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  1. 1. Weirdest family bonding activity ever! Oh, you are so light-fingered Alice! 2. I like Luke and Mary together at the hearing but should Kate be lying to him like that? 3. Boy, stay away from Luke, he has the kiss of death. 4. Sophie and Julia? Lot of rolling around together? Then again poor Julia is back in Gotham for 5 minutes and she gets shot AGAIN? 5. Speaking of which kinda love Alice and Kate lying back together you really do get a sister vibe from them. 6. And Kate hugging Jacob, they always say lesbians tend to have especially close relationships with their fathers (because they never seek a boyfriend/husband to replace that masculine figure in their lives?) but it's nice that even though she's supposed to be this ultimate hardass she still needs to reach out to someone and he's there for her. 7. I like Alice and Kate dressing up in her clothes, pity we didn't have a makeover/dressup montage session, that would have been great. "Thongs? Really Kate? And ripped jeans went out with the 80s! Don't you have anything which doesn't scream lesbo biker chick?" "I AM a lesbo biker chick! Excuse me for not having the wardrobe of a nymphomaniac cosplayer with a Victorian Lolita obsession". 8. But they missed an opportunity for disguising Alice with a pair of Clark Kent glasses. Alice; "Oh come on, these aren't going to fool anyone" Kate; "You'd be surprised..." 9. So they know the head of Arkham was previously abusing Mouse with fear toxin but they leave Alice and Mouse in his care? 10. Way to go Arkham nurse, not just another victim 11. So Julia and Kate? Two pretty girls but I don't see it lasting. 12. Oooh, what a turnaround! The right thing to do of course, Alice and Mouse need locked up, I kept expecting Kate and Jacob to tell her they would visit but she didn't even get that? Smart of Jacob to move the body but again, try the Gotham River.
  2. Agreed or at least it's more on the nose.
  3. But you must see it from Alice's point of view, she's luring Kate into her world. Constable Odo in Batman Forever? I don't know, she got far too close with her shotgun?
  4. Yeah, that always bothered me a little. Also surely her medical knowledge should be a little better, at least at a patching holes level?
  5. Maybe in Metropolis, in Gotham things will always be dark and scary!
  6. Was it ever confirmed Luke is definitely into girls? He's pretty coiffed? No, I like gruff Jacob, he's like a old film noir PI. I think that may be more a case of colourism?
  7. The Mary/Luke hook up seems so inevitable it would almost spoil it if it did happen.
  8. I can't describe it, just check it out for yourself;
  9. Joss arousing controversy; https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/justice-league-star-ray-fisher-director-joss-whedon-abusive-unprofessional-on-set You know part of me hopes his current projects don't work out so he might be tempted to come back to Buffy?
  10. 1. Amaro returns to visit his friends in the SVU but instead finds himself arrested for his shooting of an African American youth years previously which has now been reconsidered by the DA given the current political climate who now wants to charge him with murder. 2. A woman miraculously survives being raped and then thrown under a subway train at a deserted station. The SVU now backtrack through years of apparent suicides/accidents on the subway system, fearful that someone with knowledge of the train network has been using it to commit rapes and kill the victims. 3. A gay news anchor is accused of rape by an intern but the suspect claims he was fired for his right wing views which were at odds with the rest of the newsroom.
  11. 1. A trainee teacher working as a waiter in a nightclub is accused of rape by a patron. He is found innocent at court but then finds every application he makes for a job is refused due to his arrest. He launches a civil suit to have his record expunged leading to an epic court battle. 2. A group of political campaigners establish a 'No Police Zone' in the centre of New York. However when a rape victim reports being assaulted from within its' boundaries Benson must fight with 1PP to reach the accuser/crime scene/suspect. 3. A rape victim, kidnapped and trapped in the boot of a car, disables the rear lights to try to signal her distress. An NYPD cruiser sights the car but decides not to do a vehicle stop as the occupants are African American and they are terrified of being at the centre of a racist incident, prompting the victim to sue the department. 4. A statue being put up to one of the driving forces of the Civil Rights movement is marred by 2 former volunteers who claim that the man raped them. The SVU must investigate the historical claims whilst 1PP agonise over having the monument torn down. 5. The host of a popular TV science show is accused of rape by a childhood friend, the prosecution claiming her mental health problems were caused by the trauma of underage sexual abuse whilst the defence maintain her insanity is why she made her accusations in the first place. The prosecution is complicated when another man steps forwards to say that he actually took her virginity.
  12. Then again if you had a loved one dying from a lack of transplant?
  13. Because it's never been about the victims for Benson, it's about revenge on the rapist father she never knew. If he was alive she'd probably end up banging him.
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