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  1. That is beyond brilliant in so many ways. I absolutely love it. It would have been a great way to bookend the season. Start in August with Thurgood's Marshall confirmation, end in April with King's assasination, including the aftermath/fallout. So much of the 1960s, especially the late 1960s is about triumph and tragedy. Make that juxtaposition the theme of the season. I think part of the problem is that the writers were not sure if they were going to get a second season, so they felt like every idea that they had needed to be done this season. It would explain why they are rushing throu
  2. @paigow You are correct. I totally forgot that Inspector Gadget was based on Get Smart. It's still the same basic idea.
  3. I think you may really be onto something here. Based on how old writers tend to be, I have no problem believing that they are the generation who grew up watching the original trilogy, reading all the expanded universe/legends novels and comics books, spent time asking and thinking about every single little detial and now have the opportunity to write the show. One of the the aspects of The Mandalorian I really enjoyed was that (for the first season and a half) all you needed to have to seen to understand and enjoy the series was the original trilogy. It was its own seperate thing, and
  4. I understand that TV operates some different rules from the real world. Normally, I may more than willing to let things slide with the explanation of " it's TVLand rules/logic." Having watched LA Law, I refuse to believe that the top partners would be the ones going through all of the documents. I can understand the senior partner wanting to leave the junior staff or associates (I think that's the right term for it) to sort through the documents and Marissa wanting to stay and help. Out of all the stuff that's happened on this show, it's crazy that this is one moment I go "nope, I am not willi
  5. New seasons of Mad Men premired during the summer, so for the people watching the calendar says August, but in the world of the show/for the characters its March. They made that clear in the episode and followed the calendar, and if they skipped a month or two they made that clear. I don't have a problem with the series starting in April. The big problem was skipping an entire semester of school so the series could do a Christmas episode. I accept your theory that it is an adult remembering random snippits and that it is not going week by week/month by month. The more I think about
  6. I am confused about the timelime and I am hoping someone can help or correct me if I'm wrong. The series starts in April of 1968 and Dean is in 7th grade. There is a time jump to December/winter of 1968, which means we skipped Dean's first semester of 8th grade. Brad's Bar Mitzvah takes place sometime in the first few months of 1969. This works for me. Some kids turn 13 in 8th grade. When does this type of fair take place? I usually think of them as being summer/fall but it may be different in Alabama. If it is summer/fall, that means the show pretty much skipped all of 8th gr
  7. I want to know when he got caught and at what point his parents realized they hadn't seen him for awhile. That makes sense to me. It also solves the problem of Sheldon needing to buy a bus ticket. I'm sure there were a limited number of seats on the bus and they had to make reservations and possibly pay for them, but they may have allowed children under the age of 18 to make reservations. Overall, I enjoyed this episode. Sheldon on the bus was fantastic. He was in his element and totally happy.
  8. Al doesn't do it for me. Riley in a tank top makes me very happy. Now leaving the shallow end of the pool for other topics. I think poker is a one time lapse. Getting hooked on poker is absolutely about control and finding an escape. I'm not sure where they are going with this, but I can't wait to see what happens. Lizze and Professor Williams were great. He isn't treating her like an overgrown lab rat/case study, but he understands what she's going through. He gets that grief is difficult but he wants to be with her and is willing to go at whatever pace she is comfortable with.
  9. I totally missed that. Making that clearer to the audience/viewer would have been a huge help and would have made the episode make more sense.
  10. When Young Sheldon is set, Dirty Dancing is less than a decade old, so I would not call it an old movie. Saturday Night Fever was shown on television, so Georgie could have seen it when George and Mary were on a date and out of the house. George has friends, so he could have seen it when he was at a friend's house.
  11. Anne Hathaway and Billy Crystal co-hosting would be fantastic. I think the Oscars is totally fine without a host and doesn't need one to work well.
  12. At first glance, it may have looked like a date, but they explained quickly and early in the scene it was not a romantic date. If the goal of the Jimmy Buffett plot was to promote the new Margaritaville hotel in the area, they should have mentioned the hotel in the episode. Have the real Jimmy Buffett say something like "I'm in town to check in on the new Margaritaville hotel."
  13. Part of me wondered if that was where this was going. If this was some sort of really bad back-door pilot for the teens to have thier own show about thier lives before the events of this episode. Abercrombie and Fitch is way too preppy and upscale for the bikers. The bikers are more Hot Topic/Spencer's Gifts. I had the same thought. I was so excited to see what sort of cool moves and tech they had built into thier bodies from droids, but we didn't really see much of it. I had serious Back to the Future Part 2 vibes during the chase scene.
  14. I think that is part of my problem with the episode. Dean's love life/social life storyline could have happened at a school dance or a field trip. Brad's storyline, which should have been amazing and had much more of an emotional impact didn't get the time and space it needed. The 1980s Wonder Years often had episodes that focused on one of the other characters and Kevin was mostly observing. This should have been one of those episodes where Dean doesn't have a major storyline and another character takes the spotlight.
  15. I am convinced there was a deleted scene in this episode. Maybe it was written and not filmed, or filmed but cut for time, but I am absolutely sure it exists. Jamie suddenly enforcing the old rule came out nowhere. They needed to set this up and give Jamie a reason for doing it. There are many possibilities that would have worked. Garrett and Anthony are both Regean whisperers. They are outside the family, but understand what makes its members tick. I now want to see Garrett and Anthony getting drinks and comparing notes. "How do you react when Frank does___/ Does Erin do this too" type
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