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  1. Is it just me or.. who would want to have a two-day “honeymoon" with a man who is molting, fingers about to fall off--I mean, how romantic can THAT be??
  2. I was wondering about the gangrene thing myself.
  3. Zeke (and his dad) could have at least shaved for Zeke's wedding day 🙃
  4. Dowel Jones -- You read my mind...
  5. Okay Jacks-Son--since you put it that way--I guess Zeke is okay.
  6. Yes, what happened to the major? Yes, what happened to Vance? Yes, I watched “Zoo” from beginning to end (and I admit "Under the Dome” too); however I quit “Lost” after about half of the first season. I have no concrete thoughts on Jared’s agenda, but I do believe he jailed Michaela to save her from the bad guys. I believe he’d take her back in a heartbeat. I really don’t like her relationship with Zeke. But this is only a t.v. show, right, guys?
  7. I wish I had the guts to quit watching this show... but you know how it is. Maybe it’s because there’s really not much else interesting on t.v., though my favorite show now is Project Blue Book--at least it is loosely based on reality.
  8. Did I miss it, or did they not show Michaela retrieving the microphone from the bar? She took a chance going in to put it in place in the first place, then the next scene, I think, was her, the partner, and the chief reviewing it. She would have had to have a good excuse to go back in. And yes it was most obvious--anyone sitting at a table could see it right away.
  9. I really liked this episode. Was hoping, though, that the Russian guy was going to take out the Russian girl, but no such luck. Does anyone besides me watch this show? This is the least active forum I follow...
  10. Jack-son: I understand and get your post(s)--And yes, a big chronological calendar would be great. I just wanted to express my love and appreciation of ottoDbusdriver’s time accounts.
  11. So, if there was a “used one”, and the unused one got kicked under the bed, what happened to the “used one”? And if they were using condoms, aside from the disease factor, they are also used for birth control, though not aways 100% effective. But didn’t Grace tell Ben that Danny always wanted children? So, if so, they wouldn’t have been using condoms. Like I said before... convoluted. I happen to love ottoDbusdriver’s accounts; keeps me on track of things.
  12. Not that this show is (almost) the most convoluted series I’ve ever watched, but I've lost track... who is Saanvi's “Charming”?
  13. So really, what’s the big deal with Jared’s “new do”--maybe he just wanted a new trendy look. I really don’t get what he’s up to hanging around the bar either. He’s the least interesting character in the show, except it is curious that he never mentions Lourdes or attempts to see her.
  14. Why don’t they just do a paternity test--then deal with however comes. Period.
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