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  1. Thought Sonny parents were already married. John sure has a lot obsessed women attracted to him Gabi I love you but I want my Eli/Lani wedding.
  2. There is no way I would eat a random pizza a strange dude left. Rafe is a weirdo
  3. We all know John Black is always the daddy. I was glad Rafe stuck up for Jordan. Even if she’s crazy it’s nice to have someone one her side. Eric does not to leave Sarah alone. It’s obvious she’s still in love with him. She can’t just turn that off. Sure she did turn it off with her husband but this is Eric.
  4. When we first met. Netflix staring Adam DeVine I am a sucker for time travel and romantic comedy so thought this movie was a good choice. Although I am not a big fan of DeVine. JMHO he is better supporting character then lead. He meets a girl at party. The spend the night connecting. They mostly talk through the night. Take pictures in a photo booth. Then he is friend zoned. He loves her. The photo booth takes him back to the night they meet. He tries to get it right
  5. At least Lani wasn’t stuck in that awful jumpsuit for days like Gabi. Kate and Roman were really good together. Kate was funny with why didn’t Stefan try harder to live like her. Poor Stefan the only person Dr Rolf didn’t want to help.
  6. What does it matter who Marlena likes. Eric is a grown man. That apartment is to small for Marlena to have the conversation. She’s to smart too so she probably did it for I don’t know reasons. Wasnt eric on the phone with Sami today? i thought Nicole looked beautiful. She made Eric smile. That’s all I need.
  7. I found joy very condescending in this episode. She was very judgmental with the police officer. It was exactly what people caring for their family members don’t need.
  8. Not poor Sarah her special guest for her bday was her husband
  9. I really want to know @Bastet Vince Vaughn story. My grandfather use to love to tell this story. In grams and grams younger days they traveled a lot. At the airport in Las Vegas a very tall man sat next to gram she looked at him and “wow your tall are you a basketball player “ he replied “no ma’am I am a jockey “ the man was Wilt Chamberlan
  10. I am open to trying new foods but sonny really didn’t made those vegan patties look appetizing. Good thing they didn’t mention a brand. They could have lost a sponsor.
  11. @Rafael when mom was here watching the show she thought Hope had a thing for John. The whole thing with Lani and Gabi felt uncomfortable although they both looked fantastic lol. I don’t like that now it looks like Lani convinced Gabi. That was Doug. He was the only one who showed compassion in this situation. Also hoping we don’t have Lani having ton of flashbacks of her begging.
  12. Does the mug have bike lanes ?
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