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  1. Been rewatching A Series of Unfortunate Events and the "There's No Happy Endings" should be the theme song of 2020.
  2. Ugh yeah, those poor kids. Scarlett even wishes that Ella died instead of Bonnie. Seriously, it's right there in the book. Rhett was right: a cat was a better mother than her.
  3. All this. I'm so glad the movie didn't fall back on those tiresome tropes and Marty and Jane were wonderfully supportive from beginning to end. Marty in particular was a keeper.
  4. Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events had a great finale, because unlike the books, we actually got some closure and answers to questions that weren't nearly so convoluted.
  5. We loved this movie. And I'm gutted about RBG.
  6. NO! NO! Not Ruth Bader Ginsburg!!!!!! FUCK 2020 AND FUCK CANCER!!!!!!!!
  7. Atlantis: The Lost Empire is such an underrated Disney movie, and I think the moment where after Milo found out Rourke used him to steal the Atlantis power source, he chews out Audrey and the others for going along with it with this awesome speech: "So... I guess this is how it ends, huh? Fine, you win. You're wiping out an entire civilization, but hey... [Coldly] you'll be rich. [To Audrey] Congratulations, Audrey, looks like you and your dad can probably start that second garage after all. [To Vinny] And Vinny, you can to start a whole chain of flower shops. I'm sure your family's gonna be very proud. [To everyone else] But that's what it's all about, right? [Angrily] Money." And because they all have consciences, they all turn on Rourke and join Milo. Audrey in particular wins the moment by saying the one thing I wish certain other people today would stand up and say: "This is wrong, and you know it."
  8. Meg, for the eleventy billionth time, THEY DID NOT LIE ABOUT THE MASKS. They weren't sure before, but wanted the front line workers to be extra careful. That's not the same thing.
  9. This is something that's been on my mind lately, and I'm not sure this is an unpopular opinion or not, but here it goes: I think it's okay to like movies/stories that are problematic or come from problematic people. It doesn't automatically make you a bad person.
  10. Another moment from School Ties that infuriates me, involving Anthony Rapp as Magoo, probably the most despicable character he's played other than Mark from Rent. Anyway, Magoo is the most antisemitic of out of all the boys (which says a lot) and once David is outed for being Jewish, he's so awful to him that its impossible to believe that they were ever friends. Anyway, towards the end of the movie Chris O'Donnell's character flat-out calls Magoo a bigot, and the jaw-dropping response? "I resent that!" Are you fucking kidding me?! At least some of the other boys, pieces of shit that they were, OWNED UP to being bigots. But this chinless little pissant spent the better part of the movie tormenting his former friend and spewing out prejudiced garbage and being a shameless bigot in, but he doesn't like being called a bigot?! Ughhhhhhhhhhh.
  11. My theater's new season has been altered: Mean Girls and Jesus Christ Superstar have been cancelled/postponed for a future season. Pretty Woman moved to next September. So if things get better, my first show back will be Cats in May. I'd rather have had Mean Girls, but at least I still have Frozen and Dear Evan Hansen.
  12. Oh that's just adorable. And its understandable that she's prone to barking so young. I'm sure she'll calm donlwn soon. I really wish I had a pet to get me through this crapfest year. Other than going to the Cat Cafe in East Lansing to play with the kittens I haven't pet a single dog since this pandemic started. And its killing me. The only reason I got to pet cats at the cafe is because the organizers make people wear masks and sanitize their hands before doing so. But it's not safe to just pet any dog out walking like I used to be able to do.
  13. Watched The Great Muppet Caper on Disney+ and the chief at Kermit and Fozzie's newspaper was the same actor who played Woodward and Bernstein's boss! Probably did that on purpose. Any Muppet movie is always therapeutic for now, but all the in-jokes and fourth wall breaks in this one had me howling. Favorite line was Miss Piggy screaming at Charles Grodin "You can't even sing, your voice was dubbed!!!!!"
  14. I wound up quitting Gotham back in season three because Lee, who was a character I initially liked, turned into a loathsome whiny little twat a la Lana Lang. And I now pretty much hate Randy Marsh on South Park, which has led me to finally quit the show, or at least stop watching it until this pandemic ends.
  15. I'd rather have it on regular VOD because I really hate it when only one streaming service buys a movie, making us feel like we need to subscribe to a bunch of other services just to watch a certain movie. This is why I miss the theaters...
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