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  1. So, that was an actual flashback? It looked to me like they just put a bad wig on John to make him look younger lol. I thought it was a recreated flashback, too. First, because it looked like it was set in John and Marlena's current townhome set, which as far as I know wasn't around when John still had dark hair, and second, the scene was a true widescreen hi-def format, not the old square format from the yonder years.
  2. I may have missed an explanation, but has Jake bothered to offer any kind of background on himself? He says his memory is fine in today's episode, so why doesn't he tell anyone where he was before coming to Salem? Produce a driver's license? Call friends and family to prove who he is? Show them his Instagram?? Instead we just get, "I'm not Stefan, I'm Jake!" Ok, then prove it, right? I mean, I know his whole background can be faked if he actually is Stefan, but if Jake really does believe he's Jake, seems like he should be doing a little more to convince everyone. And everyone else should be asking for this proof
  3. I hate that I can't spend an afternoon watching TVLand without being assaulted by that annoying ass Hormel pepperoni jingle EVERY damn commercial break. Nails on a chalkboard for me.
  4. She didn't go to the hospital that night. Xander and Victor took her home so she could "sleep it off", and Will was assumed to be the culprit. Can't believe they recast Zoey already. Is there a story there? (Nevermind, CanaryFan answered my question just above). The first actress had such a strong resemblance to Christian. This new actress, not so much. She reminds me of Sarah Wayne Callies. And she doesn't seem near as tough as the first Zoey.
  5. What made little sense to me was that Rose's uncle would have a baby that needed a guardian. How old was the uncle?? I get that older men have kids all the time, and that he could have been a younger uncle much like Blanche's Uncle Lucas, but the show never seemed to mention the circumstances here. I always thought they should have made the relative a younger cousin or something, or had the girls think the uncle left Rose his dog/bird/regular sounding pet named Baby before finding out it was a pig.
  6. He looked like he was cosplaying as Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder. What was that hairdo? I was gonna say he looked like Jim Carey's character from Dumb and Dumber had been in quarantine for too long and tried to give himself a haircut. He looked straight up foolish.
  7. Does anyone else think casting did a great job with the actress playing Zoey? A few scenes before it was revealed she and Evan/Christian were brother and sister, I swear I said to myself, 'couldn't they have cast someone for Evan's lawyer who didn't look just like him?' They really do favor each other in my opinion.
  8. I thought they established she'd been on vacation. I think Bev had a line about having been on vacation for months and griping about how nobody was happy to see her back.
  9. You're joking, right? Cuz no, that wouldn't make any sense at all. I don't really hold this particular viewpoint, but I do think Sonny and Will are kinda boring, lol. Not because they aren't Leo levels of flamboyant, just that I've found their storylines since Will came back to be a little lacking in excitement. I wish Paul had stuck around to spice things up. I do like Leo, though. Or maybe I just like Greg Rikaart, lol.
  10. I loved the customer safari, and had to laugh because I was unwittingly a part of one a few years ago. A guy I met online started chatting with me because he recognized me from frequenting the Kroger where he worked. He told me that they used to do store scavenger hunts like the customer safari, and I was "collected" once for being 'guy wearing flip flops in 30 degree weather' or something like that. I actually thought it was pretty funny.
  11. In the original version, Michonne rescues Andrea just outside of Atlanta after the old group was forced to flee the farm. So in the alternate timeline, Michonne turns her back on Andrea, but somehow still winds up in Virginia to meet Negan and the Saviors? I couldn't find that very believable...but then, I can't remember how they all wound up in Alexandria to begin with. Outside of the alternate timeline stuff, I had no idea what was real and what was being imagined in this episode. I was completely lost. I don't even remember what happened in the last episode Michonne was in before this one. Shows how much I must have been paying attention.
  12. I really hated Geoffrey's puffy yellow piece especially. It made the model look...like he was melting or something. It gave him absolutely no shape and actually made me skittish just looking at it. Sergio's homegrown leather experiment looked like he tried to dissolve a body in the bathtub, and apparently smelled like it, too. I'd have been half scared if I were Christian, lol.
  13. Good lord, what does she have against periods? I hate when people type like that.
  14. Before he stood up from the bed, I was trying to figure out why he was clutching brown paper bags to his chest, lol. I like David but I detest his wardrobe.
  15. I was gonna bring up Lonnie, too, haha. But at this point, seems like a wasted effort to wonder about any original characters. Have we even seen any of the secondary characters from Roseanne in this second season of The Conners? In the first season, we saw Crystal for sure, but before that, we saw Ann Marie, Nancy, Chuck...it's like TPTB have decided that we don't need to see any of them again. I mean, Jackie was friends with Crystal and Nancy, too, so they should at least still be coming around...unless the actresses have decided not to appear anymore. I don't know WTF is happening with this show. Isn't Sara Gilbert producing this, or something? She and I need to have a chat, lol.
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