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  1. John was so sweet today. He really is the best at dad/grandpa role. I found Ciara and Bens conversation about best man Maid of honor very humorous.
  2. @bunnyblue Claire was definitely jealous of Ciara although I think she was more obsessed with Tripp. Claire believed Ciara was favored and is always given a pass, she wasn’t wrong. Her reactions to it were. Kidnapping. Fires. Trying to kill people. I always felt sorry for Claire. She had so many family members yet always seemed alone.
  3. Luanne would marry Bethany because Beth has the most money.
  4. Eli has the best smile. It amazing how kind he is with his meddling grandma. Julie did look good really pretty today. She is so bossy lol. Glad they told about the pregnancy. Lani is going to need lots of support. JMHO Hope was a little to smug and annoying today.
  5. Looks like Ciara is going to be the one to save the family business.
  6. I don’t care how many times Nicole has been married. I want an Eric Nicole wedding A real wedding. Just love. No shenanigans.
  7. Hope had a death wish today. maybe she is trying to get out of paying for Ciara wedding.
  8. John was so happy for Nicole and Eric. It was really sweet. Nicole and Marlena stayed far far away from the bomb.
  9. What was the flashback with Kyla and Steve about? Hope grabbing the gun doesn’t seem like a good plan.
  10. Once you see Kate eat a fruit cup you will never look at fruit the same way again lol 😂
  11. Chad hypnosis for weight loss Ben clip on neck ties Will flannel shirts Nicole hair dye Kate dole fruit cups Brady self tanner
  12. Nicole and Eric looked so beautiful and happy today.
  13. Hopefully Belle will get to interact with her brothers.
  14. The store I work full time in is scheduled to open June first. They sanitize the store this weekend and had the fire marshal come in to approve the back room. There are a lot of things that have to be put in place first before you can open. We were told June 1 but it is not definite. I told them I don’t want to be the one upfront enforcing the mask rule. My friend works at big y and they have been physical threatened and now the employees don’t have to do it anymore. Only the managers do, My part time restaurant job called and left message Friday about an emergency. I called back as soon as I got the message. She needed someone to work register Monday (which I totally forgot was a holiday ). Said yes as it keeps me on payroll. Have not worked there since shut down so hope I remember how to run it 😂 also managers idea of emergencies and mine are way different.
  15. Maybe Kristin will steal Lani baby.
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