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  1. I know it is wrong to judge a series before it airs, but I am dissapointed about some of the aspects of the new CNN series on First Ladies. It's hard to believe that Nancy Reagan is the only Post World War II Republican First Lady interesting enough to be the subject of an episode. There are six episodes, and she is the only Republican First Lady. (There are episodes on Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lady Bird Johnson, and Hillary Rodham Clinton). I think going with the old A&E Biography approach is kind of a boring way to approach the topic. If CNN insisted on this approach, I would have swapped out Lady Bird Johnson for Betty Ford. If I had been in charge, I would have done the 6 episodes thematically. This would allow them to include a larger number of First Ladies. Each episode would deal with a different topic. Here are some ideas: 1. Wives and Mothers (The First Lady as wife and mother) 2. Diplomats (How First Ladies used thier role to help further international relations) 3. Issues and Activism (the different causes First Ladies chose to support) 4. Personal Challenges (things in thier personal life they had to overcome/deal with) 5. The Media (How the First Ladies dealt with/handled/interacted with the media) 6. Post-Presidency (What they did after thier husband left office)
  2. I will be happy with almost anything they do, having loved the original version on KidsWB. It was a big part of my Saturday morning growing up. Here is some of what I hope to see in the new version: Brain trying to use social media to take over the world. Wakko, Yakko, and Dot getting kicked out of a collab house or crashing a party for social media influencers. Slappy Squirrel getting new fans because her work is now on a streaming service. Skippy Squirrel trying to become a YouTube celebrity. Wakko, Yakko, and Dot running amok in a prestige premium cable or streaming drama. Wakko, Yakko, and Dot pitching multiple series to a new/struggling streaming service desperate for content. Goodfeathers dealing with gentrification. What do you want to see?
  3. This a post for speculating on what might happen in season 11, or what you would like to see happen in season 11.
  4. While both shows are ensemble shows, I think Mom is different. Mom started off as a comedic duo; it was the Bonnie and Christy show. Over the course of the series, the show drifted away from that and became much more of an ensemble show and Christy was gradually almost sidelined. To put it another way, I cannot imagine a season of The Big Bang Theory without Sheldon. I can totally picture a season or multiple seasons of Mom without Christy.
  5. One of my friends and I had the perfect idea for a season long story arc for Wendy. She's dating a doctor, but he keeps getting called to the hospital each time the others are going to be meet him, and every now and then he has to cancel plans with her. The others begin to wonder whether or not he is real. The viewer has seen him and knows he is not only real but a wonderful person.
  6. Tammy kept living with Marjorie because Marjorie really needed a roommate due to her own finances. Tammy realized that if she moved out, Marjorie wouldn't be able to afford the house, so Tammy decided to stay to ensure that Marjorie would be able to stay in her house and not need to find another job.
  7. I'm actually totally okay with Christy being off the show. It's going to be the the same ensemble show we've been watching for the past few seasons, minus the weakest character. They've been focusing on the other women in AA, and that's been great. It allowed them to tell a wider variety of stories. The writers couldn't come up with any more good material for Christy, so I'd rather see her leave then be given weak material week after week. I was hoping the writers would do more with support for people with a gambling addiction, but they didn't. Again, the actress is great-the writers weren't giving her great material to work with. Also, Marjorie is like the Mom of the group, and I could make a case for Wendy filling that role as well. Wendy is often right, but no one listens to her. She does a great deal of nurtring that is ignored by the rest of the group.
  8. That's a really good point. She doesn't need a roommate.
  9. It used to be 100 episodes or 5 seasons, but sometime in the past 15 or 20 years it was changed to 88 or 80something episodes, which would make it 4 seasons.
  10. Slightly related, but also slightly off topic. I think a show needs 4 seasons for syndication, and there is real money in selling syndication rights. If a show makes it to 3 seasons, it is probably getting a 4th just so they can sell syndication rights. I liked Baxter as a character so it's a shame we won't see more of him, especially if Christy is out of the picture. He worked best in small doses and the writers understood that having him on a few times per season was the best way to use the character.
  11. This is a far better and more thoughtful version of she transfers to another law school out of state. Also, California is such a large state, it could still be something within California, but too far away for her to make regular visits home.
  12. Christy has become the weakest link, which I never would have predicted. This is not the fault of the actress. The writers have not been giving her great material or interesting stories. The series has become very much an ensemble show, and I think it can continue just fine without Christy. This works for me.
  13. That would be fantastic! Maybe there's a crazy last minute cancelation (because rules of TVLand) so they have Susie fill a square. I love the idea of seeing Midge go too far for network TV and the conseqeunces of that. One the one hand, she doesn't get asked back to Hollywood Squares. On the other hand, other people within the industry who may not have seen Midge before realize how funny it is. It reminds me of the episode of Murphy Brown where she goes on a kids' show with puppet characters. She gets into a fight with one the puppets and accidently decapitates him. For the character, it's a disaster. For the viewer watching at home, it is a comedic delight.
  14. I'm hopeful, but it's too close to the election for my taste. It could easily get bumped for a debate, a speech, or something "big" that happens. I
  15. Mad Men was in the world of the high end Madison Ave advertising, where there were few African Americans in any positions of power. To be fair, they could have had an African American client trying to hire Sterling Cooper. This show is set in the entertainment industry, which was very different. The phrase "friend of Dorothy" was code among gay men and possibly insiders in the entertianment industry. Most people at the time (late 1950s/early1960s), especially straight people would not have known what it was code for.
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