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  1. Was literally replaying this in my mind thinking the exact same thing when I read your post. The clearly both leaned in to kiss each other at the end of that episode when it first happened, and I was thinking, well damn, I guess Allie is gay or bi...interesting! But then the next episode, Allie was all why'd you kiss me? No girl, y'all kissed each other. If they were gonna go with the 'Allie was surprised' route, they should've played it differently. But whatever, I'm not pressed about it one way or the other, lol. I've gone from being completely dubious about Chanel after her debut episo
  2. Um....or maybe she's just proven to be a well-liked character and actress, and that's why they're keeping her on. Not just because she's transgender.
  3. I think it's just that the phone is now available in the purple color, and purple (grape) candy is typically considered universally delicious, hence the Candy Man song. Something like that.
  4. Honestly, I would. It's one of my favorite parts of the first episode, and I hated that this last season basically blew it off. But I concede I'm probably in the minority on this, lol.
  5. So...what about Michael Fishman? Is DJ coming back? Kinda sad he's not considered part of the core cast.
  6. Is anyone else completely over the Kohl's hopscotch ad? I thought it was cute at first, but it's been so overplayed that now whenever I hear that beginning tinkly piano music, I have to mute or change the channel as fast as I can. It's like the ad execs (or whoever makes the airing decisions) got wind that the commercial was cute and popular and decided to play it at least once during every commercial break of every show ever. At least it damn sure feels like it.
  7. Yes, wondered the same thing, lol. I mean, I kinda maybe get what she was trying to do. We do the white elephant gift exchange in our office every year ($20 max), and the gifts are always a mix of nice things and gag gifts, so I thought Drew just decided to do a gag gift, albeit a messy one. Then again, a $1000 limit probably should've been a clue: no gag gifts, lol. (Side note: I'm always so unlucky when we do this at work. Worst gift I ever got stuck with was a dog vomit scented candle.) Anyway, Drew really did try too hard with the whole Prophet thing. I generally like Porsha,
  8. I kept thinking "Have we seen this person before? She sounds so familiar." Now that you've said it, yes, she sounded JUST like Sam. I was working at my computer during this episode, so I didn't look too much at her, but from what I saw, she also did look kinda similar to Sam. It was cool to see Andrew from season 3 of The Amazing Race in the first ep! He and Elizabeth were fun. I've followed Andrew on instagram for years, so I've been looking forward to this episode. Sucks that they both had to be medically tapped, but at least they both left on the same day.
  9. I was coming here to post almost literally the same thing. I don't want to stop watching because I want to support Kenan's show, but if he were not the star, I'd have been long gone by now. If they get a renewal, I think they're gonna need to do some serious re-tooling.
  10. Congrats to Brian and Mika! I truly feel like they deserved the win. The judges were right in that all of the other houses definitely seemed designed for a specific client, whereas Brian and Mika's was marketable to a wider range. Seeing the whole of all the houses tonight really brought that point home. The tag at the end that their house sold at full price after only 6 days whereas all the others are still on the market is very telling. Still don't like Alison and Mike's kitchen, and don't get all the fuss over it. It's bland and boring IMO. I would guess Nate and Jeremiah's house
  11. I was curious as to what was being filmed in the square across from my condo the past couple days, so i did some googling and found out it was filming for this show. Never heard of Naomi and don't much follow the superhero-universe, but I'll probably tune in just to see my 'hood on TV, haha.
  12. I was almost yelling at them to ask this question! Lol. It would have been the first thing I asked if I'd been in their position. I would've wanted to know if any of the original 7 would have applied to the show after it had morphed into a fight and hook up fest. I'm pretty sure the answer would've been a resounding "no", but I really wanted to hear everyone's opinions. I, too, cried throughout the whole episode and agree that this is the shit I wanted to see. Kevin and Becky was unfortunate, but I didn't need like half of the episodes devoted to it. Really wish we could get several more
  13. I really like the Mountain Dew commercial with Gizmo from Gremlins. I don't drink it, but I like the commercial because Gizmo is just so darn cute, and the guy in the commercial giving him the soda is the actual actor who played Billy in the original movie (took me forever to realize that!). Makes me wonder if a Gremlins reboot is in the works.
  14. Especially since Roseanne has been in perpetual re-runs on several different channels for at least the past five years. I was trying to remember what happened to the Tildens in the original show. I couldn't remember if it was stated that they moved away, or if they just disappeared from the show. The last episode I can remember with them is either the prom episode (which just had Charlotte if I remember right) or the ep where they went to California in the RV...I don't know which one aired first. In any case, I just had to fanwank last night's ep that Mr. Tilden got re-married and moved b
  15. I am so sick of seeing Marlena hypnotize people. That seems to be all she does these days. She's hypnotized half of Salem at this point. If she were smart, she'd impart a trigger on them and have everyone give her five dollars every time she snapped her fingers at them. I'm enjoying Chanel a lot more now. I don't know if it was just first episode jitters, but she seems so much more improved lately. I'm also looking forward to seeing what happens between her and Xander. Exactly my thoughts. If you can't get ahold of someone on the phone and you have super important news to share, t
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