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  1. khyber


    Borgen was great. Hope to see what they do.
  2. khyber

    Hamilton (2020)

    I went into this with no previous exposure to any of the music. It was great to have the subtitles, to catch all the subtleties. I really enjoyed this, as I now live in a small town, so we don't get the big touring shows. Now, if they would just do this for Book of Mormon.
  3. When will this be on regular HBO?
  4. khyber

    Tennis Thread

    If you listen to the lyrics, she sings "a little party never killed nobody"
  5. I hope this turns out to be good.
  6. God this was underwhelming. If this comes back I don't think they'll have much of an audience.
  7. I subscribe to the local paper but I know they are in trouble.
  8. Just watched the first of the 30 for 30 on Lance. Its interesting to hear all of the cyclists be honest about the doping.
  9. Saw a review of this, it wasn't positive. Too bad, this has a great cast.
  10. Bake off Professionals just started. Cherish didn't pull out the ruler yet.
  11. The show has become more & more cartoonish. I'm on the verge of giving up.
  12. Agree the play for the escape ladder device is to find a way to retrofit for current houses/condos. About 35 yrs ago I knew a woman who moved into a condo (2nd or 3rd floor) and bought an escape rope ladder. I had never heard of that but she didn't want to take any chances with being trapped during a fire. Fortunately she never had to use it. Hard to tell with the editing but it wasn't just eye contact the food guy messed up with Lori, he ignored her questions while focusing on the men who were still available.
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