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  1. Another fun episode with lots of tasks. I like it when there's a bunch of different challenges. When Phil said "Hung and Chee", it sounded like "tongue in cheek" at first. I thought they were doing the tightrope without having a rope to hang onto, but then I saw the parasol handle was the rope. I'm sad the Olympians left. Too bad pseudo-Gabby told the two blonde girls about the horn! Yes, she did - I was going to comment on it.
  2. The teams travel to their next destination. Is red lipstick anyone's color?
  3. I wish Christmas told Cody that he needed work on nose hair and waxed it! Ha ha I like how Enzo stokes the fire with his comments about Christmas waxing Cody's eyebrows. Gasp! Cody wears ankle socks with shoes!! The horror! (What is he supposed to wear them with?)
  4. And do a flashback to Jackson falling in his pee!! So this competition is what they were talking about the other day! It was comics fighting, not real people. Kind of fund, but it's rigged! But I suppose production didn't know who would know who would pick which comic, except people would pick their own. But if the Cali-fury wins then it definitely is rigged. OK, I wasn't listening carefully at first. I thought this was POV, but I guess it was just a comp for $10,000. Christmas sure took that comp seriously. She didn't betray Happy Valley, MN by not picking his comic. His comic doesn't care. Real-life Happy Valley doesn't care either. I wish they hadn't shown Christmas crying like that. I don't care for her a lot - I guess I like her a little - but I'm not entertained by seeing someone who is crying and in emotional pain. Your neighbor and neighborhood is much more interesting than the BB house or any of the house guests. But he does sound scary. I hope he never aims that gun toward your house.
  5. Cody's black sweater looks like a baby spit up on it. That part was funny.
  6. Good morning! Everyone is still snoozing. Nicole is sleeping in that bed that's not really in a bedroom, but kind of in a passageway between the living room and the other bedrooms. I suppose it's so quiet now with just 4 people left you can sleep there. I suppose everyone has their own room now. You can also see Enzo in HOH bed on Cam 3, but Cam 4 shows the hallway outside HOH instead of another view of the HOH room. I was hoping to see Mulan.
  7. Lamb18

    The NBA

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but longtime Minneapolis sports journalist Sid Hartman died yesterday at 100. He was responsible for bringing the Lakers to Minneapolis from Detroit (they were called the Detroit Gems). (They paid $15,000 for the Gems.) Sid was the first general manager of the Lakers and they won their first championships under him. He worked for the paper from when he was 12, selling papers, until he died. I think he had his column in the paper yesterday. His best friend was probably Bud Grant. He was also good friends with Bobby Knight and George Steinbrenner and many others. Lindsay Whalen called in and said her goal when playing basketball in high school was to get mentioned in Sid's column. She finally did when she scored 40 points for the U of MN. Senator Amy Klobuchar also called in because her dad was a columnist for the paper, too, and rivals, then friends with Sid. He had a sports show on the local radio for decades - last broadcast was in March when he turned 100 - so now the whole day is devoted to people calling in and telling stories.
  8. Lamb18

    NFL Thread

    That was the one bright spot in a dismal football day.
  9. Nicole F. said Memphis took out Nicole A. It sounded like the competition they had earlier when two went up at a time to answer questions and the one with the wrong answer was out of the comp.
  10. Chat is saying Nicole F. won $10,000. Cody is a loud eater. At least he eats quickly.
  11. There was some competition today and I guess Cody won. Somehow Nicole got in his personal space (?). BB Chat is saying it was a luxury comp. Memphis was in this comp and took out Enzo. I guess everyone was there because Nicole just mentioned Nicole A. She also mentioned Janelle. Da'Vonne beat Cody so maybe he didn't win after all. Something in that comp must have upset Christmas.
  12. National Dictionary Day is huddled on the sofa in the Love room, wrapped in the gray Linus blanket. It was cats and dogs for a long time, not sure what they would be doing on a Friday afternoon. I wouldn't think the noms would take hours. But she looks unhappy so I think noms must have been part of it. BB Chat is guessing there was a juror comp and that they haven't done noms yet. Nicole and Cody are fixing something delicious in the kitchen. I guess Cody is fixing a salad with romaine and Nicole is helping by cutting the bottom off. The broccoli is bad according to Nicole. I think Cody is cooking chicken on the stove. I wonder if he'll make nuggets. Cody wants to have a trip with Christine to an island after this is over, like a tropical one. And how will he pay for it? Nicole said she and Vic went to Barbados before they became "relevant." I think Sandals paid for it or something because suddenly STARS. It's gone to cats, I think, but it's hard to make out what I'm seeing. I think it's the back end of a silvery gray cat sitting on top of another dark gray cat. Now I see an ear. I think the silvery cat is sprawled flat on top of the other cat. Or it could be just one cat. The view is strange.
  13. National Liqueur Day is up! and sitting next to Nicole in the kitchen. Then STARS!! wakeup call? It's a little early these days. Cody is up, too, wandering around. He is shirtless, too, if anyone cares. (Not me) Cody is in the bathroom having difficulty with the zipper of his toiletries bag. Sits on the couch while brushing teeth (wouldn't you worry about getting toothpaste globs on the sofa?). Back to National Liqueur Day and Nicole. They are talking about Nicole A. They think she was starstruck by her and would do whatever Janelle wanted. Then Nicole A. started talking about Janelle behind her back and saying she is going to get Janelle out. She would be nice to Janelle to her face then a couple of minutes later be totally against her.
  14. It's snowing outside! (where I live) Yo bros looks like Enzo won HOH! Of course it will be Nicole and Global Cat Day on the block. I'll have to cheer for Global Cat Day to win POV because she will have the guts to take herself off. Not sure that Nicole well, she might be a little afraid of Cody. He does have a temper. She was looking at him nervously when she did the POV ceremony and he was looking at her like "Don't you dare!!!" use the veto. Anyhow this may be the most drama of the season: who wins POV? Cody or Enzo wins - noms stay the same. Enzo knows that backdooring Cody is his best move but emotionally he is afraid to do it.
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