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  1. I think it was new.. it was from last Friday. My TiVo picked it up as new.
  2. Just watched the family in Bloomington Indiana who wanted a change because she survived a health issue. I can't say this enough but I think I hate the woman 75% and the men 25%. She had this dopey smile while she was telling him go to hell whenever he suggested something. I couldn't stand that smile! And at the beginning I'm not sure I heard him right that they were married 10 years. I kept replaying it but I couldn't get it. I did love the house they chose but 5 sinks in the kitchen? Ugh
  3. I agree about the second apartment. She was crazy not to choose it. She said "my boyfriend (no name) 100 times during the episode like she couldn't believe that good looking guy was hers! Shower in the kitchen? No need for a dishwasher!! LOL
  4. Did anyone see the HH international last night in Vienna? The girl said "my boyfriend" 100 times during one episode. She couldn't make a decision without him. I think she had to prove to herself that that good looking guy was actually hers. Boy was he handsome! The first apartment had a shower in the kitchen. I guess you don't need a dishwasher...shower with the dishes. LOL
  5. I'm so angry with the repeat plaintiff today who paid child support for his 1 15 year old daughter and kept getting it reduced because: (said in whiny voice) he had to take care of himself!! (end voice) In the halter view he said that his wife was lazy and living off the $180 he paid each month for his daughter. $180!!!!! $180!!!!! (which Judge Judy said couldn't feed a goldfish for a month or her dog for a month). God did I really want to punch him.
  6. I saw some of the mini marathon today and in one house she painted all the accents lime green. I can't believe she doesn't go with neutrals. Another one she did had a pink master, pink bathroom and the living/dining was pink. Even the faux buyers had something to say about that.
  7. Not crazy about the woman last night who's husband was a realtor. I forgot where they were (forgive me). They were really far apart in price and she wanted all of the bells and whistles whereas he wanted to keep it low in price. She went behind his back to look at a new build for 1.25 million and was gushing over the house with her new realtor. She just annoyed me. But I'm so easy to annoy in this day and age so I don't know if it's justified. In the end they ended up with the fixer. I knew she wouldn't win.
  8. I've never seen Dave act in any other way than he's portrayed. He's relatively nice. I was just talking about this one show.
  9. I just watched a couple of episodes and I've now decided I don't like Jenny very much;. She made a stupid kids playroom out of a closet and put a child size door in the kitchen to get to it. What a waste. Then she played a nasty prank on Dave when he was cutting out the door and kind of scared him. She also gave Chase a hard time about the awning over the front door. She didn't smile once and was pretty nasty to everyone.
  10. So this week was reruns of BO-NANZAs? Today's case took the cake! The I work all night Tarot card reader was suing her landlord for having the audacity to ask her if the city inspectors can look at the house at 12:30 pm. They were only looking at the porch and she came out in a flimsy nightshirt and felt violated. The kicker? House was deemed a one family house and she has to move. She has no lease but the landlord must give her $10,000 to move. She was also looking for another $5,000 today. I just shook my head.
  11. Not a fan of the Vegas woman either. I just don't like when they are nasty to their husbands when the guy expresses an opinion. There's been a lot of that with HH's lately. Also she had a resting bitch face that didn't like anything. She was so proud of herself while saying that she compromised on what they ended up picking;
  12. There are no words to describe the 2 episodes of tonight. First the girl in Colorado with the annoying mother. The mother was worried about her view when she comes to visit; That poor girl didn't know the mother planned on coming for an extensive visit in the future. She ended up with the right choice for her even though she didn't want to do any work at all...even changing out a shower curtain was considered work to her. The beautiful scenery in Oklahoma! However, we have an idiot House Hunter with vocal fry who only wants to go to wineries and restaurants while living in a vacation home near the lake...and only wants a 1 bedroom house even though she has a baby. I'm sure they will have more in the future... maybe they can sleep on the front porch?? She thinks a loft is "awful" and doesn't understand the concept. The realtor was hard to understand and she looked like Roseanne Barr. I'm not a fan of log cabins with wood walls all over the house. At least they picked the one that they can make the nook a guest room. I don't think they planned on taking the baby with them when they went to the lake ..
  13. I really enjoyed this. I always enjoy the summer temporary competitive shows. My son and I were trying to figure out just what we could do well if we were contestants and came up with nothing...lol. I love the Sheriff...she's badass! I also love the ex-Marine and the Forest Tech. I kind of picked Linnette to be the winner of the whole thing. I was sure she could beat Young. I'm glad she's still in it and can collect money each week if her team wins. I like that concept. Most of all I love Phil
  14. OMG today's rerun!! Talk about a BO-NANZA!!! A girl sued a nail salon for a little cut on her finger for $9,000 pain and suffering!!! She said she turned down modeling jobs but she's not a hand model! Her mother kept coaching her and JM had to threaten to throw her out if she said one more word to her daughter. On the way out the mother said..."it's obvious she doesn't know her job". (meaning JM). HUH??? (said in Harvey Levin voice) BTW she won $32 ..the price of the manicure. You cannot make this stuff up..no way
  15. HG still doesn't understand that we don't need drama to keep watching these types of shows. They always think we need some kind of storyline or a big problem at every turn. If one shows up ...fine ..but don't create them.
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