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  1. OK, you all convinced me. I checked out Lauren. She was bad. First of all, I suspect her story about being a private chef for the Williams sisters is actually "I worked for a chef who catered and event they attended." I was convinced (and she admitted as much) that she was using her appearance to springboard her career into some kind of catty reality shot. So I checked IMBD. I regret to inform you that she only has one other credit, a redemption show in season 19. In addition to her usual nasty self, she looked down on the non vegan/vegetarian in the basket. If those ingredients are benea
  2. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    I suspect his choices were get playing time on a crappy team with a big hole at first or ride the bench with a contender. Besides, you can never have too many rings.
  3. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    Ring chasing. If it works out not a bad way to end an HOF career.
  4. More of a mashup than a cover, but Guns and Roses/Stevie Wonder actually rocks.
  5. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    The medical journal STAT published this article on the Yankees outbreak. 5 pressing questions about the New York Yankees’ breakthrough Covid-19 infections
  6. A Black softball player was forced to cut off her hair beads at a game: ‘I feel humiliated’ The thing about this instance is that, while the umpire made the final decision, the action was initiated by the opposing coach. I guarantee you that he did it to disqualify or humiliate that kid in order to get a competitive advantage. Not because he's a stickler for the rules.
  7. I'm pretty sure there were two Chopped series filmed outdoors at the Maine farm during the pandemic. Hangry Comfort Food and Martha's Rules. Ted looked scruffy in both. Even thought Hangry Comfort Food aired first, I suspect was filmed after Martha because Ted was working on an actual beard. That was during Hangry Comfort Food. As soon as Chris heard they were shutting down production he bolted, leaving Maneet and Tiffani in the dust. ETA Thanks for the correction @Maverick.
  8. Uh oh, Joe's going to be jealous! Kornacki stole his dream job! NBC’s khaki-wearing data king Steve Kornacki will spread his wings in a new deal
  9. xaxat

    NHL Thread

    A Penguins' beat writer pointed out that as of this morning (Thursday), Pens fans know the Steelers' schedule running through next year but have no official notice of when the Pens will start the playoffs. Presumably this weekend.
  10. I don't think Nelson quit. He suffered an injury that prevented him from continuing. And he made the decision to leave after receiving a diagnosis from the doctor. Based on the TC episode and LCK it looked like he was trying to gut it out, but a sprained knee ligament is an injury where you should stay off your feet for a while.
  11. I want Cosmo to have a role. The MCU needs a dog.
  12. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    Mike Piazza was the star of one of the great moments in sports. No exaggeration. Ten days after 9/11, the Mets played in first sporting event held in the city after the attack. Apparently, the league told the Mets they couldn't wear first responder hats to honor their service, but the team did it anyway. The team trailed the Braves 2-1 in the bottom of the eighth and this happened. I am not a fan of the idea that "sports unites", but this is one exception. The city really did feel different the next day.
  13. Welp, they saved the worst for last. That lobster bake was the worst basket ever. The eccentricity of the basket ingredients helps to force the chefs to get creative. Give them a finished meal and you are likely to get similar dishes. I was also annoyed by the speech Martha gave during the forage challenge. Martha is a perfectionist. No way she would allow herself to be subject to that kind of randomness. I'm calling producer shenanigans on that. Martha wouldn't tolerate veggies that hadn't been well washed. And she certainly wouldn't eat anything from a chef who had been messi
  14. You just added a new location! Everywhere Succession Has Been Filming Lately
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