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  1. I've seen him in several shows in NYC, including Dear Evan Hansen and How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. He's a damn good song and dance man in addition to being a good actor.
  2. While watching, I kept expecting Lucinda to come around the corner. Or better yet -- Dr. Bob Hughes with an ax to grind.
  3. Same. I teared up a little when I saw him because ever after all this time I STILL miss ATWT. I half expected to see Lucinda come around the corner. Loved seeing André De Shields and Stephen Spinella as part of the HIV storyline. As out gay men who were young men during the '80s AIDS crisis, I can only imagine how emotional it must have been for them.
  4. Agree agree agree. I'm a full-on RPDR fan, but this installment is one of my favorites of all the iterations. I laughed, I cried -- it was better than Cats.
  5. My DVR cut off before the end -- I know that Ginny got the job offer, but what else did I miss? And yes -- I want a second season as well. This show has charm to spare. Plus Bradley Whitford.
  6. I've been watching the marathon on/off all day. Not sure how I missed watching this on the regular when it was first aired -- but I'm really enjoying it now. LOTS of legitimate laughs.
  7. I was just thinking the same thing. I'd be happy with an hour each week at Ponderosa, and just clips of what's happening back in the game.
  8. It looked to me like he left his pilot's hat on too long and took it off right before hitting the stage. #hathead
  9. They are on Twitter. En masse. I often live tweet all the shows in this franchise and some of my snarkier comments are blasted by the die-hard fans. They also have Twitter handles like mrsbieber and givemearose, which seems appropriate.
  10. The gents on Love Island UK are very affectionate with one another and no one blinks an eye. In fact, one of my favorite pairs ever were part of a bromance (Kem and Chris, Love Island UK season 3.) They did some weird shit that I won't mention but it came across as genuine and hilarious.
  11. After thinking about this, I smell producer hijinks here. Keeping Cash is obviously better for the DRAMA than mild-mannered Winston. PS: I hate that I think about this show when it's not actually on.
  12. @fishcakes I like that scenario you laid out. Katrina is my favorite of the girls (she's almost too good/mature for this nonsense show) and for some weird reason, I think she and Winston would make a not-horrible couple.
  13. The right people did leave -- neither George nor Marli made a big impression, save for Marli/Winston. Although I have hopes he will couple up with Katrina, since it looks like old Weston's going to mosey on over to Kelsey. And Big Brother syndrome avoided thank goodness. Much better look.
  14. The "I GOT A TEXT" announcement is part of the Love Island Handbook, as it's done on the UK version as well. I look at it like Tim Gunn's "gather round" thing on Project Runway -- a bit annoying but part of the package and a means to share info/push the narrative.
  15. Dear Yamen, You are not our boy, regardless of what you say. Please stop referring to yourself as such, effective immediately. Thank you, America
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