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  1. I feel so bad for the remaining sister. Losing two siblings in three years is already sad enough, and then losing them both at Christmas.
  2. Well, cheers that it's on, but ugh to the way they're running the episodes. They've got sections of seasons in order, they skip some, and they stick a string of specials in between. So, for example, on Thursday night they're running Blink, then a couple of the specials, then coming back to the third season with The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords - without Utopia. So I guess it's okay for fans, since we'll just drop in and catch a random episode here or there. But it's a really stupid way to present the show for anyone who might've wanted to binge-watch a season that they hadn't gotten around to seeing before.
  3. 14 years old... ? His poor family. I can't even imagine losing someone so young.
  4. Between that song and the scene of Big Bird saying good-bye to Snuffy in that movie, my heart hurts.
  5. Those recent articles/interviews with Chibnall and Whitaker continue to give me hope that the new season will be a good one.
  6. I'm one of those who didn't like S11 overall, but I've got to admit some of these episode descriptions sound really interesting. Between the trailer and those descriptions, I'm feeling optimistic about S12.
  7. Crying? Me? No, my make-up is just smudged from the rain or something.
  8. Same issue. Full-page pop-up ad, generally only once per session, and only happens on Primetimer (no other sites). It never happens on my arrival page (Forums I Follow, Managed Content), or on the first forum I click, but it always happens on the first topic within that forum. So always the third screen I go to, regardless of which forum or topic it happens to be. Windows 7 PC, Chrome browser.
  9. Favorite Classic Who: The Horror of Fang Rock. Favorite NuWho: (I could list probably 80% of the first 10 seasons here, but I'll stick with a handful of favs from throughout them.) The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances Smith and Jones (Martha is and always will be my favorite companion.) Gridlock Blink Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords Midnight Stolen Earth/Journey's End Amy's Choice The Angels Take Manhattan The Bells of Saint John The Pilot Knock Knock Twice Upon A Time Least favorites? I guess it would be something from the middle of S11. Arachnids in the UK or The Tsuranga Conundrum or something. I didn't really like anything from that season very much.
  10. Aw, RIP Doris Day. And many thanks for her work in protecting animals, especially for her horse rescue program.
  11. She looks beautiful. Daddy and the baby are looking cute, too.
  12. Gee, such persuasive arguments about the merits of the season. As a happily married woman, I guess I simply have to love the past season. Except I don't. Some of the online media articles have perfectly valid complaints, IMO. Most of the complaints that I've seen in the media have been about other aspects of the show - particularly the writing and the "PC" aura many of the episodes have. I don't see the point in dismissing it all as "they just hate a woman Doctor", as if none of the other reasons are valid, simply because one doesn't personally agree with them. YMMV, of course.
  13. Two days doing a combination of stuffing envelopes, giving advice on camera angles and choirs, and working in a bookstore for a bit, is pretty relaxing compared to any typical two days for many people. I'm not impressed with Jussie's so-called community service.
  14. In the words of the immortal Kent Brockman, "If you see any celebrities, consider them dangerous."
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