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  1. Jonas and Ruby may have done better had they not ripped off an old Max and Yulia routine. It isn't a comparison that two children are going to benefit from. The Matrix Showdance.
  2. Upon rewatching the original "iconic" (ugh) dances, Lindsey really does suffer in comparison to Meryl in my eyes. Specifically, Meryl's topline is gorgeous in that dance (as you would expect from an ice dancer) and Lindsey's is less impressive. Lindsey's shoulders are a little too mobile, and her posture is very head-forward,
  3. Re: Lindsey and Mark's Samba, to my eyes it didn't look grounded. Both Lindsey and Mark had their weight up and out of their feet, and there's no way to create the proper hip action without using your feet against the floor. It gives the jerky, bouncy, incomplete look that they had.
  4. I, personally, don't think that Lindsey was underscored in comparison to Jordan. Jordan had excellent rise and fall/sway in his sections of international foxtrot. Lindsey's rise is very rough, she's popping up. She also had no visible sway. Most of the time there is no standard foxtrot on this show at all, just smooth, specifically because it is so difficult, and I commend both pros for including any. However, Jordan was more successful executing the standard foxtrot sequences he was given.
  5. The two flavors of foxtrot have literally nothing in common except music. So when they don't specify which they want, this is what happens. The same thing happens in Rumba and ChaCha - they get opposite, disparate techniques and dances where the counts land differently.
  6. re: Sharna being behind, followers are trained to be behind the beat because they're following the leader. Obviously this isn't the idea doing a kick sequence, but I can see where it comes from. I disagree with both previous posters about that foxtrot. It was one of the few if any to have International foxtrot as opposed to American foxtrot content. Sure it was a bad Smooth foxtrot, but it was an INCREDIBLE Standard foxtrot, and maybe the only one in all the seasons. Standard foxtrot has very little rise and fall. And it is much, much harder than you think - Standard foxtrot is the har
  7. See I remember that glorious episode happening...once. They had to do International rumba or International tango, there was one bronze figure, one silver figure, and one gold figure required from each couple, and a pro couple did a routine with those three figures pointed out. It was my favorite episode of the show to date other than the one with ballroom dance champions, and they've only done it once so I'm obviously the only one.
  8. Re: your second point, I couldn't agree more. Candace's rumba was appalling (NeNe's was not much better). They don't clarify what they want on this show, so they get this frankenstein combo of smooth/standard or latin/rhythm that does no favors to either style.
  9. His tango was the only Standard tango that's been on this show. It was incredible.
  10. I wish he had gone this week, because you're right, he looks like he's in pain.
  11. I seriously can't even with the ice dancers. I'm a dancer so I'm excited to see some good dancing on this show, but it really isn't fair. It ESPECIALLY peeves me because there has been a decades-long campaign to get ballroom dancing in the Olympics that is going nowhere, but ice dancing is a derivative sport of ballroom dancing. My non-dancer favorites are Billy Dee Williams and Danica McKellar.
  12. Thank God. Let's see how Erin Andrews works out.
  13. I'm a ballroom dance teacher, so I'd love to talk about the dancing. It is inconsistent at best on this show.
  14. I'm sure I'm not the first person to make that title joke. LANDO. He's dancing with Emma Slater.
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