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  1. I mean, good for them for winning, but I still found the whole perfect match thing to be a bit silly. Half the couples who ended up being a perfect match didn't even talk to or seem to really like each other before process of elimination dictated they should be together, and then all of a sudden they're all over each other. A lot of it just rang false. Since there apparently isn't going to be a reunion, does anyone know if any of the "perfect matches" are actually still together? I see from above that Remy is with Paige now.
  2. Yeah, so like everyone else, I had a really hard time accepting the fact that this new girl was so easily welcomed into the group's fold, but I agree with the above. However, I wonder if Ani would have worked better if she weren't a new girl, but rather a returning student who'd moved away for a while, like sometime before or right after Hannah arrived. That way, she could've already known/been friends with everyone and it would have made more sense to include her as someone really curious to understand what had been going on in her friends' lives since she'd been gone. In any case, I DID love the actress portraying Ani's mom. She was awesome and I loved her I KNOW EVERYTHING AND I SEE THROUGH ALL THE BULLSHIT attitude. Overall, I love a good whodunnit, so I actually really enjoyed this season. I realized sometime during the last 3 or 4 episodes that I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The show really knows how to amp up the tension. Someone way upthread mentioned Jeff, I think, the kid who died in the car accident in season one. I forgot about that, and holy hell has this school lost a lot of students in the past two years. At this point, they should have a mandatory counseling class instead of study hall. I was more wondering how hammered I'd be if I took a shot everytime someone said "I'm so, so sorry"!
  3. Thanks, don't know how I overlooked that.
  4. What's the story here? What did Swaggy do to Kevin?
  5. You may be mis-remembering. Julia didn't exactly "take on" Primmy, but she didn't roll over either. She was very passive aggressive at first, taking little digs at her masked as jokes. But at the end of the visit, she got Primmy in a room alone and pretty much went off on her. Payne overheard and realized that Primmy was basically using him as her annual fall fling, and then he acted like he knew the whole time and just wanted to experience it for himself. I think they still ended up leaving together, but at least Julia knew that it wasn't anything serious and they'd probably break up soon.
  6. "Carlene's Apartment" is not only the best episodes of the last two seasons, it can hold its own with a lot of what aired in the earlier seasons. I only have seasons 1-5 on DVD, so I haven't seen it in a long time, but I remember it quite fondly. I don't think I ever laughed as hard as I did when Alison hands Anthony her bag and tells him he can carry it for her, and he drops it and goes "uh-huh, yo mama"
  7. Really loving this so far. I didn't know it was only six episodes and now I'm sad because I really wanna see a lot more. This is a lot of fun. I too am looking forward to seeing Shannen back and reunited with everyone. Ian looks amazing. I can't believe he is 55. If this were the 80s, he could be playing a love interest for one of the Golden Girls. Now you think about that!
  8. Is that true??? No wonder I can't find them anywhere!
  9. Hopefully somebody has sent this to Grodner and the casting director. Not that it seems like they'd care.
  10. For god's sake, Tommy is not a little person. This season is dumb. I'm starting to not even care anymore that my satellite provider dropped CBS.
  11. I'm only here for Devin. I remember Billy from back when he would make occasional appearances on "Ellen". I've semi-followed him on social media for a while and, yeah, he's gotten way too jacked (for my taste), but I feel bad for assuming he was kind of a douche-bro. After watching this, he seems nice enough and a little lost. Hope he's doing ok. Cameron's the hottest guy in the house. Aubrey looks...plastic. The twins look like discount Olsen twins. Mark and Elena...jeesh. I was no big fan of either on Big Brother, but Elena had me laughing out loud in some of her talking heads. I loved when she was all "The premise of this show is terrible. Who created it? I have questions."
  12. Yeah, and I even noticed that they wonked around with the location for meeting the 'catfish'. I was paying close attention the minute they got to Atlanta, because when they showed Jerrika's zip code and city, I noticed that it is where I live so I figured I might recognize something. The "map" they showed when Nev pointed out they could walk there did not jive in ANY way with where they showed them walking (I live literally just three blocks up the street from that shopping plaza they crossed in front of). I get they probably didn't show the real location for security/privacy reasons. Also, if they walked there, why were they driving back? Maybe production followed them in the car. Anyway, all that to say I don't know WHAT is real with this show anymore, lol.
  13. I continue to think Jonathan is the cutest guy in the house, but he's a little dense. I don't think he understands that a relationship is more than just physical attraction. Justin practically blew him off on their "date" last episode, but this episode Jonathan can't get the hint that Justin just isn't that into him. So now he's jumped to Brandon, the other hot muscular guy in the house, despite barely ever talking to him (that we've seen). Not saying Basit is his perfect match, either. I fully understand Jonathan's and Brandon's position that Basit is great to connect with, but their persona is not what either of them are attracted to. I understand Basit's frustration, but they're acting almost the same about Jonathan as Jonathan was acting about Justin. Anyway, I'm sick of Kai and Jenna. All this angst, jeez. If they have a genuine connection, then fuck the show and be together! If they're just upset because they aren't the show's "perfect match" and they don't wanna lose the million dollars, then be together and just pick other people at the truth booth or beam ceremony and hope for the best. I feel like these kids are letting the show rules dictate their feelings. Is there some rule that says that they have to BE with their match even if they like someone else?
  14. Ah, I see it now, though I don't think it's designed very well...it really looks like a whale tail or something. Anyhoo, carry on.
  15. Funny because I'm sort of the opposite. I feel like I can get sandwiches and wraps anywhere. If I go to a food truck, I want something unique, like BBQ shredded pork on top of french fries with melted cheese and scallions on top (ugh, that was so good). Someone a while ago asked about the things around Rolling Indulgence's necks...well I'm trying to figure out what the hell their logo is. It looks like a wave or a tail of some sort with disco lights on it? I have no idea what it is or how it relates to their name, lol.
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