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  1. Just caught a couple of episodes. Does it have its own thread?
  2. Detroit Auction House: Season 8, Episode 18 Haven't seen this show in ages. It's a Detroit Tudor house she won in auction. The painters have this bemused look when she talks about painting the trim cream. Funny moment is when Nicole says she's staining something "sloppily"... turns out that was in my head, I rewound it to get her exact words and I must have imagined it 😮
  3. Lola16

    Barney Miller

    Saw an episode tonight that I don't recall ever seeing before. It was "Homeless" where shop owner Bender finds a homeless man (Don Calfa) camping out in his store. The homeless man appeared on 6 other episodes of Barney Miller as different characters. Bender's wife comes to bail him out and its the same actress (Mari Gorman) who played Ros, the female detective assigned to the 12th where Wojo walks in on her in the bathroom. When looking it up, seems she played 3 different characters on the show: Mari Gorman: - Landmark: Part 3 (1982) ... Naomi Bender - Homeless (1981) ... Naomi
  4. Lola16

    Barney Miller

    Brett played the super's wife on one of those rare out of the precinct episodes --- where Fish, Barney, and Wojo are holed up in an empty apartment on a stakeout.
  5. They used to do it all the time on the original. That's why people had to mark stuff off limits even when it wasn't in the room. But with 2K, and the Wayfair/Overstock tent, and their own carpenter, there should be less need.
  6. I was underwhelmed by Sabrina's room. Did the table have a leaf? Wasn't overly impressed with the wine holder and pizza paddles. Or the little bits of greenery in the wine holder. I like Laurie's room. And first thing I think of with Laurie is yellow, then fabrics. I'd have put that special piece of furniture in another room. The built-in didn't bother me and I liked the storage being accessible on the side. Definitely more elegant than casual. Move the extra chairs, lose some pillows, and be done with it. The mirrors? Use it as a white board for the kids. Run around? Kids can run out
  7. Did Kody get work done? His face looks so tight on the coming attractions for the reunion.
  8. just saw this episode on CNBC. Kevin said #BeSomebody guy failed in his 6th appearance on the show. So he's pitched 5 other products/ideas and not gotten deals?? He really came across as a blowhard who doesn't listen and it seems that's who he is: https://www.texasmonthly.com/the-daily-post/austin-tech-bros-from-besomebody-are-losing-the-fight-they-picked-against-local-high-school-students/ Quick Google search shows that #BeSomebody app shut down in Jan 2017 due to lack of demand and people using only for experiences rather than learning. https://www.bizjourna
  9. Is Marcus the worst judge of character? Those people took him for a ride. Again. And the daughter's resignation speech that she made sure to blindside him with? Bye girl. Yet Marcus starts making excuses. Is this all for TV?
  10. Lola16

    S05.E06: Rayjus

    I didn't see that Odom was fired from Rayjus, that he is taking a leave of absence. Where do you see he was fired?
  11. I saw her be defensive and argumentative with her first 2 attempts. Not persuasive, but argumentative, as in "you're wrong, you need this" without the why. She got better but I wonder what kind of sales she was in before.
  12. Good for you :) Let us know how it works.
  13. The "and a hug" makes me crazy for a different reason. If I was the vendor and a contestant offered me a low ball price offset by a hug, I'd immediately double my price. "A smile" = meh. I agree, can't feed your family on a smile. But a hug? No way. What the holy he-ll. Go hug a tree and get free sap. Excuse me, I'm gonna go shoo some kids off my lawn and pelt some pigeons with stale bread (tm Sgt Philip K Fish).
  14. Stormville has the cheapest prices, Brimfield has the highest prices, and Elephant's Trunk is in the middles. You see contestants buying an old dresser (not antique, no famous maker, no dovetails) in OK condition for $5 at Stormville, $80 at Brimfield, and $30 at Elephant's Trunk. I get that Brimfield is the largest, but that's incentive to go to Stormville to me if I were junk shopping. I wonder how many of these vendors also run a junk removal service? I know by me, there's one who gets paid handsomely to remove items, only to sell the good stuff and donate the crap. Not bad to get pai
  15. Lola16

    Barney Miller

    Beverly is busy. One of my favorite Dietrich scenes. I also like when Bernice explains how Fish feeds the pigeons. He pelts them with stale bread. All in all I prefer the in precinct stories, no need to leave the building. The one with Brett Somers and the stakeout apartment was good. Barney stopping by Chano's apartment after Chano shoots the bank robbers, makes sense. Barney and Liz at home? Meh. Wojo at home? Unnecessary. Even with Harris and Dietrich lived together, we could visualize it without seeing it.
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