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  1. Wokeness killed this show, it is so appalling, I hate Ryan, she has ruined everything, they should have just given Kate a load of plastic surgery and cast a new actress. Kill Ryan off and bring back Kate, I'm only watching now for Alice and hoping she brings Kate back.
  2. Gave up on this after 5 mins, I could just see what was coming a mile off, once again the SVU abuse their position to play politics and go after the old white rich guys? And exactly how is the original case a "slam dunk"? A he said/she said with alcohol which waited 2 months to report and willingly went with the accused? In the real world it's doubtful this would ever have seen a courtroom.
  3. Not as bad as I feared. The guys own fault for being arrested and he was wanted on warrant so perfectly legitimate. I'd have liked Olivia to tell him (and the loathsome IA cop) to get stuffed at the end but that was never going to happen. What I did like is the cynicism of it, when Hector Williams warns her and Fin that none of them are safe, even the black officers. I liked the way the rapist (was he guilty? Or was he just in the closet and freaked out during his tryst in the park? What evidence is there against him with the victim in the coma?) was able to get off by exploiting the hy
  4. 2 good things in this, firstly Mary coaching Ryan into heroic poses (no hands on the hips, leave that for WW). Secondly Ryan giving her "If she was white" nonsense and the look of incredulity from Sophie.
  5. 1. An NSA officer accused of rape in a foreign country uses their diplomatic immunity to flee to the US. When the accuser and their family come to the US to try to influence the extradition hearings (the SVU brought in as expert witnesses) the NSA resolutely refuse, arguing he would be a security risk in prison. 2. A college professor is 'cancelled' after producing a controversial study of rape statistics by racial group. Things get more complex when one of his former students then accuses him of sexual assault. 3. When the SVU go after a pornography producer who claims he didn't k
  6. I like Mark and the boys but I love the Buffy/Joyce scene at the end of this ep, one of my favourite in all of Buffy,
  7. As a comedy ep it's fine but compared to what Buffy can achieve?
  8. Just watching and old ep of Baywatch and guess who showed up? CC!
  9. Willow has already had sex with Tara under the "Great roofie spirit" in OMWF?
  10. Early season 5 Dawn yes, season 7 never, no longer needs spanking.
  11. Apologies, didn't realise you were spoilerable? Well, Buffy is not exactly a happy show but I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
  12. And I say no, Buffy may have peaked in 2/3 but it's still better than 99% of everything else on TV, I love Dawn and it's nice to see her blossom in the last 2 seasons, we have OMWF, Tabula Rusa and some other stunning individual eps and the happy ending of season 7, the Scoobs deserved to go out on a high and so did we,
  13. I'm just noticing Buffy's top in the central pic with Willow, is that a fairy or is the girl sitting on a chair or throne?
  14. Will there be a resurrection? They forgave Mel Gibson.
  15. According to Slayers and Vampires that was ALWAYS the storyline for season 4, what they changed was that CC herself was to play the Jasmine role but with CC's pregnancy that was out the window. She did agree to 'You're Welcome' although she was reluctant. That was the funniest gag of the movie, Don't know what her problem was, Lynda never objected to getting knocked out and tied up all the time.
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