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  1. Spartan Girl

    When They See Us

    Hope this isn't too political to post, but Fairstein isn't the only one doubling down. I know it's no shock, but still. I would like to elaborate further on how I feel, but I don't want this post to get deleted.
  2. Spartan Girl


    True. There have been many shows in my life that let me down like that. Smallville was just one. Only unlike GOT, it had the decency to suck for a long time before it ended. Oh, how could I forget "Justice"?! That really was one of the better episodes. I would have loved more episodes like that and less of meteor freaks, Lana angst, and shoehorned-in Superman villains like Brainiac and Doomsday that were basically there for fanservice and to convolute the plot even more. They really squandered the opportunity for Clark to grow after Jonathan's death. I would have loved it if his guilt for inadvertently sacrificing his father to save Lana had consumed him to the point where he fell out of love for her, was able to finally see her faults, and finally get fed up with her whining about secrets and lies and the he finally and PERMANENTLY cut all emotional ties with her. Now that would have been GOOD writing. But I guess they couldn't have that, could they?
  3. Spartan Girl

    Theatre Talk: In Our Own Little Corner

    Man, I REALLY want to see Hadestown now, even though the ending sucks. I don't think
  4. Spartan Girl

    American Dad

    Oh Franny, I love it when you go wild. She and Jeff are surprisingly funny together. Klaus and Steve going Misery on each other was nuts.
  5. Spartan Girl

    Best & Worst Movie Friendships

    Andy and Woody in the Toy Story movies for best. Yes, I know this is a weird choice since a boy and his toy is a bit of a one-sided friendship compared to the bromance that is Woody and Buzz. But Woody's love for Andy was the driving force threading through all three movies: Woody had to learn to share Andy with another friend while making a new one, had to learn to accept the idea of Andy growing up, and then finally having to let him go for real. "So long, partner..." Is it dusty in here?
  6. The humans in King Kong (the original, not the remakes where their greed and stupidity is more obvious). Instead of just escaping from the island and being grateful to be alive, they decide to capture a giant ape so they can get rich exploring him, regardless of the risks to the public. And yet Kong is the bad guy for escaping and rampaging like any other wild animal out of their natural element would do?
  7. I recently watched the original 1933 King Kong, and I'm sorry but Jack was a sexist douche. He's supposed to be the "hero" of the movie and the guy we are supposed to want with Ann, but there really isn't anything that remarkable about him. Most of the movie he gripes about women and how they're just a "nuisance", and that attitude doesn't really change even when he falls for Ann. His exact words were "I don't like women, but you aren't 'women.'" Excuse me? I know the writers were trying to portray him as a "tough guy with a soft exterior" but there are tons of other movies, old and new, that do it way better. The 2005 Adrien Brody version of Jack was a little better, he was just kind of a dull. Or maybe I'm biased just because I'm Team Kong, LOL.
  8. I watched the new Grinch with Benedict Cumberbatch on Netflix. Yes, the original was the best and didn't need a remake, but this...wasn't terrible. I mean, I kind of raised my eyebrows that the Grinch was more grumpy and sour than actually mean, which kind of defeatsthe point of the whole story, but it was still a cute movie. Better than the Jim Carrey one, anyway.
  9. Spartan Girl

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Fair point, but in most scary movies back them they were just the damsels in distress that did nothing except look pretty, as was the case with Fay. I mean, the whole tone of the movie was "women aint nothing but trouble, men can't think straight when there's a pretty face." Jack, the supposed hero/love interest is a total misogynist, he just makes an exception for Ann because she's is sweet and pretty. So yeah, I'm pretty sure the writers of THAT movie at least didn't think much of women back then. And technically, the men used Ann/Fay as bait to bring down Kong, she really didn't do anything. She was nothing more than the doll used in the Kong scenes.
  10. Spartan Girl

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    No offense taken, but don't let that ruin the movies for you. Lots of good people worked on them too. Besides, it is possible for you to enjoy a person's work while disliking the person. Like I said before, his movies were beautiful.
  11. Spartan Girl

    Rocketman (2019)

    It's hard to pick which musical moments were my favorite, but I think the ones that really worked were the ones that emphasized just how lonely he was, like him wistfully singing "Tiny Dancer" whole watching Bernie go off with that girl at the party. That moment was really well done, not mention it's my favorite EJ song. "Rocketman" of course was the scene stealer, transitioning from his suicide attempt to the Brooklyn Dodgers concert. A little thing I liked was how he pasted that fake smile on his face right before going out. For some reason, it made me think of poor Robin Williams and how he too put on a show just to cover up how sad he was inside. "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" was perfect for his rock-bottom and rehab entrance. Is it wrong that I thought he really did arrive dressed in full regalia in real life? It seemed like something he would have done, but apparently that was just dramatization. Still, made for a helluva entrance!
  12. Spartan Girl

    "Oh HELL No!" Movie Moments That Anger Up the Blood

    Every single scene in Rocketman with Elton John's terrible parents made me want to reach into the screen and throttle them. I thought I'd seen my fair share of terrible parents in movies but these assholes take the whole fucking cake. His father was bad enough, being completely indifferent to Elton/Reggie as a child, abandoning him, and then Elton visiting him as an adult and seeing being affectionate to his second family -- and then he has the nerve to ask him for an autograph THAT HE DIDN'T EVEN WANT, it was just for a coworker! That part made the guy behind me at the theater said, "What an asshole!" But that's nothing compared to his mother! This bitch almost makes Tea Leoni's horrible character in Spanglish look human. Again, hard to pick just one part, but I think the most awful moment is when Elton comes out to her over the phone and he's clearly nerves up over how she might take it. Her response? "Oh, I knew. I knew for years. I frankly don't care enough to mind." I truly hope Elton John can take comfort in the fact that more people love him now than than that [REDACTED] ever could.
  13. Spartan Girl

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Duly noted.
  14. Spartan Girl

    Worst Movie Parents

    Elton John's parents in Rocketman were terrible, cold hearted, self-absorbed, negligent garbage people.
  15. Spartan Girl

    Rocketman (2019)

    Finally saw this today and loved it! It was definitely more of a musical fantasy than a biopic. Taron was excellent; everyone that dissed his singing in the trailer owes him an apology. He may not be Elton John but his voice his great. Poor Elton, though. His parents were GARBAGE.