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  1. 1. An 17 year old sex trafficking victim makes an accusation against a wealthy financier. However a documentary funded by the defence 'Sugar Daddies' turns public opinion against her, victims of much more brutal and low rent trafficking stating that being flown around the world in private jets and partying in exclusive nightclubs with the rich and famous (including maybe members of royalty) does not compare to their experience. Things get even tougher for the SVU when it is revealed her new boyfriend is also a wealthier older man. 2. A brutal war develops between 2 street gangs when one of the groupies for one alleges she was gang raped by the members of the other. However the SVU begin to suspect she has orchestrated the entire thing for her own motivations in order to destroy them both. 3. When a rapist is revealed to have attended a seminar where defence solicitors are taught the strategies to defeat rape prosecutions Benson takes the opportunity to send an undercover (maybe MH's cousin?) into it, ostensibly to gather evidence but also to learn information which may benefit the SVU, a great opportunity to reintroduce some of the lawyers we've met over the years (Barry Bostwick, Richard Kind) and see their stories. 4. The SVU receive a series of valuable tips from an unknown source. However when they investigate they discover the information came from a member of a secret intelligence cell within the NYPD whose role is not to fight crime but gather dirt on the force's political opponents. Things become more complicated when Benson discovers that Cragen was formally a member of the team and that 1PP has used the blackmail material in the past to protect her and other members of the SVU. 5. A foreign prosecutor alleges he was fired from his job of prosecuting underage sex tourists, claiming that a US government official caused him to be dismissed to protect his relative as part of a quid pro quo.
  2. Here's one, we meet Mrs Gwendoline Post. Whatever happened to Mr Post? Maybe he was killed in the line of duty and she sought the glove to wreak revenge on the creatures who slew him?
  3. Amazing how makeup can make all the difference to an actress?
  4. Or maybe they'd been drinking? Likely in Nic's case.
  5. No that convinced, people love to start these rumours.
  6. A newbie" Yay! Tell us what you think of each ep as you go!
  7. May I suggest BBB? Plus Giles is a very sexy man, even gold star Tara thinks so.
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