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  1. I was walking in town the other day and two young guys (early 20's) were walking ahead of me holding hands. No one cared, no one gave a second look. So different from the atmosphere of the 50's. Even in the 80's I was introduced to two women as sisters who lived together. Everyone knew they weren't related but we just kept our mouths shut.
  2. Steve Martin's physical comedy was gold. It made me think of this: https://youtu.be/nE58ZtIpNSo
  3. Guess you are too young to remember John Goodman as Linda Tripp?
  4. You made me look up that clip on Youtube. Very funny. Now "I want it that way" is stuck in my head.
  5. I hope he retained the rights to sell prints of this, because I would absolutely buy one. The original has a current bid of over $16,000 a bit rich for me. 🤑
  6. These are the two that did it for me. I laughed for at least 2-3 minutes after seeing the Pearl Earring one.
  7. I've never watched a Korean show. I like light mysteries. Is there anything like that?
  8. Great line. I prefer the 1st 2 bakes each show because its just about the food.
  9. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    Naomi is out of Indian Wells to the surprise of no one.
  10. khyber


    That was the best Laguna Seca race in years.
  11. “Pack your bags, we’re going on a guilt trip”. That is a great line. I must remember that one.
  12. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    Rafter sweated like a MFer and didn't continually leave the court to change into fresh clothes.
  13. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    Just finished watching my recording. I'm so happy.
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