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    A disclaimer: I am a big fan of Pauley Perrette. On NCIS, her character, Abby, was part of a larger ensemble cast and I enjoyed her scenes in every episode. What I did not like is that the writers never allowed Abby to mature. She was the same person from season 1 until her departure. Here I find Abby had a life, a broken marriage and a cute little boy, son. I like that. Sure this pilot was uneven and in some cases, not very believable. But I am hoping that, given time, it will improve. What I find fault in this pilot is how much the writers and producers borrowed from other sitcoms. Jaimie Camil's character is a mixture of Ricky Ricardo and Alejandro Rey's character, Carlos Ramirez on the Flying Nun Another sitcom from which the writers borrowed some ideas from, was the mid sixties series, The Pruitts of Southampton. The plot there centered around the exploits of a well-to-do family keeping up the illusion of wealth after learning that their money is gone. There are also shades of the sitcom "Alice" here as well. That sitcom explored the relationship of a 40 something single working mom raising her only son and struggling to do so. Finally, it borrows its main underlying theme from its time slot competition Indebted. Hopefully in future episodes the story line will lead to further character development and more entertaining and believable dialogue.
  2. screengem


    Jaime Camil and Pauley Perrette star in a new comedy about a single suburban mother, struggling to make ends meet, who finds her estranged sister and her sister's outrageously wealthy husband in need of a place to live after the couple's money dries up.
  3. NBC got to slot this 13 episode order L&O spinoff on Thursday at 9 pm EST. Great to see hunky Chris Meloni reprise his Elliot Stabler character on NBC. Wishing him well
  4. Did anyone find it strange that while Bethany's character was staying at an inn, every time she and her gal pal were eating, it was always at a restaurant, away from the inn? Since this place was a real inn and HUGE, one would think that it had a fully equipped kitchen capable of making simple meals.
  5. Michael Nouri has been a fixture on TV for over 45 years. In recent years he had a several year recurring role as Ziva David's characters father on NCIS NCIS (TV Series) Mossad Director Eli David / Director Eli David - Shabbat Shalom (2013) ... Mossad Director Eli David - Extreme Prejudice (2012) ... Mossad Director Eli David (uncredited) - Enemies Domestic (2010) ... Mossad Director Eli David - Enemies Foreign (2010) ... Mossad Director Eli David - Good Cop, Bad Cop (2009) ... Mossad Director Eli David (voice, uncredited) - Aliyah (2009) ... Director Eli David - Last Man Standing (2008) ... Director Eli David In the 1980"s he definitely was a heart throb. See below.
  6. Last night's ratings were dismal as usual. Final season average ratings Stumptown. 2.843 mil viewers Comparing this to The Rookie in a very bad Sunday night 10 pm slot The Rookie 4.091 mil viewers I LOVE Stumptown but it doesn't have the necessary viewership for renewal. It has so much story left to tell. Hopefully Netflix might be interested in airing another season of say 12 episodes.
  7. Crystal’s Comfort Food mentioned their prices ever so briefly during day 1 selling. I believe they were offering 4 menu items for 8 dollars each.
  8. The scene where Tom Hanks "Mister Rogers" removes Daniel Tiger and King Friday from their carrying case and tries to communicate with the stubborn and depressing Matthew Rhys character "Lloyd" through them really started promising. I was so thrilled to especially see Daniel Tiger up close and personal in 4K splendor. I was so little when I first saw him introduced on the first Fred Rogers afternoon local tv show in Pittsburgh, the Children's Corner. His image then was black and white and blurred. Then, in a split second, the scene turned nasty and cruel when "Lloyd" yelled at Mister Rogers and forced him to throw them back into their carrying case. From that point on, I really couldn't find any enjoyment in this movie. In hindsight, if I was to edit this movie, all that crap between Lloyd and his father in the middle of the movie, would have been scaled back and more about Mister Rogers personally, during this period should have been added. He was getting older and obviously had health issues. I would have liked to know more about how and why Fred Rogers was scaling back on doing new shows during that time. BTW, the scene early in the movie where he had difficulty constructing the tent during a segment of Mister Rogers, was not in 1998, but much earlier in, I believe, 1972.
  9. On the night of the Bernie Sanders interview, Rachael closed her program with an open invitation to the Joe Biden camp for an interview. She stated that there had been previous overtures for an on camera sit down, but never any replies Hopefully before the convention and that's a long way off, we'll see such an interview.
  10. It definitely was a Super Tuesday for the Resident. rating wise Here are recent week ratings, including last night's note: viewers are in MILLIONS Air date 18-49 Viewers change Tues 01/14/20 0.69 3.914 4.54% Tues 01/21/20 0.68 4.012 2.50% Tues 01/28/20 0.70 4.075 1.57% Tues 02/18/20 0.70 3.934 -3.46% Tues 03/03/20 0.80 4.795 21.89%
  11. I did like Brian Geraghty on PD. Why he left was recently explained by Country Living The actor who portrayed the officer, Brian Geraghty, had only been on the show for two seasons when NBC announced that he would not be returning as a series regular. With so much potential for his character, Brian's abrupt exit was devastating to viewers. Here's the truth about why he left Chicago P.D. While most One Chicago stars sign a seven-year contract, Brian negotiated a year-to-year commitment. The actor was able to pull this off because Dick Wolf—the genius behind the Chicago franchise—specifically wanted him to play Roman's character. "Brian had a lot of choices, and we courted him and pitched him what the show could be, and we were crossing our fingers that we'd get him," executive producer Matt Olmstead explained to TV Line in 2016. "He is the most level-headed, decent human being you're going to encounter, and he's upfront. He was like, 'I don’t know if I can commit to a seven-year contract. This sounds great, but I’ve got to take it year by year,' which Dick doesn’t do very often. But the deal was made." So, when Brian gave showrunners a "heads up" halfway through season 3 that he wanted to leave Chicago P.D. to pursue other projects, there were no hard feelings. Fast forward to today The former patrol officer will return to Chicago P.D. for a crossover episode with Chicago Fire on February 26. While Brian has no long-term plans to come back to the show, he has maintained a great relationship with the producers—specifically Dick Wolf—and will always be open to guest appearances. "Anytime Uncle Dick calls, I drop what I’m doing," Brian explained.
  12. Thanks @Raja for starting this subject and beginning it with Corbin Bernsen. He has been quite busy in various TV roles in the past two seasons. He began his acting comeback playing the role of Henry Spencer, the lead character's dad on Pysch. Since then he's been everywhere. I looked him up on IMDb and found the following 2019-2020 The Resident (TV Series) Kyle Nevin - How Conrad Gets His Groove Back (2020) ... Kyle Nevin - Best Laid Plans (2020) ... Kyle Nevin - Out for Blood (2019) ... Kyle Nevin - Peking Duck Day (2019) ... Kyle Nevin - Woman Down (2019) ... Kyle Nevin Show all 9 episodes 2020 Connective Tissue (Short) Dr. Epstein 2018-2019 Magnum P.I. (TV Series) Francis 'Icepick' Hofstetler - The Man in the Secret Room (2019) ... Francis 'Icepick' Hofstetler - Bad Day to Be a Hero (2018) ... Francis 'Icepick' Hofstetler 2019 Sensory Perception Mr. Friedrich 2019 Fresh Off the Boat (TV Series) Mervin - Help Unwanted? (2019) ... Mervin 2019 /IIAll Good Things Pop-pop 2019 Cadia: The World Within George 2019 Sunrise in Heaven Jim 2019 Swell Harold 2019 Faith, Hope & Love (christian movie) Brian Fuller 2019 The Russian Bride Karl Frederick 2019 The Punisher (TV Series) Anderson Schultz - The Whirlwind (2019) ... Anderson Schultz - One-Eyed Jacks (2019) ... Anderson Schultz - Flustercluck (2019) ... Anderson Schultz - Trouble the Water (2019) ... Anderson Schultz 2018 Dead Man Rising Buck 2018 Eco-Teens Save The World! Senator Jeremy Ryburn 2018The Kominsky Method (TV Series) Corbin Bernsen - Chapter 3: A Prostate Enlarges (2018) ... Corbin Bernsen 2018 Alone We Fight Colonel Bradley Armstrong 2018 Life with Dog Joe Bigler 2018 Billions (TV Series) Bill McGann - Elmsley Count (2018) ... Bill McGann - Kompenso (2018) ... Bill McGann 2018 /IIReach Charles 2018 Surviving Theater 9 (Short) Tom 2018 Hap and Leonard (TV Series) Chief Cantuck / Chief Canuck - Mambo No. 5 (2018) ... Chief Cantuck - Senorita Mambo (2018) ... Chief Canuck - T-Bone Mambo (2018) ... Chief Cantuck - Ho-Ho Mambo (2018) ... Chief Cantuck
  13. I could watch Edie Falco read a telephone book if such things existed. She is a beautiful woman who naturally ages. Loved her in anything she does. I did like the pilot. I was surprised that the story line was as revealing as it was. Usually pilots skimp on substance of the main character, only revealing basic stuff to keep you watching in the future. Look how long NCIS took to explore its Gibbs character. It did win its time slot in the ratings. It's survival all depends on how CBS uses it in its future fall and/or winter schedule and if the fall 2020 drama pilots are any good.
  14. Wow. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry during this episode. The drag bingo segment was very realistic. I can accept that someone that young who is going through so much stuff in her life might resent all of the "over the top" high jinks of a drag bingo setting. Showing Nicholas and Alex in a critical point in an early gay relationship was very moving. The dialog in the gay bar was spot on. A great episode on which to build on. The writing is exceptional.
  15. I really didn't think there were so many Jill Wagner and Victor Webster fans out there. I really think these two have skilled acting chops and both deserve better than this script. The scenes seemed so pieced together. The movie wasn't based on any book or adapted screenplay. The choppy, filler scenes like his daughter's ice rink recital were painful to watch. Hopefully both will again appear separately in better roles during the Hallmark spring and summer seasons. Their fall move season is so much abbreviated now that the three or four flicks they produce are almost a passing thought.
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