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  1. I wanted to like that Kristoff was getting a big serious dramatic moment, but once I realized it was drawing from 1980s power ballads/music videos for the power ballads, I couldn't take it seriously. Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It wasn't as good as the first one, but it felt like it had an actual story to tell and wasn't just a cash grab. Also, the fire salamander was adorable.
  2. It seems from the voice narration that next season Sheldon may start college. The university understood that someone would have to drive Sheldon to and from school, which is why they were trying to hire George. If it isn't a big sports school, I love the idea of subplots for George dealing with the culture shock as well as coaching students who may not be as athletic as the team in high school. Agreed that the librarian is comedy gold. However, I am sure there will be a similiar character to fill that role when he goes to college.
  3. I can picture Jason something that at first sounds crazy and/or stupid but after someone expands on it, adds things to it, or somehow improves it, ultimately leads to the solution that will save humanity.
  4. I wished we had seen Eddie investigating. Baker doing exposition out of nowhere was kind of boring. Maybe show Eddie doing some digging of her own. Jamie is great at research, maybe she picked up a few things from him. I predicted how the Garrett story was going to end. The writing on this show has been steadily declining over the past few seasons. It was fun to see Anthony as Reagan Whisperer. That is his unofficial title.
  5. I could picture an episode with a fun subplot about the two of them commuting. Maybe they find some radio show or audio book they both love but for totally different reasons.
  6. I don't think the move to college is going to change the show that much, especially now that it's such a strong ensemble cast. Since Sheldon will probably go to school locally, he will still be interacting with his family. We can get storylines about Sheldon in college, and still have storylines about all of the other family members too.
  7. I like the idea that Wendy has this super interesting past, but we are getting it in small doses. I am totally onboard with random fact about Wendy's past becoming a regular part of the series. I know I've probably said this before, but I want Jill's movie room.
  8. I had some problems with this episode. I'm guessing Georgie goes out on dates and that he's allowed to have dinner with his friends (if he gets permission first). What Mary should have said was something like, "It's great that you have your own money, but tonight is a school night and we're having a family dinner. You can buy your own dinner on weekends." Mary's problem wasn't that he had money, it's that he was being disrespectful to her. George wasn't being greedy. He didn't ask for any of that, it was just given to him because the school was trying to keep him there. Also, George knows that Sheldon isn't happy in high school, so maybe college isn't a bad idea. He could have made that case. I get it's a sitcom and they need drama/conflict, it's just that tonight's episode didn't work for me and fell flat. I wish they had gone more with Mary's concern about her kids growing up too quickly instead of focusing on greed. That could have worked better for me. Maybe Mary's realizing her kids are growing up and that scares so she goes crazy with family related church activities, or just family/togetherness type stuff in general.
  9. Yes! It was wonderful. I no longer had to ask my parents if they were expecting phone calls or had to make a phone call. I could go just online and read or post on the SitcomsOnline message boards.
  10. Robert Reed hated The Brady Bunch and the creative team, but he had a strong attachment to the kids. If he were still alive and found out all six kids were involved, he would have been there, even if it was just one episode.
  11. After she talked about needing to work on her relationship with god, I got a very "I carried a watermelon" vibe from her. She said it, but can't believe she said it. I'm not sure if she knows how she really feels about Georgie. She likes Georgie as a friend, but she also might be interested in dating him. She doesn't know what she wants. Missy is awesome. The relationship between Sheldon and Missy is facinating. They love each other, but they don't like each other, they don't have much in common, but they are family. They will tease each other, but also try to be there for help when the other needs them.
  12. I thought they were at least going to swap roommates/housemates for the episode, because this is a sitcom. It was great the episode showed that Bonnie and Jill have different comfort levels, but that it was okay. It was about what was best for the individual, and the two friends didn't judge each for wanting/needing different things. I wonderded about that too. The fact that he is willing to do it is huge and shows how much he loves Jill, but I wonder if he was fully thought this through. Is he going to be able to endure the teasing from his cop friends when he goes out drinking with them and he orders soda.
  13. I think what you said about Jason's personality is important. Jason, despite his criminal past, is fundamentally a sweet guy. As far as I know, he never intentionally killed or injured someone. Most of it was property damange, which is bad and serious but not in the same category as worse/more severe crimes. Jason has redeeming qualities, which we didn't see any of in Brent. I loved that Tahani's answer of how to kill time while waiting for the judge's verdict was a series of parties. She wanted to give everyone (except for Chidi) a way to say goodbye and say how much they each meant to each other. It was a lovely gesture. Elenaor couldn't find the words during Chidi's funeral but knew exactly how she felt about him and what his best qualities were after hearing all of humanity was about to destroyed. Her defense of Chidi was her eulogy.
  14. This bothered me, to the point where I am convinced some key lines of dialogue ended up on the cutting room floor. I spent the entire episode waiting for the story that would explain why Henry was acting out of character, something from his past that caused him to act the way he did, and we didn't get it. Love the West Side Story reference. Taking a dip in the shallow end of the pool, a car wash would brilliant, like the calendars but in real life. I love that this week we have Danny admitting his is Henry's mini-me.
  15. I agree with all of this. I don't think the real test was about Chidi, Simone, John, and Brent improving at all. I thought it was managing a boy band, not being in a boy band that made someone ineligible. Chidi doesn't need to get his memory back to figure that out. He realized he couldn't be in a relationship with Simone when she refused to help Brent.
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