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  1. I gotta admit, that trailer is pretty good. Does anyone know who the woman at the 13 second mark is?
  2. This is the best news I've heard all week!
  3. There was only one round this week. This one and next week's are both qualifying rounds (4 teams each). And you're right - there seems to be basically no reason for the small scare now. No pumpkins, and no extra helpers given to teams. But I enjoyed the work in previous seasons in those first rounds.
  4. Agreed. The Lego cake was messy and unappealing. Though I admit I might have also been put off by hearing Legos constantly referred to as blocks. I realize they have to be careful not to say brand names (i.e. the Snickers cake and the Fisher Price record player weren't called by those names, either), but hearing Legos called blocks for an hour had my teeth on edge. And I miss Jon Bennett. Almost as much as I miss the pumpkins. Also miss the small scare. And separate taste treats. Watching them cut into cakes isn't the same thing. I'd just about decided that I wouldn't watch the
  5. I need pumpkins. It's not the same without pumpkins.
  6. I wish all the best for whatever JW does next - she wasn't my favorite doctor but I fault the writing and mainly Chibnall for that, because I think she did the best she could with the material she was given. I'm happy Chibnall is going, though. I really wanted to like the past couple of seasons of the show, but there was just too much to dislike in what he brought to it, and it overshadowed the things that were good. I'm still hoping the upcoming season is good, though, as well as the subsequent specials. It would be nice if they can go out on a high note.
  7. Definitely this. These days, I won't even read a fic where the author chooses not to tag. I once made the mistake of reading a work in which the author hadn't tagged for a character death, and unfortunately it was shortly after my mother had passed away and I was reading to numb the sadness at that time. Not a good time for me to have read that fic. I don't fault the author - writers can choose to tag (or not) as they see fit - but it made a bad time worse for me, and ever since then, I do two things when choosing a fic: 1) I immediately scroll to the end of the fic to make sure its goin
  8. Interesting thread. I'm a reader of fanfic and I give kudos to practically everything I read, but generally only comment on a small number of fics. The two main reasons I don't comment more often: 1 - I think my comment would be so similar to other comments that the author won't care about it; 2 - From previous comments on the fic, I can see that the author doesn't reply - so I figure maybe the author doesn't even read comments. I'm more likely to comment when the author has a note at the beginning or end of a chapter stating that they read and appreciate comments even if th
  9. Damn, I still get teary when I see Chadwick Boseman's picture.
  10. ...aka Alison Holker Boss, incredibly talented dancer and SYTYCD All-Star in her own right. (Sorry. I adore Twitch and wish them much happiness in their marriage, but I don't want it overlooked that she's much-established as more than his wife. I'll pull my little feminist head back into my shell now.)
  11. When your gift to the world - and the legacy you leave behind - is the Make-a-Wish Foundation, you're just a whole 'nother level.
  12. I love that fan photo. There's a warmth in Mr. Sierra's eyes and smile that I don't think even the most talented actors can fake and that makes me think he must have been a lovely person for his fans to be fortunate enough to have met.
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