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  1. I have heard that so much about various alcoholic beverages. All wines taste like vinegar to me and beers just taste like yuck. Alcoholic drinks that contain things like gin, rum, whiskey, etc., all I can taste is the alcohol (like drinking what rubbing alcohol smells like), unless it is very light (like a teaspoon of rum in a Pina Colada). The same with coffee - I can promise you that I won’t like “this one” any more than any other coffee beverage I have had in the past. Why do people insist on telling you that you are mistaken about what you dislike?
  2. In the video of Prince Edward starting boarding school, the narrator stated the Edward would likely be there for 4 1/2 years. What is the half year about? Was he not starting in the fall or was it a matter of age, rather than grade, when he would go on to the next school?
  3. For those who have Comcast/Xfinity, if you hit the Xfinity button on your remote, then go to “Apps”, then “New on X1” and scroll to the end, they list something called “Break the Ice with Adam Rippon”. No idea what it is, but I thought some here may be interested.
  4. Canada Week! Nanaimo bars for the technical. I know they are not baked, but who cares? They are awesome.
  5. That’s exactly what beets taste like to me! Whenever I tell people that, they look at me like I am weird. Maybe I am, but at least I am not alone.
  6. I signed up for the Hulu $1.99/month special. On first glance I didn’t see a lot I want to watch, but maybe after a closer look I will find enough to justify $25 for the whole year.
  7. The cookies Roman took out of the ovens looked like chrusciki (or bow ties or angel wings), except they are deep fried rather than baked.
  8. That is exactly why I can’t stand Lentz - she plays the same manic, bitchy know-it-all who comes in to save the cafe (bakery, diner, winery, lodge) in every movie.
  9. To me, the logical solution to the problem is to put jello in the prop cups. That would give the heft of water, but no worries of spillage and could be used for hours.
  10. I live in Michigan, about 30 miles from Lake Michigan, and one of our local TV stations gives an 8 day weather forecast. While the temperature they predict for day 8 may not hold true, it is very seldom off by that much - maybe 5 degrees either way. My guess is that the meteorological skills of weather folks in England are commensurate to those here. Point being, the scorching weather shouldn’t sneak up on the producers so much that they don’t have an inkling that filming day is going to be ungodly hot and ice cream cakes are doomed to fail. I don’t think it would be impossible (or even that difficult) for the show to come up with an alternate plan, either switching a particular bake or the week’s theme. For whatever reason, they simply have no desire to do so.
  11. Just curious - do most of you pick a service (or two or three) and stick with them or do you subscribe to service A for a few months, then go to service B for a while, changing if/when a specific show or movie pops up or you have watched everything you want to on that service? Do any services offer a discount for subscribing for a long term, like Disney+? I am decidedly non-committed. Offer me a free month or a good discount and I am yours.
  12. Meijer, a Michigan-based grocery chain with stores in the Great Lakes region, has four piri piri sauces, but the brand they carry calls it “peri peri”. Maybe ATK needs to look at alternate spellings. Or maybe broaden their horizons beyond whatever local stores they sent an intern to.
  13. Today I spent 5 hours in the local ER (for an ortho issue, not illness) - 2 hours in a crowded waiting room, then 3 in a treatment room (with only a curtain between us and the next room & between us and the hallway). I feel like I should avail myself of a Covid test in the near future, but don’t know how long to wait. Any suggestions? Presuming/hoping no symptoms occur and make the decision for me. Other than someone pushing a Swiffer-type thing around the entrance area, in the entire time I was in the waiting room I never saw anyone wipe down armrests, doorknobs or tabletop surfaces. I found that rather concerning. I did see someone wiping the chair seats in the treatment room as we entered.
  14. Does Netflix usually release the entire season at once? I think my subscription ends in mid-December.
  15. I think I have seen the brownie recipe on the back of the York bag not too long ago. I have always wanted to try it, but the candies get eaten before I get around to it. Guess I’ll have to buy more.
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