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  1. Just watching WSWB and check out the guy in this clip at about 2.00 dancing between Xander/Buffy and the stage? https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=buffy+and+xander+dance&ru=%2fvideos%2fsearch%3fq%3dbuffy%2band%2bxander%2bdance%26FORM%3dHDRSC3&view=detail&mid=5D89874FF2E008BA46935D89874FF2E008BA4693&rvsmid=A411FAA68ACD6AD56D5AA411FAA68ACD6AD56D5A&FORM=VDQVAP James Marsters? Or his double?
  2. Check out Introvert Reacts, not so much her review but her dancing at the end, at about 13:00;
  3. That was weird, Dawn was barely in it and Amanda wasn't in it at all?
  4. True but he might dig girl on girl action, in fact very probably to judge by TGIQ
  5. Watching it live in UK so spoilers if you're in the US/Commonwealth 1. Doesn't everyone look great in their period clothes? Graham rather reminds me of Butch Cassidy in that famous picture. 2. Goran Visnjic very good as Tesla, always liked him on ER, when I first saw the trailers I thought it was Mathew Morrison from Glee. 3. Orb of Theslaw? Very Buffy, useful for restoring a vampire's soul 4. The bugs are very Empress of Racnoss, even down to having a queen. 5. Nice depiction of Victorian NY, as the Dr said, an age of huge progress and utter deprivation. 6. I like the Graham/Edison interplay, nice that they don't portray Edison as the villain, Tesla is the idea man but impractical whilst he is the more pragmatic developer. He sort of reminds me Dan O'Herily from Robocop/Halloween 3. 7. Storyline rather reminds me of an old ep of ST;TNG where Geordie is kidnapped by a bunch of stupid aliens to fix their ship. 8. Wow, a gun actually comes in useful on Dr Who? 9. The last act of Zulu scene was actually a little bit of a letdown. 10. Not destroying the ship? 11. You know I would love a purely historical story for once with no spooky ooky, haven't had one since Black Orchid. 12. Much like Noor Khan in the 2nd ep, unfortunately the real Tesla had a sad end as the Dr observes, might have been nice to take him forward in time so he could see his legacy. Judoon? Mmmm, not a fan. 7/10
  6. Nah, disagree, even when he was partnered up with Marcus he hacked me off.
  7. Well it was much more ST;DS9? Marcus made my skin crawl, Byron was just corny as hell.
  8. Was the ex-cop racist? Was the DA corrupt? I didn't see any evidence of either?
  9. It's interesting when you look at the old posters for the series; And the current one;
  10. 1. Glad to see Benson's brother Simon back but then they just arbitrarily kill him off? Why? Just to give her more angst? 2. Wentworth Miller, yay! Hope he becomes recurring. But what's up with his hair? 3. Come on, let's get the Queens DA removed before news leaks out and hundreds of cases are thrown out BECAUSE HE HAS DEMENTIA! 4. I liked Carisi in this one although he's still acting too much like a cop and not enough like a prosecutor. 5. Nice to see the doc back. 6. As The Usual Suspects points out a vocal ID is worthless. 7. Tragic tale of the falsely convicted pair, especially when you realise why one got AIDS and the other keeps in the closet. 8. Laying on the "tough project kids" line a little thick. 9. Why does every cop from a past case come across so negatively? 10. Especially when Benson herself has sent innocent people to prison in much the same circumstances. 11. If I was Finn when the crowd start whining at him I'd yell back "Sorry, the crystal ball wasn't working today" and "Only criminals have warrants". 12. Surely you don't get death notifications over the phone? 7/10
  11. Yanks wouldn't know the difference and perhaps he couldn't do a Mancunian (?) accent? As for MH she has become such a zealot and it impacts on the show, I'm watching some of the first season and it was so different, Benson is actually cynical towards the female victims then
  12. Well we saw that the planet had vegetation which meant the earth was actually renewing itself so presumably there were other creatures for them to prey on too? The doc was talking so therefore using up her oxygen faster. As for the fire perhaps it was some form of chemical blaze and brought its' own oxygen?
  13. I actually liked the Dr treating the infection, especially the bats stuff.
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