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  1. Damn, I still get teary when I see Chadwick Boseman's picture.
  2. ...aka Alison Holker Boss, incredibly talented dancer and SYTYCD All-Star in her own right. (Sorry. I adore Twitch and wish them much happiness in their marriage, but I don't want it overlooked that she's much-established as more than his wife. I'll pull my little feminist head back into my shell now.)
  3. When your gift to the world - and the legacy you leave behind - is the Make-a-Wish Foundation, you're just a whole 'nother level.
  4. I love that fan photo. There's a warmth in Mr. Sierra's eyes and smile that I don't think even the most talented actors can fake and that makes me think he must have been a lovely person for his fans to be fortunate enough to have met.
  5. When Graham said he was going to stay because Ryan was his family and he didn't want to miss out on that, it just reinforced yet again how much of a failure the "fam" nonsense has been to me from the start. Graham's line was simple and heartfelt. Maybe it's just that Bradley is a better actor than Jodie (no offense to JW), but I felt that line when he said it. It contrasted sharply with the Doctor's references to the "fam", which have always rung artificial (including in this episode) and never make me feel anything. Other than that, I thought it was a fairly generic episode. Nice to
  6. Everyone's already said it, but I'll agree. These tasks were not good choices for the finale. Finale tasks should involve memory/knowledge of places visited, and should require, well... something more than luck. Needle in a haystack tasks, if they must be on TAR at all, belong in a detour in a middle leg, when the other half involves animals or making deliveries to hard-to-find places. Not in a finale. Also, I don't like eat-stupid-amounts-of-this-food tasks. I'm not entertained by watching people retch. I'm not even entertained by watching them eat. (And what would have happened i
  7. Well, that was an unpleasant last couple of minutes to an otherwise good episode. I was just starting to think I didn't dislike James/Will anymore, and then they reminded me how smug they can be. Beard-bros have gone down in my estimation, also. I'm going to give DeAngelo some slack for the bitterness, but that wasn't a pretty way to go out. If that side of his personality was present throughout the race, I'd understand why NFL became the team the others decided to drop. But Gary kept it classy, and I feel bad for him.
  8. RIP, David. Thanks for this little Christmas traditional song at my house:
  9. Thank goodness he decided against it. TV is my escape from the hellscape that is 2020. I don't need Doctor Who to be contaminated with it. In about 30 years, some future 28th Doctor can deal with it in a historical episode. Other than that, I prefer if their universe doesn't actually reflect mine. I think it would be awful. Like bad fanfic, jump-the-shark, it-was-all-a-dream, snowglobe awful. But I feel that way about roughly three-quarters of Thirteen's storylines, anyway. I hope neither die. Though I can't really imagine their goodbyes being sad as long
  10. Ok, thanks, I guess that makes sense. I thought he was referring to a specific monster/villain who's appeared more than once over the past 15 years.
  11. I can deal with it being under the caveat of Covid. It's been tougher the past couple of seasons watching it under the caveat of Chibnall. "Ah, well, it's a Chibnall episode." If the lack of foreign location shots is the only so-called weakness next season, I'll take it as a win. Has there been any speculation on which 'monster' this is?
  12. Wasn't he the one from that stupid spider episode? Edited to add: I just looked it up, and yeah, he was. But IMDB lists his character as Robertson, not Robinson. In any case, the only Jack I'm looking forward to seeing in the special is Harkness.
  13. I wish Phil could have had the title - "More Chickens!"
  14. I am heartbroken. Have you ever read about someone's life and gotten the feeling that the world lost someone really good? That's the way I feel right now.
  15. That's the way Hung did it. And I thought the same thing - it seems very much like the way to do it. When Michelle and Victoria were in South America, they said 'merci' when they thanked people. In France, did I hear them say 'thank you', or did I imagine that?
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