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  1. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    Obi-wan Tsitsipas you are my only hope.
  2. I cringe every time one of the teams picks up a large show piece to move to the display table. I expect disaster.
  3. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    So the night match that Peacock has an exclusive on is not one that many casual fans want to watch. Serves NBC right.
  4. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    I'm sure the guy he beat is spitting mad.
  5. khyber

    U.K. TV

    Really enjoying We are Lady Parts.
  6. I'm only up to this episode, but it seems like the Dr.'s wife would be the main suspect in the poisoning of her husband. Maybe for insurance?
  7. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    So I got have from the grocery store to see that the Federer match was still going. Its so weird to see them playing in total silence. On serve in the 4th.
  8. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    Peacock is useless for tennis. I won't be watching live if the match is taking place 3am my time. The only replay they have listed right now was from May 30th. No way to record and at a bad time to watch Live. Why would I pay for that? I watch motorsports on NBCSN but understand that is going away at year's end. I guess Peacock can then screw up my ability to watch Indycar and Motocross.
  9. Just tried to watch Whitstable Pearl. I bailed after 30 minutes. Usually I would watch a whole show or two before deciding about a series, but this left me cold. Bad dialogue and non-inspiring characters.
  10. I was confused by this as well. Wonder what put that burr under Damon's saddle?
  11. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    Vijay Amritraj is Prakash's father. I'm sure it was that tennis connection that got him the job. Don't know who the woman is.
  12. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    Swiatek was playing fantastically and Pliskova wasn't serving well. It was an old style Serena beat down. I've decided that at least half of any Rafa/Djoker match is taken up by the amount of time taken to bounce the ball before the serve.
  13. I'm a geezer, so flashing back to those clothes is amazing. Ultra-suede, I haven't heard that word in years.
  14. khyber


    Exciting qualies for Indycar. Stoked for Grosjean.
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