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  1. I loved how everyone was cheering Missy on as she beat the crap out of that little ashole. "Punch him in the nuts!" Never change, Connie. Sheldon's victory dance was adorable.
  2. I am fucking game, baby! I LOVED this show, warts and all. It was fun and at least got more right than that shitshow Reign. Plus Henry Cavill was fine as hell, but I too hated how they butchered Princess Marygaret's storyline. Ah well. I am Team Katherine of Aragorn and always have been. People today trash her for not just getting out when she had the chance, but I don't blame her. She had her daughter to think about. Plus, in her place, would you be willing to give up being the Queen and going to a freaking CONVENT just because your douchebag husband wants another woman? Thought so. Jonathan Rhys Myers was so delightfully over the top as Henry. He really struck the right chord between angry man baby and chilling sociopath. Especially in later seasons.
  3. Thank you, that's exactly what I think. I kind of feel like the AV Club missed the point on this one.
  4. I'm not so sure it was the PC Babies having nuance...I think they just saw that Macho Man/Heather/Blade was not an actual trans person, just a poser that was trying to cheat his way through the system so he could beat female athletes. Cartman did the same thing years ago, posing as trans to get his own school bathroom.
  5. So now it's a PC Family "spin off"? Ok... Yeah, "Heather Swanson" is a trans poser. Glad the South Park Board Girls schooled his ass. And good to see that the PC babies understood the nuance for once. But screw them, Mulan is a classic.
  6. Todd Fisher (Carrie's brother) said that Leia was supposed to be The Last Jedi So, if this is true, if Carrie hadn't died, Leia would have finally come into her own as a Jedi warrior and presumably given her Bitch Boy son the smackdown he deserved? Excuse me...
  7. Spartan Girl

    Disney Films

    Yeah, that was really disturbing, even for early Disney. Comparing Mia's acting to a graham cracker is insulting to graham crackers. Graham crackers have flavor! LOL He's cute and he can sing. I approve.
  8. Oh God, Rebecca has dementia. I so don't like where Kate and Toby are heading. And Casidy is not Kevin's baby mama, so having them hookup was completely pointless. Thanks, show!
  9. The Little Mermaid: I love how Max, that lovely dog and good boy, interrupts the wedding kiss to give his "welcome to the family" slobber to Ariel.
  10. Spartan Girl

    Disney Films

    Tim Burton never should have been allowed in Wonderland. Ditto Depp's Bozo the Clown Hatter. But HBC was a great Red Queen...until the sequel gave her the stupid villain apologist back story. I vote you do Aladdin next.
  11. Somewhat, lol. But seriously, Meserve was a scumbag in that movie. And I really loathed how, in his trial scene at the end, he tries to justify his actions by bringing up all the lives he saved during Vietnam. As if we hadn't seen him an hour previously into the film degrading the Vietnamese and acting like he was entitled to kidnap, rape and murder a farm girl because she was Vietacong. And none of his accomplices were that much better: they went along with what he did because they were either sadistic, stupid, or cowardly.
  12. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, Spicey!
  13. Sean Penn in Casualties of War. A noxious blend of batshit crazy and toxic masculinity run amok.
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