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  1. The first time Dawn didn't get her peanut sauce on, it was blind judging and the judges were unaware there ever was a sauce. They commented that it probably should have a sauce, but the dish was good enough to put her in the middle. Second time was the tofu challenge and as biakbiak noted, she was disqualified on that round. Third, she left the red eye gravy off two dishes. Fourth the gougere was left off one dish. I don't think either of those changed the dish dramatically. Maybe the gravy, and maybe she should have been in the middle rather than bottom or top. But they always have
  2. Oh, I just did a quick check of their website and I'm kind of relieved they aren't coming here so I don't have to make that decision! But I do have a Foo Fighters face mask... oh, I'm so glad I don't have to make that decision!
  3. I thought WR didn't do well in a different sort of role. But maybe it's just me that can't accept WR in a different sort of role... When Amy Adams found her phone under the bed, and there was a very dramatic (for no reason) scene of her crawling under the bed and reaching for it - was I the only one who yelled "Just go around to the other side of the bed, you ding dong!"?
  4. I hope Byron got to just sit and maybe have a glass of wine after all that! Poor guy was so poo'd! I'm just glad Sarah lost. I didn't feel one way or another about her at first, but now I can't stand her "I'm so weeeeird and quirrrrky" act.
  5. Well, the wedding may be a mistake, but it was certainly lovely! The ribbons, the beautiful chairs, Drea and Matilda under the veil - just lovely. And I teared up a little when I saw Nicholas holding a picture of their dad. I got a laugh out of how confused everyone seemed by "Genevieve's" speech! Alex, Nicholas is right. Go find someone who doesn't need to change to be right for you. And throw the (clip on?) nose ring/'sign you're not coping' in the lake. I wish there were more episodes. I've watched both seasons a couple of times now and even re-watched "Please Like Me" last w
  6. I love Cohen Brothers movies. But I had never seen all of "Raising Arizona." I saw little bits and pieces on tv and I guess it didn't interest me. But I so often hear people talking about how great it is, I decided to rent it tonight. Man, I haaated it! Every bit of it. I'd rather watch "The Lady Killers" again, and that's a bad Cohen Brothers movie. But at least it doesn't have John Goodman screaming endlessly.
  7. "My accent is Australia" "Nope, I've seen Crocodile Hunter, and that's not you." "Crikey!" Loved it! It sounded like Nicholas just busted out the "Crikey" to make Genevieve happy. When Genevieve pointed out that Suze and Toby were Nicholas's only friends, that had to make him stop and think. He not only doesn't make friends easily, but his only friends are two people who know how to relate to a person with autism. So Alex will be at the wedding, I wonder how that will go. I like Alex (for the most part... I don't like how he banks his complaints and barfs them all over
  8. I imagine in a quickfire where every second counts they wouldn't want to wait for a burner to heat up. But other than Gabe calling electric stoves a pain in the ass (because he used to have one) and Chris saying he was having trouble getting consistent heat, I don't recall any of them having an issue with them or complaining about them. I like Fred Armison and I laughed when he told Byron they were going to take a half hour break, as Byron stood there with three dishes balanced on his arms! I'm glad Dawn won especially since she's such a Portlandia fan. I want to go back and see if S
  9. Some people thought he did. And that's okay. Some people like a chef, some people don't. That's always been true in these forums.
  10. If you google Gabe Erales Comedor, you should be able to find articles. Not a lot of details though. Me too!
  11. The Penny team did fine when they did interact with the judges, they just needed to make an effort to do more of it. But they were not working as a team. They just kept their heads down and focused on their own dishes with no thought or concern as to what anyone else was doing or not doing. I like that when Tom asked how a sandwich fits into a kaiseki meal, Shota had a good answer ("Technically, it's more of a braise"). It shows that they thought it all through. That one pot meal had motion - it was beautiful.
  12. You're all wrong 🤭 - he looks like my next door neighbor! And he's a real sweet guy, so I can't help liking Byron!
  13. I loved the scene where you just see the back of Suse's head marching up to the door, and Nicholas answers the door saying "I just really thought he'd say no!" It was right after Nicholas talks to Matilda in her bedroom. I do hope Drea says no. Nicholas told her that if he got married to his "one" at 18, he'd be married to a woman. Matilda is straight. Drea and Matilda have figured out a way to make this relationship work for now, but long term? I can't forget that Drea said that Matilda having sex hurts her but she agrees to it so Matilda will love her. Not a great foundation for
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