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  1. I could watch Edie Falco read a telephone book if such things existed. She is a beautiful woman who naturally ages. Loved her in anything she does. I did like the pilot. I was surprised that the story line was as revealing as it was. Usually pilots skimp on substance of the main character, only revealing basic stuff to keep you watching in the future. Look how long NCIS took to explore its Gibbs character. It did win its time slot in the ratings. It's survival all depends on how CBS uses it in its future fall and/or winter schedule and if the fall 2020 drama pilots are any good.
  2. Wow. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry during this episode. The drag bingo segment was very realistic. I can accept that someone that young who is going through so much stuff in her life might resent all of the "over the top" high jinks of a drag bingo setting. Showing Nicholas and Alex in a critical point in an early gay relationship was very moving. The dialog in the gay bar was spot on. A great episode on which to build on. The writing is exceptional.
  3. I really didn't think there were so many Jill Wagner and Victor Webster fans out there. I really think these two have skilled acting chops and both deserve better than this script. The scenes seemed so pieced together. The movie wasn't based on any book or adapted screenplay. The choppy, filler scenes like his daughter's ice rink recital were painful to watch. Hopefully both will again appear separately in better roles during the Hallmark spring and summer seasons. Their fall move season is so much abbreviated now that the three or four flicks they produce are almost a passing thought.
  4. I'm keeping it simple here Shaun got LAID, finally. He didn't run away from his own apartment after lying in bed and really having sex with Carly, Shaun SMILED after sex. Amazing. I, personally, was getting to the point that I would stop watching the show if this story line didn't resolve itself. It finally did.
  5. More Paddington episodes airing this week. Pls check them out Ep 5 Paddington makes Pancakes. This episode is so funny and cute. It's Pancake Day and Mrs. Bird, unfortunately, has her hands and wrists bandage from an unfortunate circumstance. Her pancake recipe is secret and legendary. So the family, as usual, is in a funk. Here then comes our hero to try to make pancakes for his adoptive family that he loves and adores. Watching him juggling eggs into a mixing bowl is precious. Ep 6 Paddington plays Football (soccer) The boy, Jonathan, is a show-off in this episode. I personally can't stand the Brown's, but Paddington does, and he tolerates Jonathan. Definitely a weaker episode. Ep 7 The children want to camp out for the night in the treehouse, but Mr. Brown is worried he won't get any sleep as the kids will be scared; Paddington wants to prove him wrong, but a lightning storm means they have to come indoors. Ep. 8 There's a monster in Paddington's room; Mrs. Bird takes Paddington on a monster hunt. This has be another cute tale. I always love when Paddington and Mrs. Bird interact.
  6. Two Sabrina's Could the storyline get any weirder? Wanna bet?
  7. How I love Maggie Lawson. If only I could be her agent. I would definitely steer her in another direction. She is funny, but the lines are really beneath her. She's 39 yo and can definitely play younger. So being the Mom of the two oldest brats is a stretch. Maybe she just shouldn't audition for sitcoms for a while. Angel from Hell and Back in the Game were bad enough. This one is WORSE!!! She definitely deserves better!!!
  8. Season 1 of this new, very cute animated series dropped on Nickjr on December 20, 2019 There are two episodes in this season This delightful series is NOT to be confused with an earlier inferior one, Adventures of Paddington BEAR
  9. I'm afraid that the character, Peter keeps the plot "real" as he meddles in Sol and Robert's personal life. Unfortunately there are "real" Peters lurching in and out of gay male relationships. Their zingers sting. You just need to cut ties with them and walk away. Maybe Robert and Sol will do just that during the final season.
  10. I loved Josh Thomas in Please Like Me. I like him here even better. The Party Limo scenes were funny. Being a gay man, I can relate to Nickolas and Alex's early infatuation for each other. Adam Faison reminds me of a young Antonio Banderas. The show is quirky. We got to thank the classic sitcom Square Pegs for some of this humor. Also it has some resemblance to Modern Family. I am going to stick with it.
  11. No spoiler alert here. The theme of this episode embodies the reasons why fans of the show have stayed fans for so many episodes. Our main characters return to the theme of getting older and what issues are faced by older people. Don't miss a really funny sight gag around the 6:37 mark as well as another near the end at 28:35. Millicent Martin is such a treasure and shines in this ending scene.
  12. No spoiler alert. The episode ties all the loose strings of the Season 5 finale nicely. Just a funny. Pay close attention around the 24:05 mark. Pure camp.
  13. Right you are @giovannif7 Yep I got the two flicks intertwined in a time warp. My faux pas. Thanks for the correction!!!
  14. NCIS NO will be the first of the franchise to be canceled. It has been beyond "jumping the shark" for the past two seasons. And I agree, CBS has sent it to the Sunday 10 pm graveyard where all of their dying dramas eventually end up.
  15. Medical Police follows “two American physicians stationed at a pediatric hospital in São Paulo, Brazil [who] discover a civilization-threatening virus and are recruited as government agents in a race against time and around the world to find a cure and uncover a dark conspiracy.” Rob Corddry, Krister Johnson, Jonathan Stern and David Wain will write and executive-produce the 30-minute episodes for Warner Horizon Scripted Television; David Wain and Bill Benz will direct. The 10 episode series drops on Netflix on January 10.
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