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  1. I wasn't a fan of Lisa...she seemed too pretentious to me. I'm glad she's gone.
  2. I didn't either! I was like OMG when he said her son is Phineas. I was even shocked at the beginning when they said she was still alive. I thought she was killed in that previous episode. I thought she'd come into play some time in the future but not this way at all.
  3. I am so happy they eliminated the two of them and didn't go the route of "who brings the most drama" all season.
  4. Maybe he didn't do anything pervy. Maybe it was something else they couldn't talk about.
  5. OMG just hearing Erin's name give me PTSD I could not stand her. I recently saw her on one of the repeat specials where they baked with children. I had to mute it although she wasn't as cutesy as she was during her season. Ugh... Jason is another one I can't stand. He actually was on one of the baking shows...the was on the Food Network Star and now he's on Baking specials. He just annoys me.
  6. This show annoys me in that it's only about the decorating and not the cookie itself. All of the cookies look so thick and they basically use the same recipe or a variation thereof. I wish it was more about the taste of the cookies. My friend's daughter went to culinary/baking school. She decorates cakes so beautifully that it takes my breath away. The taste itself? Eh...They are never fresh and I suspect that she uses cake mix. I'd rather have a freshly baked from scratch cake with a plain icing. Am I alone at this table?
  7. Don't forget the reason the landlord evicted her...smoking cigarettes/marijuana when told no smoking and clogging up the sump pump by not using the right toilet paper. Ugh..she was disgusting. I hated her. Also the woman with the pitbull needed a slap. What an arrogant person. She was also told to get her dog fixed so he wouldn't be aggressive and she didn't even do that. Next time it's going to cost her way more than $3,000.
  8. I agree with you so much! The wheelchair plaintiff was so smug but the defendant was annoying too. I wanted JJ to throw both cases out... YOU GET NOTHING!!! Wheelchair was actually jay-riding across a 5 lane street. Holy Moly.
  9. As a grandmother I was appalled that the plaintiff in the first case didn't care if she saw her grandson and great grandchildren any more. It boggles my mind...really. Not that the defendant was any better either. What dysfunction. Ugh No words for the 2nd messy tenant case. When I saw that stuff left in the stove I gagged and decided that they needed to not get back any of their security. Plus the wife's voice was so annoying. As far as the noisemakers you know she was banging the broom. She was trying to get out of her lease from day 1 I'm sure. When the Plaintiff was interviewed in the hall he struck me as maybe being autistic (Aspergers?). He had no facial expressions at all during the whole case. Just too serious. He had nothing to worry about. She's definitely running out of that building so fast that the suction is going to pull everyone with her.
  10. Boy did we have a mouthy defendant today disrespecting our beloved Judge!!! Took awhile and she finally got kicked out. I hated the defendant in the opera singing case. What a bitch. As an aside I don't think I'd like to hear that singing in the morning but Im sure they could have worked something out on where and when she could practice.
  11. I bet they were all making remarks about the houseguests that are left and production chose to just show those remarks about Nicole.
  12. The McKinney couple infuriated me to no end. Her with a vanity. Ok you want one? You don't need it built into your bathroom. They do sell them you know? Don't get me started on the faux grandchildren thing. Him? Oh I need a cabana with a 100 inch TV. Ok. Then at one house he wanted his backyard to have a stove and built ins and all that stuff that you put in yourself when you move in. I looked at this show with a puzzled look on my face. One thing for sure...he really loves her and seemed like a nice guy. She's lucky
  13. I don't know who was more annoying in the loaning/donating of money to save the defendant's dog. The Plaintiff? Giggling....talking over JJ..shouting out. I wanted to reach in the TV an pull her perfectly coiffed hair...or Defendant who was just trying to put something over on JJ and was pretty dopey I think. I.e., JJ here..take a look at my dog's picture. ::eye roll::
  14. There were a couple of answers where she didn't form a question.
  15. I came here to ask that exact same question. I'm guessing we reached our quota on tolerating this crap. Every single day there's a stupid car buyer. You mean they can't find something ?? Anything??? Bueller?
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