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  1. Wow, this was one of those times when I'm really glad that I don't read spoilers because I NEVER would have guessed that this is where Doug's storyline is going. I hadn't started watching when the original possession storyline took place, but I know a ton of fan hated it even though it drove up ratings, and I didn't think it was something they'd ever revisit, so seriously, color me shocked. But damn...Bill Hayes played that reveal so perfectly and I for one am really looking forward to this. By the way, right before he groped Paulina, I noticed Doug's eyes were kind of darting around her, look
  2. Exactly. There was no scenario where Hannah was on the block with any of X/Derek/Kyland where she wasn't going home. I've no idea what Azah was thinking. Well, at least she finally won a comp.
  3. That's what I was gonna say re: Bonnie in the flashback. I don't know when that was supposed to take place, exactly, but I thought Bonnie should've been much more old-school Bonnie in those flashbacks. Calista looked so much better in the flashbacks, too. I don't know why they had her made up like a drag-queen in the Present day.
  4. Depends who it was, but if it were Leo? I, personally, would react with bemused skepticism, like I suggested. I certainly wouldn't be jumping around and freaking out like I woke up with spiders crawling in my hair, lol. Chad was being over the top, IMO.
  5. I don't remember...was it ever established that Leo was supposed to be the same age as Will and Sonny? If not, I don't get why this is always brought up. There've been much bigger age discrepancies amongst characters who are intertwined in triangles. So what if Leo is older? Anyway, I get he's supposed to be a despicable character, but they didn't have to have Chad acting SO homophobic about being in bed with Leo. As comfortable as he is hugging and kissing Will and Sonny, you'd think he'd be a little more relaxed about that whole situation. I just think it could've been played differentl
  6. I liked this third episode. I thought it was the best of the series so far. Everyone seems a bit more...'settled' in their roles, the pacing was better, and I'm glad to see all the storylines actually weaving together. Also, no Cin today was a big plus. John could be a little less angry-growly. His perpetual snarl is cringe-worthy, lol. I wonder why the ISA couldn't have just confiscated the necklace from the auction house if they had no license to sell it off in the first place. I don't know why we had to spend the first five minutes of today's show watching Lani and Eli make love,
  7. I wonder if this is the show's way of gently escorting Bill Hayes off the show since he really is getting up there in years? Maybe Bill wants to leave before he starts to decline IRL? I don't read spoilers so have no idea where it's going, but I can see Doug going off for treatment somewhere and then being off canvas while Julie gives sporadic updates...but I haven't heard anything about his character leaving, so maybe I'm wrong about it all. I'm amazed at how together he is for 96 years old.
  8. I just watched the first episode. It's definitely...interesting. Definitely feels like they rushed production on this. I kinda wish they'd taken a bit more time to polish it up because it feels kinda cheap, lol. The music is cheesy, the stock footage is straight out of the 90s, and it seems like everyone learned their lines the day before they started filming, haha. That said, I like it so far, lol. And everyone looks fantastic. Nice to see Chad and Sonny NOT wearing business attire for a change. I really like Chad's shirt..he looked great in it. NuSonny acts a bit more...frantic and high
  9. YES I am VERY much looking forward to this one!! I tuned into the New York season kinda late in its original run, and it took me a while to catch on to what it really was about and then had to play catch up via the million re-runs MTV used to do. But LA? I was there from episode one and loved every minute of it, so I really feel like this was my *first* Real World season. Won't have the quite same "seeing everyone for the first time in years" vibe as the New York homecoming since Tami's been on quite a few other reality shows, and Beth S and Jon have done a few Challenge seasons, but I still a
  10. She was in the first one, too. That movie scared the crap outta me!
  11. I really hate these rushed departures for actors. Claire gets offered a job in South Africa and decides to move there the same freaking day? Like, how?? Where is she gonna live, with Theo and JJ? Who's buying her last-minute same-day plane ticket? What time even is the flight? Is she gonna make Belle and Shawn pack up all of her things and send them to her? And why aren't Belle and Shawn asking her all these questions?? I know they do this a lot when a character exits, but I just don't see why they can't keep the actors around for a few more episodes to somewhat address these things.
  12. I asked nearly this exact same question way back in this thread somewhere, lol. It bugs me, too. I figure the others must know that she ran around town a bit doing other errands but realize Sophia doesn't think it important enough to mention or something like that. I really don't know. But another thing that bugs me that also regards communication: There are at least two or three episodes where Dorothy and/or Sophia comes home from a funeral, and the others ask if they've come from a funeral or who died. I don't get it...as much talking as they all do, it didn't come up in the preceding d
  13. I don't think so. I've been watching and I had no idea what they were talking about, either. Yeah I came here to ask who the hell is this housekeeper because I've seen every episode of Black-ish and recall no Maritza. Maybe it's a storyline in the upcoming season? Doesn't make any sense.
  14. Ayanna was on Semester at Sea, not Campus Crawl...but regardless, it'd be fun to see her again. Moar true old-schoolers!
  15. Well, he's Allie's twin brother, so it'd be kinda weird if they weren't the same age ;)
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