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  1. Hmm... I guess it's my unpopular opinion that Breaking Bad isn't memorable. I watched it just last year, and I don't remember anything you all are posting about!
  2. Michael Stuhlbarg in the Coen Brothers movie, A Serious Man. I'm a fan of the Coen Brothers and A Serious Man is one I watch over and over (maybe I should take the advice given in the movie "Accept the mystery" - but I keep trying to figure out what every little thing means!) Michael Stuhlbarg is brilliant in it. He conveys so much with slight changes in the way he purses his lips, widening his eyes just a bit, a little raise of his eyebrows. It's just a great performance. Simon Helberg and Fred Melamed are also great in very small roles.
  3. I always remember the time I took a bag of change in, it was heavy so I was really hoping for about $125 - it was $305! The next time I took a bag in, the counting machine was gone. They said it wasn't worth the maintenance, but they would help me roll it. Ugh, no. I took it to another bank that was supposed to charge me a percentage - but the guy said if I promised to think about opening an account there, he'd waive the fee. Ha, that was nice. I don't have too much at this point. The liquor store needs it so when I go for my next "out and about" day I'll count it up and sell it to them. Or trade it for beer. Probably trade it for beer.
  4. Your friend is wonderful! But honestly, I wouldn't go to lunch with him. Your friend is so selfless and kind, but that's too much risk for me. And, as I understand it, restaurant tables are 6 feet apart, but unless you sat at two separate tables, the two of you wouldn't be 6 feet apart. I've had one friend come over a couple of times to sit in my backyard and have a beer. She knows how careful I'm being and I know she's doing the same. We still sit 6 feet apart. We think we might have a pizza delivered one of these times, but neither of us wants to go to a restaurant. (I've never cared much for going to restaurants anyway, but she likes it and misses it.) My sister is working at a drive in burger place, she said she never realized how much she needed to watch someone's lips to understand them! I guess some orders got mixed up and she was sure it had to do with everyone being masked and not "reading" lips.
  5. Oh, I feel your pain. So frustrating! My peeve tonight is when I taste a hot pepper and think "Oh, that's not so hot" - put it all in the casserole and make what could be a terrific dinner much too spicy. Well, at least my sinuses are clear!
  6. There was a big one in MT on 8/17/59. I know this because I was born in MT and that was the day my mom brought little newborn me home from the hospital. I think she remembered the earthquake (and taking care of a 6 yo a 3 yo and a newborn through it all) more than she remembered having me! We talked about it on every birthday call.
  7. So many good answers! As I reached for another beer, I decided I'll go with (early seasons) Cheers. I would hang with Norm, be amused by Diane, flirt with Sam, and... probably end up with Cliff.
  8. For 23 years, I resisted working from home because I have a very small house with no closed off room to use exclusively for work. I felt like having my work computer in my dining room would impose on my "real life" somehow. And in a way it has, because I have had bad dreams of work far more often and can't "shake off" the dreams . I will take the dreams (hoping they will stop or at least diminish) to keep working from home though. Because, on the other hand, I can take a long walk, or garden, or play my ukulele on my lunch hour which gives me back some "real life" I didn't have before.
  9. That drove me nuts! I think other shows have done that, too. Last on the list gets bumped to #1 when there's a cancellation? Um, no.
  10. I've had that dream! And I had a dream that I was wearing a mask and some guy started yelling at me that masks are stupid and don't work. Then he came up inches from my face and started gently blowing on me. Not aggressive or like 'haaaaa haaaa" breathing on me, but more like blowing on hot soup. Even in my dream I thought "Okay, that's weird..."
  11. Clever thief who speaks a language no one else knows. Mysterious...
  12. And his father was murdered and his two half brothers died scuba diving. I don't remember if they were very close (I read his book "So Far..." years ago). Although it seems to be his sister which (understandably) broke him. When I hear stories of his substance abuse I always feel like "Well, yeah..." I mean, that's a lot to take in one life! When I read the headline that his daughter had been stabbed I feared the worst, I'm so glad she's going to be okay.
  13. I've watched Coherence several times in the last two weeks. It's about friends at a dinner party as a comet passes over causing... well, I won't spoil it. There's a lot to take in, so it keeps me engaged even after watching it a few times. Trying to figure out all that happened gives me something unimportant to think about, which is nice. It's also nice to watch a dinner party, since I can't actually go to a dinner party!
  14. I have the same $45 in my wallet that I had when I got back from a trip on March 19! I've been keeping track of my spending and I've saved quite a bit (even though I had to make a couple purchases that were a little on the expensive side). I hate to drive so I used to go shopping every two weeks or so. I would hit all the stores to make sure I have what I "might" need. Now when I go out it's two stores max and with a list of what I "do" need.
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