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  1. All this. I just feel like this was all done to cover the Russo’s asses for writing Sharon out. Come on, everybody forgets about her while fucking ROSS gets to show up at Tony’s funeral without saying a word or anyone giving so much as a stink-eye?! Ugh.
  2. How dare they squander the opportunity to have Luther be Fauci’s anger translator?! The guy needs one badly!!! That being said, still a good show. The Muppets skit won the night. After all these years, someone FINALLY tell Statler and Waldorf to shut up. But not even getting the crap beaten out of them can stop them, the security guards even got sucked into doing it!
  3. Thank goodness. Sorry I have residual frustration from the election episode lol. In all seriousness the only way for SNL to redeem itself from last week’s shitshow is for them to have Luther. I’m sure Keegan will be good regardless but I want Luther!
  4. Mary is really starting to remind me of Marge Simpson in all the bad ways: a self-righteous churchy that always has to be right— but to be fair to Mary, she did kind of own to to her crap somewhat in that scene with Georgie. That’s more than Marge Simpson has done in the last 20 years. I agree that the way she railroaded George and Missy was wrong. I get that she was having a bad day but she didn’t even let either of them explain what happened with Missy. She just immediately took Sheldon’s side and blamed everyone else. I hope that next season she finds out that Missy’s boyfriend dumped
  5. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. People on Twitter think the sister-in-law is only doing this because she’s obsessed with him. Wouldn’t shock me if there is something going on. With the exception of the half-sister who rightfully sees him for what he is, everyone in the Peterson family is delusional.
  6. You’re totally right @Blergh Jim Varney, Cloris Leachman, and Lily Tomlin made that movie. I will admit that version Jethro made me laugh too. Damn, now I’m missing Jim Carney (Cloris, too, but she lived longer).😭😭😭
  7. Anybody watching the Scott Peterson special? Good lord, I can’t believe he might get a new trial. I hope Laci’s family can get through this. The sister-in-law comes off as a twat to me.
  8. Punch the beautiful fluffy Persian cat in The Woman in the Window (now on Netflix). And just to put you at ease, this isn’t a movie where anything happens to the pet! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
  9. Please please pleeeeeease let Luther show up! He’s long overdue for some venting!!!!
  10. Just reading that recap made me grateful I missed this because I think I might have had the mother of all rage strokes. Twatty actually having the gall to say the CDC only did this because Biden saw nobody was working?! Not because of the case rates going down or that more people are getting vaccinated?! Oh no, it’s all about her skewed version of politics?! When I think of all the people who died because of the ones in charge who didn’t take the virus seriously…and then of the living people who shit on those that are taking it seriously…there are no words.
  11. Look, I like Emma Stone but judging from the trailer she’s basically just doing an impression of Glenn Close.
  12. As much as I hate that George is going to have an affair with Brenda, I’m glad that the writers aren’t chickening out of following BBT canon. They’ve done a great job of showing nuance to what George was like as a father: someone who loved his family and tried to do his best, but was also flawed and frustrated and clearly capable of making bad choices.
  13. My sentiments exactly. Curse cliffhangers! I did love Georgie bringing Mary soup (even though he didn’t make it properly lol) and I did love that Sheldon was able to be there for Missy despite that rocky start. Cant wait for next season.
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