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  1. Mittengirl

    MLB Thread

    Throw in reading on a Kindle and we had the same weekend. If you have two orange cats that help with the puzzle building it would be scarily identical.
  2. One time I went over to the pet supplies section and grabbed one of those “pooper scoopers” that opens like a grabber and used that to get a bag of paper cups from the top shelf. I left it there in case anyone else needed it. Another time I asked a toddler to climb in to the back of the bottom shelf to get something (with her mother’s permission, of course). I don’t know why they use full-depth shelves on the top row.
  3. You make it all the way home before eating it?! I’m impressed. I usually don’t make it out of my parking spot. The Meijers I (reluctantly) shop at doesn’t tend to do major rearranging, but continuously moves things just a little bit. The peanut butter & jelly were moved from the west side of the aisle to the east and soup went from one end to the other. Other things just make no sense - why are baked beans in with canned meats and not with canned veggies? And the produce aisle seems to have no rhyme nor reason at all. It just seems like they dump things in the first empty
  4. Mittengirl

    MLB Thread

    I thought this article about how Miggy’s HR ball was authenticated was interesting. I am glad the ball ended up in the bullpen and not with some fan whose main interest was money.
  5. Mittengirl

    MLB Thread

    Miguel Cabrera just hit #500 in Toronto in front of no more than 15000 fans. I wonder how many will say they were there. It is a shame that it couldn’t have been in front of the home crowd.
  6. Mittengirl

    MLB Thread

    I will admit I was only partially listening, and had no idea who he was talking about, but I thought he was doing an Elmer Fudd impersonation. I then heard his on-air apology and had to guess that was what he was apologizing for; then when I heard him mention Asian fans, I figured Ohtani must have been at-bat. But, he has had a rep for being kind of a jerk, so I wonder if this was not his first problematic issue. Selfishly, I hope they don’t replace him with more Kirk Gibson. I can’t stand him as an announcer. Give Morris’s remaining slots to Craig Monroe. Regarding the Tr
  7. That looked very Harry Potterish. I loved it. It looked like about half the athletes left before the end.
  8. Maybe they use the angle of the paddle in alternating strokes - like / then \? Or they are just that good. My one and only canoe trip was miserable because I spent most of it unsuccessfully ducking tree limbs.
  9. Skateboarding- Why are the “women” so young? Is this really a sport where you are over-the-hill before puberty? The few times I have watched the X Games, I don’t remember the athletes being sooo young. I tried to watch the climbing last night on NBC’s app and just couldn’t last through the bouldering. First of all - where were the boulders? Those things stuck to the wall looked like some kind of art project. At one point someone, I think the American, finally finished(?) the last wall, but they didn’t show how he got there. Watching people fall isn’t exactly riveting. That
  10. Many people stay in jobs or relationships they aren’t happy with, because walking away is scary. And I have to think with many of these elite athletes who peak so young, there is (unspoken?) pressure from parents that want to see a payoff for the family’s financial investment.
  11. I was wondering why no one “official” voiced that connection - that there absolutely is a physical issue Simone is dealing with, not “just” stress/pressure.
  12. How did Michael Andrew’s father get credentialed as a team coach? Does he coach any other swimmers besides his son?
  13. I heard someone with NBC mention the name order issue, maybe during the Opening Ceremony. I didn’t catch what the reason was for the change, but I am pretty sure they gave one. Boy, I really couldn’t be less helpful, could I?
  14. During the diving competition, they showed their warm up area and they had trampolines and foam pits. I would think gymnasts would have them available as well.
  15. Is the all-around final a different event or just the total score from event finals?
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