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  1. Yeah, I mean...if Haley's dead, then everyone probably knows JJ is depressed and are used to seeing him look like crap. Could be she just recently died. I'm so intrigued by Will being Ben's cellmate. Have no clue what he could've done to land him in there. I wish we had gotten to catch up with more characters today. The thing I got most excited about was the new hospital set! University Hospital must've undergone some renovations in the past year and I think it looks pretty nice. A lot warmer, and that window does wonders for making the set feel more alive. I'm hoping there are some other sets that have been refreshed (please let the multipurpose office/hotel room begone!) I also took note of the ambient jail noises during Ben's scenes. That was a nice touch as well. Really looking forward to seeing how this all plays out!
  2. So did we ever find out what caused the plane to crash? I kept expecting to see a news report or something on in the background after it was established that it wasn't the drunk pilot. The plane couldn't have gotten too high in the air if it (apparently) crashed back down on the same runway. I had to laugh when they showed the one guy un-buckle his freakin seatbelt while the plane was crashing and he got tossed around. I mean...who would do that? Also, why wasn't Bell's seatmate wearing his seatbelt during take off? Guess the flight attendants missed him during their check.
  3. Someone upthread mentioned that Dan in this episode seemed the most OG Dan than any other point in this reboot and I agree. Especially his interaction with Bev at the end. That seemed like vintage Roseanne...as did Jackie's argument with Bev in their apartment. More or that, please! I can't remember, but did we ever even see Becky at the Lunch Box during the original series?I know Sarah Chalke was around for most of those years, but even then I still can't remember ever seeing Becky at the restaurant. Oh wait...one moment does come to mind: when Mark was trying to hit on Traci Lord's character (god I hated her) to piss David off, and Becky came in and caught him. Were there any other times? I kinda tune out those seasons of the show.
  4. I'm assuming that's a typo, because I'm 41 and was born in 1978...but if not, please tell me how you bend time like that! Lol. Whoops, sorry about that!
  5. Y'all, I'm kinda slow sometimes, but...did Gabi forget she was talking to a cop? Did Lani forget that she IS one? Didn't Gabi just basically confess to attempted murder? Someone said something similar earlier, but Lani should have just grabbed Gabi's phone, arrested or detained her and deleted the app. I'm sure there's some sort of procedural error with that, but jeez c'mon. I know cops have been blackmailed before, but this seems easily thwarted to me.
  6. I was confused, too, lol. Especially since it looked like there was a sign for the restaurant on one of the buildings on the Square. But...had the square even debuted before Jack tumbled down the elevator? I honestly can't remember. Maybe I'll just fanwank that they've dined at Saxon's Bistro in the past, but they just recently opened a new location on the square. And why did it look like there was an elevator at the restaurant entrance? Shades of the Penthouse Grille. I thought today's episode was weird. Weirdly written, weirdly edited. Jennifer and Kate's rather out-of-the-blue park bench chat...Jack and Jennifer acting like it was their second date ever (I get the whole being nervous because it's been so long thing, but this ain't the first time that's happened with them, either), stilted conversations with Will and Sonny and Gabi (also, wasn't Gabi on the phone when Will and Sonny came by? Then she just agrees to go with them and walks out without grabbing her phone or purse or anything? Or did I miss something?)....Everyone showing up at the restaurant without seeming to even notice Eli and Lani at first...the whole "stay, go, no!" dinner table scene with Justin, Adrienne, Jack and Jenn was super awkward....it was like they were all ad-libbing the whole scene. Like I said, just weird. So, are y'all sure Hope is turning into Gina again? Because...I just can't. I mean, yeah that's what I assume is happening, too, but I'm really hoping for a different kind of twist, even though as soon as she picked up the cigarettes I was 99% sure that Gina is back. Ugh. But I will agree that I'm enjoying watching how Kristian Alfonso is playing this out. It really has been kinda fun to watch.
  7. Unless they figure out some quantum physics method to fold space into itself, they ain't gonna be able to pull that off. I mean, the door to the 'garage' leads into the hallway with a couple bedrooms in-between. Plus you can apparently see the street and the backyard from the kitchen window. Not to mention all the other stuff y'all just mentioned. I don't think even the smartest Hogwarts student could pull off that kind of magic, lol.
  8. I didn't realize that was Megan Fay! I need to go back and watch again. But I don't think she was supposed to be Kathy Bowman. Kathy and her husband moved back to Chicago on the original show. And no WAY would Kathy have come back to Lanford, as much as she hated it there.
  9. Same here. I think for me it's because the people on this show are suspicious and asking questions right off the bat and in general are acting like people would act in these circumstances, for the most part. On Manifest, everyone there for the first few episodes were just like "Oh, we've been gone five years? Cool...what's the new iPhone like?" I enjoyed this and wasn't really expecting to. I was good and creeped out by the fake parents, and the someone's-in-the-beachhouse scene.
  10. Agreed. I'm glad Will has finally gotten to break away from Sonny a bit this week and do something other than being the other half. I hope they give him some more independent storylines. I'm kind of sad that Kate remembered so quickly. I was looking forward to seeing Will do some investigating on Vivian. Speaking of, I know others have mentioned it, but Robin Strasser is playing Viv as WAY too kooky. I never watched her other soap...is this her normal acting style? Like some crazy bird off her meds? Not into it. Also not into the 112th iteration of previously normal guy turns into crazy/jealous suitor who kidnaps his unrequited love interest. I loved handsome Dr. Shah1.0 and hoped they'd eventually make him a regular and pair him with someone else or at least just keep him on in a recurring role as a nice, normal guy. I knew as soon as they re-cast him exactly what was about to happen. ETA: I just read that the previous Dr. Shah actor just wasn't available to play these scenes. Well I'm just gonna choose to believe that he chose not to be available because he knew how played out this storyline was!
  11. I mean, good for them for winning, but I still found the whole perfect match thing to be a bit silly. Half the couples who ended up being a perfect match didn't even talk to or seem to really like each other before process of elimination dictated they should be together, and then all of a sudden they're all over each other. A lot of it just rang false. Since there apparently isn't going to be a reunion, does anyone know if any of the "perfect matches" are actually still together? I see from above that Remy is with Paige now.
  12. Yeah, so like everyone else, I had a really hard time accepting the fact that this new girl was so easily welcomed into the group's fold, but I agree with the above. However, I wonder if Ani would have worked better if she weren't a new girl, but rather a returning student who'd moved away for a while, like sometime before or right after Hannah arrived. That way, she could've already known/been friends with everyone and it would have made more sense to include her as someone really curious to understand what had been going on in her friends' lives since she'd been gone. In any case, I DID love the actress portraying Ani's mom. She was awesome and I loved her I KNOW EVERYTHING AND I SEE THROUGH ALL THE BULLSHIT attitude. Overall, I love a good whodunnit, so I actually really enjoyed this season. I realized sometime during the last 3 or 4 episodes that I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The show really knows how to amp up the tension. Someone way upthread mentioned Jeff, I think, the kid who died in the car accident in season one. I forgot about that, and holy hell has this school lost a lot of students in the past two years. At this point, they should have a mandatory counseling class instead of study hall. I was more wondering how hammered I'd be if I took a shot everytime someone said "I'm so, so sorry"!
  13. Thanks, don't know how I overlooked that.
  14. What's the story here? What did Swaggy do to Kevin?
  15. You may be mis-remembering. Julia didn't exactly "take on" Primmy, but she didn't roll over either. She was very passive aggressive at first, taking little digs at her masked as jokes. But at the end of the visit, she got Primmy in a room alone and pretty much went off on her. Payne overheard and realized that Primmy was basically using him as her annual fall fling, and then he acted like he knew the whole time and just wanted to experience it for himself. I think they still ended up leaving together, but at least Julia knew that it wasn't anything serious and they'd probably break up soon.
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