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  1. Nearly every time I get hooked on a new network show, seems they get cancelled--like The Event, Revolution, Extant, Alcatraz, Zoo, to name a few. Not that they were all that great, but they were fun watching. Why don’t they make shows like these, including Manifest, Debris, into mini-series, like four, six, even eight episodes. At least that way we would get a beginning and a satisfying ending. SyFy is airing a three part (six-hour) show, Departure, starting later this week. I will watch it hopefully to the end. No more investing in network shows that may or may not go anywhere.
  2. I agree, this show is cheesy, and convoluted, but is entertaining. I wouldn’t be too upset if it was cancelled, although the ONLY plot I want the answer to is... what actually happened with the plane, initially. Did it go through a worm hole, a time warp? Just explain it did and be done.
  3. Yes this was a pretty good episode and a great cliffhanger. And, no mention of lifeboats. I’m thinking, maybe because of the tail fin being returned to the sea, perhaps that event “advanced” Cal to the age he, physically, should have been in the present. Also, too, maybe the reason the original 828 pilot returned to the 828 cockpit, in the present, if only for a few moments. So many questions--will be interesting to see how all these matters will be dealt with next season.
  4. Well said OTTODBUSDRIVER (are you really a bus driver?)--All good points. How many folks can get a half-million dollar refinance on their house in a matter of hours, and like, you say, with no income; how are they going to make those increased house payments?? (I think about stuff like that...) And my other beef--so Ben and Grace are okay withs their teen daughter living with/staying with Levi? Not in my house.
  5. All water under the bridge now, as they say.
  6. Was Cal the only one who had physical burns? Even so, you know it would be painful to even have a shirt or jacket on, much less no treatment.
  7. I'm going to count all the “lifeboats” during the two-hour season finale...
  8. But what about the us, the "minority” who actually liked the show--we got shafted--no answers. No more investing in a new network series for me.
  9. How bizarre were the twisted-up bodies at the quick stop? And Walternate (!!) is our new bad guy !!
  10. We are all gluttons for punishment--Debris, Manifest, Lost, Under the Dome, Fringe. Debris is my favorite, though.
  11. Or Under the Dome--talk about lame...
  12. I thought I had a semi-grip on all (well most) of the ongoing plots, but this episode through me for a loop. I don’t really want to go back and try to find what NU’s are, missed that. Also I don’t get all the business with the Laghari plot--probably just me. I did like the ball of light, though, and it was nice to see Bryan smile--everyone always so serious.
  13. Me either. Maybe Eagan will become the Rich Dotcom from Blindspot--annoying and unlikable at first, then he became one of my favorites.
  14. While Saanvi was in the hospital, why didn’t the nurses clean the blood from her face? Even if more came, clean it up!
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