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  1. That would make sense if Legendary Dispatcher actually knew anyone other than herself was giving May a hard time, but what lesson is she teaching if she is the only one trying to make May feel like shit?
  2. BattleBots used to belong to Comedy Central in the early 2000s, then ABC in 2015-16, then Discovery from 2018 on. I couldn't find any CC episodes but there is a "Battlebots (ABC)" channel with a nice playlist from the ABC years on YouTube. Check it out if you need a bot fix!
  3. Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi. I've only seen him before now lending legitimacy to Jackass-y stunts on Discovery shows, as if explaining the physics of backyard-built rocketships is going to make them any less likely to explode on first use. I'm glad to see him using his powers for good.
  4. An underwire needs to be fitted correctly or the little bastard will spend the day annoying you as much as an inanimate object can. The need for hand washing is the only other thing I can think of. If I can't chuck it into the washer with the cotton pajamas and t-shirts, I ain't buying a bra that will be an expensive, rib-stabbing torture device.
  5. There was an earlier one with two guys fighting in the middle of an underlit urban street, with one of them a dead ringer for Jason Statham. Same deal. One of them stops to give the other whatever the product is while they're fighting. I know Jason Statham wouldn't be hawking arthritis cream but because I was diverted by the prospect of it I still can't remember what the stuff was. Raising too many questions about the ad that are not related to the product = fail.
  6. I actually enjoyed the "I shot off his junk" conversation between Athena and Michael. It seemed like a very Quentin Tarantino inspired thing to do. (Full disclosure -- I loathe QT but I kinda recognize his moves.) It broke some of the tension and appropriate or not in the circumstances, that's what gallows humor is for. I guess waving Lou's badge around and yelling about how he's a cop came back and bit Super Serial Rapist in the ass. The guy just wasn't as smart as he thought he was.
  7. For an example of the right way to offer criticism as an expert judge, look at Jacques Torres on Nailed It! The bakers are all horribly incompetent, but while the other two judges are happily dunking on them for laughs, Jacques explains to each one what went wrong with their bakes and how they could fix the problems. Even when the food is dangerously inedible he remains gracious. I think Zac can be poisonous sometimes, encouraging the other judges to also be nasty to the contestants. I'm glad Lorraine Pascale decided to stay on her side of the Atlantic for a while instead of coming back t
  8. I hate to admit it since I laughed myself sick more than once over earlier episodes of Nailed It! but I agree with you. It seems like she has been steadily ramping up the in-your-face cringe factor over the past few years and it's starting to take on a character of its own. But it works for her, and I'm glad she was nominated for an Emmy. It has to be hard work building and maintaining a successful, distinctive brand like hers. I appreciate the work even if I can do without the work product.
  9. On my favorite hot metal show Forged In Fire there are apparently production members off-camera who competitors can ask for parameter clarifications. Unless memorizing the list of requirements is part of the challenge, I can't imagine this show wouldn't provide the same. If I were Leah I would have immediately called one over to explain things to Frank since he obviously wasn't going to listen to anything she said.
  10. @GHScorpiosRule, I am sorry. I hope you are doing well.
  11. Peanut butter. Watching a person or your favorite dog try to clear that stuff from the roof of their mouth is never not funny.
  12. It's John McEnroe, famous surly tennis player.
  13. Thinking of the drug gold mine diphenhydramine, aka Benadryl. It has a list of effects which drug sellers can pick and choose from: it can be used for allergy, cold, or motion sickness symptoms and as a bonus (and here's the genius IMO) since one of its main "side" effects is that it makes people drowsy it is also used as a sleep aid. All are really just effects, period. The Linzess people could start leaning into the laxative angle if they're not making enough on it since the setup seems to be there already.
  14. Speaking of fresh cool water, you could also freeze meatsicles in ice trays while the power is still on. Something like tuna juice or bone broth might be nice.
  15. Is that because he can't wait to get out of the shower? Because if he finishes his shower he has the option of getting out, grabbing his towel and wiping his fogged-up bathroom mirror so that he can stare pensively at his reflection. Personal preference, I guess.
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