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  1. I don't know anything about Gary Cole but I know that the grocery girl that the pain in the neck old people were worried about was the girl in the car with the flash light. Her name is Sandy. The dead person's name was Camila and was identified by Marcie. On a shallow note I hate the colors of Pam's hair. Keep it one color girl. It looks like the blonde was growing out. I speak as someone with silver gray/white/dark hair, all natural. Embrace the gray Pam!! you don't look like an old lady with it.
  2. First of all before the night began I knew it would be Tiffany and then Hannah. I say this every season -- double evictions are anti-climatic and whoever you think will go...goes. I was rooting so hard for Azah to win HOH and make a last ditch effort to turn this whole game around. Put up Ky and X and one of them would be gone. There's her big move! Idiot idiot idiot...that's all I'm going to say.
  3. Does anybody know if we are getting any new episodes this season? I keep seeing JJ with her good hairstyle in cases that are repeats.
  4. She didn't tell anyone even before the jury phase. She usually relishes telling houseguests too.
  5. So I have a question. I sort of remember Julie telling the evicted houseguests in the past that there is an alliance they didn't know about. Am I right or misremembering? She's not doing that this year. She's not telling them about the CO Edited to Add: I hate double eviction night. It's never exciting.
  6. Every single week they try to red herring us into believing the person who we know is going may not go and the votes are flipped. I'm sick of it and I don't fall for it ...ever! I was rooting so hard for DX and I can't believe he lost by a fraction of a second. I even wouldn't have minded Alyssa. I wonder who she would have put up. SB should be interesting I bet she listens to Ky.
  7. Especially at Thanksgiving where the stores give you free ones or the turkeys are much cheaper. I need Anne and Kelsey to go in order to be happy now. One down, 2 to go. I'm rooting for Abe.
  8. I wanted Alison's team to win but I'm ok with the outcome. I think their beautiful living room did the trick for them although all of their rooms were nicely done except for the sandbox, which they took out. I like that they put stuff under the house too. When Ty's team decided to use their extra money on the projector instead of fixing their mistakes I knew they were done. This made me happy because I could not stand the special treatment they got throughout the show.
  9. Just saw the Philly episode. Where is Center City? I never heard of it. I thought they were talking about the city center. So somebody tell me what the "Italian vibe/finishws" is? I'm Italian and I have no idea. The agent mentioned it at every house. I can't believe he didn't want to mention what he didn't like to the agent at the first house. He said it was between him and his fiancé. I'm glad they bought the row house. House 2 was suspect due to the construction and House 3 was ...unexplainable...in the middle of a lot although it looked like a parking lot next door.
  10. I hate the way they cater to Ty's team. I haven't been a fan since Episode 1 when they skirted the rules and did open shelving. Then they didn't finish their bathrooms but a surprise "delay" of Mina allow them to finish. I still call BS on that. I didn't like their room. The bed was way too high. Sandbox? Um...no..definitely not. I did summers in a beach house as a teen and early 20's. Sand on the floor..it never ever goes away no matter how much you sweep or vacuum. I knew Mike would ding Alison's team for that bookcase. I did like their room best though. I hate
  11. I watch all of these design shows and I have for years. After this season I came to the realization that the people I root for are most likely not going to win. I don't know what the judges are smoking but their idea of what will sell is off. Other than avant-garde outfits I usually like something I (plus size), my daughter (size medium), my daughter in law (small) would wear. I have included all shapes and sizes here so I'd like to think I am an average buyer. Let's see how many of Gary's outfits will sell over Andrea's. Also to be honest there were some plus size stuff she d
  12. Oh no!! I'm so disappointed. I knew by Heidi's remarks that there was no way Gary was going to win. He was the most consistent designer throughout the whole season. I really think he was Tim's favorite too. I hope he continues to design. The other 2 were so sparkly I had to wear sunglasses!
  13. I just watched and I must say I was scared Gary was going to be cut. Thank God he made it to the finale. Go Gary!!
  14. That reclaimed wood vanity was a piece of crap. I kept picturing splinters galore... patooey! I call BS on Mina and Mike being late and allowing beach bum's couple to finish the bathrooms. I'm so glad they didn't win. They should not allowed them to finish them. This show sucks.
  15. And I've also seen them take his advice and then get eliminated anyway! His advice is not always right (shockingly)
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