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  1. Count me in on those that think the bride and mother ripped the dress trying to stuff those giant cans into the correct spot.
  2. New season of Brokenwood has started via Acorn TV.
  3. So I guess she never heard the phrase "Arabic numerals"? Am I the only one who saw the woman with the defendant in the pipe beating case and thought Stevie Nicks?
  4. Thanks for the rec, I will give this one a try. I've been watching Maltese: The Mafia Detective. If you have PBS Masterpiece subscription. (I have it through Amazon). Its the first Italian show I've watched and its very interesting.
  5. Does anyone know where the firewood stealing people live? I'm guessing Oregon. Also, how did the car stealer loose his dentures? Did they fly out when he crashed the car that he said was stolen?
  6. Loved the green parrot feather fabric but don't see a tailored coatdress as NY street. I would love to see what Anya would do with that fabric.
  7. I also thought that they needed a female for the finale. I would have kept Tree not Flamingo. The best versions of Hallelujah are quiet and intimate.
  8. I don't understand why the baby, and probably his mother, don't have medical insurance. With the ACA, if you're poor, the coverage is subsidized.
  9. I've just started watching Monk last month and I kept getting drawn back to that.
  10. Thank god I had recorded the show and could fast forward during Bridget singing.
  11. khyber


    Never watched this series the first time around. I am on season 2 and really enjoying it.
  12. I've read in the past that many people seem to think that Anne was Philip's favorite child.
  13. God, I really hated those two people.
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