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  1. I give Joe and Mika a lot of crap, (especially when he talks about the army of imaginary black pastors he talks to in South Carolina), but I think they were genuine friends of Elijah Cummings. And even if you are hesitant to give them the benefit of a doubt (reasonable), Rep. Cummings would not have let anyone play him for photo op.
  2. xaxat

    The Judges

    Late last year, Ted was interviewed by Christopher Kimball (America's Test Kitchen, now founder of Milk Street.)
  3. I watched Pat and Mike yesterday. It reminds me that inn addition to being a great actor, Katherine Hepburn was a really good athlete. And Spencer Tracy was right. "Not much meat on her, but what's there is cherce."
  4. Was Ratner on as a pundit, or have they acknowledged that he is a Bloomberg partisan? I don't care what kind of "I only manage his money." disclaimer he throws in, if you are that close to someone running for president, you want him to win. Even if you aren't officially a member of the campaign.
  5. There was also that period during the Kavanaugh hearing when both of them were dismissive of the "Believe Women" campaign. I guess it's OK to now?
  6. Oh come on @oakville he's more than that! 😁 (I wonder if he works on his "serious furrowed brow" in the mirror or if it just comes naturally.) Yeah, we have never seen someone win his party's nomination running as an establishment outsider.
  7. xaxat

    The NBA

    In Manhattan there is a subway stop at 42nd Street Bryant Park. It now reads,
  8. xaxat

    The NBA

    There's only been a handful of times when I have been truly shocked about news in sports. Magic announcing he was HIV positive, OJ and the Bronco chase and now this.
  9. A group of mayors have organized to oppose MiLB's proposed contraction. Currently, 42 teams are scheduled to lose affiliation with their MLB team, probably rendering a number of them economically nonviable. It's not just mayors that are pissed. State legislators and members of Congress are also taking a lot of grief from residents of the potentially affected cities and towns. Manfred's not stupid, he had to know this was coming, so I wonder what his calculation was. Just take the hit and move on? Cut the list of eliminated teams to make the survivors feel grateful? A Hunger Games to extract stadium concessions out of desperate teams?
  10. xaxat

    NFL Thread

    How to Become a Tackling Machine 101.
  11. xaxat

    NFL Thread

    This is just a teaser, but I already know what my favorite Super Bowl ad will be.
  12. Sam Elliott reciting the lyrics from Old Town Road is the best!
  13. Base on that, if she truly KYV, the show should be named Morning Mika.
  14. The weird thing about Mika and KYV is that her current career is an awful example of what she preaches. Her value now is intrinsically tied to her husband, Joe. Her career is anything but independent. Now I don't have a problem with her choices, but my guess is that almost all of the women she preaches/praises/scolds about KYV don't have a prominent co-worker/spouse/whatever the hell was going on before Joe's divorce promoting their career.
  15. WTF is up with these inside the beltway types and their obsession with Midwestern diners? They eat Thai, Mexican etc. in the Heartland! (And I bet you would find a different demographic of customers there.)
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