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    You: The Book

    Yup and a fourth!
  2. Cary Elwes had a very eloquent response. Mine is more along the lines of OVER MY DEAD BODY! Seriously first the mess with Spider-Man and now this? Fuck you, Sony.
  3. I didn't mind her, per se, but I really loathe how they tarted her up.
  4. Weinstein's Aunt Lydia Lawyer: "No matter what, his life has been ruined." GOOD.
  5. Actually, it was implied from her "group therapy" sessions that she was messing with his head for quite some time. She was pushing him to talk about painful and embarrassing experiences without offering any sort of warmth and or support. In fact, far from actually helping any of the patients, those groups seemed just an excuse to belittle and/or rile them up. The calm, cold way she sits and watches that fight break out in the session speaks volumes. So, no, that third act didn't exactly come out of nowhere.
  6. Sure, if you ignore the fact that she messed with Billy's head, preyed on his mother issues, and was complicit in his suicide. If it hadn't been for all that, I could see your point.
  7. Yes to Six, no to Mrs. Doubtfire. No interest whatsoever. I saw Come From Away at my theatre and it was great! What an amazing true story!
  8. I said already that Freaks should be remade, if only to have the revenge of the freaks shown in all its glory, and have the story focus more on them. That Hamilton Woman is on right now, and wow, finally I hear Vivian Leigh speak in her own accent. It's kind of funny seeing her and Olivier on screen together knowing how it would end up. I just read a book about the Chateu Mormont and among the many old Hollywood stories was how Viv checked in post-split from Olivier, going on and on to the staff about "my Larry."
  9. When you think about it, everything Rupert did is pretty much exactly what Syndrome/Buddy did in The Incredibles. Only he went the extra mile and started killing his superhero idols so that he'd be the only superhero worshipped by the public.
  10. I can't help loving Loki. He has at least more wit and charm than Kylo Ren, plus everyone just kind of is used to him stabbing them in the back when it suits him. Plus, he at least has done a few good things. Doesn't make up for everything, but still, we love to hate him. "Is it safe? Is it safe?!" *shiver*
  11. So watching the original Sabrina last month then rewatching the remake today made me realize just how awful the remake really was in watering down the character. The whole point of the movie was showing how much confidence she gained, and Audrey Hepburn had it in spades, especially in the ball scene. Julia Ormand's version? She was still the same mousy chauffeur's daughter, just with better clothes! Ughhhh...
  12. Finally got around to reading The Nickel Boys. I must admit I was shocked when it turned out that . Good book but tough to read.
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