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  1. This morning I realized a flaw in my suggestion. In order to do a season the way I described above, they would have to be filming for 14-15 weeks which I don't think they would do. But they could still be doing some filming while the show is actually airing. The first three episodes could air during filming.
  2. I think a Big Brother-stye Survivor would be fun. It would be more real-time like Big Brother is. Episode footage would be shot the week before the episode aired. (There would still be only one episode a week.) And there could be live feeds!! - turned off during competitions and tribal, of course. The edit would be different because the editors would not know who the winner is until the final tribal council. Then the winner could be revealed back in the US in LA (small audience of just family members, family clusters at least 6 feet from other family clusters) a few days after final tribal and it could be live.
  3. Just started rewatching this and have to remind everyone of the most profound statement ever said on Survivor: As a coconut vendor, I seek truth. Courtesy of Vincent Sly, feathers in his hair, looking like a modern Barnaby Ridge.
  4. She was a little crazy but she hasn't been mean or insulting to anyone so far. J'Tia hasn't spiled any rice either. I left off with the seven deadly sins round where each player gets a punishment. This is fun to watch!
  5. I'm watching Sequester right now. So far Rick Devins' cat is the best. Wardog is the worst. He's worse in real life than on the show.
  6. Maybe it will be like Big Brother, a real-time Survivor in which the episode is made from what was filmed the previous week. That would be interesting because you couldn't make predictions on the winner based on edits because the editors wouldn't know who the winner is. Since there is tribal council roughly every 3 days there'd be about two episodes of material each week.
  7. Anyhow, now when Bachelor/Bachelorette get back to filming, this franchise has a stable of singers they can call on to give those special performances on dates where the couple are the only people there at a dinner table but not eating. Anyhow I enjoyed this show. It was cheesy but not sleazy. Natascha could have easily been a Corrinne-type person but she wasn't. Most were just ordinary nice people who love to sing. I'm interested to see what Ryan and Natascha come up with since he has such musical ability overall-transposing, probably arranging, different instruments- while she was probably the best female vocalist except maybe for Rudi.
  8. The drummer of The Final Rose band looks like Richard Blaise. Chris and Bri's first song was lovely. The second song seems pitched a little too low for them. The audience is really into them. And they won! I am very happy for them and hope they do well together.
  9. Jamie and Trevor, she touches him too much. I would find that distracting. I think you can show spark and connection while performing without tons of touching. I hope Chris and Bri just smash it. I kind of think Jamie and Trevor didn't do that great because you don't say "cute" and "adorable" first about the relationship if the music is outstanding. We will see!
  10. Why aren't Wes and Sharleen and Jed/Jud here to judge? Plus there was that one opera singing guy.
  11. I was hoping Matt and Rudi would surprisingly return to compete, but I guess not. Chris and Bri were only there for 5 minutes and already the guy is ragging on them about their connection. Even most in love people can be off. I feel like the show is manufacturing this because they choose not to do the fantasy suite. Now that Matt and Rudi are gone I want Chris and Bri to win.
  12. I'm watching this right now and I laughed when Matt was hiding behind the sear back on the plane, then peeked up over the sear behind Chris and Bri. Oh dear, Jamie is ruining that pretty song with that super-nasally twang. I'm liking Matt more. He seems to be a thoughtful guy who is thinking beyond the show. He doesn't see love as a competition. I don't see why Matt and Rudi can't just compete with the feelings they have for each other. They don't have to be ready to get married. I am so disappointed Matt and Rudi are leaving.
  13. I wonder if the fleur de lys on Jeff's podium is up for auction (that Adam thought was an idol).
  14. Denise wasn't in Caramoan, she was in Season 25 Philippines.
  15. I thought Yul had the first idol, but I don't remember which number his season was.
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