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  1. I am so jealous at how well the cast has aged over the last thirty/twenty years. I just got old.
  2. xaxat

    Tennis Thread

    Gael Monfils is 35? That makes me feel so old.
  3. "Garbage" is not a strong enough term to describe Baby Billy and the Gemstone kids. There truly is no bottom for their behavior. The opening scene was great because I was wondering "Was Baby Billy actually a decent person at one point?" And then they showed that, nope, he was always trash. One of the things that makes this show interesting is John Goodman as Eli. In contrast to his kids, he seems like a flawed person who is genuinely trying to do good. I laughed when Kelvin talked about his fantasy of beating Eli in a fight. There was no doubt he was going to get his ass kicked.
  4. xaxat

    NFL Thread

    I will laugh my ass off if Rodgers/Packers turns into an NFL version of Simmons/Sixers.
  5. I can't wait to see how they are going to handwave the controversial end of the season. "Nothin to see here folks!"
  6. I just rewatched the premier episode and realized that the show starts with Holden not wanting the job (XO of the Cant) and ends with Holden not wanting the job.
  7. Kelvin is not even close to being self aware enough to acknowledge what seems obvious to us.
  8. Apparently this show is kind of divisive, but I though it was fantastic. For a wide variety of reasons that would probably take a page to explain. I thought it was an interesting exploration into the meaning of fate, art and loss backed by exceptional acting. One quick note. The music was great. I Shazzamed the hell out of it. In addition, the original arrangements were also notable. Frank rapping A Tribe Called Quest, the song created from the voices of the dead family, the sousaphone arrangement of Midnight Train to Georgia. I am definitely headed to a rewatch.
  9. Yes. One of the things that is off-putting about the show is that they clearly put an emphasis on casting for a reality show, not to find a long term business partner. I wonder what the trainers the contestants worked with thought about them. They are probably more qualified than any contestant. That's why I'm picking Kevin for the win. No drama competency. (I'm convinced that he only told Guy about his sister because of prodding from a producer.)
  10. I agree that there is s a lot of weird stuff going on. I wonder how much covid affected production? Three contestants have expressed reservations over participating and one of them actually left. In addition, her talking heads featured two more hairstyles. Kevin FTW. He improves when given constructive criticism. He has the attention to detail which is so important when you are a franchisee, and he seems to understand that the restaurant prize is Guy's, not his.
  11. xaxat

    Tennis Thread

    If it follows in the format of DTS, probably not. It will be given a brief mention and then forgotten. DTS is produced to put the sport in the best possible light, not a comprehensive documentary. ETA, That being said, DTS is a very entertaining show.
  12. xaxat

    The NBA

    The Lakers are 22-22. The Jazz are 29-15.
  13. xaxat

    The NBA

    Covid hits the Kings on Saturday Night Live.
  14. There were at least three. The reporter in the house(who appeared to be shot through the temple), the smoking body, spotted by Kelvin, next to the car and a body in a tree near the car.
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