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  1. Hasn't this challenge been done on The Amazing Race?
  2. Lesson learned: Keep your immunity idol to yourself.
  3. What if each person gets a vote against them?
  4. Ha ha right now I like Ricard. He sees through crap. And why should she get everything her way?
  5. I didn't quite get Liana's advantage. She has to ask someone if they have the idol, and if she asks the right person she gets the idol? And if it's the wrong person? Although since she was digging in Xander's bag she knows he has the idol.
  6. That slow motion for Ricard missing is funny.
  7. Goodness, Naseer has the idol!!! Ha ha! That is cute about his daughter making fake idols and hiding them.
  8. I don't know, I thought they knew, too. Unless this segment was filmed five days or so before Day 10.
  9. Oh oh, Tiffany has mistaken conclusions about Evvie. Tiffany and Liana want Xander out. Now Xander and Evvie want Tiffany out. Now Liana and Tiffany could vote out Xander as Evvie is only one vote and Xander can't vote.
  10. I was cheering for Genie, but she sacrificed an advantage in the game for feeling like she belongs to the group. Actually if I didn't dislike Ricard and Shan I would like them for this strategy.
  11. I also liked seeing all the color on the runway. So often it is black and neutrals. Which is fine, but gets a little boring and safe when that's all you see.
  12. I liked the one made by the silver fox the most, too. Aaron. I thought Bones's own dress didn't flatter the model's breasts. One looked kind of flattened.
  13. Lamb18

    MLB Thread

    That was a great World Series. Every once in a while it is on TV or one of the games. 1987 was pretty good, too.
  14. Dang it, I jinxed her. At least she can still complete with her team.
  15. OK, now I want Kalimba to win. She lives in Minneapolis, precinct 3 and she was in the thick of it when George Floyd was killed. There were fires up and down Lake Street, the main east west street cutting through south Minneapolis. That would have been a scary, busy time for her.
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