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  1. alvajon


    Mousegirl: I'm going to watch this episode tonight, for the third time...
  2. You got it all right, saber5055. I, too, got a glimpse of Mayfair. And, one of my favs, Lou Diamond Phillips!
  3. Yes! Why introduce characters vital to the story to just write them off? The daughter (don’t remember her name) didn’t really seem to add to the story after the fact she was introduced. You may be right MANDIGIRL.
  4. ZIP works that fast? Really? First it was take down Shepherd and Sandstorm. Now it is take down Madeline. Boring. I know, I know, I can stop watching anytime...
  5. I can’t believe we have to muddle through four? more episodes. I’m a glutton for punishment, so have to watch this series to the end.
  6. I wouldn’t want to snuggle up to neckbeard either.
  7. There is absolutely no comparing this with the classic Perry Mason episodes. I know we’re not supposed to but... You have to look at it as a whole different story/series; just the names are the same. I’m not a prude but I can do without the profanity, nudity, and sex scenes. Why didn’t they just produce this new show with new names so I don’t have to picture Raymond Burr in the sack with that woman. I don’t know if this storyline was based on stories by Erle Stanley Gardner or not. I really liked Matthew Rhys in The Americans, and he is a good actor, but I couldn’t watch even the first episode to see if I would like to watch.
  8. Every time I see Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, I picture her in The Abyss: “Virgil, you wiener”!!
  9. I haven’t seen it mentioned, but then again I haven’t read all the prior posts (the long ones I skip), and I really don’t mean to be critical, but Jennifer Connelly looks anorexic. Her hands look unusually large.
  10. The train is described as a perpetually moving train. I’m not exactly sure what that means. I believe trains of today are powered by electricity and/or diesel, but how is the Snowpiercer actually powered? Does it generate its own electricity? Not too saavy in this department but would like an explanation, someone?
  11. Just another reason why I’m reluctant to start watching any new t.v.series. After the last episodes of Vikings later this year think I’ll stick to old classic movies...
  12. Just read where Project BB has been cancelled by the History Channel. Boo for them. Finally we had a decent show with grit. Guess it must be low ratings--greed if you ask me.
  13. I see Perry Mason 2020 is set to premiere on HBO on June 21, 2020. I like Matthew Rhys, I watched the whole “The Americans” series, but no one can replace Raymond Burr as Perry Mason. If I decide to watch, I’ll just have to watch it as a completely different story, and not try to compare it with the Classic Perry Mason.
  14. "But, anyway, yeah, @willco, it does look like they're going for some sort of duplicates. I'd bet on alternate universe(s) bleeding through." Memories of Fringe’s alternate universe--Walternate was my favorite. I miss Fringe.
  15. I agree AAEBOILER--unshaven faces seem to be a millennial-generation thing, to the present. To me there is nothing nicer than a man with a clean shaven face--remember Raymond Burr in “Perry Mason”? He didn’t even have a five-o’clock shadow😊
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