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  1. There's an interview with Lennon and Jessica in the most recent Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. They talk about their early days working together and about Jessica's breast cancer.
  2. Reminder of the PTV politics policy - if politics aren't discussed in the show, they're not up for discussion in that show's forum. A few posts have been hidden.
  3. Hey folks, real world politics are not allowed at PTV so unless it was explicitly discussed on the show please avoid. That includes discussion about why specific political events may or may not have triggered the show's cancellation. This is a tough line to draw at times. I've hidden a few posts and if you have questions please PM me. Thanks!
  4. Live chat for the Musical Episode! Once the episode has aired in your timezone please take your discussion to the episode thread.
  5. @Curio Live chat topic is confirmed for the next episode. Thanks for the suggestion.
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