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  1. CoderLady

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Not just me, then. I find myself watching an ad that just seems too ridiculous for words, then realize I can watch it critically or just enjoy it as a bit of entertainment because I'm no longer susceptible to whatever persuasion they're using. That's been pretty freeing.
  2. CoderLady

    S02.E13 Fight or Flight

    I really hate the "one whack and run" tactic, but at least Maddie didn't drop her weapon even with all that running. And instead of running off in a blind panic and finally falling down in a sobbing heap, she was smart enough to lay a trap for him so she could use the poker again. I am sorry she didn't pound his head to jelly in the cabin when she had the advantage but her final knife work was impressive. His own weapon, too.
  3. CoderLady

    S08.E01: Episode 1

    Timothy is acting like a teenager, just not a cliched TV teenager. I like seeing a level-headed, caring, intelligent, drama-free kid growing up surrounded by good people. I fervently hope the writers don't succumb to the mundane and make him a brat, even just for a single instance of hormone-fueled idiocy. I want to see him get to college age and go off to discover a cure for cancer, or something else good, without causing anyone any angst.
  4. CoderLady

    Earworms: Music in Commercials

    I don't mind the ad itself because I'm a sucker for displays of bright, vivid, saturated colors, but the music in the Go Daddy commercial drives me up a wall. Starting with the screaming fake violins at the start, followed by the rapid fire "da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da DA DA!" vocals, I hate this ad so much that I've gotten really good at fast forwarding through the commercial breaks on StartTV's midday Medium mini-marathon. Ugh. Just go, Daddy. Far away, out of earshot.
  5. In real life if it penetrates the heart it does, and within seconds. On TV however, a single stab only kills if the plot requires it or if it's a "wrong place, wrong time" innocent person. If it's a series regular he/she will spend a day in hospital attached to lots of fluids and machines, then at the slightest hint of a clue will rip it all out to go out and capture the stabber.
  6. CoderLady

    Commercials That Annoy, Irritate or Outright Enrage

    Oh, thank you! I hate that commercial way out of proportion to what they're selling -- baby food -- but it sends me into a tooth-gnashing rage every time until I can mute it. I have nothing against babies since I actually used to be one, but this ad makes me want to smash something. Aargh.
  7. CoderLady

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    True. I can deal with the ones who get caught by the end of a episode but the killers that just keep getting away and coming back over and over season after season are, to me, total crap. I'm really happy to be able to check episode descriptions before I tune in to a show so I can avoid these. To keep it on topic: this must be an unpopular opinion because it seems like most successful cop dramas eventually get saddled with their own recurring serial killer. Ick.
  8. CoderLady

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Me too. There's something deeply satisfying about watching a team of people with various skills and skill levels mobilize to solve a crime. I like British procedurals more than American ones because they seem to be more about the case and less about personal drama between team members -- also less fascination with super-duper serial killers. I really hate those. But otherwise, procedurals are my comfort food.
  9. I wondered that, too. The one time I paid attention it looked like the covers got sucked between the floor and the bottom edge of the wall. A bit freaky, but it works for me.
  10. CoderLady

    TV Tropes You Hate

    Which reminds me of another one that makes my jaws tight: food fights. After the couple spills food on each other they just let loose and start flinging it at each other, giggling madly all the while gobs of greasy, gooey stuff fly through the air. And why does being willing to behave like unsupervised toddlers signal romantic happiness? Not everyone has a production crew come in and clean up between takes, you morons.
  11. I've only seen the full length version once but he's a security guard. After patrolling all night with his little dog he's stopping for lunch/dinner in the morning in the part of the commercial that always plays. It's not very clear without the setup, though.
  12. CoderLady

    TV Tropes You Hate

    Totally agree. What makes me saddest about this trope is that whenever a TV couple gets together because they actually like each other and have shared experiences that show that they're compatible, they're thought to be "boring" or "no/low chemistry." Shit. Chemistry isn't everything and if it's all they've got it's going to be a very short relationship.
  13. CoderLady


    Even if he was up for it I don't think Jamie would be a good fit for the Jr show. He's too reserved. I think he'd be a huge buzzkill at best. On the other hand, Adam is enthusiastic and open about working with kids but also has the skills and (mostly enough) good judgement to not get everyone killed while experimenting.
  14. CoderLady

    Earworms: Music in Commercials

    It just might be.
  15. CoderLady

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Holy shit. I'm speechless in admiration.