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  1. It looked like Josh and Bobby brought their housekeeper too. It was a head scratcher.
  2. I'm devastated. Aaron was my choice to win this thing. I am just shocked that they didn't look at his past designs and take into consideration that he was on top 7 times this year.. even if he didn't win. I was sure Kristina's was going to be the losing design. I swear her saggy boobs..I noticed it immediately. I have large boobs and would hate to have them sagging like that. Nothing to say about the judge's boobs.. I was just distracted looking at them. I knew Chastity (lol I edited it because I had typed Crystal) was winning this. Editing showed it for sure.
  3. So Helen hired 3 people for 1 job. Why couldn't she hire Max now that he has his UK license. Speaking of which..typical Max stealing the supplies and taking care of people in the street ::insert eye roll::: No Veronica...a good thing. I do miss the woman from the Board that she ousted though. I forgot her name. Iggy! That was crazy. She's pointing a gun and he runs out of the car to take care of it. No no no..but typical Iggy. Thank God Floyd came to his senses. That storyline was ridiculous. This show makes me shake my head.
  4. I hated the long hair .. until I learned that he grows it long to donate it. Not that he looks good in it and it could stand to be a little cleaner. Also maybe put into a man bun or pony tail
  5. I like them too. I love when they call each other by their first and last name. I also like the guys on their crew, Joe and his son. I've seen Jenny act silly. Just recently she was trying to jump into a house with no steps so she's not serious all the time. The way they do the kids rooms remind me of that old ABC show with Ty Pennington on steroids where they renovate a house for a needy family. The kids rooms were OTT
  6. This morning Magnolia/DIY had a Fixer Upper episode from 2014. I can't tell you how refreshing it was to see normal Chip rather than zany Chip. I really enjoyed it even though I'm sure I've seen it during it's first run...
  7. Again poor Aaron didn't win. Now he's noticing it too! God..he said 6 times he was on top without winning. That's got to be a new record. Maybe they're setting him up to win. I really think Shantel is very good though..she's probably the winner.
  8. I'm watching Australian Survivor on Paramount Plus right now and I'm loving it. First of all the full theme song and cast pictures at the beginning which really hypes you up! Most of all no twists and advantages! There are maybe 2 idols in play and they don't follow people looking for them. In fact you don't know who has them. They are definitely not the focus of the game at all. Each episode is an hour and they flesh out every single contestant. The host says lots of the same things Jeff says and reads the votes different every week so you don't know who's going home. It's
  9. I liked Christmas House 2 (I've never seen the first one) but I didn't like the way the producer was pushing all that drama on to Mike. It was making him uncomfortable.
  10. I've been thinking about the problems the agents had this past season and I wonder if Christine is embarrassed that her lying was shown for the world to know. But also, she looks like she actually believes her lies which is very scary. Her husband is delusional. Doesn't he realize that if she lies to everyone else she's lying to him about God knows what? This whole season was very fishy and disjointed.
  11. I'm almost done binge watching. Here's my thoughts: First of all they all dress like they're going clubbing! Wow those heels they wear. I'm a realtor and I'm sure to wear flats when I show houses. I'm embarrassed for the girls because of the way they treated the client Cho (who btw is so hot!!!) at the pool of the hotel. I'm not sure about them going out to dinner with their clients. Rena is the most beautiful and classy looking of all the agents but she's a whiner. She was right about not being in the marketing material picture, especially due to the fact that she had to le
  12. Finally got around to watching Season 4 today....I'm up to Episode 7. I don't think Chrishelle looks good this season. What did she do to her face or is it the makeup? She used to be so pretty. Maya is a shit stirrer but it doesn't seem as much as previous seasons. I believe new girl is a shit stirrer too. I'm sick of the same old story every episode. All they do is gossip.. I'm a realtor and I never see anyone from my company. I work mostly from home. I'm sure my broker would love us to come in and sit at a desk and talk about another co-worker. Not!!
  13. Watch Blending Christmas yesterday and turned it off halfway through. I was excited to see the Bradys but they did not hold my interest. The venue was so not Christmasy and for some reason that annoyed me. I did not see the end and I did wonder if they made it snow on Christmas Eve. I did not like the leads I did not like the premise .. I rolled my eyes at them all trying to recreate her childhood memories and go to her favorite resort. Eh..I had better things to watch. My DVR is filled with Christmas movies..
  14. I like the way they said Shan had an idol. She stole that idol!!!
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