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  1. To be fair, the Russos already ruined Steve in Endgame. But TFATWS had the chance to do damage control by having Steve look out for Sam’s family or get Sharon to safety, but failed. All to do the contrived plots of race relation/inequities and ruin Sharon’s character. For the record, I get what the show was trying to accomplish by addressing racism, I just don’t think they did it well.
  2. I bet VP Harris was waiting until She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was gone to come on The View. Can’t say I blame her.
  3. Ugh, again with the stupid Zemo dancing. The hot mess that was Civil War was on TV again this weekend, and it reminded me why I can’t stand the ducker and hate how FATWS went out of its way to try to make him charming. I didn’t but his “apology” to T’Challa about his dad and his anger at the Avengers for overlooking collateral damage was Douchebag Ross levels of hypocrisy, considering how many innocent people were killed by him.
  4. The sperm doner in Everyone’s Talking About Jamie. No, he does not deserve the term “father” after he tells Jamie to his face that he’s glad his girlfriend is pregnant because he’s always wanted a “real” son and instead he got stuck with Jamie. Fuck him, and fuck all the YouTube comments on the trailer that actually sided with the asshole.
  5. I love Jessica Chastain, but if her first Oscar comes from this villain apologia after all the superior roles she’s played, I’ll scream. My current UO: I’m really getting sick of how the MCU treats its female characters.
  6. Yup. It’s just the whole being duped into working with her son’s murderer that kind of ruins it. It just occurred to me that Killmonger and Loki have a lot in common. Both use their grievances to justify being assholes. The difference between them — other than the obvious difference between them** — is that Loki’s grievances are more perceived, and he does have fleeting moments of growth. Killmonger does not. *I have to the writers kudos, that was a pretty good line.
  7. Thousand Words by Jennifer Brown is about a girl who makes the bad choice of texting a naked pic to her boyfriend only to have it spread around after their later breakup. They both wind up charged with child pornography, although his legal consequences are more severe since he was 18 and legally an adult. Yet almost everyone in the story sticks to the unfair and slut-shaming narrative of “well, he wouldn’t have had the photo if you hadn’t texted it to him.” Even she comes to that same conclusion in the end. You know what? NO. That shit isn’t going to fly by me. I’m so sick of victims of r
  8. Among the many, many things that infuriated me about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is that apparently during the five-year period Sam was Snapped, none of the remaining Avengers — namely, Steve — bothered to check in on Sarah and her kids and maybe could’ve helped support them financially. I assume that Steve was aware Sam had a family and during this time was no longer on the run, judging by how he was able to start support groups. And yet somehow it never occurred to him to maybe go see them, offer his condolences?!? The Steve Rogers I knew through Infinity War would have never been so s
  9. Full trailer! Joe, you have no right to call anyone else a monster. As much as I want Love to make it through the season because she’s the foe Joe deserves, I’m pretty she and his next victim will be in body bags by the end.
  10. Not disagreeing with you but at least the show gave them a relatively healthy sex life.
  11. The show went out in the best possible way: a trip down memory lane with the most epically batshit heist ever!!!! I have to admit the fake coma but nearly had me. But then I thought, “Oh this has to be part of it.” Was so hoping Bruce Willis would cameo. Oh well. Congratulations Brooklyn 99, you’ve joined the rare ranks of Breaking Bad, Futurama, and several other shows that were perfect from beginning to end! And thank God for that epilogue because Hitchcock and Scully being the final champions would have been the equivalent of Bran winning the Game of Thrones.
  12. I went into The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with such high hopes only to have every last one of them dashed.
  13. Honestly I think the plot couldn’t make up its mind about having him be born evil or the ship flipping off some kind of switching that suddenly turned him into a psychopath.
  14. I agree that the original film is a classic but this is a great opportunity to have an actual Puerto Rican actress play Maria. While Natalie Wood was a great actress, she was a casting misfire in the sense that she was both white and not an actual singer.
  15. Add Jim Bruer to the list. Never thought he was funny on SNL, and now he’s a total nut job.
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