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  1. xaxat

    College Football

    It ensures they have control of the testing protocols. That's not the case if the play out of conference.
  2. Her cohorts at MSNBC (Ruhl, Tur, Hayes etc.) have been tweeting congratulations all day. Joe? Nothing, Mika? Just a straight retweet of Chris Matthews, congratulatory tweet. No personal touch at all, from either of them.
  3. xaxat

    NFL Thread

    Amazon and Wal Mart have pulled Washington jerseys. Nike I can see doing it for the politics, but not those two. So my guess is that the decision has officially been made and partners have been informed even though it has not bee announced to the public. Maybe they are waiting for trademark clearance and creation of new merch.
  4. Olympic sports were already suffering cuts at the US collegiate level and the coronavirus has only made things worse. Stanford to cut 11 varsity sports, cites pandemic as breaking point
  5. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    Just got an email from MLB.TV. They are pro-rating (heh) my subscription, you can get your money refunded or have it credited to next year. Fair enough. However, not even a pandemic will put an end to their ridiculous local blackout policy.
  6. xaxat

    The NBA

    Kelly Loeffler, co-owner of the WNBA's Dream, really should have taken a page from Jerry Jones' current playbook and just kept her mouth shut.
  7. xaxat

    MLB Thread

    I think baseball might regret not trying the bubble strategy. Those plans aren't perfect, but they sure are better than hoping your players can negotiate life in a hot zone. Gov. Cuomo gave the Yankees and Mets an exemption to his quarantine order so they could return to train, but I don't think he's announced if he will extend it to incoming teams. Maybe if they test everyone before departure? I'm sure a lot of people are ignoring it upon return, but it's going to be hard to hide when the Rays show up at Yankee Stadium after playing their previous game at home. And I'm guessing that more players in hot zones are thinking about hunkering down instead of playing.
  8. Mika mispronounced "Oklahoma" a couple of weeks ago. They would have to spell everything phonetically.
  9. xaxat

    NFL Thread

    People have been throwing around a lot of potential new names for the Washington team. My suggestion, the Go Gos. If you are familiar with the history of the DC music scene you'll get the reference. The half time show would be killer.
  10. xaxat

    Hamilton (2020)

    Late notice, but members of the Hamilton crew (Lin-Manuel, Leslie, Alex from what I've seen so far.) Are holding a twitter watch party RIGHT NOW! It started at seven, so you still have plenty of show to go. There's a lot of noise in the #hamilfilm and #hamiltonfilm, so you might just want to stick with Lin-Manuel who retweets the reactions of other members of the production.
  11. xaxat

    NFL Thread

    One interesting thing about the timing is that it occurs only a week after the team went about scrubbing the presence of original owner George Preston Marshall from the institution's history because even they acknowledge he was a straight up racist. Which kind of blows a whole in Snyder's "Hey, the name was intended as an honor!" argument.
  12. How the fuck does one commission an artist to make a ten foot sculpture of eagles mating in air? I'm very surprised the the company didn't take ownership of all aspects of the Papa John trademark when they took over the firm. I've been to more than a few city council meetings. And that kind of passion is not uncommon. Try going to a zoning meeting for a solar farm or windmill facility. Or any zoning meeting for that matter.
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