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  1. Can’t not possible be the real way Tripp dances
  2. Chloe is so judgmental and she wears to much makeup. Phillip was kind of cute today. Brady is a good friend to Nicole.
  3. It was kind of fun seeing Jake skirmish behavior with Kate. as of right now I don’t see why Sami doesn’t leave EJ. There does not seem to be any love there. She doesn’t have to go right to Lucas. She can be on her own for a while.
  4. Rachel is better off never knowing her mom.
  5. How to Rafe try to steal children?
  6. @Pearson80 it was in one episode. Baby Tate had a fever I think. Brady came right away. They show Teresa holding baby Talking about how the key to getting Brady is through Tate. he came to her right away when he thought Tate was sick. We see Teresa start thinking of a scheme. Thankfully that never happened.
  7. Is angry John storyline dropped ? I hope it is. Teresa at one point was thinking of harming Tate to keep or get Brady. That was a storyline that needed to be dropped. Eve at one point was going to make Jennifer think she was going crazy. I think they just recycled that one and made it Gwen/Abigail .
  8. Chanel says she does not believe in labels. She is attracted to the person not their gender. although I do not really like Justin and Bonnie story they both looked so good yesterday. Bonnie looked especially pretty and Justin looked cute his haircut highlights his dimples lol.
  9. @DisneyBoy Kristin shared a sweet talk with Lani. Lani convinced Kristin to turn herself in. When Lani was not around Kristin used Chloe as a bargaining chip ( she had kidnapped her and put he in the trunk of a car ). Kristin told Brady she only did this things because she loved him so much Brady in a very good scene told Kristin he did not want to be loved that way. For some reason Susan before she had time to dye her hair came to visit Kristin. Kristin knocked her out and changed clothes with her. Ava came in looking for Rafe. Kristin Talked ava into keeping
  10. @DisneyBoy it’s days weekly preview
  11. The only time Chad shared his feelings about Abigail faking her illness was when he was drunk and talking to Gwen. I don’t know that he would readily admit those feelings again. Every time Chad and Gabi argue Chad looks like he wants to sleep with her. But he did have a point about Jake. Everyone talks about Brady but Jake is worse. And I have not forgotten that Gwen said he use to cheat. Anna seems to know something is up with Kate.
  12. I remember closing the store I work at early on election night due to the company afraid of riots. Thankful nothing happened but romana being afraid seemed in character for her. Or maybe it was just a great excuse to not attend that boring party. The food did look good though. Sonja and the puppies seemed enjoy the spread.
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