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  1. PhD-Purgatory15

    S16.E05: Auditions 5

    That was a dud end to a somewhat blah audition run this season. There were points in the side by side, synchronized movements when the salsa duo looked like easy No's when they weren't doing all of their fancy tricks. Also wasn't overwhelmed by the Bboy or the Animator. I think we've seen better of each category already. Eddy the tapper is a lock finalist (unless he injures himself during the Academy), I think we can all pretty much accept that at this point. The 3 seconds we saw of the last guy in the 3 person, contempo-montage make me think he could legitimately be an alien. I hope he doesn't disappear into the ether of the Academy...
  2. PhD-Purgatory15

    S16.E04: Auditions 4

    OMG, the twins were those AGT twins from a few seasons ago?! They were abhorrent on AGT and they basically got the "show making fun of them/laughing at them not with them" edit. I guess their edit last night was 180 degrees the other way. So going into the final audition episode, here's who we've seen so far: Ballroom Stephanie & Ezra Sosa: Stephanie's a returnee, Ezra's the little brother Nazz Sldryan & Stefen Yeretsyan: ?? Elan & Jordynn Lurie: Returnees who flamed out at the Academy last season Contemporary Matthew Deloch: one of many returnees Gino Cosculluela: From the NYC Bagel Shop to SYTYCD Caroline De La Rocha: One of the weaker yes's to the Academy Colton & Trent Edwards: Super "on" twins who've only been dancing for 3 years. AGT alums Gianna Newborg: Gave us the "I've been kidnapped" contemporary piece Luke Romanzi: ?? Lauren Luteran: Auditioner battling CF Sophie Pittman: Gave us the OTT sexy audition piece a la LoFro Jalen Sands: Uber Save the Last Dance fan Madison Jordan: Has alopecia. Jarrod Tyler Paulson: In a relationship w/ MJ Hip Hop Dezi Saenz: First auditioner of the entire season (can be a good sign) Sumi Oshima: Robotic animator, definitely could battle w/ Dezi for one female spot Samuel Sweetser: "Mature" Bboy who didn't let his adorable two year old outshine him Frank "Ghost" Crisp Jr: Another somewhat surprising Yes, works for the Harlem Globetrotters Bailey Munoz: Tiny, like 5'0 Bboy. Bryan "Clocks" Volozanin: Returnee from a few seasons ago, previous work w/ Jabawockeez... Jazz Sarah "Smac" McCreanor Lyrical Ballet Brandon Talbott & Kaeli Ware: Only Ballet we've seen all season... Tap Sydney Burtis: On the autism spectrum. Almost the only tap we've seen all season... **We've also seen snippets of maybe 12-15 other dancers, including Dustin Payne (a returning Hip Hop specialist from last season), they've been pretty evenly mixed between contemporary, hip hop & ballroom so far.
  3. PhD-Purgatory15

    S16.E04: Auditions 4

    So, we finally got a "good" tap audition. What are the odds that of the last couple make it all the way through the Academy? Pretty high right? He's excellent and I could easily see him the Top 20, but to me she was a stretch to even make the Academy. Without the built in love-story, I'm not sure she does... I would've never realized that Clocks was a former SYTYCD auditioner. He looked nothing like what he did in the clip they showed. SYTYCD Ballroom nepotism ftw!! Times 3 lol. The very first girl, that got no backstory.....she was full-on channeling Julia Stiles's character's (Sara?) Julliard audition freestyle dance at the end of Save The Last Dance. All she needed was a chair/prop to make it complete.
  4. PhD-Purgatory15

    S16.E03: Auditions 3

    Let's see, of the 6 ballroom dancers we've seen so far (The Sosa's, The Armenian pair, & the Lurie's) my favorites are the male Sosa from week one and the female Lurie from tonight's show. Ghost was all personality and bombast and pretty limited technique/substance. If he vanishes into the ether of the Academy I would not be surprised. Contempo Bagel Boy was your typical soul-less, paint by numbers audition piece. Bailrock was good, although his Top sections were kind of spastic (not in a good way) and it didn't really seem like he was B-Boy'ing "to the music" all that much. Sophia is one of those "So SYTCYD" dancers that pop up every season. I'll be stunned if she doesn't make her way through the Academy to the Top 20. Of the three returnees who we got glimpses of, really glad to see Dustin is back; Jay can go....instantly, and the girl I didn't really have a memory of from last season.
  5. PhD-Purgatory15

    S16.E02: Auditions 2

    So I would rank Desi from last week over Sumi from this week if I'm only judging how they might adapt to multiple styles in the Academy. I'm always leery of extreme robotic/rigid animators making the transition whereas Dezi brough enough smoothness to her audition...I think she's got a chance to do well at some of the other styles. Within their own popping/animation/hiphop style I think Sumi has more talent though. Samuel the Bboy was cool. I sort of had it pegged that the cute kid would be the star of his audition package and then the judges would "gently" let him down. Glad that I was wrong though. I sort of wished his wife would've auditioned with her Polynesian dance style. We are two weeks in and we haven't really seen any "unique" styles. For that matter, we've barely seen any tap (and it was a no)... Gianna actually made me focus a bit more on a contemporary piece. I liked her ability to transition from move to move, and I liked the fact that she's a risk taker. Doing that out-there of an audition piece always had the ability to go horribly wrong and she attempted (& landed) it anyway. The two couples that danced were solid...although I'm hoping someone elevates ballroom because I'm not sold either of Soza's from last week or the Armenians from tonight are really Top 20 quality. Kaeli's body type is insane, to the point that I wonder how well she will be able to do with some of the more "grounded" types of dances (hip hop or various contemporary/jazz pieces).
  6. PhD-Purgatory15

    S16.E01: Auditions 1

    It took LAG exactly one audition to grate (and have me roll my eyes) so that's gonna fun all season. D-Trix I can sort of take or leave....although I think he'll be the least of our worries as the auditions go on. Desi was excellent. Easily in the top three or four girls to ever audition in that style. I'd probably only put Jaja, Dassy & and Hiro (who didn't make it through the Hollywood rounds) ahead of her. I actually felt like Ezra outdanced his returning older sister. My eyes were mostly locked on him, which doesn't normally happen when I watch Ballroom couples. Smac was okay. Without the choreo round as an option I think we are going to get a handful curious decisions (either way). She strikes me as someone who will be able to "fake it till she makes it" in the other styles (Ballroom especially) as long as she has a defined character to play. Sadly the rest of the auditions were almost all contempo-pieces that 90% of the time just do nothing for me. Visually I can tell the last guy and Matthew the returnee are good at what they do....I just ultimately don't care very much.
  7. PhD-Purgatory15

    Season 16 Discussion

    Well, they certainly tried to give Maelyn every advantage. Getting to go last with the secular equivalent of God Bless the USA (or any other OTT patriotic/Christian song you could think of). Saddling Dexter with his Blake duet last. Basically having Adam coronate her every time he spoke... It will probably work, but I'm not completely sold that Dexter or Gyth won't still come out on top overcoming a 3-way split country vote.
  8. PhD-Purgatory15

    Season 16 Discussion

    C'mon Adam, now was the time to really run the bus over someone (being LB) so Mari could actually keep Blake from having over 50% of the semifinalists...
  9. PhD-Purgatory15

    Season 16 Discussion

    So, the 8 who advanced on fan voting last week were Andrew, Carter, Dexter, Gyth, Kim, Maelyn, Rod, & Shawn. If I'm looking at the other five to see if any of those picks could knock out one of the 8 I keep coming back to Mari (despite the anchor that Adam has around each of his contestants). I just don't see it happening with Celia (awful), Jej (only if Kelly fans go insane), LB (a vastly inferior option than Shawn), or Oliv (too much of a niche artist, easily 6 out 6 within the voting on Team Blake). The obvious choice would just be to flip Mari in and flip Kim out...
  10. PhD-Purgatory15

    Season 16 Discussion

    My guess, is even Blake knew what was up when they brought this change in format to the table. He might've even said "are you sure you want to go that route?". As long as Adam & Blake remain on the show, they've got to go back to leveling the playing field. The real surprise to me was Rod making it through. He went 1st out of 24! How was he not forgotten? I guess it shows...if you are country-adjacent (i.e. Southern and White) and you do a tiredly familiar song competently...you have a solid chance. As for the judges picks, I'm with the people up thread who were happy that Adam didn't go bromance this time. I thought a 2nd save of Domenic was a virtual lock. Surprised (although not really given his save track record over all the seasons) that Blake went for Oliv instead of Selkiii. I actually thought Celia did pretty well with The Chain. It wasn't as dark as Chloe K.'s audition version...she was going for a more anthemic attempt that she mostly pulled off. Jej is okay. I run hot and cold on him. I wish Kelly had gone with Pressley instead 😞
  11. PhD-Purgatory15

    Season 16 Discussion

    I still feel like the band could dial their volume levels back twenty percent and it would help almost every remaining contestant. I think Blake's 4 country males will sail into the top 8 thanks to Carter's savvy Elvis song choice. I think there's an outside shot Kendra might get voted in too. I'd say Shawn and Maelyn from Team Legend should also be moving on. The last two probably will come from Team Kelly maybe. Although I thought her team wildly underperformed or just picked super uninteresting song choices. I'll guess that Jej gets through at least. The only person Adam will keep, will be his save. Probably Domenic since he already saved him once before. If my original picks are right, that would leave Blake to maybe save Selkii again, Kelly might go for Rebecca or Abby, and John might go for Celia (who came pretty close to deserving a voted in spot last night), or maybe Jimmy. Just not Jacob, please not him again.
  12. PhD-Purgatory15

    Season 16 Discussion

    Wow, nice knowing almost everybody who has to wait till next Monday to sing...
  13. PhD-Purgatory15

    Season 16 Discussion

    Maelyn was definitely a night one standout for sure. Although Fields of Gold being an all-time favorite song may have factored into that judgement at least a little. Lisa Ramey narrowly missed out on being an extremely rare, two season/no-chair turn. I can only thing of one (a furniture mover guy from Minnesota in two of the earliest seasons), but I'm sure there has to be at least a couple others. Other than that, I sort of liked Trey, and LiLi...and maybe Karen, although I think I need to hear a little more from her to make a more definitive decision...
  14. PhD-Purgatory15

    SYTYCD in the Media

    I think we are closing in on the nine lives (of a cat), territory for SYTYCD. It's apparently unkillable lol. Here's hoping we get a format that leans more classic than experimental for this go round...
  15. PhD-Purgatory15

    Season 15 Discussion

    Well, a Chris win would've of floored me. His would've been the one winning outcome I couldn't of easily explained. Chevel, I felt in the last couple weeks seemed to elevate to the favorite spot despite her recurring issues w/ technique lol. I thought it was going to be Chevel, Kirk, Kennedy, Chris in that order.