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  1. ANW is doing a bang up job of making me root for every "teen phenom" to hit the water. Hard. And then struggle to not drown getting out.
  2. Watching along tonight, and the 2nd contestant "Brit" who didn't get an apron for her Thai Mahi curry looked very familiar. Was she on a previous season of Masterchef US? Or another Food Network competition show? Inquiring minds want to know..
  3. Kenzie's 2nd song was originally sung by Tracy Bird. Who Kenzie sounds 90% like. In a way, I think the fact that it's been a foregone conclusion for weeks that this is solely between Cam & Kenzie actually freed Jordan, Rachel, & Victor up to really throw caution to the wind and have as much fun as possible singing in the finale. Because of that, we got a really great blues rock song from Jordan, a really strong "Chain" cover by Rachel, & Victor shutting the damn thing down at the end (wiping the floor with Willie...showing how you can be more than just a strong singer, you can
  4. Keepin' it real (lol), but of all the recent non-winners who've had success post-Idol...there's Gaby Barrett>>>>>>>>>>>>Everyone else (including the show's golden child, Alejandro). Some of the other's listed upthread as getting record "deals" have done ZERO so far and there's still every chance that they will never even get a single released to radio let alone an entire EP or album. I'm still holding out faint hope for Sonika Vaid (who actually did receive a little publicity on Disney a couple years back and had a duet song of her's played on Radio Disney)
  5. I think Casey going out 4th actually sealed the deal for Chayce. If Grace had gone out fourth (I'm guessing that last week's order was Chayce, Willie, Grace, & Casey), I believe there would've been a chance that her fans would've rallied behind Willie and Chayce/Casey would've had at least a portion of vote splitting and that might, might've have tipped it in Willie's favor. When Casey went out...I think her fans probably went towards Chayce in bigger numbers than the other two, and you still probably had Willie/Grace splitting some votes that they had split all season long. I only wa
  6. Casey absolutely has a rock voice (her Decode, & Black Hole Sun performances were two of the highlights of the entire season). She is not yet a "Rocker" because I don't think singing into your bathroom mirror with a hairbrush for a mic really prepares you or trains you how to be a "Rocker" on a huge stage interacting with other musicians in a somewhat natural way. My question is does she go the band route, or solo artist route? As Brandon Boyd said, she struck him as a natural frontwoman (even at 16). I would like to see her go the band route and maybe try to not copy but garner a lot
  7. Maya, they really are completely bottoming out this season aren't they? The first season, I was reasonably impressed on the feedback (and actual criticism) that this trio could offer (in a not-so-mean way). But that feels like eons ago at this point. Even the Voice judges this season have been slightly harder of a few of their contestants than Willie, Grace, & or Chayce have had it. Seriously, has Willie gotten one critique or constructive piece of feedback since his original audition? Nope. Grace has received a little, but I feel like it was coming from the weekly mentors more than its co
  8. I'm simultaneously annoyed for Casey (she deserved a spot in the finale), happy for Casey (that she doesn't have the Winner's pressure to live up to/restrictive AI Winner's contract to navigate), and massively relieved I no longer have a reason to watch the finale. I laughed out loud thinking that even a swag creator like Tricky Stewart couldn't even remotely make Willie sound relevant to 2021. He faired a little bit better with Grace who I guess could try to go the Kelly/Demi Lovato approach to modern pop music. Although, I still think she would probably need to catch lightning in a bott
  9. Team Blake, Cam unsurprisingly got America's vote, and Blake rewarded Jordan for his Gold Dust Woman cover. Had Jordan given a slightly weaker performance, I think Blake would've gone with Pete. Team John, I guess the 3 ladies on John's team split the vote and that let Victor (going uptempo with Stevie Wonder certainly helped his cause) sneak through. John should've saved Ryley...but he didn't. He saved Pia, who will almost certainly be eliminated next week.. Team Kelly, Kenzie got America's vote in probably the least surprising result of the whole hour. Then I think Kelly whipped ou
  10. Snap Thoughts.. Bandzilla crushed a few contestants tonight.. Team Blake, My assumption is that Cam will get America's vote despite not living up to his very lofty standards on TMTC. Then Blake has a brutal choice between Jordan/Anna/Pete. I could see him sticking with his old buddy Pete, but Jordan was a bit of revelation on Gold Dust Woman, and Anna really showed that she's off in her own beautiful lane too. I'll say it's Pete, but not with much confidence. Team John, It feels like Pia & Zania are going to cannibalize each other's vote totals. Ryleigh was quite good, but I
  11. Caleb is still here because: a.) he is the last country voice standing. b.) he seems like a real kid (shyness, flaws and all) and c.) he's doing a pretty good (and improving by the week) impression of a really young artist in the Luke Combs/Chris Stapleton lane of current male country music. If you are making the people at home think of those two voices in the context of of a reality singing competition you are doing pretty good for yourself. As I mentioned upthread, he's also about the only contestant left really willing to tackle uptempo songs which I think is helping him stand out from the
  12. Called it 7 for 7 tonight. Whoo. Now, on merit Hunter should've been eliminated weeks ago.. Casey needs to pivot back next week, and seriously rock out to Viva La Vida, or some other more anthemic/harder Coldplay song. I thought that was about as solid and confident as Caleb has sounded (I feel like I might have said the same thing about Caleb last week). He's definitely on something of an upward trajectory. He's also a rare contestant this season who likes singing and is adept at performing uptempo songs. Which to me is critical since his range is pretty limited.. I don't
  13. foxfreakinmulder, I agree with you on Savannah. I think Kelly sort of self-sabotaged her Save candidate giving her that weird "Make it more intimate" feedback in the session with Snoop. I'm not sure Savannah totally knew what to do that or how to translate that into a 100 second performance of Black Hole Sun. I do agree, when she finally let her rock voice fully fly....it sounded pretty good (I'd still give Casey Bishop on AI a couple weeks ago a slight edge with her version of BHS). My fear is since, nobody really stood out...Blake's legion of fans who vote for him regardless of contestant mi
  14. Yeah, Raine going from one of the most interesting Blind Auditions to needing Nick to bail her out in her battle to losing the only montaged KO to a guy who looks like a minor character in Zoolander is one of the biggest "falls" a contestant could have.. In an alternate universe, I wish one of the judges would've asked Zania a more graceful version of "So what?". Of course she's going to kill an Aretha song. If you can kill an Aretha song, why can't you try to prove you could kill a H.E.R. song? In the grand scheme of things (keeping up the delusion that Zania really wants to be a relevan
  15. If zero of the 4 singing for the save crack 30%, can we just eliminate them all? Each time the show comes back to Gihanna, I get more and more mystified. IMO she was one of the 3 weakest artists to get any chair to turn. She has about the least unique voice you can possibly describe. I guess she has being 17 going for her, but that's literally it. Wow, Connor came in with one of the worst KO performances in Voice history. I think If he had been up against anyone other than Cam I think they would've put him out of his misery quietly with a montage (preferably one where you didn't hear
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