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  1. I didn't think I'd ever have any interest in re-watching any of the past seasons with the possible exception of the first Battle of the Seasons (I can't keep even keep track of Gauntlets, Infernos, Exes, etc., let alone who was on each one), but I signed up last night for CBS All Access so I could watch the Big Brother feeds, and dammit if I didn't get sucked into Gauntlet 2. Honestly, I figured I'd maybe watch an episode here or there, but here I am binging the whole thing. Guys were buff but not hulked out, mountain man beards hadn't overtaken everyone's faces, the girls didn't get dressed to the hilt to go out to the bars. What is this innocence?? I forgot that the show used to do cheesy opening credits to introduce the cast. I used to look forward to that every year. Gauntlet 2's credits were particularly weird with the underwater walking. I'd also completely forgotten about the likes of Randy, MJ, Ace, Road Rules Adam. I also had no recollection at first of some others. Road Rules Danny and Cara I didn't remember at all. This show used to really be fun. I miss the field day vibe of the challenges. It is fun reliving this season...I remembered Jo's freakout but not her actually calling the damn police to escort her out. Love seeing Alton again. And Syrus, and Montana. And there's dreamy Seattle David in his underwear. I feel like I'm about to go down a nostalgia rabbit hole.
  2. I haven't had the feeds since season 7 or 8 maybe, but since I'm still working from home and will be for the foreseeable future, I decided I'd go ahead and sign up for all access since I can get a free month and I'll actually be able to stay up late enough (east coaster here) to see the good stuff! It will be great to finally watch the feeds live again instead of just posted clips. No mention of After Dark in that link. I probably won't need it if I'm watching the feeds, but does anyone know if it will be back?
  3. Back in the late '90s when I was in college, Bath and Body Works had a daily refresher body spray called Arctic Sun, which was part of their men's collection. There were other scents, too, but Arctic Sun was my favorite. It smelled AMAZING. I always got so many compliments when I would wear it (I'll never forget one of my classmates exclaiming "DAMN you smell good!" one day when I met up with him). But it seemed as if as soon as I started making it my go-to, they discontinued it. I begged and pleaded with 'customer service' for years asking them to bring it back, lol. Over time, I would do random google searches for it and a few bottles always turned up on ebay, but for like 70-80 bucks. Back in 2013 I got lucky and found a bottle someone was selling for 40 bucks, so I said screw it and snatched it up. I've only been using it on super special occasions, and I actually still have half that bottle left. I'm stretching that thing out as long as I can!
  4. Giuseppe

    Las Vegas

    USA doing another marathon today. Season 2 episodes. I feel like Sam's character changed a bit between seasons 2 and 3. Seems like in season 3 she became a lot more...I don't know...snippy? Deadpan? Nonchalant? Uncaring? She just seems to be missing a bit of the warmth she had in the first two seasons. The writing overall seems off after season 2. I wonder if there was a writing regime change between the seasons, or maybe it's just in my head. I watched "Mothwoman" again the other day, and the ridiculous-ness of Monica's death really makes me laugh. They could've made it seem a lot windier on the roof...as it was, nobody's hair was even blowing before it happened. And a strong gust wouldn't have carried her a mile down the strip, but whatever, lol.
  5. I can't believe nobody's mentioned BBQ Fritos. BBQ Fritos! They discontinued this flavor a couple years ago and they just REFUSE to say why. I even saw a petition online to bring them back (which I signed, lol). Now, apparently they did bring them back earlier this spring for a limited time, but they were exclusive to Dollar General stores for some odd reason. I never found them at any of the stores in my area. I just can't understand why Frito Lay would get rid of arguably their most popular flavor. I miss them so much. Also, does anyone remember a product called Suddenly S'mores? They were pre-packaged, pre-made s'mores that you stuck in a microwave for a few seconds. The marshamallow would puff up, and the chocolate would melt slightly, and they were just amazing. I remember buying them all the time when I was in high school, but have no idea when they disappeared. Lastly (for now), I used to love Nabisco Bacon Thins. I would snack on these all the time when I was a kid. They were so good! Nobody seems to make a good bacon flavored cracker anymore, lol.
  6. Giuseppe

    A.P. Bio

    Any word on whether it's part of the free package, or will it be in the paid subscription service? I'm assuming the latter.
  7. I watched it. I was as funny as a Zoom episode of this show could ever be. Everyone slipped right back into character so effortlessly and it made me miss the show more than ever. There was also a Q and A with the cast and creator afterwards. It was good to hear everyone reminisce about their favorite episodes and behind the scenes talk. Everyone is still up for doing a revival, but sounds like a lot of hoops will still need to be jumped through to make it happen. I had no idea Hulu was streaming this! I just added it and I'll definitely be doing a series re-watch now.
  8. Ok, I'm late to the party. I never intended to watch this movie, but I kept hearing...um, things about it, so when I stumbled across it on Amazon Prime this weekend looking for a new movie to watch, I gave it a shot. This was truly one of the creepiest/disturbing movies I've seen in a while. Wasn't quite sure what to expect, but like most others, I immediately understood the London couple to be redshirts, and probably Mark as well since he seemed so Ugly American from the get-go, but man...just wow. The way they "prepared" the bodies of the sacrifices in that barn so that they looked like ragdolls made me legit shudder. I assumed that Pelle would make up some type of accident in which only he survived, or something about how Mark, Josh, and Christian got separated/lost on a hike or went out on an excursion without him or something and disappeared, never to be heard from again. But thinking about it now, it's probably better for Pelle to just stay on the compound and do nothing. If nobody--including their families--knew exactly where in Sweden they were going, or if they'd be going elsewhere, it just becomes a case of Americans missing in Sweden. Last known location: the airport. I doubt the local authorities are very familiar with this place, so unfortunately the families will just be left wondering after a presumably exhaustive search. Anyway...I can't go to bed with this movie in mind, so I'm gonna go watch some mindless sitcom re-runs, lol.
  9. Wow, I had no idea about this! But makes total sense now that I've read up on it. When I was old enough to finally really understand the concept of these movies, I always wondered why they went Nazis--Black Magic Slave Cult--Nazis. I was only six when ToD came out, but I remember seeing this in the theater with my family (I believe my parents must not have fully understood the new PG-13 rating), and being scared during the mine car chase scene for some reason. Funny enough, nothing else in the movie scared me, and I found Willie hilarious. In fact, I thought most of the movie was downright funny because of her...the whole reaction to the bugs in the tunnel, the way she screamed when Indy started chopping the rope bridge...I loved it. And my brother and I used to crack up at how gleefully the alligators rolled around and ripped at the cult members when they fell off the bridge. It's still my favorite of the original trilogy. Raiders is my least favorite...or at least the one I watch the least often. I really enjoy Last Crusade, and nothing, NOTHING, is funnier to me in any of the movies than the scene where Sean Connery takes his umbrella and starts shooing the birds into the air that end up flying into the plane that was chasing them, causing it to crash. The noises he makes and the way he runs at and flaps his umbrella at the birds...crying laughter every time! Also, I'm a little ashamed to admit that it took me several years before I realized that these movies took place in the '30s. I think seeing Temple first threw me off, because to my barely elementary school educated self, there was nothing really in the movie that would have tipped me off that it wasn't contemporary, lol. And when Crusade came out five years later, as a sequel, obviously I thought it was five years after the events of Temple. I was only really just then starting to learn about history and I didn't understand that Nazi's didn't exactly exist like that anymore, lol. And no, the wardrobe/cars/technology, etc., didn't tip me off either. I can't remember exactly when I had that "oh wait" moment, but I remember feeling really stupid when I did, haha!
  10. I seem to remember Chad led her move in after Roman kicked her out of her room at the Pub. Completely spaced on that. I've been assuming Kate was at the Salem Inn with the rest of the city.
  11. Honest to god, even with Sami and Ivan returning, this was the point I was obsessing over the most, lol. Why IS Lucas as the Dimera mansion??? I can think of no good reason for him to be there. Looking for Jennifer and/or Abigail? Ok, fine, maybe. But once learning they weren't there, he decided to stay and have a drink in the study? And how did Bonnie know to find him there? Who let her in? Why does everyone always want to hang out in what's probably the smallest room in the mansion? What happened to the living room set anyway? This also made me go "yeah right". Anyway, I'm glad Sami's back for a bit and I actually enjoyed today's show for a change.
  12. Giuseppe

    Las Vegas

    I was binging the episodes so maybe some things I misinterpreted, but I would swear I watched a scene where either Delinda or Nessa said something about growing up together. And I thought Ed took Nessa in after her father was "killed", so it'd make sense that the two girls would've been around each other a lot. But I could be wrong.
  13. Giuseppe

    Las Vegas

    There are a bunch of episodes on youtube here but it's not the best quality and doesn't look like it's the entire series. I can't find it streaming anywhere, which is a shame since E! doesn't appear to be airing any more episodes anytime soon. This seems like the kind of show that would be in perpetual re-runs on a couple different networks. I didn't realize there was different theme music for the opening titles in the original run--an Elvis song as someone upthread mentioned. Hearing it via the youtube link, I prefer the syndicated music. It seems to fit the show better. Plus, I'm just not an Elvis fan, haha. That's a shame if that's really the reason she didn't come back. They could've played up Nessa's and Delinda's sister relationship more, since Nessa was effectively Ed's adopted daughter. Instead, it seemed Nessa and Delinda hardly ever interacted, much less behaved like sisters who grew up together. I loved the episode where Nessa fell for the amnesiac "employee" who turned out to actually be a a hitman who had lost his memory after his last job. I thought they were so cute together.
  14. Giuseppe


    Honestly, I've never really understood why that line gets such a big laugh. For some reason, it doesn't land right with me. I mean, is Darlene trying to pretend that she doesn't know the angry lady in the living room is Dana's mom? Was she trying to make a bad joke that she instantly realized wasn't funny? I don't know, I just didn't get why she said it. Anyway, it's one of my favorite episodes, but I cringe at the way Lecy plays drunk, except for the bit where she falls over the couch and immediately jumps up and exclaims "whoa!" But I thought the actress playing Dana was much better at acting drunk. However, I thought Lecy nailed being hungover, lol.
  15. Giuseppe

    Las Vegas

    I've finally gotten to the end of season 2 and just started season 3, and I still have 51 episodes left on my DVR from last week's marathon, lol. I had planned to do a good binge watch this weekend, but other things got in the way. Anyhoo… This show is just fun. I'm glad I stumbled onto it. Does anyone know why the actress who played Nessa didn't come back for seasons 3 and on? I was really starting to enjoy her character. Did she ever guest in any future seasons? Also, this show sure is boob-heavy, lol. Especially for a prime-time drama. I would assume it originally aired at 10pm to be able to get away with that. Which leads me to wonder...I don't know how casino employees typically dress, but I would expect a casino host (is that really a thing?), the director of special events, and the manager of the restaurant to at least wear business suits. But Sam, Mary, and Delinda (Mary especially) almost always are in the most low-cut revealing tops they can find. Maybe that's normal in Vegas, just strikes me as funny, especially as Danny, Mike, and Ed are always in suits. I love the redesign of the Montecito starting in season 3. The giant waterfall in the middle is cool, even though I doubt something like that would ever work in real life, lol.
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