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  1. The single most underwhelming winner in the history of AI. Nick Fradiani or Jena Irene can breathe easy now... Every online poll I saw leading up to tonight had Dillon and Arthur 1 and 2 or vice versa (and running away w/ it over the other 5 finalists)....
  2. Double sigh, the least or 2nd least interesting (IMO) female vocalist gets the Instant Save. I wonder if tonight's results might slightly help Thunderstorm win the whole thing next week...
  3. Sigh, all 4 guys voted through and the 5 ladies left are all singing for 1 instant save place...
  4. Yes, it's one artist per team...and then if I understand it right, the remaining 5 will all sing an instant-save song for the final spot.
  5. If you want a deep, deep dive into Idol History....I think I just saw Austin Wolfe (a S13 Semifinalist, who never even got to sing in the semifinals because they did that ridiculous thing where they only picked a certain number to actually sing for America's semifinal votes that season) step in and sing a Songland contestant's song for Julia Michaels. It ended up being the song that won too. She was 16/17 during that AI season...so she'd be 22/23 now. Not reallly sure if she's still trying to make her way as a solo artist in the industry...but I'm sure getting some exposure on national TV couldn't hurt lol...
  6. I think collectively, the Voice did a side-eye at AI and really up'ed their game's in terms of the visuals for the the contestants performances tonight. Tod Tilghman is going to get a chance to record a Contemporary Christian Music record or EP regardless of what happens next week. I hear snippets of Mac Powell from Third Day, an older Jeremy Camp, and at least a couple of other male CCM artists in there too. As a performance his song tonight just worked. It did. The visuals with his kids all flanking him, the vocals, the emotion....to me, despite Toneisha's beast of a voice, he's Blake's guaranteed spot in the finale. I was not as impressed with CammWess on Rainbow as the Coach's panel. To me, Zan's performance earlier in the night should take John's spot for next week. Thunderstorm for Nick and probably Micah for Team Kelly (although I think the difference between Micah and Megan is smaller than just about every other team). That would leave Toneisha, Joanna, CammWess, Megan Danielle, and Allegra competing for the Instant Save. I would say Toneisha should have the inside track for that, but I also feel like Joanna or Allegra can't be overlooked because the twitter vote always seems to skew younger than the vote at-large.
  7. I think I finally put my finger on what's missing w/ this format. I don't think you are ever going to get the true showstopper performance (Alone, by Carrie, Summertime by Fantasia, Whipping Post by Bo, etc. etc.). The synergy from a live crowd is missing, and I think this year's contestants are really hesitant to belt and crescendo on their front porch...w/ neighbors potentially listening in nearby. Everything is somewhere between a 6.5 and 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of the "good" performances this season. What do you do w/ Johnny? To me he human embodiment of decent as a contestant (and his Journey attempt last week wasn't even Top 7 worthy)....and yet he probably gives us the single most creative, original thing any of them has given us the entire season with his Amazing Grace mashup original. Dillon and Arthur are the two most solid, consistent people left. I wouldn't be mad if either one of them won for this season. To me, Just Sam is just a half notch back from those two....she's very competent, but I always end up feeling like there could've (or should've) been a little more there at the end of most of her songs. Then you've got Louis, and Francisco who've coasted through the entire season on their boy-band looks and mediocre voices, and lastly we have Julia who just sort of baffles me. Does she have a rabid pre-AI following that I'm not aware of? Who is consistently voting for her and why is she one of the last two girls standing? Nice to seem them actually acknowledge the real winner of last season. But seriously, Laine. Life is a Highway is the best Disney song you could come up w/?
  8. Called it almost perfectly (*pats self on back*). Only missed Michael making it into the instant save. That spot should've been Arei's...or even Roderick was more deserving. Didn't really matter whether Cedrice or Mandi T got the Team Kelly spot in the save...who ever it was was always going to be an also ran. Can't believe they didn't reach out to a musician or band (any musician or band) to give us a performance from home to eat up a little more of the time. Wondering if Gwen might've broken her Oklahoma quarantine. I really would've thought she might've popped into the background of one of the shots...or even the bts "funny" footage of Blake trying to break into the camera gear they sent him. Really glad Joanna got the instant save. There's something about her tone that's more intriguing and distinctive than say Mandi C. who probably outsung her just a touch on True Colors, but there's more there with Joanna that I'd like to hear...and I'm glad we'll get one more performance at least.
  9. lb60, I think Cedrice tried to hypnotize us by pretending she was in a very low budget, artsy music video. To keep us from remembering she has about the 17th best voice left. Zan also gave us a little bit of music video vibes by starting outside her tiny house and employing two clones for her peformance. And then you had Michael who won the 4-way save who apparently was performing from the void...or it was like he was performing in front of a green screen. I waffled a little on Micah's performance, technically I thought it was an 8 or 9 out of 10. But still it didn't quite sit right. That plus I will always be a slave to Janet Devlin's reality competition version of Your Song. It's still far and way the best version I've ever heard.
  10. Man, I might as well throw darts to figure out which 9 are coming out of tonight. Visually, AI takes it over the Voice in this setup if I'm being honest. I wonder if Team Nick and Team John might get hurt a little bit by going in the first hour. If I had to pick, I think 3 out of Blake's 4 will make it (Joei or Joanna won't), I think Micah and Megan will make it from Team Kelly, CammWess, and Zan are going to make it from Team John and I guess that would leave Thunderstorm off of Nick's team and either Allegra or Arei...
  11. We got a pretty even split (6-5), with a judges save....so that was better than I was expecting. A lot of similar sounding songs from those who moved on. Really only Jovin (who didn't deserve to make the Top 11 solely based on last week's performance) did something resembling an uptempo song. I guess Arthur, by going w/ the reggae influence made Country Roads more uptempo sounding that what it usually is. There was something charming and authentic seeing him perform on his front porch w/ semi's plowing up and down the highways in the middle of a pandemic as his "real-time" backdrop. I kind of had a feeling the judges would have to use a save to advance one of the quartet of teen pop princesses. I was also pretty convinced that Aliana, Franklin, and DeWayne were toast going into the night, and Kimmy/Faith would've only advanced on a judges save...not through America's vote. Because we got so many similar sounding songs, I don't really have a lot of standouts tonight outside of Arthur. Just Sam did a nice job and I guess Julia (I'm sorry, ymmv...to me she's always been fodder, she forgot the name of her own original song in Hollywood!! Aack.) did a nice job with New York State of Mind. I'll say those three make it through, plus Grace, plus Louis and Francisco. Maybe the 7th spot comes down to Jovin or Dillon in that case... That would eliminate Mikayla, Sophia, Johnny (who really did not come close to doing Faithfully justice), and either Jovin or Dillon next week.
  12. Babalooie, I think you caught what Ladyrain was explaining. All twenty got three tries at their song. A trial run to shake off the nerves, a second go where they kept everyone's audio to keep it fair, and then a 3rd go where they didn't keep the audio but they did keep whatever they did visually on that (last) attempt. That's why there was bound to be some synchronization issues with all 20...although a few matched up closer than others. I'm thinking of Franklin and Dillon the two most straightforward performances..
  13. My guess is considering the NYC area is still one of the hottest of hot spots in the country for Covid19, Just Sam didn't really want to go back to the 1 bedroom apartment in the Bronx that she shares w/ her Grandmother. I also feel like legally she would've had to make arrangements independently of the show. She didn't seem to be performing from one of the other 19 finalists' houses...so maybe someone or a family reached out to her through social media and offered a place to stay through the end of the show should she make it that far.
  14. Well, that was certainly something. My greatest fear though, is given the current voting public makeup....we could get a skewed Guys to Girls ration in the Top 10. Probably 7 to 3, but I could even see a disaster scenario where it's 8 to 2 or even (gulp) all 9 of them advancing. I feel like all of the "Heartthrobs", Nick/Francisco/Louis may get voted in along w/ Johnny/Dillon/Arthur....and then certainly Jovin/Dewayne/Franklin have a chance to make it through too. although I'd be worried if I were Jovin and Franklin because I though Jovin's voice sounded really blown out for some reason and I just don't think Franklin picked the right song to break out of the pack. My Top 4 girls (no guarantee that they'd all four even make the Top 10) would be Sophia (to me, she's the rare wildcard where I don't know or have some idea of what she's going to pick song wise), Just Sam, Grace, and maybe Faith (at least she brings something a little different tonally than like the giant conglomeration of Lauren/Kimmy/Aliana/Cyniah/Olivia...
  15. marykat71702, I caught that too with Micah's comment. I wonder if they each bring a couple of songs, and then if the first choice isn't cleared for some reason they can somewhat seamlessly transition to a Plan B. All that said, Micah was too hard on himself. He did a really good job with a fast, syncopated song and still soared pretty high on the choruses. Can't tell you how happy I was that Kelly didn't listen to the other judges...just on principle lol.
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