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  1. AntiBeeSpray

    Gaming Pet Peeves

    Can relate on the latter. Especially when any checkpoints are back in town and you have to backtrack to get to them. Add in any game freezing bugs and it makes for an unplayable game.
  2. AntiBeeSpray

    Murphy Brown

    😢 Thanks for the memories.
  3. I could hug this post. Exactly. When they aren't allowed to do so, it's so sad and tragic. So much potential and yet so much wasted.
  4. Nah. It comes down to what CC wanted, period. He wanted the characters to be work partners only. To just serve the stories he wanted to be told. Frank Spotnitz mentioned that CC didn't want the characters to grow or evolve. That says a lot. And honestly, I find that kind of thing to be boring.
  5. AntiBeeSpray

    Gut-Busters: TV's Funniest Moments

    That would be awesome, if they were able to get permission to do so. With that possible Frasier reboot, who knows? 😋
  6. AntiBeeSpray

    Gut-Busters: TV's Funniest Moments

    Yea it is, and yet it sounds like something Taco Bell would do in order to show off their new kinds of tacos. 🤣 Word.
  7. AntiBeeSpray

    Gut-Busters: TV's Funniest Moments

    Another one of my favorites, Frasier trying to sing Buttons and Bows!
  8. Definitely. I loved it too, but that time it was a case of the actors not getting along and it showed on screen. That said, I hate will they/won't they for ANY show. Period. I find it to be rather patronizing and annoying. XF did that until s7 originally and then tried and failed to bring it back in s10 by having Mulder and Scully broken up. There was absolutely no tension there. It was laughable to say the least. Then they tried to kiss shipper's butts in s11, but only having the characters be friends with benefits. 🙄
  9. Yep. I still have s11 of the XF to go. Only watched that for the lols, given things. But honestly would have quit after s10, given how the fans and the characters were treated.
  10. Agreed. Now it's just what you mentioned and it's unwatchable. Only time I've come back is when Jack McCoy was on for an episode, and I missed him. 😛
  11. AntiBeeSpray

    NCIS: Los Angeles

    I'm wondering if they're doing it to try to bring in the JAG audience. That said, trying to pull old games isn't going to win them that many new viewers. Viewers don't like being manipulated. Wow. She's that bad now? I like Hetty. It's too bad that her character's been wrecked.
  12. So this. I've had more than enough of that. I haven't watched it or NCIS for years now. And they both used to be shows that I couldn't quit.
  13. That sounds like a bit of sour grapes to me. I felt similarly when I first heard about this special, but honestly, it wasn't bad, and if you prefer the older episodes, this set of them doesn't take anything away from it. Didn't view this as a reboot. Just a nod to a pair of classics. Nothing more.
  14. Disagree there. I didn't find AITF to be a disaster at all, seriously. I don't get why people think that it was. Seen far worse acting.
  15. AntiBeeSpray

    Favorite Commercials

    Love it! They NEED to bring this out on dvd/blu-ray dang it! 😂