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  1. I have one of those mirrors that's on an "arm" that comes out from the wall. I can see the back of my head that way. That wouldn't help the limited mobility though. Lately I've been using a shaver to get the back. It's a little choppy, so I take a thinning shear and just do some random thinning so it looks softer. My niece has a stepson and they are still shuffling the kid back and forth from his bio mom to step mom. I get it, both the step and the bio family love the little guy and don't want to be without him - but IMO he should be sheltered in whichever place has the most supplies and is best equipped to keep the kid safe.
  2. I cut my own hair and keep it in a short pixie. I thought, what the heck, I won't be seeing people for awhile, why not go for it and cut it suuuuuper short! So I did! It looks terrible! Makes the isolation easier, not wanting to be seen and all!
  3. In one of David Spade interviews, Jeff's wife (Leann?) said Joe gave the tigers old shoes for toys. Which makes sense, the tiger just wanted his toy. But, considering the source... who knows if that's true.
  4. Squirrels and raccoons get into mine. One spring I was tossing it and couple of baby bunnies ran out! If you get the greens/browns and moisture right, it will get super hot and it breaks down faster and the heat would keep animals out. But I've never been able to get it balanced perfectly so it gets super hot. It's a goal, but I don't know if I'll ever reach it.
  5. Bread - any kind of bread, even a tortilla will do in a pinch. I made the No Knead Bread recipe posted on page 9 of this thread and it was easy and good too! I only made a half recipe. Working from home now I could easily throw this together while I work. I used half whole wheat and I don't have a dutch oven so I used a covered Corningware dish.
  6. There's a Kids in the Hall sketch where Scott Thompson's character, Fran (an older lady) is standing in front of the stove saying "Number one is off. Number two is off. Number three is off. Number four is off." <pause> "Number one is off.... Because I have gotten on a plane more than once with the thought in my head that I didn't lock a door or turn off the stove, I now take pictures. I can take a pic of the inside of the backdoor showing the locks, then the stove, then when I get outside the rule is lock, test, take a pic. It is so freaky. I flew on 3/14 - the airport was business as usual. The plane had maybe five open seats. I flew back just six days later and the flight was half full and the airport was so empty it gave me that eerie feeling. I went by a desk where the employee was announcing something, and the ten people at the gate were like "Dude, we're right here. You don't need that microphone!" Oh, and I had to pee something fierce and they had closed many bathrooms! I get it, but man that was a crazy, desperate dash! It's just so hard for me to wrap my brain around how quickly the world has changed.
  7. Personally, I'm completely confident. Me too.
  8. I thought the one aunt looked somewhat like Rosanne, I thought for a minute they were going to have them be like another version of Rosanne and Jackie. Like they kind of did on "Rosanne" with Charlotte and Molly next door.
  9. Hey, @Fake Jan Brady don't feel that way! They've intentionally kept the actual location of Schitt's Creek vague. They wanted it to feel like it could be anywhere.
  10. Okay, it's almost the end, but I finally had good feelings towards Roland! I loved Johnny saving the pitch and also David hugging Stevie "So you're a business woman now?" "Damn right!" I don't know why but I got a real kick out of Jocelyn holding her "Team Rosebud" sign high above her head as the limo drove off.
  11. I made a vegan lasagna pizza. It's just a pizza when you're too lazy to make a crust. I used green and black olives, onions, and mushrooms. Instead of cheese I blended some tofu and nutritional yeast with soy sauce and onion powder. Pizza sauce instead of tomato sauce. All good!
  12. I feel so sorry for people working at grocery stores, Target, Walmart, etc. Not only could they be face to face with a carrier, but they have to put up with jerks, too. It must be so stressful.
  13. My nephew, a plumber, would like to remind people only three things belong in a toilet. Pee, poop, and toilet paper. If people get down to using Kleenex, paper towel, or baby wipes - they'd better toss it in the garbage, not the toilet. Things will be hard enough without plumber's bills on top of it!
  14. Tom tweeted that it was taped 12 days ago.
  15. Sweet Jeebuz! I had no idea! This makes me happy! It's weird, isn't it?
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