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  1. My most quotable PP joke: My dad wasn't a patient man. He used to stand in front of the microwave and yell "C'mon! I don't have all minute!" I always yell that when I don't want to wait.
  2. Yelling at Alexa (several times) to turn the music down and realizing I'm playing music on my phone. Having to apologize to Alexa (again).
  3. I have a friend who has barely changed her life at all - and she's taken three family trips out of state. And it's worked out fine for them too. Yet she complains nearly daily about how hard this is. Like, how? You can't go to all the restaurants you want? So what? One day I got fed up and said "Yeah, I know... and that Anne Frank thought she had it hard. What a whiner!" I don't think she got my hint, she still complains all the time. I think we all know someone who is continuing life as always and nothing bad happens - and I think that adds to the number of people who think they don't have to be careful. I'm happy to be one of the saps staying put. It makes me feel safe when I understand the rules, agree with the rules, and follow the rules. I love my food sealer because it's portion control. If I take out a small handful of potato chips and seal it right away, I'm done. I'm not going to go through the motions of getting the scissors and cutting the bag then sealing it again. I'm just that lazy.
  4. Big Fat Quiz of the Year on youtube - any year with Noel Fielding and/or Richard Ayoade.
  5. In 100 episodes! He did Mark and Lottie a favor by giving them a head's up. Paul can't really help it if there's a food he hates. I mean, he's a judge in a baking competition that has just a couple of savory elements per season. It took 100 episodes for gherkins to come up, Paul probably thought he was safe. The meat was dry. Paul noted that she needed a meat with more fat (he also said Mark's and Laura's meats were dry). Even with relish I'm sure Paul would have noticed the meat was dry. As it was he was fine with Lottie's bun, and Mark's too. He had nice things to say about both - "spot on" "excellent" "very, very nice" were used - so no one was harmed by leaving the gherkins off. Having said all that, I did enjoy Noel saying "What is he, five?"
  6. My sister and I went to see The Conjuring in the theater, it wasn't something we particularly wanted to see. We just wanted to see a movie while I was visiting. There were only four other people in the theater. When it was over one of the guys stood up and looked at us with a big smile and said "That was actually good!" That was many years ago, so I don't really remember the movie, but I do remember I thought it was well done and creepy.
  7. I generally don't wear a mask when I go for my lunch hour walks (no reason to) but when the temps dropped and the snow came, I wore the one that goes way up to my eyes, over to my ears, and under my chin. It was perfect! So much easier than trying to keep my scarf wrapped around my face!
  8. A vampire walks into a bar and says "I'll have a Bloody Mary." Bartender says "Run for it, Mary!"
  9. I HATE that! It's so hard to clear! The snow is packed hard with lots of ice chunks. And if you don't get it immediately, it gets worse. I'm glad to be working from home now so I'll be able to tackle it when it's only back-breaking and not whole-body breaking!
  10. I have a neighbor that uses his leaf blower as a snow blower! It's a big honkin' thing too - he looks like a ghostbuster or something. And he'll go out when there's barely any snow on the ground. And it might be 11:00 at night when he does this. I just roll my eyes.
  11. Yeaaaah... I've seen too many horror movies to fall for that! I heard once that if you put a radio in the attic dialed to an all talk station, critters are afraid of the voices and they will be driven back out. Probably doesn't work, but if you're old like me and still have an old transistor radio, maybe you could toss it up? (Who knows, you might bonk the creature on the head if you're really lucky!)
  12. I've seen Bowie, otherwise it would be a three way tie. So it's Freddie or Kurt... I'll go with Freddie, because I think it's Freddie Mercury energy I need right now.
  13. Love that picture of giant Penn standing next to him! The documentary of James Randi's life "An Honest Liar" is quite good, I don't know if it's currently streaming.
  14. Podcast peeve: Movie podcasts that take 10, 15, or even 20 minutes to start talking about the movie. I guess maybe long time listeners may enjoy the "witty" banter of the hosts, but I'm just interested in a movie discussion. Also, if you're going to do a podcast about a 50 year old classic movie like Rosemary's Baby - maybe consider glancing at the Wikipedia page before starting the podcast. That way you'll know little details like the character names, and that it was first a book, keeping you from saying stupid things like: "Did you guys notice that Roman Polanski combined his and John Cassavetes names to name the head witch?" No, sweetie, Cassavetes and Castevet are two entirely different names. And Ira Levin named him, not garbage person Polanski.
  15. I love "That's My Boy?" not only because it's one of the best episodes, but also because Mel is at Rob and Laura's (with Millie and Jerry) and no Buddy. It's nice to see Mel just enjoy an evening with friends!
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