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  1. Spartan Girl


    Holy crap my brain exploded.
  2. Spartan Girl

    Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things

    Two moments from the original Lion King that both involve Sarabi: Her marching in through the crowd of hyenas when Scar bellows for her with her head held high and a perfect sideye of disdain at the hyena snapping at her. Then later, after Simba forces Scar to confess to Mufasa's murder, it cuts briefly to a shot of Nala and Sarabi. Nala immediately leaps snarling into the fight, while Sarabi has this look of pure rage before going after her: "You killed my husband, let me think my son was dead, destroyed the pridelands, and messed with my son's head so that he'd run away and I missed him growing up?! I will fucking end you."
  3. Spartan Girl

    Cats (2019)

    Really? They couldn't have just put the costumes and makeup from the original show?! "Memory" at least sounds good.
  4. Spartan Girl

    Heroic Fails: Literary Heroes That Are Secretly Awful

    Seriously. Also, thanks to Patrick, the bitch abusive mother was able to sue the police department and make it impossible for the authorities to even touch her. I'm so glad the teenage Amanda was able to call out Patrick on his hypocritical bullshit in Moonlight Mile. He had it coming to him for a long time.
  5. Spartan Girl

    Worst Movie Parents

    The worst part of that whole scene of him coming out to his mother is that when she says she knew all along, he was so shocked and hopeful because "I know and I don't care" is usually the response that most people are hoping for from their parents. But then that hope is shattered when it becomes clear that she not only doesn't care that he's gay, she doesn't care about him, period. And to twist the knife even further, she coldly tells him "I hope you know that you're choosing to be alone for the rest of your life because no one will ever love you." She was garbage.
  6. Spartan Girl

    Warm & Fuzzy Movie Moments

    Elton hugging his younger self at the end of Rocketman. He really needed that for a long time.
  7. Spartan Girl

    Aladdin (2019)

    I wouldn't necessarily trust that report based on one website alone, @JessePinkman
  8. Spartan Girl

    American Dad

    I liked the bit of Klaus being Stan's secret valet. Other than that, I thought both the main and B plots were stupid. Of course Roger would screw Stan over the second he got into the ham club. And of course he'd be poisoning the hams too.
  9. Okay, this is driving me crazy but I swear the shirt Hopper wore most of this season was the same one John Belushi wore for a magazine!
  10. Spartan Girl

    The "HELL YEAH!" Movie Moments

    That was indeed magnificent. I also thought Elton's moment of clarity to "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" in Rocketman was great, when he finally has enough of bring at rock bottom, walks out of the concert in his over the top devil costume and straight to rehab, finally cutting ties with his scummy manager/ex boyfriend. The use of the music made it even more perfect.
  11. Spartan Girl

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    So I caught the 1936 Romeo and Juliet yesterday, and I'm sorry but I stand by my opinion that the 1968 Franco Zefirreli one was far better, especially in terms of emotional range. Leslie Howard might have good in other films but for his Romeo, all I could see was wimpy Ashley Wilkes. I remember how in Twilight New Moon Bella's stupid classmates were sniveling over this version. To which I can only reply, Gimme a break.
  12. Spartan Girl

    S03.E08: Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt

    Well, that hurt like hell. RIP Hopper, unless you are a Russian prisoner, in which case I hope you come back soon. LOVED The Neverending Story bit. So I guess Scoop Troop needs a new name? Give us season 4 now.
  13. Spartan Girl

    Steve Harrington: Actually a Pretty Damn Good Babysitter

    I started watching the show this month per my friend's recommendation and at first I couldn't stand Steve. I called him "that loser with the Edward Cullen hair". "Just wait," my friend kept saying. "He really changes." And she was right because holy crap Steve is now my favorite character. Well played, Duffers.