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  1. How many people have commented on IG about the kids not being 6 feet apart? Is that the first time we have seen Charlotte in jeans?
  2. My local theatre chain is offering jumbo buckets for $11 and party bags for $25 delivered free. Janelle could have stayed home.
  3. Mittengirl

    MLB Thread

    Maybe the Red Sox probe is as half-assed as the Astros probe, so he doesn’t want our unfocused attention on it.
  4. Mittengirl

    MLB Thread

    I have read a couple of articles today about how to do a shortened season. The idea of bracket play is just idiotic. I like the idea of 7-inning (vs. 9-inning) doubleheaders, especially in the hotter months, but only if fans get in both games with one ticket. Scott Boras said they could still get in 162 games with a June 1st start and play the World Series in December at a neutral site. That sounds incredibly stupid. Even with expanding rosters, that would put a lot of strain on players. And is he even thinking of logistics? At this point we have no idea what the travel & hospitality industries will look like this summer/fall. The amount of events that will be trying to reschedule will be a nightmare to contend with. What exactly would be a “neutral” site? Say the Angels make the post-season - would Dodger Stadium be considered neutral? San Diego? Anywhere in California? It would obviously have to be either a domed stadium or in the south. Are there any domed non-baseball stadiums that could be converted to a accommodate baseball? If, heaven forbid, a city/region suffers a second Coronavirus outbreak, does MLB have a plan for that? That would be the ultimate fly in whatever revamped season they come up with.
  5. The phrase “being that” has always grated on me - “Being that those employees are under contract” (from a story on Yahoo). Shouldn’t it just be “since”?
  6. I checked out Australia mom’s Facebook page. If I had to guess, her youngest child is 5ish and at least half of them look to be of driving age. Hell, one of her sons is bald. ( And not the shaved-head kind of bald.)
  7. I live in West Michigan, near Grand Rapids. I was at Costco at about 2:30 this afternoon and it was as empty as I have ever seen it. I didn’t see anyone with more than one package of t.p. in their cart. Bread was a little low, no flour, plenty of meat, cheese & veggies/fruits. They had rearranged the handicapped parking and had all of the carts in the parking lot and were using the “garage area” where the carts usually are as the entrance, which was divided into two lanes, separated by stacks of pallets. There appeared to be lines taped on the floor that led to the checkout area, which was staffed by a worker directing people to the next open lane. (Only one way to the checkouts.) I found it odd that neither Costco or the local grocer had skim milk, but plenty of 2% and whole. Also plenty of non-dairy milks.
  8. I saw this article online about a mother in Australia with 16 kids complaining about how unfair it is that stores are limiting quantities of things like tp and bread, etc. The Browns at least have the advantage of having five parents who can go buy the max. quantity of stuff.
  9. My Costco had a veritable mountain of Kirkland brand toilet paper this afternoon, but no other brands. They also had a large supply of large eggs, which my grocery store was out of, and a decent supply of bread. No disinfecting wipes. The store was laid out differently today. (I don’t know when it happened.) The carts were all outside and an employee was passing out wipes as you got a cart. There was only one way to the checkouts and an employee working as traffic cop telling you which lane to go to. I was there at about 2:30 p.m. and it was actually emptier than I have ever seen it. (Michigan is in a lockdown.) I didn’t see anyone with more than one package of tp in their cart and, on the whole, people actually had less stuff in their cart than I usually see. Both Costco and my local grocery store chain had “sneeze guards” directly in front of the cashiers and I had to tear off my own receipts. Costco’s cashier scanned my membership card while I held it and they looked at my receipt while I held it, as well. Nobody had skim milk today, just 2% and whole, which surprised me.
  10. Costco had a veritable mountain of Kirkland brand toilet paper this afternoon. I also got eggs, bread and M&M’s. I got one of their rotisserie chickens for dinner and mini chocolate chip cookies for dessert.
  11. FYI: Make sure you read the instructions for any surface disinfectant you are using. There are different instructions for cleaning vs. sanitizing vs. disinfecting. Mine said to disinfect, wet surface and leave product on for 10 minutes, then wipe with dry cloth/wipe. For food prep surfaces, you should then rinse with water. The only reason I read the directions was because I was using a new brand. Up until then, I thought just a spray and wipe was sufficient.
  12. If you can find goat’s milk soap, it is much gentler on your skin than the “regular” soaps. Not nearly as drying, which is nice when washing your hands 27 times a day. Paper products were still in short supply at the store today, as were breads/buns. No rice at all, just 2 lonely bags of quinoa. Also flour, sugar and eggs were nonexistent. I guess people are baking? The local stores are announcing “old people” shopping hours, but that are all starting at 7 a.m. I get the logic - clean, well stocked stores - but the only way my 91 year-old mother and her friends would be able to get out at that hour is if they woke up at 4 a.m. To say they are slow to get going in the morning is an understatement. Why are people buying bottled water? Am I missing something there?
  13. Mittengirl

    MLB Thread

    I knew I shouldn’t have re-watched MLB Network’s special about Mark Fidrych. All of a sudden it got very oniony in my living room.
  14. A few years (seasons) ago a guy from Kalamazoo (MI) won and in an interview with a local paper he mentioned the show was filmed in New Orleans, I believe. I think he was on the Spring version. I remember at the time thinking that N.O. was a strange location.
  15. Has there ever been a finale where the lead actor was killed? I mean a non-elderly character. I remember on Mad About You they showed a flashforward of Paul & family returning from his father’s funeral, and Parenthood killed the father/grandfather in the last episode, but he had been shown to have serious health issues. I just don’t get the reason for this show to have such a sad ending. Was Steve at Charlie’s police academy(?) graduation in someone’s dream? I remember Tani and Junior being there, as husband & wife, I think.
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