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  1. really could have picked a better pic to be behind Phoebe W-B!
  2. The company I work for has very specific email signature rules. They gave us the font, font size, color, and what information to be given. Name, address, phone number, email address, and preferred pronouns (optional). Nothing else is acceptable. Yet people add "inspirational" quotes, jokes, "have a good/nice/blessed day" - they use weird fonts and colors. It annoys me, really only because we are given clear instructions and these people think they're... what? Too creative to follow the rules? Too punk rock for this? I guess I really don't know why it bugs. It just bugs.
  3. I don't know... I love "Miranda" but it's 100% because of the cast. Well, the cast and the British-ness of it. Maybe the new version can stand on its own, as it's own thing, but I'm not super excited about it.
  4. I was looking for a particular Chris March quote - one I use a lot, but I don't know if I have it exact. It was when someone was freaking out on PR and he said something like "If you don't understand the situation by now, you are simply refusing to try." Anyway, I found this website: https://www.brainyquote.com/authors/chris-march-quotes "You know how Bette Midler always says her obituary will read, 'Bette Midler dies. Started her career at the Continental Baths?' Mine will say 'Chris March died. He was on Season 4 of 'Project Runway.'' It's an amazing show, it did a lot for me, and I'm fine with it. Unless it becomes terribly disreputable." I can just hear him laughing as he says that last line.
  5. I once saw a resume that said - "Great attention to deatail" -- still makes me laugh. A friend of mine had me proofread his resume - he had his phone number wrong! So yeah, you can't have to many proofreaders.
  6. I'm peeved by pigs. Not barnyard oink-oink pigs, but pigs in the workplace. How can someone see that their soup boiled over in the microwave and think it's okay to leave that puddle of broth? Three times in one week?! How is it okay to have red sauce explode all over the microwave and walk away? Our kitchen area is tiny - it's literally one step to the paper towel and sink! Wipe it up!! I do - every damn day - and it's not even my messes! And there's also the people who add a ton of sugar and cream to their coffee, spill that sticky liquid on the counter and say to themselves "meh, that's okay" - they drop the stir stick in the sink (the garbage can is, again, one step away) and off they go. I'm sick of it! We're all grown ups with jobs! We can all wipe up our messes! Yes, we have a cleaning person. But she has seven floors to stock, clean, and carpet sweep. She hasn't got a sixth sense that tells her "microwave mess on floor one" so she can wipe it up for the grown up with a job!
  7. They did a tv movie reuniting Mary and Rhoda. It was cleverly titled "Mary and Rhoda" and totally forgettable. I'm sure that moment is from that movie.
  8. I had a boyfriend who rarely watched tv, but was at my house when I was watching the show. It was the one where Gary shoots the bird. From then on, he used "oooh, no..." the way Phoebe said it! He actually decided he liked the show once in awhile. He laughed his butt off when Gunther told Phoebe's boyfriend "Put the mouse back in the house. This is a family place."
  9. And you can't have a poker game without smoking cigars. Even if it's a non-smoking home, stinky cigars are allowed.
  10. People seem to see my short hair and make a connection to someone else with short hair. Like Annie Lennox (I wish!) or current Jamie Lee Curtis, or, once in the 80's when my hair was bleached, Billy Idol. That was a sad day.
  11. Honestly, I think that's pretty universal movie shorthand for "heart attack's a'comin!" My favorite scene was Birdie looking at Rhonda's ring. Rhonda tells her she didn't get a diamond because she likes blue. Birdie says "Well I hate it" takes a beat, then tosses her head back and laughs a big, throaty laugh! The laugh is so out of place, it's totally hilarious and totally Birdie!
  12. Thanks for the recommendation! Be careful! If you drop something next to it and quickly bend over to grab it, you can put one of those "tongues" right up your nose! I mean, that's what a friend told me, I certainly never did anything that stupid myself...
  13. The Lohan article says that her rep says they met just once a year ago. The rest is all based on what unnamed "close pals" and "sources" say and even refer to it as a wild rumor. Taking the story with a huge grain of salt here. From the Danny Trejo article: Trejo crawled into the wreckage from one side, he said later, but he couldn’t unbuckle the car seat from his angle. Another bystander, a young woman, got in from the other side of the vehicle and was able to undo the buckle, allowing Trejo to get the baby safely out of the car. I kinda feel bad for the young woman getting barely a mention and no picture - although that may have been her decision.
  14. I can do that if the cup of coffee came from my junkie coffee maker - but I'd never just immediately drink a cup from say, Starbucks, or a friend's coffee maker. When I get Starbucks I even take the lid off to test it with my finger to gauge how long I should wait before drinking.
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