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  1. Does this mean Gabi’s real father is John Black
  2. I would totally wear Lani dress to an Ex-boyfriend wedding. Just need to lose a few or twenty pounds.
  3. My unpopular opinion is I didn’t think Florence Pugh was all that great in little women. Amy is not a likeable character. A part of me always had a soft spot for her though. I did not feel that at all with Pugh.
  4. I really don’t like Abbys mental illness being an excuse for what Ben has done in the past. Ciara has used that line more then once. So if Ben is on the run. How is he getting his meds ? We have seen what happens when he does not take his meds. Ciara is putting herself in danger. And Chad your an idiot.
  5. I think I could like the character of Ciara if she would have stories that don’t involve Ben. Pretty sure CIN is a popular couple. I just don’t like them. Even when Ben was with Abigail he was possessive and angry. Just not my type. then I love Eric and he is very judgmental. You can’t have it all. LOL. Lani/Eli I found sweet. You want unpopular opinion I loved her wedding dress.
  6. All the women on Days are incredible strong. Carrying pregnant women upstairs , carrying a grown women across town. I want to know their diet and workout.
  7. Someone here guessed the donor. match would be Kristin. I think they are right.
  8. Summer showed up all mad at the world and wanted to tell Maggie off. She was really upset Sarah was in labor and going to ruin her tantrum. Maggie stayed behind with summer. Adriane drove Sarah to the hospital first they had a flat tire and then their car went off the road a black car swerved into their lane. Will was procrastinating about calling his mom. On the way home driving his grey car he texted his mom and went over road. Will run to Adriane and Sarah’s car. Sarah called Xander to tell him she was in labor and wanted him there. Xander arrived and saw Maggie’s car off the road and she was quite drunk
  9. Eli doesn’t like Abigail or Chad.
  10. Why is Abby invited to the wedding
  11. At least Will doesn’t hold on to a grudge like his mom and one grandma. Poor Gina. She had to fake a wife’s death and drug a guy to sleep with her. She needs to read he’s just not that into book.
  12. Ben nor Ciara really care about Jordan being murdered. They just want Ben free. I wish the twist was it was Ben the whole time.
  13. I thought mayor Pete did well today. He was really good with Meghans question even if he seemed a bit annoyed.
  14. Did anyone besides me click on that link to read that interview ? It seems more like a so long not good bye.
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