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  1. I like that Lance knows that Brooke's first call when she wanted to celebrate was to Carey. Carey's day going wrong then working out in the end was fun to watch. My Season 3 Predictions Based on Pure Speculation: My guess is that we will skip over seeing the characters deal with lockdown. It will start off with Curtis in one of the many hosting gigs he has taken over from Carey recapping what everyone has been up to. We know Brooke is really good at social media when it comes to work. She will have convinced Carey to follow a bunch of nurses on Twitter and retweet them with the
  2. I think what's important is that it's a tragedy and the audience can connect with the idea of the devesting loss of the personal tragedy, but not nessesarily understand the nature of the tragedy itself (if that makes sense). When I first saw the original Wonder Years pilot, I did not know or understand that much about the Vietnam War, so that part didn't really connect with me. However, I did have an older brother so I could imagine how devestating it would be for my older brother to die young under any circumstances. The set up is, this horrible thing has happened and it's having an emotional
  3. You don't have to end the pilot with some big national event. As I pointed out earlier, the first episode of the original series ends with the death of Brian Cooper. It's a smaller more intimate tragedy. It's something all of the characters will remember but not the entire country. There are sudden and shocking deaths that happen all the time, like a fatal car accident.
  4. Maybe. This series starts in April of 1968. The original series started in late summer of 1968. Brian Cooper goes off to Vietnam sometime in the summer of 1968 (we see him before the start of the school year). The Coopers and the rest of the neighborhood find out that Brian has died the first day of school. If they want to link the two series, it's the easist way to do to given the difference in geography. Do we know how old Dean's older brother is? I have so many questions that I hope we get answers to as the series progresses. Did the older brother enlist? Was he drafted? Has he done/wi
  5. My prediction was that we were going to find out the older brother had died at the end of the episode as a callback to the original. I liked that they took it in a different direction and went with a national tragedy as opposed to a personal tragedy. If I were writing this new modern series, I would have the older brother come back alive, because it opens up so many interesting storylines about a black Vietnam Veteran readjusting to civilian life. I correctly predicted that one of the older siblings would be involved in with the Black Panthers. I am now going to predict there's an episod
  6. I don't think it's diminishing writing skills. Writing a screenplay and writing a novel are two different skill sets. Not everyone can both. Some painters are fantastic at landscapes, but could not be able to paint a wonderful portrait. It's two different types of art.
  7. Here is an article about how they had to rethink the entire season 2. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/united-states-al-season-2-premiere-afghanistan-1235017765/
  8. In the original series, you had Vinny as the comedic character, but most of the other characters were more serious. In this series, you have her father, her younger, brother, and her best friend as more comedic relief characters. For the modern series, they leaned more towards the comedy, which makes sense because it's Disney and they are aiming at tweens/teens. The older series was more of a dramedy aimed at slightly more adult audience. If you haven't seen it, the episode of the original series on the 1992 L.A riot is a fantastic episode.
  9. Is Dr. Kamealoha more advanced in her medical career than the young Dr. Howser was at the start of the older series? Something about the new series I do not like is the blending of family life and work life. When Doogie was at the hospital, he was on his own. His father had his own medical practice outside of the hospital for most of the series. I liked that it allowed for a clear seperation of work life and family life. Observation-not a Criticism: This show is very defintely aimed at a younger audience and feels more like a Disney tween sitcom. The original show was aimed more a
  10. There was a nano-second when I thought it might happen, but I knew it probably wouldn't it. I found this a highly statisfying series finale. Ending on a heist was great. It was wild and enjoyable. It felt like everyone trying to do an over-the-top goodbye was a way of Jake and Holt dealing with loss. It was eaiser for them to plan something big and crazy instead of dealing of the loss of day to day contact with people they were all close to.
  11. I agree. To me, this proves that Brooke was completely honest when she said she was happy that Lance had a serious girlfriend. I'm glad that they all get along. I would love to see more of them. Maybe Leah and Lance will try to set Brooke up with someone. Brooke and Lance having the same bad experience on different panels was fantastic. The running gag of every other person in the hospital shadowing someone for a role was great. I liked that as bad as Carey's day was going, he was willing to let a friend live out a strange but harmless fantasy. It's great that Carey still has
  12. I totally agree with this. He can still do other things to keep his name out there/stay in the public eye, but he really wants to sing. I think he'd be willing to work with a vocal coach.
  13. I asked about this at one point. The answer I got, which worked for me, was that women had more children and often with larger differences when the movie was set. Part of the explanation was that there are unseen/unmentioned children that had died or had married and moved away, leaving only the "spinster" Marion and a late in life child (Winthrop). Underrated songs from the movie/show I love: "Goodnight My Someone" and "Till There Was You." Also, "Rock Island" is brilliant in terms of editing. It's MTV style editing decades before MTV editing was a thing.
  14. What I love about this show is however messed up thier lives are, whatever is going wrong in Brooke's life or in Carey's life, the second they realize there is a problem with Chase they will be there for him and try to help. They pause thier drama/set aside thier own personal crisis to help their little brother.
  15. You are correct I may have had the ages wrong, but I think my point still stands. Chase is now around 16, and we know Brooke just turned 30 or 31. That means that Chase was somewhere around 6, maybe 10 at the most, when both siblings left home for college or to start thier own lives. It doesn't seem like they were going home very often, so they probably only saw him a few times a year. The maturity difference between someone who's 6 or 10 and someone who's 16 is pretty significant (even if there is a range of maturity levels within 16 year olds.) The last time they had any major day to da
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