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  1. I have no idea if this will do any good, but I thought it was worth sharing. If you have Facebook, post a comment on their page or send them a message saying you want to see the final two episodes of "The Windsors." Most of the comments on their posts about the new series are people asking for the final two episodes of "The Windsors" https://www.facebook.com/CNNOriginalSeries Tweeting might work too. If you have twitter tweet @CNNOriginals as well as @CNN and use the hashtag #TheWindsorsCNN
  2. This was wonderful. I enjoyed it and had no idea how many movies he directed. I loved that the overall message was "yes he directed fluffly silly fun, but what is so wrong with that?" It was the perfect special for this moment.
  3. Sarah 103

    The Star Wars Saga

    Thank you so much for your help. I figured out a way to search for the symbols and got my answer. Here it is in case you were curious.
  4. Sarah 103

    The Star Wars Saga

    I'm a huge fan of the original trilogy, but I never got into the novels, tv spin-offs, video games. I have watched the sequel and prequel trilogy only once. For people who know far more about the franchise than I do, could someone please tell me what the symbols on the face mask from Disney are? I recognize the rebellion and the empire, but what are the others? Thanks to anyone who can help.
  5. My guess is that they wanted to give Joanie a love interest.
  6. The best way I know of is to watch the full episodes is on DVD. Other people may have different methods.
  7. @Kohola3. I agree with you. It was the other doctor who had the drinking problem, not McNulty. I feel like I missed something. (I watched the PBS version). Sister Frances was having bad cramps and he gave her something for it. Why do people think he's addicted? I thought this was similar to Dr. Turner perscribing Thalidomide. In both cases the doctor may have had no idea the drug had such dangerous or side effects. Overall, I liked the episode, especially the baby garden at the end.
  8. Sheldon's social skills aren't that great. There's a combination of he often doesn't understand or care how what he says impacts people. I have no problem believing that Missy would think it and I understand that Sheldon often makes her life difficult. Missy has far better social skills and knew what she said would hurt Sheldon.
  9. The first season is on Amazon Prime if you have access to AmazonPrime.
  10. I'm thrilled that they have further developed the relationship between George and Sheldon. Mary knows all the little details, but George can see the big picture. There are times George knows what's better for his son than Mary. George doesn't always understand Sheldon, but he loves him and wants him to do well in life. Agreed. I understand that Sheldon is still a child and keeping this from him made sense. George is an adult and supposed to responsible for Sheldon's well being as well. This is something the two of them should have discussed as a couple. George had every right to be upset. I'm surprised Mrs. Sparks default was sarcasm. I had hoped they were past that after the birthday party. I am glad that Mrs. Sparks was able to realize this was serious and be there for her neighbor. On some level, they are dealing with the same issue. It's two sides of the same coin. How do you raise a child who is so different (especially socially and academically) from their peers? They need each other. Nice to know I'm not the only one who thought that. Missy can hurt and emotionally destroy Sheldon when she wants to. Telling him their parents were fighting because he was a freak was brutal. Overall, this was a fantastic episode. Each major character got a moment to shine.
  11. I thought the actor looked a bit like Jamie, so it worked for me. I know siblings don't always look alike, but in this case it helped sell the idea and convince the characters and the audience this really was Joe's son. Also, I thought the mother was out of line. Her son wanted that job. He asked for it, because he didn't want a safe position. I like that the idea of Joe being able to make his own choices was echoed in the end. His mother didn't want him to go to family dinner, but ultimately, that wasn't her decision to make for him. Joe got to decide whether or not he wanted to be there. My guess, and this is only a guess, is that it may also be one of those DNA tests that also tells you country too, so the students have to research a bit about what country/countries they're ancestors are from. Overall, having three storylines instead of 4 was a huge improvement, but I did feel Jamie's was a bit rushed. I wished we could have seen more of the investigative work in figuring it all out instead of important information come as summary towards the end of the episode. I'm all for Joe being a regular at family dinner, but five plotlines per episode will kill this show.
  12. I really enjoyed this episode. The way they subverted the elvator delivery was fantastic. Hitchock and Scully, while lazy and addicted to unhealthy food, often have knowledge and skills based on being lazy and addicted to unhealthy food that turn out to be useful. The dance was a highlight of the episode.
  13. I love this idea. For everyone suggesting clever, brilliant, and interesting ideas, could you please indicate where the show is available? Especially since things change and websites are not always accurate. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  14. Erin's storyline may have been the best of the episode. I felt like I missed scenes with Danny and Jamie's storyline, even though I was awake and paying attention for the entire episode. This whole 4 storylines per episode is killing the series.
  15. When the show started off, there were three stories every week. There was a Frank story, a Danny story, and a wild card. The wild card usually went to Erin or Jamie, but sometimes it went Henry or one of the youngest generation. Often Erin would be tagged into Danny's story if she wasn't the wild card. In my opinion, the problem with the show was when it changed to four storylines per week. One or possible multiple storylines would feel rushed or shortchanged. Also, the overall writing of the show has declined. It feels like there are missing scenes needed to explain why or how something happened.
  16. Let me start by saying that West Side Story is my favorite musical and I think the 1961 film version is one of the few movie musicals that is just as good as the stage version. I have no problem with the desire remake the movie in order to cast actors that are closer to the race/ethnicity of the characters they play. That being said, based on what I have read and pictures that I have seen from the set, I have serious problems with this remake. They are messing with the color scheme and I am not okay with that. The Jets are supposed to be in yellow and blue. The Sharks are supposed to be in red, pink and purple. Seeing Anita wearing a yellow dress in "America" messes with my head on a fundamental level. Replacing Doc with a character played by Rita Moreno doesn't work for a whole host of reasons. I get that Rita Moreno is an amazing national treasure and they wanted to give her a part in this movie. The best way to do that is expand the role of Madam Lucia, the woman who owns the dress shop where Maria and Anita work. If you cut the character of Doc, you are removing one of the major ethnic groups of New York City. Doc is supposed to represent the Jews who started off a generation or two earlier with pushcarts and ended up with small stores. The Jets each represent another group of immigrants (Irish, Polish, Italian, and others). Part of Tony's emotional journey is learning that the Puerto Ricans aren't this strange dehumanized foreign other, but instead are real people. If Tony and the other Jets grew up going to Doc's and seeing this new character there, the all of the hostility and animosity towards the Sharks doesn't work and it didn't make sense.
  17. Brie now officially needs to be a character we meet in a future season, as well as Brie's owners.
  18. I think it was also to show how far her character had come. Dr. Walters didn't believe that he had a problem, while Trixie understands she has a problem and is taking steps to keep control over it.
  19. She suspected Dr. Walters had a drinking problem, so showing her at AA wasn't totally random.
  20. I think Dr. McNulty would be a fantastic addition to Dr. Turner's practice. I think Dr. McNulty and the other three doctors were done with medical school, so in the U.S they would be medical interns. There is nothing wrong with the birds. They are all healthy. The problem was something in the soil, I think it was a fungus, that was reacting to the birds' droppings.
  21. I loved musical roommates and wished we would have more of that instead of the Blair Witch Project spoof. The stuff in the woods felt like wasted screen-time. I would have loved to see more scenes of Marjorie and Wendy talking about what it's like to be the mature one/the voice of reason. Give me more Tammy and Christie talking about what it's like for people to doubt you or your abilities or something else. Tammy and Bonnie were fantastic. I liked Jill being nice to Wendy at the end. I thought the kiss was just Christie testing to see if she was still into men, and to me it was pretty clear the answer was yes.
  22. My biggest problem was the scene between Dr. Turner and Mrs. Mohammed. She knows what happened to her (long childbirth and the baby died) and that she has a problem. I'm guessing it was written that way to catch up viewers who were tuning in halfway through the episode, but there had to be a better way to do that type of recap. I loved the fashion show.
  23. I love this idea. The two dogs would be at the stations for plot reasons. We would hear what the dogs are thinking, as well as what the characters around them are saying. The two dogs work together to solve the crime.
  24. The heist episodes remind me of the Teddys from Mary Tyler Moore, The Humbolt on Murphy Brown or the SeaBees on Frasier. It's an episode where people act a little crazy and sometimes out of character, but it's once a season and they're usually fun to watch. To me it doesn't really matter what time of year they happen, it's just a fun annual thing the series does that I enjoy watching. It reminds me of the Venus Butterfly from L.A Law. You know it's something sexual that women find incredibly pleasurable, it takes two people, it involves food or something you need to order from room service, and that's about it. The writers leave it up to the imagination of the audience, because the writers believe that our minds will come up with something far wilder and more scandalous than they could ever dream of.
  25. Unfortunately, this is what CNN does. They have these fantastic top quality documentary series that they treat as filler. They do this all the time. Soundtracks only aired an episode or two before it was pre-empted in summer 2016 every time a candidate sneezed. Same thing happened to History of Comedy, but CNN did eventually air all of the remaining episodes, so there's hope.
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