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  1. I was just thinking that. Now I’ve got “A Boy Named Charlie Brown” in my head, and this bit feels particularly haunting now: Now the shadows of the morning Have gone beyond the August afternoon, And Charlie's had his day, His very special day, His Morning and his Evening and his Noon. The World is full of lots of people, Here and there and all around, But people after all, Start out as being small, And we're all a boy named Charlie Brown I have to go cry now.
  2. Awful. I know he had problems but it seemed like he was getting better. I hope he’s at peace.
  3. @GHScorpiosRule Love the thread name! 😂
  4. Spartan Girl

    Disney Films

    If Disney was smart, they could work with him on this project to make sure it rectifies that. Give the live action dwarves some nuance and treat them like actual adults. People are accusing Peter of trying to cancel Snow White, and that's not true at all. He just thinks that if they can cast a Latina Snow White, then they ought to make the characterization of the dwarves a bit more progressive too.
  5. Remind me, was this the one where Jack finally lost it with her and screamed "WHO GIVES A DAMN WHAT YOU THINK ANYWAY?" Because that made the whole episode worth watching, in spite of everything you said.
  6. Too many. Unethical or not, I was glad the judge override the deal once the little girl was safe.
  7. At our office we are supposed to keep masks on even if we are alone in our cubicles unless we are eating. This one person who sits across with me came in the office for a little bit the other week. At one point I saw her with her mask off while talking in the phone and I politely informed her about the requirement. She claimed she didn’t know and promptly put on her mask and thanked me for telling her. So she stops by again today. Sure enough, I pass by her cubicle and she’s on the phone doing whatever business she does—her mask is off. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ You have no idea the amount of restrain
  8. Cat Benetar was the MVP of the episode. I’m glad Jack’s mom had some happiness, but the cousin came off as super judgmental to Jack. Marilyn could’ve visited him more too, don’t put it all on Jack when he had three kids and his own life. Mike at least was cool. Loved him showing wrestling moves to the kids!
  9. Disney responds to Peter Dinklage comments Well, the fact that they’re consulting with the dwarfism community is a good sign. Let’s see how it goes. I hate how much crap Peter is getting on social media, people accusing him of hypocrisy because of the stereotype roles he played in Narnia and Elf. Again, that was before GOT, he couldn’t exactly afford to be picky back then. Now people are acting like he wants to cancel Snow White. Ugh.
  10. Jonathan Freeman officially retired from Aladdin this last week. Here’s a clip of his final curtain call and passing the cobra staff to the new Jafar: I’m so glad the show got to have the OG Jafar for so long. As a hardcore Disney dork, him in person when I went to NYC in 2018 was such a surreal experience. I only wish I could’ve gotten his autograph.
  11. One part of the interview that I think we overlooked is that Peter said he wasn’t completely opposed to a new Snow White, just update it to today’s standards— meaning let the dwarves be actual characters treated like adults and not just the childish comic relief. And that’s more than fair. If Disney can do a Latina Snow White, they can modernize the dwarves too.
  12. Peter is right to feel this way. Yeah, he played a dwarf in the Narnia movie but that was earlier in his career; he did what he had to do to get his foot in the door. Ever since then, he’s spent his whole career trying to give little people respect in the entertainment industry instead of being just used as punchlines. Playing Tyrion in GOT was a gamechanger: he was a smart, complex character who just happened to be a dwarf. His height was not his defining quality. And ever since that success, he’s managed to land roles of similar substance. He’s even playing the lead in Cyrano now. So ye
  13. I’m reading The Shadow in the Glass by J.J.A. Howard, a Cinderella story as told by Faust, and holy crap, if you like creepy gothic fairy tales, you’ll love this!
  14. So he’s really RFK’s son?!?!? Ugh.
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