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  1. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    Does anyone know what the rules are for inning and game length this pre-season? I was listening to the Pirates/Orioles game and the O's apparently decided to end the top of the first because of pitch count(?). And the teams previously agreed to nine innings, but it apparently could have gone as low as seven and in the middle of the game they decided to switch to eight. Really strange. ETA Just saw that Vi Ripken, wife of Cal Sr. and mother of Cal and Billy passed away. Her grandson, Ryan, played for the O's in their game today.
  2. That really didn't make any sense. The astronaut community is a small one and I'm sure everyone (including the ascans) know he has a drinking problem. And yet he got a ride that he didn't even ask for. Hard to reconcile the Ed who was perceptive enough to know what Molly did on the moon with the one who made that call. There was a least one ascan who wasn't happy with the decision. I wonder if it is going to blow up in Ed's face. I do like how they kept the camaraderie between the earlier astronauts. ("Hi Bob! Made me laugh.) Looks like the Soviets are going to get control of the Panama Canal. That's not going to be good for world peace.
  3. xaxat

    The NBA

    Why the hell does the media think anyone cares what washed up, shadow of his peak as not one of the best soccer players in the world, Zlatan thinks about LeBron?
  4. xaxat


    The next season of F1 Drive to Survive debuts on March 19th. This is going to be a fascinating season, the shitshow at Ferrari, Grosjean's crash, covid and social justice. Has any other sport had a "season inside" of a pandemic year yet? This show makes F1 look so damn sexy.
  5. Alex Trebek Told Kenan Thompson He Loved ‘Black Jeopardy’
  6. Shakespeare. Specifically the Kenneth Branagh adaptation of Henry V. It starts out with the Dauphin of France trying to throw shade on Henry's claim to France and Henry is not amused. Henry then responds to that insult with one of his own, to the Dolphin.
  7. Setting aside his golf career, this NYT article about Tiger's accident is pretty grim.
  8. xaxat

    Mass Effect

    The internet may have figured out who the (male?) voice of the next main character is. The article also contains potential plot spoilers.
  9. Seriously. Half the dishes had basket ingredients that were overcooked, undercooked or unchanged.
  10. Lots and lots of Daft Punk. Bye guys!
  11. The show portrayed a super-sized fictional presentation of a solar coronal mass ejection. And they do present the hazards seen on the show.
  12. I think YouTube kind of killed off the concept of making a network star. The most promising talent may believe they are best served setting up a channel where they maintain control of their career (and recipes) and don't sign away their life to FN. In addition, YT offers the best food talent a far larger audience than they could ever get on FN. Babish's videos get a couple million views a week. Hell, I follow a guy who reviews MREs (military rations) and he gets into the high hundred thousands, which would put him in the FN top ten. In this area where true "stars" can make their own career, I'm not sure what kind of talent they could recruit.
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