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  1. Since it's Shy's life and Shy's secret, his feelings are the only ones that matter in this instance.
  2. Back then, probably. Especially in an elegant store like the one Midge worked in, they probably had a piano player come in to play Christmas music. Also, Christmas hasn't always been forced on us starting in high summer. It used to be a short season, easily ignored by anyone who didn't celebrate (the good old days!)
  3. There's a podcast called UnSpooled where Paul Scheer and movie critic Amy Nicholson watch the movies on the AFI's top 100 movies. Each episode is a discussion of one of those movies. At the end of the episode Paul always asks "Is there a Simpsons of this movie?" - I think I've only listened to one where there wasn't a Simpsons version of some kind!
  4. I had my small house (600 square feet) resided last year. They tore off one layer of old siding and installed vinyl. It was a crew of about four or five (some came and went throughout the day) and they worked from 7 am to about 7 pm. They were very close to being finished at that time. They worked a couple of hours the next day to do finishing touches and clean up. It was very noisy, so after they got started I left for the day. My favorite thing was that a package came while I was gone and one of them signed for it! Bonus!
  5. Wow, I never would have thought! He seems to be doing great - good for him! As far as that quick little Harry Potter line, they were just going for the movie that would be the very biggest opportunity for Emery to miss out on. Something huge that could be said quickly on the other end of a phone and still be recognizable. "Never call again!" was a funny touch. I've always gotten the names Emery and Evan confused. Now that I've finally gotten them straight in my head, the show is ending!
  6. As actress Alex Borstein says in her Twitter profile: "If every chick sat down when using a public toilet then we could all sit down. Hovering only leads to your piss on the seat. Stop it." She even started her acceptance speech with that when she won an Emmy! I guess it's a real peeve for her!! We're weirdos! 😁
  7. Well, it took three hours but the snow shoveling is done! Oh, it would have been easier if I hadn't left my car in the driveway instead of putting it in the garage! I knew it was going to snow, but, like a dummy, I left it out anyway and it took SO long to clean off! I had just finished when the snowplow came along - depositing big chunks of ice and snow across the end of the driveway! Actually, that was great timing - I could shovel it before it froze into a solid block of ice. I got it all done nice and neat - and along he comes for a second pass! A second pass - I didn't know they did that! As he went by we looked at each other and both just shrugged like "Eh, whaddya gonna do?" So I got that cleaned up too and now I'm ready for more snow tomorrow!
  8. My family is in another state so I do holidays on my own. My tradition for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year is to make vegan pot pie. I don't make it any other time. I found a box of Stove Top stuffing in my cabinet so I'll make that too. Trader Joe's Pumpkin Joe Joe's for dessert!
  9. A couple of years ago my power was out for more than 12 hours. I don't eat meat, but the frozen veg still felt pretty cold so I used it and it was fine. I used it in stuff like soups and casseroles, not just as a side dish. I imagine the texture would have been off.
  10. That bugged me too. And also that Becky decides the bar should be open until 4 solely so she can get hours and tips (and I believe she said she'd need a fry cook - so not just paying Becky). Louise thinks about it for just two seconds and says okay. Wouldn't that be nice? A business doesn't need any more help, so you just suggest they stay open more hours to accommodate your needs and they do it! Employment is easy peasy!
  11. I was thinking about him Monday watching the movie Bonnie and Clyde! I remembered having a crush on him the first time I saw B&C. May he rest.
  12. I loved that! I also loved the callback to the pilot when Claire asked Gloria if she was carrying a laundry basket to hide a pregnancy. Did not love hitting the chef in the face with the plane. Just tell him to leave. It's not a hostage situation.
  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one!
  14. I love everything about those scenes. And when my timer goes off, I usually look confused and say (to no one) "I don't even know what that's for..."
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