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  1. Sarah 103

    Toy Story 4 (2019)

    I would love a series of shorts with Duckie and Bunny. I think we could get both. I could see a series of short films following the toys in Bonnie's room. I could also see a series of short films following Woody and Bo. I think both ideas would work.
  2. Sarah 103

    The Speculation Conjecture

    This is great. You gave Sheldon something to do in the episode, so it works for me. Seeing Sheldon trying to spy and failing would be fantastic to watch.
  3. Sarah 103

    The Speculation Conjecture

    I love it. Missy keeps giving him great ideas but he ignores them and keeps trying to make things right on his own, and keeps failing. Finally he listens to Missy and Mary forgives him. Agreed. That's pretty much where my sleepover idea came from. I want to see what Missy is like around her friends. What kind of person is she when she is around other people her age? Brilliant. Missy catches him but agrees not to tell thier parents and spends the rest of the episode blackmailing him. Also, when she asks him to drive her to the Hello Kitty Store, she asks if Sheldon wants to go the comic book store (or another store close by that he'd want to go to). Sheldon asks why Georgie is driving them and Missy's response is "Who cares, do you want to go or not," and Sheldon gets in the car. We've seen Missy be nice and offer to help Sheldon when she doesn't have to, so it's possible.
  4. Sarah 103

    The Speculation Conjecture

    I went back to edit because I now had ideas, but I could not edit the post so I am posting a reply. Things I Would Like to See: 1. Paige inviting Sheldon and Missy to her birthday party. She is friends with both of them so it would make sense. Sheldon loves the idea of being in a room with his intellectual equals and Missy hates the idea of being in a room of Sheldons. Sheldon irritates everyone and has a miserable time, while Missy gets along with most of them, because they are still kids like her. 2. Mary forcing Sheldon to invite Paige to a dance (church function or one of his school dances). 3. Sheldon and Georgie teaming up, probably to help Missy deal with a mean girl at school, because I have no idea what else could get the two of them to work together. 4. Missy with her friends. It might be fun to see how Sheldon reacts when she invites a bunch of her friends to a sleepover (obviously with Mary's approval).
  5. Sarah 103

    Aladdin (2019)

    I agree. Will Smith brought the right kind of manic energy the role of genie needs. I was right in my earlier prediction. The Genie's two songs do not require a vast vocal range and Will Smith was able to do a good job with them. The yams/jams thing was fantastic. The whole thing just kept getting worse and worse and it was fun to watch, because almost all of us have said something stupid to our crush at one point or another. I think it made sense for the story. It gave her a goal instead of wanting to marry for love. I didn't see it as shoved-in feminism because it came naturally and motivated her storyline. It gave deeper meaning to her scenes in the marketplace. Also, her facination with maps and the world beyond the palace walls gives the line "I can show you the world" a deeper meaning. Dalia was a fantastic addition. It allowed the Genie to have a fun subplot. I also liked Dalia pretending to be the princess. It was a funny scene. Overall, I liked the movie. I agree with @VCRTracking. When the Genie was giving relationship advice to Aladdin, I started thinking of Hitch. I was not impressed with Aladdin's singing. I was dissapointed that they cut all of Iago's great lines. I have no problem with rewriting the dialogue, but the character barely existed. I loved that the carpet was a more fully realized and developed character and I have no idea how they did it. I liked that Rajah tried to attack Iago. It fits with cat vs. bird, but also shows that Rajah is an excellent judge of character.
  6. Sarah 103

    FYI: This Just In: Murphy Brown in the Media

    That would be wonderful, but will probably not happen unless Shout! Factory decides to do it. However, Shout! Factory/TimeLife has a history of doing just that: Freaks and Geeks, China Beach, The Wonder Years, and other series as well. I wish we had slightly more closure to Avery's story, like ending with a job offer from another news outlet (cable, print, or digital media).
  7. This was the part I was missing. A single line would have been incredibly helpful. Thank you for clarifying this for me.
  8. Sarah 103

    The Speculation Conjecture

    Here is the place to post everything you hope will happen in season 3. Remember, we are not allowed to discuss future plot points from The Big Bang Theory.
  9. I'm surprised George didn't try to bribe/bargin with her, because that totally would have worked. Agreed. This is how you do a season finale that can also function as a series finale, but still works if the series comes back from another season. I'm sure Dr. Sturgis will be back season because Connie was able to talk him down and into the apartment.
  10. I was dissapointed too. Agreed. I feel like we got Stuart and Denise closure earlier this season. They were going to move in together, which seemed like a good place to tie up their story for now. It demonstrates that they are in a serious long term relationship. I wish we could've seen the shopping makeover montage too. Did Anu and Raj actually break up and I missed it, or did they leave the relationship hanging/unclear when she moved to London. I would be okay with Raj being single, but it didn't seem like the Raj/Anu story had closure (a break-up counts as closure to me). I'll be the TBBT writers told the YS writers, "our finale involves the cast and the Nobel Prize" and didn't give more spoilers so it wouldn't get out, but enough for the YS writers to create something that perfectly tied into TBBT finale. I agree. Stuff happens, it just happened while Stuart was watching them but the exact same events could have happened when the parents were home. That bothered me too. They have so little time as it is, why waste it on something like that? If people want to catch up, there's websites with summaries, syndication, streaming and other ways to catch-up before the finale. I wish we had seen those things happen too. Raj was giving her good advice. Be happy with who you are how you look. If you're not happy, you can change your look/style. He wasn't suggesting something drastic like plastic surgery, just buying some outfits and trying out a new hairstyle. Also, I loved that Sheldon in his speech didn't mention that Howard doesn't have a PhD and instead used a title that would show respect and something that Howard was proud of.
  11. Sarah 103

    S09.E22: Something Blue

    For a long time, I thought it was a CBS thing, then found out all three networks have used it (not necessarily as a scene of the crime). I had no idea it orginated in a comic book.
  12. Sarah 103

    S08.E08: Episode 8

    That makes perfect sense. Thank you!
  13. Sarah 103

    S09.E22: Something Blue

    If it makes you feel better, Hudson University has been mentioned multiple times on the series. I think it's usually been in the context of Danny's cases, but Nikki could have mentioned a friend going there or applied there herself.
  14. Sarah 103

    S08.E08: Episode 8

    I agree. I'm glad he was interested in her. Nurse Crane can now enjoy her life without worrying about how to let him down easy. Yes. I think it's easy for someone on the outside to dimiss Trixie as frivilous and a clotheshorse, but she is a force to reckon with and not someone you want to cross. I don't understand why Val had to testify at all (aside from it's TV and makes for good drama). Trixie saw everything that Val did. You only needed one to testify, because there is little to nothing one could add to the other's account, unless I'm missing something.
  15. Sarah 103

    S09.E22: Something Blue

    Nikki graduated from Columbia, not Hudson University, although Hudson University has been mentioned on the show.