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  1. NYGirl

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    I'm with the Designer Judge...I'm going to need to be medicated this season....so much drama...so much crying...so much bitchiness and entitlement. What have they done to my show? I was so happy Frankie went instead of Kovid. I felt so sorry for him, especially when Nina told him not to cry on the runway. Frankie had everybody helping her sew her outfit last week and she couldn't spare a minute to help her teammate. Goodbye Frankie!! You've made this season watchable for me now. At the beginning Tessa annoyed me to no end. Plus she was teamed with 2 very good designers but they were too polite to be rude to her and not listen to her orders. The three outfits were beautifully made. OMG Hester needs to go now... She was so entitled with that tulle. I felt so sorry for her teammate.
  2. NYGirl

    S38.E04: I Need a Dance Partner

    I just watched this morning and I came here just to complain about this. It gets me so mad when they do this. There should be a rule. That being said I wanted to smack that guy who cozied up to Joe and then in his TH said he was going to vote him out.
  3. NYGirl

    S17.E01: Premiere

    OMG I don't think I can take another minute of Frankie...the crying..the not being able to sew..the questionable taste of the outfit... I'm not gonna make it through this season But if she couldn't go Cavanaugh was almost as annoying so don't let the door hit you in the butt. The girl that won? When Nina was talking it sounded like she didn't like it and the girl had a scared look on her face..and then Nina said it looked worth a lot more money. I just giggled at her. I love Christian. The other judges..meh
  4. NYGirl

    Windy City Rehab

    Just watched 2 episodes...probably reruns. I don't think I'll watch any more of this. My God all she does is whine about spending money. She's in the wrong business.
  5. NYGirl

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Fung Shui consultant?!?!? What the heck. This woman wanted so much for her $200k budget .... but the worst part was her leading us on for the whole show that she had a mom that couldn’t climb steps and then buys a 2 story and works with her therapist to help the mom go up steps! If she said Fung Shui one more time grrrrrrrr
  6. Noooooooo. America!!! Are you crazy??? I can't take another episode of Tamar!!!
  7. NYGirl

    Season Five Episode Talk

    Thank goodness Jason and Maeve didn't win. I cannot stand Jason and his bragging about winning 3 Food Network competitions... I hated Maeve from her season on HBC. I recently saw Jordan on the Christmas Cookie Competition as a judge and he turned me right off with his snark and was not very nice to the contestants. I guess I was stuck rooting for Nacho and the woman with the glasses. ugh...
  8. NYGirl

    S37:E14 David vs Goliath Reunion LIVE CHAT

    Thank God!!! I'm so happy for Nick. I thought Mike won by the way Jeff was reading the votes. I was holding my breath! Of course Angelina got no votes...lol.
  9. NYGirl

    S37 Spoilers and Speculation

    Got this on Twitter tonight. Too cryptic for me: REALvegas4sure #cbbus2‏ @REALvegasbackup More SURVIVOR : Major drama and discovering a *possible* CHEATER. A castaway is being investigated for having snuck in contraband found during F3/4 pack up BUT reported very recently. Facing DQ. Possible LIVE revote @ finale or 2nd place to win. EXECS SCRAMBLING.
  10. NYGirl

    S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    I am loving this season! I was holding my breath and hoping Christian would use his idol. He's grown on me and now I want him to win. I couldn't understand why Gabby would vote out her biggest ally. The sad part is if it worked it probably wouldn't have mattered in the end. I'm glad it didn't work. I like that people are thinking before tribal counsel and that they came up with voting Gabby "just in case" I sure hope Christian finds an idol when they go back to camp. I've cried every season when the loved ones come on. Go figure. I don't even know why..
  11. I wasn't paying close attention but I thought I heard them criticize something on Ricky's cookie so I was afraid he wasn't going to win. I thought for sure Amber would win as she was a good decorator and I didn't hear a complaint about the taste of her cookie. I loved Betty though even though she wasn't a decorator. Her recipes sounded delicious. I'm glad Ricky won.
  12. Last night I watched the Christmas Spirit and absolutely loved it although I had way too many questions at the end. I was kind of perplexed all night afterwards. LOL The male lead really was eye candy and the female lead not too annoying. After that I watched the Christmas Creek with Steven Weber and it was meh... He was the only good thing about the movie. I wasn't too fond of the female lead or her parents. This morning I Netflixed it and watch the Christmas Chronicles. You Netflixers need to watch this movie. Kurt Russell was outstanding as Santa Claus and the kids were very likable. It was frenetic and I laughed out loud several times. If you are looking to avoid the sappy love stuff you will enjoy this movie. I am now watching the Princess Switch and it's slow going for me. Hopefully it will pick up. The Christmas Calendar is on my horizon while I'm on Netflix and my house is already decorated and my shopping 3/4s done.
  13. NYGirl

    S37:E09 Breadth-First Search

    So what was Kara's story? Why did she want Dan out ? Just because she wanted to move on? Huh? She was breaking one of the important rules of Survivor and targeting her tribe member. Sigh...they'll never get it. It makes me crazy.
  14. OMG I had no idea they made a Mitford movie! I read the books in the 90s and shared with a friend of mine at the time. It brought us closer together. After reading the post about Mitford I went to IDMB to read about it. Wow!! I'm so glad I missed it. The most it got was like 1 star and had many scathing reviews. I saw another movie today with Shirley McLaine and Eric McCormick . I only caught the last half and enjoyed it so much that I set it to record when it's on. Shirley was an angel and the Sex in the City Girl was one too, or so they led you to believe. Let me tell you Eric McCormick looked really good and it was fun to see actual actors in one of these movies. It was Heavenly Christmas I will say most of the movies I like were made in 2016 I've noticed.
  15. Last night I saw Christmas Solo about the widow and the divorcee where they both had teenaged daughters. The daughters were in chorus and both trying out for the solo at the Christmas festivities which produced maybe 10 people from town. ::insert eye roll here::: Anyway his daughter was such a witch. He had no idea of her antics. I was too stressed out by how mean she was to the widow's sweet daughter that I couldn't even enjoy the movie. Last week I saw 9 lives of Christmas and loved it. Although the male lead was a little wooden. Today I am watching my favorite of all with Roger Moore.. A Princess for Christmas. I LOVED it. BTW the male lead is so easy on the eyes. (Ashton) I love British snobbery.