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  1. xaxat

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Take a look at the pricing for the 3000 first. Not only do they offer better performance than the twos, they are similarly priced. (Too everyone's surprise.) The 3080 outperforms the former flagship 2080ti and it's hundreds of dollars cheaper. I'll eventually upgrade to the 3070 which will retail for about $500. The current 2070s? About the same. The problem is that the 3000s are either impossible to find (3080) or haven't been released yet (3070, which will also be impossible to find upon release.) Another thing to consider is that AMD will be releasing a new GPU next month. Choice is always good!
  2. xaxat

    The NBA

    So do you ding Michael Jordan for taking time off in the middle of what became a dynastic run?
  3. xaxat

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Unless you need to have it on day one, you can always wait until reviewers like Digital Foundry do their assessments of gameplay on a variety of hardware. In the end, I think it comes down to your expectations. If you regularly game at 1080p and are comfortable with 40-60 frame per second performance and don't need the highest visual effects, then I think you will be fine on their recommended specs. (Crosses fingers because my rig is right at the recommended specs.)
  4. I understand why people want physical copies of the games they buy (I would too), but as a PC owner, I honestly can't remember when I Installed a game using an optical drive.
  5. Late to the party, but I think its hilarious that Justine Bateman and Kirstie Alley, two actors who became famous for appearing on two of the whitest shows of the eighties, have somehow injected themselves in the debate about diversity in Hollywood.
  6. xaxat

    NFL Thread

    So they just revealed the new HOF plaza with plaques engraved with the names of every NFL player in history. I wonder if they "accidentally" left off guys like Ray Carruth and Aaron Hernandez.
  7. I just started a rewatch of the original and that show was even creepier than I remembered. Especially since we are actually in a real life pandemic. now And conspiracy theories are a real thing now. And the director of the FBI is warning about Russian disinformation and. . . I'm not feeling the new version based on the trailers. In part because the original was such a unique experience. I don't think I'll ever be able to judge this version on its own merits.
  8. xaxat

    College Football

    Between the coaches, ADs, college presidents, governors etc. the behind the scenes politics of that decision must have been insane.
  9. This year, the Tour is my virtual vacation. So nice to see something outside of my local covid bubble. I watched that crash live. Didn't think anything of it. Like the commentators noted, it happened so quickly, there is so much going on and there probably weren't any medical professionals on site at the moment. Add in the geographical length of the field and it's a hard problem.
  10. I really hate myself for having clicked that link, but "2. Think about your posture and voice." This, from a woman who has freaked out multiple times on camera and occasionally conducted interviews with her arms across her chest. "3. Your background and lighting matters." True. But most of us don't have the technical support of a news network. "4. Don't distract with your wardrobe and makeup." Umm, Meeks, not everyone has a personal hair and makeup stylist.
  11. I just read an article about Tenet's box office, which was a huge disappointment in the US.
  12. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    I actually like the bubble plan. Unlike the "regular" season this year, there is no wiggle room should an outbreak occur. And it insures that the teams will be at full health with respect to covid.
  13. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    My guess is the goal is to create a TV event. They see how successful the NBA draft lottery is and want something similar. And, like the DH in the NL, the pandemic gives them cover to try it.
  14. xaxat

    NFL Thread

    File under "things that make me feel old". After a fifteen year stint in KC, punter Dustin Colquitt is now with the Steelers. I remember watching his dad back when he had the same job in Pittsburgh.
  15. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    Last night, the Pirates' starter gave up nine earned runs. . . on four hits. (Six walks.) There are a handful of teams in competition for the worst record in the league. However, this year, the worst record is no longer guaranteed the first pick in the draft. It's up to Manfred, who can also choose to implement a lottery. So far Manfred hasn't announced his decision, so Pirates fans (me) are increasingly worried that if they keep the course and end up with the worst record, there will be a lottery. However, if one of the big market teams (D Backs, Red Sox) has the worst record, no lottery and they get the pick.
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