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  1. I wonder if Nick is auditioning for Chris Harris's role.
  2. I got the names mixed up. I meant Michael, with whom she had the one on one.
  3. I'm thinking Aaron is the psychopath. And now I think all the guys are psychos. Like all of them have thought about being the next bachelor.
  4. I like Michael A. Well, it's 8:48 and her date with Michael just ended. I bet the rose ceremony is canceled again.
  5. Box Man has hair like Alex Rodriguez's, slicked back. At least Matt didn't cause that accident.
  6. I don't like Thomas, but I don't like this pileup on him either. Now some guys will go tattling to Katie about Thomas and she will cry again and cancel the rose ceremony.
  7. Oh no, she's believing him! Time for a date card! Ha, it's Michael A - how serendipitous.
  8. I also think Box Man aka Jay Gatsby is also a villain. I base this suspicion on his slick-backed hair.
  9. Thomas doesn't make sense. And it sounds like he's going to be the new villain.
  10. David A, a truly sad story but also Bachelor audition material.
  11. Crap, she was raped, that's horrible!
  12. Why this ominous music with this guy? Oh, I get it now. He's the guy who buried all the bodies.
  13. Oh Hunter, you don't have to share everything!
  14. I was thinking the group date was with someone else since Katie didn't sign the card. And here's the Yoda of Bachelor Nation, Nick! Here to impart wisdom from his vast experience.
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