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  1. He also played Monica’s very young boyfriend on an episode of Friends.
  2. Hoopla, available through some public library systems, has recently added 9 of Lifetime’s 2019 Christmas movies.
  3. What, if any, extended family does Sarah have? Sibs, cousins, aunts & uncles? I wonder if Philip’s health issues will cause Harry & Meg to change their plans?
  4. I think she is one of those over the top, cutesy, smiling people who is a back stabber and absolutely cut throat in reality. That is what I think about Jason (Smith?). I have a hunch his “aw shucks, good-old-boy” persona hides someone who is a nightmare in the kitchen when things go sideways.
  5. To clarify - Netflix offers a free month, so you sign up today, cancel tomorrow, but can still watch for the remainder of the month? If so, I need to go dig out the Netflix offer from my email’s trash can. When I sign up for a streaming service, I always pay using a gift card, that way I never have to cancel. When I have used up whatever timeframe I have paid for, the service tells me I have to add a payment method or the account will be canceled. It also serves to keep fewer companies from having my CC/bank info. I do the same thing with iTunes and Tracfone.
  6. If you have access to Hoopla through your library, they have a lot of Christmas movies, including “A Very Corgi Christmas”. Roku has a “Hoopla” channel, or whatever they call them, so you aren’t limited to watching on a phone or tablet.
  7. Your husband is a very smart man, not irrational at all! Begley annoys the crap out of me - has all the way back to his St. Elsewhere days. Claire doesn’t seem the type to have any trouble telling Dylan’s mom that the time to move on has long since passed.
  8. “Apple pie without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze.” I hear this from my mother every time we have apple pie. She was born and raised in SW Michigan, as were her parents, grandparents and great grands (and more in some cases). I recall being served an apple pie sample at Costco that was topped with cheddar cheese. I love them both but, together? Yuck!
  9. On comedies, the military service story is reversed- they all were cooks or in the motor pool or spent the entire war as a typist at Fort Dix.
  10. ION tv had a commercial last night saying their Christmas movies would start either December 1 or 2.
  11. Isn’t a pedophile someone who is attracted to prepubescent children? At best, Andrew is a rapist, but haven’t all of his accusers been underage but past the age of puberty? Not to minimize Andrew’s behavior, but pedophilia is a whole different level of evil, IMO.
  12. I know the topic was mentioned on The Cosby Show, but don’t remember which of the two younger girls was involved. I also remember Blossom and Roseanne having episodes about “Aunt Flo”. I think there have been others, as well. Personally, I don’t see the need to mention it. I can’t imagine many of the young actresses are all that comfortable with the topic. Besides, how many times have there been episodes that focused on boys having their first wet dream?
  13. They do have that stoner look, don’t they? I figured I was the only one who saw it.
  14. Racehorse Mongolian Dream died at the Breeders Cup race yesterday. He is the 37th horse to die at the Santa Anita race track since December! Horses should not be looked at as replaceable pieces of sporting equipment. R.i.p. Mongolian Dream. Run free!
  15. It happened again! The race was being televised by NBC, so maybe more people will be outraged. Is it going to take a jockey being injured/killed during a race before anyone gives a damn? Racehorses getting killed should not be seen as the equivalent of race cars being totaled. They are living, feeling creatures that can not be replaced like a crashed car. Rest in Peace Mongolian Dream, you deserved so much better.
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