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  1. Sami went to Rafe and talks to him. He DECIDED not to adopt Allies baby. Sami tells Nicole and Eric not to call Will and Sonny when Allie has her baby. This is the one and only time Nicole does what Sami wanted Sami can be a lot but some of these people need to take responsibility for their decisions. when Ciara said to Claire she wishes she was her maid of honor I wanted Claire to say maybe at your next wedding.
  2. Found the last Abigail storyline interesting. JMHO KM did a good job with Abby being scared and not sure what was real and her hallucinations. It was strange how the storyline kind of ended with her just being shipped off.
  3. What is going on with Chad? In his scenes with Gabi and Gwen he looks like he wants something more then control of Dimera.
  4. Lani and Eli better get to have this baby.
  5. Poor Shaun. When his wife and daughter found out he was in building that blew up neither asked if he was ok ,
  6. I thought Chloe died on the web series?
  7. Lumi little family ❤️ Allie is strange with her mom. Know Sami can be a PIA but even when she just tried to be loving Allie moved away. Kind of like a little kid who does not want a hug from her parents.
  8. Doug was far away from the church sitting on park bench and had a bottle water. No wonder he is 95 years old. He knows how to survive.
  9. It’s a good thing that Ben and Ciara had all that sex since it looks like there will not be a honeymoon.
  10. The only time I had some doubt that Claire was maybe the one behind everything was when she got upset with her dad being at the wedding. i do enjoy Belle, Shaun and Claire. The parents really care and worry about their daughter. shaun was pretty cute opening the giant cookie.
  11. I still think Ben acts strange. he is obsessed with Ciara. Same way he was with Abby.
  12. That was some lingerie outfit Lani had on in her dream. Eli “this won’t take long “. 😂 okay I think Jake enjoyed Gabi and Gwen fighting over him. Ben always has a jerk vibe to him even the first time everyone thought he was a nice guy.
  13. Hope they are serving famous chowder at the reception. Holly is adorable. Eric and Nicole are a beautiful couple.
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