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  1. Kayla pretends to be drunk. I missed a part of it. It looks like the spilled something on EJ. When EJ left Steve and Kayla talked to Nicole and told them they need to find Kristin. They were trying to look into EJ phone but stupid EJ cleans up to quickly. whoops I spoke to soon. Should have had more faith in Steve. He got what he needed and Kristin will soon be in jail. Lol
  2. Oh I thought Jake was going to shoot Philip. Then Phillip was going to wake up blind to keep Chloe.
  3. Finally someone uses doctor patient privacy and it’s the devil. Not long ago John was having anger issues. Wonder if that will be used against him soon. I have so many questions about this devil story. What did Doug do that open himself up to be possessed? Was he possessed when he was playing racquetball?
  4. The show was interrupted here. Why does Victor want Steve to find Kristin?
  5. I don’t know a recast would work but Hope is missed. Her not showing up when they found Ciara alive or for her fathers illness does not make any sense.
  6. First they portray Chanel as not wanting to do this movie and invite evil in. Now she is us using a Ouija board. Nope.
  7. If anyone of you watched real housewives of New York you can see how ebony message was lost.
  8. Sara wanted to know if there was a sperm shortage lol. Funny Whoopi Goldberg did not mention she was in with Ted Danson about a sperm donor. I don’t really like Ebony but she does have a fantastic wardrobe.
  9. There have been many bad dancers are DWTS Carlson was the worst. I wonder what made Jonah Hill tweet that. It was an interesting conversation everyone made interesting points. Sunny said she looked different from other kids so her parents told her she was beautiful. Anna isn’t going stop complements about who is attractive. Joy stop making comments to kids about looks. When I was a kid people would look at my older sister and I. They would say to her you are so beautiful you look just like your mom. Then they would say to me. You look nothing like your mom. So I agree with Joy.
  10. @magicdog Eric mentions he is a divorced dad in the reunion episode.
  11. Wonder who the former co host will be for Friday
  12. What were all those papers blowing around Ciara and Bens room? Johnny’s movie script? Invoices for all the cars Ben needs to work on? Ciaras job applications? I don’t remember that apartment having all those windows when Jake lived there.
  13. Rafe is going to get fat. Everyone keeps feeding him. Won’t be surprised if he does a Pepcid ad one day. the Brady Chloe Phillip story is boring. johnny looked gutted when he gave those contracts to Abigail. Ava sounded scary when she was talking to Gabi. Gabi is out of her league I think.
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