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  1. There was a little detail that seemed off to me. Based on how old the son was, I thought he was born before anti-vaxers became more common. I thought the question on the medical form would have been, "have you had vaccines for measles, mumps, and ruebella," not have you had the diseases. It's also possible I misheard the line.
  2. Christy and Violet agreed to give each other some space. Violet is not ready to forgive Christy. It took years for Christy to let Bonnie back in her life, and even longer for Christy to actually let go of the anger. I really liked the way they resolved the Christy/Violet storyline. Roscoe is a totally different. We have no idea what the situation is because they act like the character doesn't exist. Again, if the actor wanted to leave the show, just have a line or two a few times during the season that indicates Christy is still involved in his life (Hold on, I have to answer a text from Roscoe). Exactly. He thought he would be okay seeing her and having her be a part of his life. However all it took was one innocent comment and all the anger, hurt, and resement came pouring out and he couldn't control how he felt.
  3. Either the writer experienced divorced or did a ton of research. That's a facinating point. Paige brings out a side of Sheldon we don't see often. When he's around an intellectual equal, he acts more like a kid and less like a stuck-up genuis. Sheldon really cares about Paige, and it's rare to see him care that much about someone he isn't related to. Also, Sheldon will listen to Dr. Sturgis and take him seriously. This makes sense when you remember that Sheldon thinks he is smarter and knows better than most of the adults around him. Dr. Sturgis is the exception. I could have sworn in an voice-over earlier in this series Sheldon mentioned his own children. I agree with you. Parents assigning children age-appropriate is not outsourcing the chore. It is teaching the children about responsibility and that everyone in the family has to help out to make sure everything is taken care of. Even though Georgie may not need an allowence for spending money, he is still living at home and his parents are providing most of his needs.
  4. I agree. Also, I am a total idiot for misreading the list of Best Picture Nominees.
  5. Since seasons tend to take place over a short amount of time, they could set it during a school break. Thanksgiving break is usually a little less than a week but some students can extend it based on class schedule (if Thanksgiving break starts on Tuesday, but a student doesn't have classes on Monday, they could leave the Saturday before Thanksgiving). There's also winter break which tends to be closer to 3-4 weeks, spring break is usually a week.
  6. Both sides have valid points. I wished Nancy had pointed out that Jonathan was given real substantive work to do. Almost everytime we saw Jonathan at the paper he was in the darkroom alone, which means he is trusted with real responsibilities. However Nancy is making coffee and taking lunch orders. She is not given serious work to do. Sexism is a major problem for her. Meanwhile, there is also this very real class divide which others have noticed. Jonathan did an excellent job of articulating the class issue. I wish Nancy had been able to do a better job of pointing out the sexism she faced at the newspaper.
  7. I am thrilled with all of the Oscar nominations but Greta Gerwig not nominated for directing is a major snub. This movie also should have been nominated for best picture. At first I wasn't sure about the flashbacks, and then realized it was brilliant. It allows the viewer to make clear contrasts between the past and present and clearly demonstrates how the past informs the present. Also, the fact that the flashbacks had a yellowish nostalgic tint to them made it clear to me when we were in the past and when it was present day for the characters. I loved the way they showed a clear contrast to how still and quiet the Lawerence home was with how noisy and active the March household was.
  8. This movie deserves all of the Oscar nominations it received.
  9. Sarah 103

    Joker (2019)

    This movie did not deserve 11 nominations. At best, it deserved these two. Performance by an actor in a leading role - Joaquin Phoenix Achievement in costume design - Mark Bridges
  10. Under the new proposed system, I thought below a certain number of points, someone was automatically going to the Bad Place. Above a certain number of points, someone was automatically going to the Good Place. For people who fell in the middle, it would be a chance to redeem themselves.
  11. Frank was looking into classifying suicide as death in the line of duty. He thought religious groups may have something to say about that, and wanted to hear what they had to say as he was crafting this new policy. I am sure he would also talk to mental health professionals as well. However, a converation with mental health professionals would not have the same visual impact as a room full of clergy representing different religions (It's the creative team's way of saying: Look! We have diversity! It's the modern 21st century multicultural police force).
  12. I love that Anthony is the Reagan whisperer. It just appeals to me. What Frank should have done is told the widow she could have the report, but warn her there was damaging information about her husband in there, and then let her figure out if she wanted to know the full story or not.
  13. I loved that we got to see Disco Janet's void, and that she marbelized into a disco ball marble. I know we'll probably never get to actually hear the story, but I'll bet it would be fantastic.
  14. The part about people in NYC not having drivers' licenses is absolutely true. I can't imagine that people in NYC don't have some type of non-driver ID, because they would it for air travel or to prove that they are over 18 or 21. It's hard to believe that most New Yorkers would opt for passports over the non-driver ID card. Back to the episode: Although I wasn't thrilled with Tammy when she first appeared on this series, I am now happy she is part of the cast. Overall, I enjoyed this episode.
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