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  1. Why do people always compare Abby and Ben? What Ben did had nothing to do with Abigail.
  2. Is bayview where John and Marlena were kidnaped not long ago? Wasn’t Ben involved in that? marlena has been kidnaped so many times i can’t remember them all.
  3. tribeca

    Spoilers And Shockers

    JJ is getting evicted 🙄 probably since he keeps inviting people to live with him who aren’t on his lease. Unlike the landlord of the loft where anyone can move in and out at anytime.
  4. tribeca

    Couples That Should Have Been

    I saw this movie with a coworker. She is 70. She said she hoped that pretty young girl didn’t get with that old slob (Ruffalo). She also said Adam Levine didn’t have it as a singer. I have not gone to movie with her since.
  5. tribeca

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    Megan’s belt was awful no wonder it jumped off.
  6. Eve and Jacks press conference seems like a good plan. I am rooting for the bad guys now. Also Hope is really full of herself. At least Rex was suspicious because his moms text didn’t sound like her.
  7. tribeca

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    The also could have let him talk. Before he could explain his idea they would interrupt him. Joy was really bad. I actually yelled at her to let him talk. Did the shut his mike off today ? Whoopie was the only one listening to his answers. I really disliked that whole segment and it wasn’t Andrew Yangs fault. Megans the democratic trying to put a peg in one hole thing was stupid too. Democratic republicans or independents are all going to have a policy they feel fits most people.
  8. Claire’s always been alone. Even when her boyfriend was shot the only one really there for her was Tripp. I can understand why she didn’t reach out to her family members.
  9. I hope Eve gets away with everything. Let joey out of prison. If Ben and Abigail can be cured so can Jordan. Jordan can come back and take David and Rafe far away from Salem.
  10. Marlena and Ben seem like best buddies now. It was nice to see Claire and her family together Also enjoyed Eve talking to Claire and feeling guilty about not helping her. Is Will on his honeymoon? I kind of miss him.
  11. tribeca

    The Dunphys: Phil, Clare, Alex, Haley, and Luke

    I like all the Dumphys. I would really like to see Alex have some good things happen. A good paying Job. A marriage proposal. Her family appreciate her for who she is.
  12. Nicole party sounded boring and stuffy with overpriced wine. Give me a good margarita any day.
  13. tribeca

    Spoilers And Shockers

    Tripp I can understand but why Ben? will Hope be there?
  14. tribeca

    Everybody Loves Raymond

    Marie just could not resist his boyish charm.
  15. tribeca

    Everybody Loves Raymond

    Recently I was watching one of those medium shows. The medium goes up to lady in audience and says your mother in law is here. That’s how I picture ELR now. Even from The beyond Marie finds a way to meddle 🤣 The Ray stuff that made me laugh the most was the fly episode and when he tried to lift Debra up on top of refrigerator . The last one I have seen a million times and I still crack up.