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  1. car54

    Good Bones

    I think it is a nice change to see them design for someone specific and their lives and taste than to only consider the real estate and sales potential. I remember one early show they did where they were doing a home for a lady and she very specifically wanted a fireplace, and they seemed to really take her taste and wants very seriously. I enjoy both of them--one thing I have been noticing about Karen, as it seems like Mina is doing more --like the other shows on HGTV, --it's a very mom thing--but usually when Mina makes a design suggestion--Karen's immediate reaction is usually "Oh that's great!" or "I love that". She's obviously very talented in a lot of areas herself, but that pride in her kid's talent is always kind of nice to see. I bet she's like that with all her kids. Another reason I think maybe the Small Space show was a quickie is that in most of the shots Mina has the same hair and she is wearing a lot more makeup than she usually does--and in most of their design planning scenes, she looks the same.
  2. car54

    Good Bones

    So Jess is Tad's full sister and Mina's half sister. If I recall, they did a place in another season that she looked at buying or moving to. I know Mina took her older girl to live with her for a while before Jack was born--I didn't realize she had another baby since then--that littlest one was so cute--I wanted to tickle those chubby cheeks. Today I found a new little show on the HGTV site called Small Space Big Potential---it has about 6 little 10 or 15 minute episodes and Mina and Karen re-do a room in a friend's home--they bring in Tad and Cory and the older contractor--and do a couple of mudrooms, laundry room, home office, and I think a dining room. It's cute--they use the homeowner's budget and it looks like something that they could knock out in a day's filming--so it seems like a way to keep a show going without the huge financial outlay and workload of shooting their regular show, and to give their regulars a paycheck, probably. 🙂 They were cute--nothing big but every room looked better for what they did with it.
  3. car54

    Design Shows

    I watched a new to me show called Mountain Mamas last week--it is 2 women--they pretty much follow the Fixer Upper format---they are realtors and then they reno these Montana homes. Their houses are well done, and it is nice to see that they pitch in and do some of the construction themselves. I watched another show called Stay or Sell--which is pretty much Love it or List it but the client decides before the reno--so they look at other homes and decide to either re-do their home or buy another and renovate. I've only seen one and their ideas seem good--but the one I watched--the husband, who does the reno seems not to have looked at the house for problems before coming up with a budget so they had constant budget problems. This one takes place in Minneapolis--and the mid-century home they did was gorgeous before they started. It turned out really nicely.
  4. car54

    Kelly Meza-Dodd

    Change for Kelly---she turns them over fast. https://www.realitytea.com/2019/08/16/kelly-dodd-says-brian-reagan-cheated-her-she-has-a-new-man-already/
  5. car54

    S01.E07: 2016

    This show was really well done and I watched all of it, but after the past few weeks of horrible news I was really glad to see Ailes die last night. Judy, the secretary, was my favorite character throughout the show--she had very little dialogue but that actress was a real presence in every scene she was in--and to have her get that final note at the end was kind of fantastic--I have a feeling that she probably knew where ALL the bodies were buried at Fox and they were probably afraid not to pay her.
  6. car54

    Good Bones

    I can't see the point of a 3-bedroom with such a small living room and no real eating space--and when they told the people touring it that "the island isn't fixed in place---you can move it or put in a table"---seriously? I did love the wall of doors--I thought it was creative and gave the house some character--I might have painted them all the same depending on the decor.
  7. car54

    Boise Boys

    I watched the new episode this morning--it was online early. The mid-century was not the red carpet one--and it turned out beautiful. They've really done some great jobs--all of them different. This one went from really meh to very cool--and the fireplace that was original just looked great. I loved all the green--my whole house used to be in greens so I'm a fan.
  8. Good lord, it's like this guy was auditioning to be on Dateline.
  9. car54

    House Flipping Shows

    I was just coming here to post about this show. I watched the 2 episodes on the HGTV site yesterday and the couple are fun and pleasant--the wife is very funny, and her design work is pretty clean and attractive. They played a little too much to the camera, but that seems to be the fashion--and I wish they'd show more of the actual work, but I enjoyed them and I would watch more episodes if they have them! I liked that room with the coral accents in particular--her style seems to be a lot of neutrals or black and white with color accents, and I thought that was a little different and came out really pretty.
  10. car54

    Boise Boys

    The Basque house turned out great. Like others have posted I wish they'd shown the upstairs more--I wonder if maybe the owners could not pay to furnish the bedrooms or something? I really like that they are choosing a wide range of different types of homes this season. I know Luke's style suits the mid-century modern but we've seen him adapt that to some other styles--and I really enjoy it. We have a home near where I live that is being re-done and the owners are using a lot of black metal and natural wood on the outside-It was a very traditional colonial home--I drove by the other day and it is starting to look like something the Boise Boys would do!
  11. MSNBC just announced a special show tonight starting at 9 pm --with multiple hosts (including Rachel) I think it was called Crisis in America --and it is about the recent gun violence, I think.
  12. car54

    Good Bones

    I feel like the last few houses are all alike to me. Not sure if it is because all these places near each other are similar or if they just ARE kind of similar. Once again, I know they made a second sitting room upstairs but it felt like the open living room/kitchen felt smooshed together too much for the number of people who could live in that many bedrooms. And I hope they have kids because there is no freaking way I'd climb that straight up ladder to that second loft space. Blue cabinets must be the trend, I feel like I'm seeing them a lot but I kind of hated them with the butcher block counters and that backsplash looked really random and dingy. And no to the marble cabinet handles mixed with the cup handles on the drawers, I'd have picked a metal knob that coordinated.
  13. car54

    Boise Boys

    They did a great job on the Fire House. Nice to see the story of Luke's adoption.
  14. Oh yeah, but they're just getting warmed up. Rachel's going to need to pace herself.
  15. They are down 1 sub----I think normally they'd have Ali Velshi and Joy to help and Ali is on vacation. Thank god they don't put Kornaki on either Lawrence or Rachel usually. Ali seems to always be the go-to for prime time subs--but I really like that Yasmin is getting some more daytime exposure-----she DID have a long day---she does the pre-Morning Joe show then she did mid-day and then went on to do The Beat. I'm really enjoying her--she is good interviewer. I'll be interested to hear what Ali did this year--last year he went somewhere in asia to do volunteer work when he was off. I think it's going to be a tough year so I encourage Rachel to get her long weekends when she can. A little fishing is good therapy.