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  1. Unfortunately, this is what CNN does. They have these fantastic top quality documentary series that they treat as filler. They do this all the time. Soundtracks only aired an episode or two before it was pre-empted in summer 2016 every time a candidate sneezed. Same thing happened to History of Comedy, but CNN did eventually air all of the remaining episodes, so there's hope.
  2. I agree. Hitchcock are Scully are lazy, but they aren't horrible people. They rarely set out to hurt someone. Any harm they cause tends to be accidental or the result of their laziness. They are incredibly lazy and undisciplined, but at heart they are good people. On the surface, they don't seem as dedicated to the job as the others, but they do care about protecting people.
  3. A huge YES to both of these. Actors can only work with the material they are given. I think this applies to all of the characters, not just Missy. Georgie could have easily just have been a dumb girl crazy teenager, but they've shown he's a great guy with a real head for business. George could have been a football crazy Dad who is more like another kid, but we've seen him be an actual parent to all three of his kids. I know the show is Young Sheldon, but it's an ensemble cast and so much the better for it.
  4. I'd love a subplot involving Terry and the other members of the band.
  5. I'm guessing they are writing the character of Tim out and instead of leaving viewers wondering "what happened to Tim," or "where is Tim," this 15 second call is supposed to explain that. You are correct. The man there was proctering the test so Terry could take the test from home and there would be no question of cheating or recieving help.
  6. The series in general, not just this episode, is a bit retro. Despite being set in a police precinct and using a single camera, the show is very much in the tradition of Taxi, WKRP, NewsRadio, or any other traditional old school three camera workplace sitcom. It's one of the many reasons I love this show.
  7. This would be awesome. I hope it happens because it would be fantastic. Doug and Jake get each other's references and have similar taste in pop culture. This is why the relationship works so well. Watching the two of them geek out and come up with ideas for TV shows and/or movies is great once or twice a season.
  8. I had not thought about this but it all sounds right to me. Bonnie and Christy had not spoken or had a relationship for years prior to the start of the series. Based on how young Christy's kids were, it is unlikely they would have a relationship with Bonnie if Christy didn't have one.
  9. Great idea. The movie was based on a game and I don't think either Terry or Charles play the game. I love the idea that there was someone voicing one of the characters in the movie that they wanted to meet.
  10. I had no idea Hudson University was doing such cutting edge scientific research. Prior to this year, I had always thought that it wasn't a very good school. Clearly, I was wrong about the fictional school.
  11. You are totally correct. In most workplace based sitcoms, the characters don't really do that much work.
  12. I liked that while Dr. Linkletter has an intense rivalry with Dr. Sturgis, Linkletter understands there are limits and rules and will not resort to anything wrong or underhanded to get the better of Sturgis. It's mostly a professional rivalry, not a personal one.
  13. I agree. If they treat like any other character's kid, we'll be fine. I'm okay with the kid showing up every once and while, but I don't want the focus of the show to turn into a family drama.
  14. I don't know, but I thought the plan was to train the dog to be part of the K9 unit.
  15. I always thought it would be great to see that happen for an episode. The reason he temporarily moves in with Georgie is that Missy is sick. I can understand why Missy and Sheldon would have shared a room as babies or little kids, because having two infants or really little kids in one room makes more sense, especially since they would have the same bedtime and it would make life easier for everyone. Now that the twins are growing up, I am pretty sure it is only a matter of time before Missy demands her own room and some privacy.
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