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  1. Thank god I had recorded the show and could fast forward during Bridget singing.
  2. khyber


    Never watched this series the first time around. I am on season 2 and really enjoying it.
  3. I've read in the past that many people seem to think that Anne was Philip's favorite child.
  4. God, I really hated those two people.
  5. Apparently that was the season finale.
  6. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    Glad these two are in the finals. They have had the best tourney. Its nice to have some variation from the 3.
  7. I'm re-watching the series. Still funny as hell.
  8. I lived in Taiwan for a year and thought exactly this. It was laughter brought on by being in an uncomfortable situation.
  9. I was stunned that the ex-CO would be that stupid and besotted to bring an ex-felon into a house with children. If he did 10 years it was for something serious. Also, how stupid must she be to think that the "relationship" dynamic would be the same after he no longer needed to be subservient to her institutional power.
  10. Who was the actor in the Tootsie musical? He looked familiar.
  11. khyber


    Certain British dialects omit the article before a noun.
  12. The scene with the Mormon bishop was hysterical.
  13. Not sure where to post this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlxu5dDwhO0
  14. If the kid really wanted to go to college then he could start with 2 years of community college while living with mom and thus have no debt. Maybe he's just not ready to go yet. Got very strong "control" vibes from the father. He continually tried to interrupt JJ when it wasn't going his way.
  15. That's why I recognized her. Thanks.
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