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  1. Johns change is personality is very sad and scary. He needs to talk to a doctor about it. What reason has Tripp given for not wanting a DNA test? JMHO it kind feels like Nicole is projecting her own issues on Allies situation.
  2. Is the baby’s name really Lady liberty ?
  3. I don’t think there is a shot to become undead either 😂
  4. They just did this with baby Bonnie. Bonnie said Lucas was the father. DNA test came back matching Lucas. The father was his half brother Rex.
  5. Confess to half watching lately but I never took Sara’s comments as victim blaming. Honestly thought she was saying Trump words made it a perfect storm. Find the show not balanced at all right now and they are really missing a conservative view. I like Anna but she seems not to really represent a conservative view at this point. It just seems like four people saying the same thing. Sara point about the Biden/Harris ticket having a better answer for packing the court seemed like it should have made for at least good conversation instead her point was just shut down. I personally thought the posters here gave better answers then the cohosts lol.
  6. Kristin looked like she wanted to sleep with Eli. Her facial expressions and acting choices in that scene made zero sense. I kind of wanting her to say hold on minute I will let you take off the wire. And I am totally team Eli. Tripp decisions today were all dumb. Going to the police station alone and not knowing why they were questioning him. Going over alone to a women’s apartment who is accusing you of rape. Ali and Claire talk was strange as well. Why would Tripp keep in touch with Claire? She is an ex-girlfriend who tried to kill him twice. This is also the second time Tripp framing Ben has come up
  7. Probably to talk about the now dead stimulus bill.
  8. Philip was arrested for threatening Jan. Ben threatened to kill Vincent in front of numerous police officers. Nothing.
  9. I can’t Imagine Tripp and Claire back together. Whenever he makes her mad he would wonder if she will try and kill him again.
  10. I am not use to new Claire yet. She just did not seem like Shauns daughter in that scene. Vincent and Ciaras scenes were so interesting and intense.
  11. Eli and Lani I use to find sweet. Their first wedding was the last time I enjoyed the couple. Now she chooses Kristin over Eli every time. Disappointed 😔. It was nice having a sweet romance on the show
  12. Really ? I love Eric. Everyone here seems to hate him and I post regularly about that love lol.
  13. Wasn’t not watching during Jane Spears time but agree the actor does seem fun. Plus I love Shaun and Belle so anything that gives them screen time is okay with me lol. Why is Gwen so desperate to be with Jake? He slept with another women while dating her, For petesake she was in next room getting ready for their date! He didn’t even buy her the all you can eat dinner before dumping her. I would be so pissed about the shrimp. Hello Abigail you look refreshed like a whole new person.
  14. @DisneyBoy but Sami is so much more entertaining then Ben.
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