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  1. I don't know about the tech used in monitoring bracelets. But Weinstein is smart. He hires people who are smart. I think they figured out a way to beat the system. No tech is perfect. But many times, people with the right skills can find a way to get around it.
  2. xaxat

    The NBA

    I'm not saying Fizdale wasn't part of the problem, but Red Auerbach himself would have had trouble winning with that Knicks roster.
  3. That whole beginning was total fanservice. The targeting computer graphics, the "pilot screams while ship is blown up around him", Mos Eisley. . . (Wait, he's taking a kid to the most wretched hive of scum and villainy?), the cantina. . . And I loved it. Do we know why the other Mandalorians rescued Mando from the other bounty hunters? Not only did the fighters put themselves at risk, it was mentioned that the entire clan would have to move. The whole show really makes me look forward to the back end of the season. In addition to that question, the characters played by Ming Na and Carl Weathers will certainly be back. Who would have guessed that the cutest couple on TV would be a guy who wears a helmet with a face shield and an puppet character who doesn't speak?
  4. "Wait! I don't wear any beskar!" "Nope."
  5. Harvey Weinstein has violated bail by mishandling ankle bracelet – prosecutor I'm sure it was all just an honest mistake. Maybe it got wet when he was taking a shower. But even more maddening, So the guy goes off the grid (apparently multiple times) for hours and nobody thinks "flight risk"? I'm pretty sure that if you are poor, prosecutors aren't all "No harm no foul. Just pay more money." Your ass goes to jail.
  6. I wish they would spend half as much time on climate change as they do on MFA. Fixing our health care system is important, but climate change is an unprecedented challenge to civilization. Normally I agree with this. But I make an exception for Senator Kennedy of Louisiana. It sounds like he cranked his accent up to 11 after switching to the Republican party. ETA Joe about the tax cut: "The only people who were happy with it were corporations and really, really rich people." Dude, you make eight million a year. That's really, really rich by any standard.
  7. The other teams offered their competition creations to the judge and the public. Lumpia didn't. They created one plate for the judge and it was not on the menu for anyone else. The chef admitted that the food cost of their dish wouldn't work at scale.
  8. They are clearly the team to beat, but that was pretty shady of Lumpia to serve an item not on their menu to win a challenge. I was hoping they would get called out on that.
  9. Joe's got to be overjoyed that Biden campaign used a Morning Joe clip as one of the voice overs for his new ad.
  10. Does Joe actually think his impersonations are funny? Even Mika appears embarrassed when he starts his shtick. Maybe he's thinking about adding stand up comedy to his entertaining career. ETA Holy crap! Was that Captain Joe and First Mate Mika boating around Manhattan?
  11. xaxat

    College Football

    I have a soft spot for the Holiday Bowls of the eighties. In an era before every game was on TV, and the triple option was still a thing, we in the east would hear rumors of BYU quarterbacks putting up crazy numbers. McMahon, Detmer, Young. . . And this game was one of the few chances we got to see them.
  12. Willie Nelson has quit smoking marijuana for health reasons: 'I have abused my lungs' Glad to see he is making a healthy choice in his life. But a reminder, edibles are still an option.
  13. You know what we used to call "woke twitter" during elections? Primary voters. Primary voters of both parties have always been more invested and less moderate than the general public. Just ask President Jeb Bush.
  14. I shouldn't be, but I am surprised that Joe still took his eight o'clock break even though the network was going with live coverage. Mika: It's hard to find the right words to describe. . . Me: Um, isn't that your job?
  15. Joe need to STFU with his "black people won't vote for. . . " line of analysis. Thank you Yamiche for clarifying that African Americans are not a monolith. Joe should quit the show and run Bloomberg or Biden's campaign. Because only Joe knows how to win this election and save the country. The Democrats are clearly doomed without his wisdom.
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