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  1. Jonas and Ruby may have done better had they not ripped off an old Max and Yulia routine. It isn't a comparison that two children are going to benefit from. The Matrix Showdance.
  2. Upon rewatching the original "iconic" (ugh) dances, Lindsey really does suffer in comparison to Meryl in my eyes. Specifically, Meryl's topline is gorgeous in that dance (as you would expect from an ice dancer) and Lindsey's is less impressive. Lindsey's shoulders are a little too mobile, and her posture is very head-forward,
  3. Re: Lindsey and Mark's Samba, to my eyes it didn't look grounded. Both Lindsey and Mark had their weight up and out of their feet, and there's no way to create the proper hip action without using your feet against the floor. It gives the jerky, bouncy, incomplete look that they had.
  4. I, personally, don't think that Lindsey was underscored in comparison to Jordan. Jordan had excellent rise and fall/sway in his sections of international foxtrot. Lindsey's rise is very rough, she's popping up. She also had no visible sway. Most of the time there is no standard foxtrot on this show at all, just smooth, specifically because it is so difficult, and I commend both pros for including any. However, Jordan was more successful executing the standard foxtrot sequences he was given.
  5. I seriously can't even with the ice dancers. I'm a dancer so I'm excited to see some good dancing on this show, but it really isn't fair. It ESPECIALLY peeves me because there has been a decades-long campaign to get ballroom dancing in the Olympics that is going nowhere, but ice dancing is a derivative sport of ballroom dancing. My non-dancer favorites are Billy Dee Williams and Danica McKellar.
  6. Thank God. Let's see how Erin Andrews works out.
  7. She's a gold medal winning ice dancer. This is apparently in NO WAY an advantage. Her initial partner is Maksim Chmerkovskiy
  8. Winnie Cooper is competing with DJ Tanner and Lando Calrissian.
  9. kjh

    The Lego Movie (2014)

    See I have the capability to not click, my boyfriend singing it at top volume multiple times a day I am powerless to stop.
  10. I was amused by their reaction to getting "A League Of Their Own", though I agree that Rosie was annoying and shrill. I keep seeing Allison Janney in the commercials and I'm hoping this does not shatter my long-held belief that she is great.
  11. Some celebrities are the friend you want on your team who inexplicably know everything. Some celebrities are someone's cousin's boyfriend and no one knows who invited them. Who do you like, and who are you never inviting to game night again? My favorite was Cobie Smulders. Least favorite was Martin Short, who was an obnoxious ham who wouldn't play the games.
  12. kjh

    The Lego Movie (2014)

    I saw it last weekend, and I agree that it was sweet and playing spot-the-voice-actor was fun. However, that song is the most annoying earworm on the planet.
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