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  1. Maybe there will be a BB season called Big Brother: House of the Idols and there will be a room with a statue of Britney's head and one of Day's head. They will have their own spy shack and make comments on each tribal council, that is, elimination.
  2. Someone on the RHAP live feeds public chat had this to say: janell has a tatto on the inside of her lips. its says inflate to 500 psi when low. Bailey says Janell is volumptuous, and being volumptuous is a disadvantage in competitions.
  3. David is all by himself at the round table. (Just had a snicker, thinking is an alliance sat at that table and called themselves the Knights of the Round Table.)
  4. Wow, David is really cleaning. Now to switch to the bathroom. Might be Memphis, I've only seen him so far with his head covered so I'm not sure the head of puffy reddish hair is his.
  5. I thought Fruit Loop Dingus was a Caleb name for her.
  6. People are finally up! I can't tell who is wearing a shawl over his head in the kitchen. David is very good about cleaning the surfaces. It's Memphis, I think, wearing the shawl.
  7. Michelle is the only woman to beat men in Overtime challenges. She's a good strategist.
  8. Maybe Cody and Nicole A. will have the showmance!
  9. I've been watching Day and Dani, but people on Jokers have been saying Nicole and Cody are talking about nominations and thinking of Day and Bayleigh. I just read the comments above and wonder now what Jokers was talking about.
  10. I can't believe they showed Dani and Da'Vonne talking about production, naming different producers (I think), or staff people, how one of them left Big Brother after several years to work on Glass House. And how one was really bossy. Don't they usually have Fish or a warning when something like that happens?
  11. Bayleigh and Janelle both say they really like Christmas. They say all the girls are nice. And speaking of Christmas, she joins them! They are in the Heart (Fart) room.
  12. There's someone in a gray hoodie sitting so still with the hoodie up - looks like ghost of Christmas Future.
  13. I'd have thought more of the parents would be up since little kids like to get up early, plus going to day care, school (pre-pandemic). But maybe this is sleep-in vacation for them.
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