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  1. I was watching 'We Watch Whedon' the other night and they were talking about rumours of a Buffy sequel series being planned, I haven't heard anything, anyone else confirm?
  2. Just watching Heroes and who should turn up; seth green heroes - Bing images I wish I'd known how many Buffy alumni pop up on this show, I'd have watched it during its' first run,
  3. Alas poor Tanya, Bond Girl, Charlie's Angel, super hot in Beastmaster, playing a supposed bimbo in T70sS but actually a smart cookie.
  4. An ep which genuinely terrified me as a 7 year old. Someone had obviously been watching Alien.
  5. No, again I'm afraid that's lost on me although a good many ladies comment on Hans' sexiness. You know what they say about a well dressed man?
  6. Faith never was allowed to have a puppy but obviously ED was.
  7. EC; one movie plus a tv ep (her first roles in 3 years?) SG; a couple of tv eps but no end of voice work and still producing Robot Chicken And on a plus note my Buffy 2021 calendar just arrived!
  8. So lets have a rundown of the cast this year; SMG; prepping for Other People's Houses and doing the voice for Teela in MOTU AH; 2 movies and one ep of tv NB; 3 movies on the go and more importantly staying out of trouble. ASH; busy year, 8 eps of TV, 3 movies and provided the voice for Giles on Robot Chicken ED; No roles since 2017? Maybe just enjoying married life and starting a family? MT; ditto, no roles for 2 years? KS; appearing in romantic comedy film Before/During/After MB; 4 movie roles and a tv ep guest spot. JM; very busy on TV, including returning to his recurring role on Hawaii 50. DB; Seal Team into its' 4th season, he really has the Midas touch. AD; busy on Sabrina and Legacies. JAR; busy on Council of Dads and coming out. AA; couple of movie shorts and a tv ep CC; no credits this year at all? AB; nor her although she seems to be writing away. Joss himself having quit the TV series The Nevers and got a lot of criticism towards his behaviour lately. But we shall see. So a mixed bag really, most getting by quite alright, a few missing in action.
  9. He writes very well but I don't buy it, Larter was the pinup girl (along with Hadyn) and heroes rapidly killed off many characters regardless of colour. He says himself he and Larter weren't popular couple.
  10. Never actually read the Potter series although; It's funny watching Die Hard first time reactions on YouTube where everyone goes "Oh it's Snape" when Hans appears and I have no idea who they're talking about.
  11. Yes but they are magical, the rules of physiology don't apply. I've wracked my brains but I can't ever recall any reference of them ever using the bathroom?
  12. Spike did. I figure he either caught a boat or paid for magic transportation?
  13. She has the Slayer darkness? She needs some monster in her man?
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