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  1. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    The Pirates have played in 15 games where a win would result in a series sweep. They have lost all 15.
  2. The Supreme Court may have tried to duck the issue with their Shadow Docket "pass" on the law, but one one Texas doctor is going to make the courts take a public stance. Opinion: Why I violated Texas’s extreme abortion ban As for the person who came up with the law (A white male. I know, you're shocked.) He says that women should stop having sex if they are truly worried about their reproductive rights. Seriously. (Dude has obviously never read Lysistrata.)
  3. I don't care what kind of plans they have. I dropped the show a couple of years ago and only returned because it was the final season of something I once really enjoyed watching. Once it's done, I'm done.
  4. But it looks like The Commonwealth might be the type of society that has universal health care, so baby steps? The Commonwealth freaks me out. If it were in a current socialist democracy like Norway, I would be freaked out by that kind of atmosphere. But in a world with zombies? I would seriously be looking at the ears of people to see if a mind control parasite was controlling these people.
  5. xaxat

    College Football

    Even though no one (including myself) thinks it will happen, I think it is hilarious that Urban Meyer's reputation makes him bolting to USC a viable rumor.
  6. Not only is Rebecca wealthy, she hangs out with wealthy people. Her statement that she was going to hang out with Elton John on Christmas seemed sincere, She's the kind of person that would get invited to the Met Gala. And look stunning on the runway.
  7. I got irrationally happy when they cut to the shot of Hawkeye surrounded by men in track suits.
  8. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    Is this the first anniversary game that the Mets have played in first responder caps (which are actually officially licensed MLB New Era caps that happen to feature FR logos)? I know they have asked several times since 2001, but don't know if they have been given permission to do it. (The 2001 team didn't ask for permission. The just decided they were going to do it.)
  9. I found out about this in a promo featuring Ben Ben: We know our viewers don't like change. Me (jumping to conclusions): You SOBs, don't tell me you're going to show ads! You'll ruin everything! Ben: We have a new set, and a new logo. Me: I can live with that.
  10. Earlier this week, I saw an interview with former major league baseball player Francisco Cervelli. He retired after last season, so this is the first year of his adult life that he has no connection to baseball. The funny thing is that, although I don't think he mentioned Roy by name, he said that watching Ted Lasso convinced him that he wanted to return to the game in some capacity.
  11. xaxat

    NFL Thread

    Cheering for the Cowboys. Just so we can get that 17-0 talk out of the way.
  12. That's my concern. The action looks great, but I hope it's more than a re-hash of the original concept.
  13. Joe reads too much Twitter and then passes it off as "many people" are saying. He knows that random, unverified accounts like @libsrule2047 are not Democratic legislators capable of shaping policy. Literally no member of my home state (New York) has proposed these things.
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