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  1. This is the entirety of one of my biggest peeves. Why can’t people drop the issue after - “I don’t want to”. Go to the movies, watch that show, have a glass of wine, go/do (wherever/whatever). Why do people think they need to know my reasons? (Obviously, I am not talking about stuff like not showing up for work, I mean just the average day-to-day stuff.) Why can’t you just accept the fact that I don’t want to have a glass of wine? Or that I don’t want to go to the beach or the movies or the mall. Why do you think you have a right to my reason and then further aggravate me by arguing abo
  2. The story specifically about the Queen never getting to meet Lillibet because of this security squabble seems fairly easy to get around. We know that Harry & Meghan are not averse to flying on a private jet, so why not fly into a small airport close to one of the BRF estates/castles/palaces (not Buckingham Palace, one of the more secluded ones), have one of the Royals who is given protection meet the plane and travel as a group back to the estate where the Queen is in residence. As long as the family stays where the Queen is, the security provided her would also protect them. If it tru
  3. Mittengirl

    What's That Book?

    I know I read this book, but I cannot remember the title either. Maybe if I read it online it will be in my “read” list. I will check.
  4. I love mystery. Thriller is annoying I see books listed in those two genres and have long wondered what the difference is - level of violence/scariness?
  5. Will the alternate skaters be in Beijing in the Olympic Village “bubble”? It seems highly likely that one (or more) will be needed. I seem to recall when Michelle Kwan dropped out in Torino, Emily Hughes had to hustle to make it from New York in time to compete.
  6. How old are Malcolm and Marty supposed to be? I have always assumed that Marty has an advanced degree in something “sciencey” given that he works at the JPL, so he may be 27 - 28 and Malcolm in his early 30’s. Marty is cute, smart, nice, polite, has a good job, and his hobbies/interests aren’t that geeky/nerdy. (It isn’t like he is walking around in a Yoda costume.) He should have plenty of dating opportunities. Of course, I am his mother’s age, so maybe I am out of touch with what today’s young women are looking for. In my day he would have been quite a catch.
  7. That does not sound like a safe situation. I wonder about his siblings who are over 18 - do they live at home and are they free to contact “outsiders”?
  8. Care to fill the rest of us in?
  9. Yes! This is exactly my aunt & cousin. Every year my aunt sends my mom (her sister) flowers. We have two cats, from whom there is no unreachable place to put flowers. Every year we tell aunt that the flowers were given to neighbor, friend, church, etc. because we do not want to risk cats health or clean up brightly colored cat barf. This has been going on for at least 20 years and two different sets of cats. “But flowers are so pretty”. Live, healthy cats are prettier.
  10. That is a brilliant idea! Then I could give it to my mom, who is always cold. And I am sure my cats would love to curl up on it. We all win!
  11. I have done the regifting route, but I do feel a little guilty because I know she does not buy cheap yarns. Beautiful wool and even alpaca yarns are her favs, along with locally spun stuff. But, she does enjoy knitting, so she gets the fun of making the gift. I guess it is my hang up - I wouldn’t feel guilty donating expensive items she bought that weren’t to my taste.
  12. I could use some advice on how to discourage someone from a particular form of gift giving. I have a cousin who loves to knit (crochet?). What she makes is very well done. But, I tend to run hot all the time and I am very “well insulated”, so hats and scarves are just not items I use. We spend enough time together that I know I have said on multiple occasions that I hate things around my neck and that I sweat way too much when I wear hats. Yet for the last several years she has gifted me with a matching scarf and hat. I know these items were not cheap to make. And even if I liked them,
  13. I thought Edward and Sophie were among the Queen’s favorites? And why wouldn’t she welcome Eugenie?
  14. Does anyone have a favorite electric popcorn popper? Not a stovetop or microwave popper. I had a hot air popper decades ago in my college dorm room and we used to make popcorn every night - probably could have filled an Olympic-sized pool over the course of a semester. I think it was a Presto Popcorn Pumper ( I know the “pumper” part is correct because we thought that was hilarious after a beer or 2. 🤷‍♀️) I would like to get another popper, not necessarily hot air, to get away from the microwave bags. Suggestions? It doesn’t have to make a ton, it is just for me.
  15. I signed up for the Disney+ $1.99 (I think) one month trial and will not be renewing it when it expires in a few days. As a child of the ‘70’s, I was really looking forward to watching all of the old movies from that era and I was disappointed with how little was available. I don’t know if they rotate what is available from month to month, but I’m too cheap to hang around to find out.
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