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  1. Nope I definitely saw Henry (not Fonzi) smiling too!
  2. God, I love the Brandy/Whitney version. Why the hell is that not on Disney+ yet!?
  3. Finally watched it on HBO and it was pretty much everything you expect in a Hallmark Christmas movie, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Yeah, I’d already been spoiled about the twist, but even if I hadn’t I would have seen it coming. Tom was charming in a manic pixie dream boy way, so OF COURSE he’s a ghost 😂 Emilia Clarke was great as the lead. I liked how it went from a cheesy Christmas rom com to a movie where she had to get her shit in order and stop playing the victim. I hope she’s in more movies because I too need to get the bad taste of what they did to her on GOT out of my mouth.
  4. So we finally found out what went down between Santa and Scrooge. And the whole feud was because the two of them had a falling out over Scrooge being a Scrooge. Show of hands, who saw that coming? *raises hand* Whoa Webby went DARK pulling that knife out on Santa. ”I’ve never crashed a flying reindeer before!” Oh Launchpad. Thank goodness Beakley was there to stop him. So how long do we have to wait for the next new episodes?
  5. I do not blame you. I actually only watched part 2 and even then I fast forwarded through most of it.
  6. What the hell did they do to the theme song in season 11?! It sounded AWFUL!
  7. Finally watched this on my Showtime free weekend and my gut reaction is UGGGGHHH. Really hard to watch, especially now. I felt bad for Comey's family, if nothing else. Brendan Gleeson did a good job, but are his ears really that big or did the makeup department enlarge them on purpose?
  8. Alice in Kindred by Octavia Butler could give Bertha a run for her money in what she goes through. She's a free Black woman assaulted by Rufus, her white "friend" when she chooses to marry Isaac instead of him, then when she tries to run away with Isaac, they're both caught by slave catchers -- she gets ripped apart by dogs -- and seperated when he's sold off in Mississippi and she's sold to Rufus and pretty much becomes his sex slave. She's shunned by all the other slaves because they think she likes being with him, even though SHE HAS NO CHOICE. She winds up having two (surviving) kids that she loves, but she hates herself for being too afraid to try running away again. And when she finally tries to escape with the kids
  9. So did anybody watch Belushi on Showtime? Lots of good Vintage SNL stuff there!
  10. Yeah Wide Sargasso Sea really showed just how cruelly Rochester screwed over Antoinette/Bertha.
  11. Watched The Nutcracker and the Four Realms and while it was overall “meh”, the ballet credit sequence was beautiful. Plus I loved Clara’s queen outfit.
  12. Always good to see Phil again, but the monolugue where he references his wife makes me want to reach through the TV screen and scream "RUN! Take the kids and go while here's still time!"
  13. Had a free movie weekend and decided to check this out. I get that the filmmakers were satirizing both sides, but... considering everything that’s happened since this movie came out, I’m not sure the message has the same impact. I will say that’s it’s easier to watch a movie like this when none of the characters are sympathetic, so kudos. But yeah this movie was not worth all the controversy. The Final Girl was badass, gotta give her that.
  14. I'm pretty sure they'll still have him be blond. And people like Tonks change their appearances all the time in the wizarding world, so whatever changes they make will work.
  15. Watched Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix. Not as good as first but still cute.
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