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  1. I fucking love Rosa. That is all.
  2. Yup. And even though I'd been expecting it, they cancelled Wicked at the Wharton Center. I know it'll probably come back in a year or so... I just really hope I get to see Dear Evan Hansen in June. Or at least that WC still announces what's coming next season on April 17.
  3. THANK YOU. Calling it "Birds of Prey" is an insult to the actual Birds of Prey. Don't swap Batgirl with Harley Quinn and call it Birds of Prey. That being said, I will at least concede it was entertaining -- better than Suicide Squad if nothing else. And while I don't like Harley Quinn's or the fact that they're trying to turn her into female Deadpool, she is more fun without the tarted-up wardrobe. I guess it will pass... The egg sandwich did look tasty...until Harley said it had stray hair and six month-expired cheese. Ew. No thank you. Still would have preferred Lego Batman 2. Or, you know, Wonder Woman 1984.
  4. *tired sigh* Cheating, while bad, is NOT the same thing as raping/assaulting/sexually harassing women and/or underage girls. Let's limit this topic to the rapist scumbags, shall we? Note: Regardless of whatever his marriage was like, I'm certain Jim Henson was a good guy and i like @Wiendish Fitch hope I never find out otherwise.
  5. Ditto. Maybe by the end of this month the libraries and some stores will be open again? And theaters? I'm pretty sure the touring production of Wicked at my theater is going to be cancelled next week, but I really want to see Dear Evan Hansen in June.
  6. I am going through serious withdrawal. I miss my library. Tried their ebook system but apparently the books I wanted aren't available there either.
  7. Blades of Glory is on right now, and I forgot how hard it made me laugh. It helps a lot.
  8. "Quack Pack" killed it. Just freaking KILLED it. We got Gene from the movie, Don Cheadle Donald, GOOFY, and a plot of them being stuck in a 90s sitcom?! Loved it!!
  9. Spartan Girl

    Cats (2019)

    Bless you, Lindsay Ellis.
  10. Works for me. Things have got to be better by then.
  11. Happy to report that Onward is a great quarantine movie. And the plus of it being rental is that you don't have to sit through the stupid Simpsons short. Sorry Simpsons fans but I'm so over them. Also watched Beginners, a great romantic dramedy with Ewan McGregor, Melanie Laurent, and the most adorable Jack Russell terrier!
  12. Mom and I rented it and it was cute. Not the best Pixar movie, but just the one we needed right now. The biker sprites were definitely the funniest part of the movie. The ending with Ian letting Barley have the moment with their dad was so sweet. And I'm glad that even though they didn't exactly like the mom's centaur boyfriend, the writers didn't turn him into a bad guy or anything.
  13. I'd tell you the exact reason, but then this thread would get locked up again.
  14. That's why I can't buy him showing up as a new squad leader after the way he left. He retired because shooting a grieving girl turned vigilante shooter to save the scumbag who killed her mother is what finally broke him. And unlike Liv, who is addicted to the drama of being the patron saint of victims, he knew enough was enough. Having him come back after that just rings false to me. And I'm sorry but I don't want a Benson/Stabler reunion. He needs to stay far, far away from the insufferable sanctimonious character she has become.
  15. I'm sorry but as much as I love Meloni, I call bullshit on all this. Stabler left because having to gun down a teenage girl turned vigilante in order to save the scumbag who killed her mother finally broke him and he decided enough was enough and resigned. Now we are supposed to believe he got over all that to lead a new squad or something? Nope. And all this just to get him to potentially meet up with Benson again?! DOUBLE NOPE. Sorry he needs to stay far away from Liv. I stopped watching SVU because she became even more insufferable after he left.
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