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  1. The race map design people for TAR 33 should immediately request a raise lol. This may be the jankiest looking "race around the world" ever. I've been watching a few Youtube travel vloggers (all the through the pandemic really) and from some of their recent ports of call, I wouldn't be surprised if Eastern Europe might feature heavily during S33. Armenia, Albania, Moldova (amongst others) all seem to be relatively lax on their Covid restrictions and I think TAR could navigate it's way through that part of the world without too many hiccups.. Beyond that, I'm not sure what you do with
  2. This season is looking bleak so far. They are only about 5-10 years behind the times with JoJo and Jenna (if KB is correct on the pairing). There's yet another Bachelor & rando from the Real Housewives/Bravo reality tv universe. As gymnasts and athletes go, Suni might be quite good. Or she could have a very reserved personality that doesn't quite translate to good DWTS content. Hopefully whoever her partner is is able to lift her out of a shell should that become necessary. Now Jeannie Mai ended up being one of the more enjoyable contestants last season before w/d'ing f
  3. The two biggest shocks were Cam the Bomb & Amer Malik failing on Stage 1. I sort of had a feeling that Joe having the Safety Pass would backfire on him.. This is the point (now) in ANW where the women (minus Flex & Jessie when she competes) really run up against it. Every additional arm swing they require burns up seconds that they don't have and that 2:45 time limit gets extremely dicey for all but the very very very best. Since next week is the conclusion on Stage 1 and some (or all) of Stage 2, I'm guessing we "saw" about 2/3rds of the contestants run the first stage last
  4. This last semifinal was overloaded with talent, and had a slightly (but noticeably) easier course. At this point, the really elite ninjas are saying "bring on the crazy clocks!!" because as an 8th obstacle, it's one of the easier ones they could get. Seriously, Cam the Bomb, Austin Gray, Jake Murray, the mohawk kid, Flex, the very underrated Hunter Gerrard, and the guy the runs the course in a suit. Throw in a couple mild surprises like Gnarly Ninja Nate & the Bug bringer and that's how you end up with 10 finishers when the first three semifinals combined barely had 10 finishers. Felt
  5. If it wasn't the reality before, I think tonight officially hammers home the idea that the teens have broken the show lol. If next week is similar to the first 3 semifinals, then teens will end up being something like 1 out of every 3 male competitors in the Vegas Finals. That's just nuts. And honestly (and completely unspoiled) if I had to take a guess right now who I thought might win the whole thing this year, I'd say the two kids who ran up the power tower in tonight's episode have to be 2 of the 8 or 10 favorite favorites. I'd also throw that Jay "Lache", and the Kaden kid from last
  6. I think being incredibly lightweight (even compared to the relatively lightweight adult Ninjas) makes a big difference for most of these teen boys. Gravity literally doesn't affect them the same way. Combine that with the elite training they are able to do in various Ninja gyms from age 9 or 10 on (being mentored and trained by the adult Ninja stars as well)...and it's been sort of the perfect storm hitting the course this year.
  7. ANW is doing a bang up job of making me root for every "teen phenom" to hit the water. Hard. And then struggle to not drown getting out.
  8. Watching along tonight, and the 2nd contestant "Brit" who didn't get an apron for her Thai Mahi curry looked very familiar. Was she on a previous season of Masterchef US? Or another Food Network competition show? Inquiring minds want to know..
  9. Kenzie's 2nd song was originally sung by Tracy Bird. Who Kenzie sounds 90% like. In a way, I think the fact that it's been a foregone conclusion for weeks that this is solely between Cam & Kenzie actually freed Jordan, Rachel, & Victor up to really throw caution to the wind and have as much fun as possible singing in the finale. Because of that, we got a really great blues rock song from Jordan, a really strong "Chain" cover by Rachel, & Victor shutting the damn thing down at the end (wiping the floor with Willie...showing how you can be more than just a strong singer, you can
  10. Keepin' it real (lol), but of all the recent non-winners who've had success post-Idol...there's Gaby Barrett>>>>>>>>>>>>Everyone else (including the show's golden child, Alejandro). Some of the other's listed upthread as getting record "deals" have done ZERO so far and there's still every chance that they will never even get a single released to radio let alone an entire EP or album. I'm still holding out faint hope for Sonika Vaid (who actually did receive a little publicity on Disney a couple years back and had a duet song of her's played on Radio Disney)
  11. I think Casey going out 4th actually sealed the deal for Chayce. If Grace had gone out fourth (I'm guessing that last week's order was Chayce, Willie, Grace, & Casey), I believe there would've been a chance that her fans would've rallied behind Willie and Chayce/Casey would've had at least a portion of vote splitting and that might, might've have tipped it in Willie's favor. When Casey went out...I think her fans probably went towards Chayce in bigger numbers than the other two, and you still probably had Willie/Grace splitting some votes that they had split all season long. I only wa
  12. Casey absolutely has a rock voice (her Decode, & Black Hole Sun performances were two of the highlights of the entire season). She is not yet a "Rocker" because I don't think singing into your bathroom mirror with a hairbrush for a mic really prepares you or trains you how to be a "Rocker" on a huge stage interacting with other musicians in a somewhat natural way. My question is does she go the band route, or solo artist route? As Brandon Boyd said, she struck him as a natural frontwoman (even at 16). I would like to see her go the band route and maybe try to not copy but garner a lot
  13. Maya, they really are completely bottoming out this season aren't they? The first season, I was reasonably impressed on the feedback (and actual criticism) that this trio could offer (in a not-so-mean way). But that feels like eons ago at this point. Even the Voice judges this season have been slightly harder of a few of their contestants than Willie, Grace, & or Chayce have had it. Seriously, has Willie gotten one critique or constructive piece of feedback since his original audition? Nope. Grace has received a little, but I feel like it was coming from the weekly mentors more than its co
  14. I'm simultaneously annoyed for Casey (she deserved a spot in the finale), happy for Casey (that she doesn't have the Winner's pressure to live up to/restrictive AI Winner's contract to navigate), and massively relieved I no longer have a reason to watch the finale. I laughed out loud thinking that even a swag creator like Tricky Stewart couldn't even remotely make Willie sound relevant to 2021. He faired a little bit better with Grace who I guess could try to go the Kelly/Demi Lovato approach to modern pop music. Although, I still think she would probably need to catch lightning in a bott
  15. Team Blake, Cam unsurprisingly got America's vote, and Blake rewarded Jordan for his Gold Dust Woman cover. Had Jordan given a slightly weaker performance, I think Blake would've gone with Pete. Team John, I guess the 3 ladies on John's team split the vote and that let Victor (going uptempo with Stevie Wonder certainly helped his cause) sneak through. John should've saved Ryley...but he didn't. He saved Pia, who will almost certainly be eliminated next week.. Team Kelly, Kenzie got America's vote in probably the least surprising result of the whole hour. Then I think Kelly whipped ou
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