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  1. With some exceptions (I'm looking at you brussel sprouts) those plates in the vegetarian challenge were gorgeous.
  2. From today's Washington Post. Two black men say they were kicked out of Walmart for wearing protective masks. Others worry it will happen to them.
  3. As soon as they started the intros, I knew where this episode was headed. It was like watching pro wrestling. As for it being staged, it reminds me of the Tournament of Champions hosted by Guy. Alex got "upset" in her bracket on the first episode and I seriously wonder if she just tanked because she didn't want to commit to filming the entire show.
  4. Joe Scarborough (PhD epidemiology) was seriously walking back his history on potential coronavirus deaths. "The first estimates were one to two million deaths if nothing was done." I don't remember him saying that last part at the time. I wonder if someone told Joe to dial it back. He seems a little calmer today. Mika, on the other hand, the more she talks uninterrupted, the more agitated she gets. Like a kid playing Bloody Mary. I also think she is sighing more which is annoying AF.
  5. I watched The Apartment a couple of days ago. I remembered Fred McMurray, of course. But I had forgotten how despicable all the other men in the office were.
  6. I head an obituary on my NPR station that cited the movies he had been in (The Conversation, The Candidate, The Front Page. . ) but I couldn't recall his face. Then they played an audio clip from this scene and remembered exactly who he was.
  7. xaxat

    NFL Thread

    When I heard that the Buccaneers where going with throwbacks, I was kind of bummed when I found out it wasn't the classic creamsicle.
  8. Yes. For all of his doomsaying and lecturing us to follow the science, he doesn't acknowledge the fact that social distancing and the heroic efforts of our health care providers appears to have had a positive effect. It's still going to be really bad and scary and there is a long road ahead, but they should get beyond the hysteria stage.
  9. This is a real concern for African Americans. In some communities a black person just minding their own business can have the police called on them. A black person wearing a bandanna?
  10. I just watched the Champions episode where the contestants had to break their pasta because it was too long to fit in the pot. Scott Conant was a judge! I was sooo disappointed that we didn't get a "don't disrespect the pasta" lecture. Maybe he's mellowed in his old age.
  11. Cincinnati public radio has a new radio production of a "lost" comedy written by Rod Serling.
  12. Holy crap is Joe shouty this morning. And apparently he also wants to be THE network executive making decisions about covering the presidents briefings. Does anyone know who was the MSNBC anchor after yesterday's briefing? Because Joe definitely took a shot at them.
  13. My nearby team was on the MLB contraction list. It's seems pretty clear that the minor leagues probably won't restart this season. So, I've probably seen the last of them. 😥
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