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  1. Oh, good gracious yes! Way back when the show was first run, I started losing interest in it as it went on because I'd often watch an episode and think "That was pretty lame." As time went on it happened more and more and by the time it was canceled I'd pretty much stopped watching it, all because of the substandard episodes. I've been unenthusiastic about revisiting the show because even though I don't remember specific episodes I remember the feeling of disappointment.
  2. I'd watch that. It would be two talented artists relying on their work rather than their fame to see them through a competition, but I wonder if Duff and Buddy could actually work together or let their egos and clashing styles sabotage the quality of their entries.
  3. I feel for the little boy at breakfast at the end. His expression is priceless. I have a jar of the stuff I bought at Cost Plus a few years ago and every time I try it I have the same reaction.
  4. I saw something on TV last night that I never expected to see. For all the people who have speculated if this thing was even possible -- yes, it is and there's proof. On a Columbo episode from 2003, "Columbo Likes the Nightlife," the detective rolls up on a murder scene being his rumpled, disheveled self and first thing, asks for a cup of coffee. Someone hands him a large, open top styrofoam cup and there is actually coffee in the cup. A 3/4 full cup of something dark enough to be seen through the side of the cup. He drinks out of it and carries it around for a few minutes and even though
  5. I finished it in a very few days and loved it. It was a treat, and I was sorry to get to the end of the series. I was impressed at how seriously he took what he was doing and even when things went wrong with stuff due to his inexperience, or uncooperative weather or the dozen or so other unavoidable things that happened, he solved the problems and kept going. This series (season?) is all about getting started. I hope there will be another one following up.
  6. I scrolled down hoping to see this. Cheers!
  7. Thank you! It IS "You're darn tootin'." Haven't their scriptwriters ever seen a '40s Western? Or they could have gone with "You're darn right." Either would work.
  8. Dryer sheet or could be the "fragrance" in the detergent is the culprit. Cats like or dislike smells we humans don't appreciate or are even able to detect. I had one cat go nuts for the left armpit of a particular t-shirt but never the right pit, and no matter how many times I washed that shirt whenever I wore it he would dive head-first into it and try to roll around. All 17lbs of him.
  9. It was the elegant woman reaching up to scratch behind her ear as she complemented her stylist that clued me in. It was also fun when the two dogs decided to take a turn around the room. So very Jane Austen of them.
  10. But if the door is open and no one answers you, you do not just walk in. Someone has been killed, the house has been ransacked, and if you go in you will get thumped on the head by the killer as they rush out.
  11. Actually, that sounds exactly like the way a retiring Deputy Chief would maneuver his first choice of successor into taking the job based on his knowledge of the two candidates' past histories and personalities. The man ain't no fool.
  12. I was curious so I tracked this down (early season 18, for anyone else interested). Good god, you were right. The 2 men contestants seemed to be mostly beneath her notice but she was really knives out for Sarah from the start. What made her unrestrained bitchiness, sneering and eye rolling so extra was that Sarah was making a great effort to be friendly and respectful to all her fellow contestants in spite of being quite shy by nature. Even when the judges noticed her behavior, called her out on it and gave her a chance to do better, instead of checking herself she doubled down. The look
  13. On Columbo, some poor deluded fool would try to blackmail the murderer for money, a romantic relationship, or a dream job without thinking this through. I always found it hard to feel sorry for them when they would agree to meet the killer alone for drinks or dinner to discuss their mutual future, which for one of them was going to involve poison or explosions or cut brake lines.
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