoxious. Britt Robertson was the death knell for this show. No star quality to speak of and very simply, not a draw. Her portrayal of Sandra Bell was...bad. From the beginning, she didn’t look the part and she was unable to make Sandra a likable character for audiences to root for. Some of that is on the writers, some of it is on her. I will miss the iconic Kate Littlejohn, as well as Leonard Knox. Those two were great. I wish they did more with Allison, as well as the clerk lady. Hoping to see these actors in other projects in the future. All in all I’m thankful we got 2 seasons out of a show that should have frankly been cancelled last year.
  8. doLLish

    S7 E20: Try Like Hell

    Emily talking about relaxers was the highlight of this episode for me tbh 😂 I don’t hate or love Brett and Matt. I just wish it wasn’t so obvious that this was the direction they’re going in. I’m looking forward to the scene when they have to tell Gabby about it lol.
  9. doLLish

    Chicago PD in the Media

    I’ve been over Antonio for some time so this doesn’t really bother me but the show is almost unrecognizable at this point. Erin, Al, Antonio were all key members of Intelligence. It’s weird.
  10. doLLish

    Station 19

    Shondaland still resorting to ridiculous shock deaths to up the ratings and the drama. It’s pathetic, really. This show is most times just “on” as the background noise between Greys and For the People. I barely look at the screen but always happened to pay attention when Victoria and Ripley were on. I even considered going back and binging the season just to get a full grasp of their story. They were the only thing that could get me to seriously care about this show. Oh well.
  11. doLLish


    This episode put such a bad taste in my mouth for various reasons. Ray Price was the better candidate. God forbid the better candidate actually wins. Took a bullet for his city. He goes down in shame through no direct actions of his own. I would have preferred he go down for the cover up instead of a murder he didn’t commit. It was supposed to come off heroic but it just annoyed me. Price and Voight were a good team, their scenes together were always interesting and his insight was invaluable to the Intellligence Unit. Kelton would have continued to be a good foil either way, even more so if he had lost. Then there’s the black woman killing two black men in cold blood, for what? What Blair found out didn’t justify him being MURDERED. There was no attempt to bribe him or anything? Just kill him? It makes no sense and wasn’t believable. The wife didn’t even come across as someone who would be overly involved in something like that. Realistically, the wife as portrayed wouldn’t even know about Ray covering up that situation. And that confession?? What? The Ray Price storyline deserved a better ending. The character deserved better.
  12. doLLish

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

  13. doLLish

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    Could something have possibly happened to Jo in Pittsburgh off camera? Because her behavior and the situation at hand as we know it do not correlate. It’s very weird.
  14. doLLish

    The Enemy Within

    This annoyed me beyond belief.
  15. doLLish

    S04.E18: Tell Me The Truth

    Ava is so behind that scam and I can’t lie, I’m loving that they’ve made her unhinged because that fits the character way more than her and Connor being in any kind of romantic relationship. I also love that Connor is onto her. I can’t wait to see how it ends.